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Post by Admin on Tue May 23, 2017 12:38 pm

Welcome if you made it here! Glad to have you over!

First of all, welcome to the Story Knights forum. This place I have created in order to gather (would be) writers, creative minds, roleplayers, readers, fans ‘of’, poets and whatsoever. Like a story platform! I would also like to encourage especially non-native English speakers and foreigners who feel a drive to write/read and learn English along the way, to not shy away from this place as it is also meant for them. I happen to be one of them, and only cause I never gave up on practice and I dared to publish my work, I learned things. Thanks to that and to interactions, exchanges, and people’s feedback I have received, I now can manage more or less English texts or read English books. This also proved very useful for my work where more and more I found myself confronted with an assortment of English manuals, training videos and education. So, learning the language this way... for me served multiple purposes.

I found inspiration for the name of this forum through a series of interactions I have had with someone who helped me, and who also became a dear friend to me over the years. Thank you M.

About this forum :

This forum is new and starts up with several sections. Over time these sections may grow and or vary.  For now it are just these :

Talk freely section - anyone can start a topic here or react on discussions, exchange information or just talk with each other. Notice I have already added one topic which gives you a link to a chatbox where you can live discuss your stories, plots or just for friendly talk.

Rules section - here you will find general information about this forum, rules and similar. Read them well. Over the next few I hope to find one or two more moderators to watch over issues, content etc..

Writers introduce thyselves - feel free to start a thread on yourself, share whatever you wish about yourself.

Story section - feel free to post your stories, experimental writing stuff and whatsoever in here. Start a thread for your pieces, and please do so under the according section like Fantasy, S.F etc. If one is missing you think should be made, please let me know.

Character biographies - for those who’d like to show a more personal information sheet on characters in their tales. Pictures that help us imagine your character’s appearance are also very nice.

Please also notice that you can send messages through this forum just like on any other forums, and that you can add friends to your friends list. You can create groups and pm any info to those.

Good luck! And welcome again!

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