Saul Aurora

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Saul Aurora

Post by Admin on Mon May 22, 2017 5:25 pm

An archive file

Old personnel file

From the archives of the Spires of the Morning

From the Sunite archives

From the accession records of the Spires of the Morning

A son's tribute, published in 1346 after a burial ritual for R. Aurora

In some diary...

A receipt in some fat order book

A receipt from one of Beregost's rental sites

Top of a burned pile of love letters

Joining the Order of the Aster

A sale

A music score in the making, by Freya Evans, right before she became his fiancee

A surprise for Freya... soon...

Gallery of family members, relatives and alike

Saul's (late) parents

Saul’s ancestor

Saul’s late wife Anika Danisha

[size=150]Theme song(s)[/size]

About his love for -her-


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