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Saul Aurora

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Lathander is the light blessing this world, and we are His mirrors when dawn is still dark

Born: On the 19th day during the Claw of Winter, year 1322 DR, in Waterdeep.

Parents: Only child of Lieutenant Roger Aurora of Waterdeep's City Guard (☧ 1346 DR) and Gloriana Lowell (☧ 1327 DR).

Marital status : Saul once was married around the age of 20 to Anika Danisha, a Sunite bardess who was also childhood friend. She died in 1341 DR when they were married for only a few months. After the recent engagement with Desrah broke off he doesn't seem to allow anyone too close anymore.

Physical appearance

Race: Saul is an Aasimar of the 4th generation without having any visible physical traits at first sight that may reveal his somewhat unusual heritage, except for his eyes...
His ancestor is a Solar and is still alive.

Eyes: The irises of his eyes are a myriad of blue hues that remind of an ancient glacier, but due his overall warm expression, never feeling cold.

Hair: Going from beaten gold under low-light circumstances to metallic aryilide yellow when illuminated by the sun.

Build: A rather high level of muscle tone with a lack of bulk. Fairly broad shoulders, long arms and torso, a flat abdomen and a V-shaped physique.

Skin: A slightly lustrous, tanned skin type, no visible imperfections.

Height: 6ft 4in

Weight: 202lbs

General outward appearance

At first glance ...
Saul displays impeccable manners and chivalrous behavior which feel more as innate traits rather than the result of hours spent in focussed, effortful military training. His politeness and well-manneredness may be noticeable in the sense that it is above average without going over the top. His often yet simple elegance and grace, which seems rather perfectly in balance with the rest of his personality, may charm from the first moment. He may come across as a charming man though without being flirty or without becoming the type of person who pays compliments which don’t ring true or genuine. Neither does he seem to be a man who would objectify women, and everyone -be it men or women- are treated in an exact same way.
Knowing him a little better, people may discover Saul has a sense of humor which he can easily swap for seriousness should a situation require to do so. He also seems to try and devout a little time to become acquainted with new people he meets which may label him as someone who shows interest in his fellow man. In his normal social life other character traits on his list seem to be honesty, loyalty and kindness.
Overall Saul appears to be a man who carries himself, and especially in the heart of a fight his actions often serve as an unfailing beacon of courage, trust and determination. Also out ‘there’ he seems to have an high moral standard with an innate sense of what is right and wrong…


In the presence of this man one may find him(her)self with a person who oozes warmth, safety as well as confidence. Especially in combat his aura seems to pulse, and it can radiate like a solar storm, turning him into a beacon of glory. He may then come across as a rock, a person who is nice to have along in the heat of a fight.
Saul also appears to be immune to fear but without turning foolish. He doesn’t seem stupid and turns rather calculating when a situation becomes dire. Since he already made a mistake deadly to him once...

Current permanent auras in place which affects those close -and- in party (for the sake of D&D here summed up) :
* Natural Leader (+1ab)
* Aura of Courage (+4vs.fear)
* Protective Aura (currently is : +2saves,+1ac)
* War Glory (+1ab/enemies-1save)

Some day Lathander’s Grace will complement these perma auras. Aside from those he has a few others he can cast/summon, along with certain divine spells…

Other important visibles

Armor : Saul is usually encased in a normal polished armor that features a fivepointed star on the center of the chest piece. What is to be believed the family crest and some insignia of honour from his time back at Waterdeep, are painted on the shoulder parts.

Sword : It’s a decent example of quality steel with a gold-like handle. The blade itself seems extra sharp at the tip, its capabilities almost on par with the qualities of a rapier.

Headband : Especially when in combat, a gold-like headband keeps his hair out of his face, the tiny symbols of both Sune and Lathander emblazoned across the metal.

Past / current goals

His Awakening occured rather late, around the age of twenty, and was very probably linked with a traumatic experience during his time with the City Guard. Not long after that event he was taken by his celestial great-grandfather and disappeared for a few years. Lathander (and Sune) always have had a central place in his family's life but after his return to Waterdeep, Saul had become more devouted and religious, and signed up to become a battlepriest at the grand temple -the Spires of the Morning- where he served for a couple of years before he decided to move to the Baldur region for a while.
Goals at the time :
* Make contact with the Morning Temple in Beregost. --> V
* Meet some of the local chapter's Brothers and Sisters. --> V
* Get to know Beregost, its history and its surroundings, find ways to contribute. --> Had started this
* Accomplish the trials to become a full member of the Morning Temple. --> Eventually didn’t happen because...

After a year in the region, Saul returned to Waterdeep and became a Lieutenant of the City Guard where he helped to keep the surrounding lands safe, both as a soldier as well as a holy warrior. Saul also always has cared for the land itself and the people working on it, considering them an important corner stone of society. Farmers and similar could always count on his services, being that blessing the land or a pregnant woman, performing small ceremonies, or even helping on the fields. From time to time he came south to see how things were, but one and a half year later after Saul had moved back to Waterdeep, he returned to Baldur, a letter from Eldarian triggering him.
Current (higher) goals :
* Trying to make contact with what appears a retired commander, but also any other from the past.
* Though seemingly not occupied with politics or caring about a position, Saul likes seeing to it that new leadership is established at the Song of the Morning and that the faith of Lathander remains intact in the region.
* Learn if there is indeed a greater evil behind all the bad things that seemed to have occured in his absence, and still occuring. The ‘warrior’ keeps an eye on this so called Inquisition, ordered by the High Radiance. Though not being an inquisitor himself, he may be spotted in their presence at times.

Possible plot / rp hooks

* Saul appears a friendly man. Someone who -among other things- would take interest in others, including their problems and stories. But on his own he won't mention or tell too much about himself or his past. Not that he appears to have any secrets, cause when directly asked or during conversation he may tell a thing or two. Perhaps he may even come across as quite sociable. Through conversation one may learn Saul was once married with a childhood friend. And if only for a few months, she had been (at the time) the 'love of his life'. Now, Saul comes across as a rather warm person, but in matters like this, and more specific towards 'outsiders', could appear slightly 'detached'. He can however be brilliantly compassionate as well as blazingly loyal. Currently it also seems to be more a virtue than a weakness...

* Whether he is more a Templar or a Priest was since long an open question. Currently he appears to lean slightly more towards a 'knightly' fighter type, but which path will he take in the end? What are his experiences, his proficiencies... and perhaps even more important, his motivations? Does he still have to find out for himself? Currently, word goes that Saul can be addressed for smaller services, blessings, ceremonies and whatsoever, as long as they are in the light of the Morninglord. Every other evening he volunteers for patrolling north of Baldur where he helps to keep the undead at bay, and protects the farms. The Fist there may know him by now. Saul calls this task his ‘night watch’.
Around dawn his watch is over and he returns to Beregost, for the time being.

* Rumor once was spread that Saul considered to return to Waterdeep in the nearby future. Which he did, only he seemed to have sold his home there, which also happened to be his parental home. He became a member of the Order of the Aster, a militaristic organization that serves Lathander, and choose the temple of Beregost for his Guardianship.

* Rumor has it he's currently seeing a woman listening to name of Myla Thatcher, the sister of Captain Aidan Thatcher.


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