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Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight Empty Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight

Post by Admin on Tue May 23, 2017 1:38 pm

(Author's note : Another series of posts in the Dasaria world. This one about a man who follows one of the gods of battle and war Tharon, and his teachings of Honor, Valor, and Duty. He's a member of the Order of the Falcons which specializes in preparing officers. It's not a very long series and it started around 2013.)

*** A perfect moment ***

The sun over the hills North of Cear started to penetrate the early morning mist and was about to warm the surface enough to create the appearance that the fog was being lifted.
That moment it also looked as if nature was just about to awake, even though it was already several hours after sunrise.

Still partially covered by the wisps of what could pass for low hanging clouds a man stood quietly on the top, facing the walls of the city. Nevertheless, his eyes partially covered by white-blond tresses were closed, his young face lacking any expression except perhaps a certain form of peace, and his body was completely motionless.
The sun started to warm up the tanned skin of his bare upper body, its first direct light beams accentuating the muscle lines.

A quarterstaff was held horizontally by both of his hands palm down, seperated by approximately twenty-two inches. His grasp seemed not so tight, and his wrists were loose and fluid.
For a moment his posture looked as if in perfect harmony with the peaceful surroundings, balanced and relaxed.

The man’s eyes cracked open and he took a deep but rather unnoticable and inaudible breath.
Suddenly he rapidly stepped in with his lead leg, one of his arms simultaneously guiding the end of his staff in a circular move towards a fictive target,... the strike aimed for 'its' side suddenly freezing. For a brief moment he stood motionless again, this time with the staff pointing in the direction of the city, while he exhaled the remaining air left in his lungs.

He closed his eyes once more, calmly breathing in through his nose.
Without a signal or warning he blindly and rapidly stepped in, while circularly lifting up the staff before powerfully bringing the lead side down, again freezing, this time just above a fictive target’s head.
He opened his eyes, a faint smile perhaps betraying a certain degree of satisfaction.
Suddenly he quickly retracted the staff using both arms and instantly drove it forward again into a fictive stomach, simultaneously and quietly exhaling.

A moment later he took a step back, bringing himself into his earlier position, the staf horizontally held by both hands and just in front of his body.
He stood there for a few more moments before setting his staff vertically in a special holder next to his gear and grabbing a small bag on the ground.
He lowered himself next to his staff, took some bread out of the bag and started to eat.

Meanwhile around him birds never stopped singing, insects were humming undisturbed and a pair of lizards a bit further on a rock unperturbed continued their sunbathing session.

He smiled softly to himself,” Perfect...”


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*** Honor ***

Around the time Rel reached its zenith, the young man closed the book on his lap. He looked up at the sky and fixed his gaze on it for a while as if to look for something.
Not much later he could perceive a small shape, probably at considerable height.

He smiled.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight 33avyh1

A Peregrine Falcon that treads the air, high in the skies, and far away from everything almost as if he doesn’t want to startle life under him. Something that almost could be considered as a noble act.

With a pensive look he focussed on the circling shape, soaring effortlessly and majestically on the thermals, aloft in the blue heaven.

If it weren’t birds of prey, this could almost be seen as a gesture of protection, as if they are watching over us.
Even when they finally decide to catch a prey, they just drop down on them in a spectacular stoop, lightning fast and without a cry, again as if with respect for the rest of their habitat.

The young man stretched himself just before laying down, his eyes still on the sky.

Why the Falcon? Why did they chose this particular symbol? How is it connected with their code? Is it because of its physical features and behaviour, or does it come forth from certain interpretations, like my own?

He crossed him arms behind his neck.

With the right interpretations, Honor could be explained.
But how about Valor? And Duty?

He closed his eyes, and for a moment hearing took over from sight. His smile widened.

It doesn’t even make a sound, as if there were nothing but peace...


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Post by Admin on Tue May 23, 2017 1:42 pm

*** Honor and duty ***

Two days after she had left, Garet found himself in the stables talking with his three brothers who had arrived this morning. He had just told them about his observations and experiences after he had been almost three weeks away.

Garet Mellan was the eldest son in the family, followed by Jason who was with his nineteen years old, barely two years younger than Garet. Though he seemed a bit a younger copy of his older brother, Jason was rather slender and his hair was longer.
Zen and Kan, the twins, were a lot younger. Being sixteen wasn’t an easy age and as they had proven, they weren’t up for working at the farm. Since a few years they had developed other talents, more in the direction of their mother Fiona who used to be a traveling bardess. Well, until she had met their father, Richard Mellan, and gave up that life to be at his side.

During his explanation Garet had been careful weighing his words and made sure they didn’t sound offensive. There wasn’t anyone to blame for the whole situation. He too had been away, for training, and despite the fact they had all supported him in doing this, he kinda felt guilty.
Right now the focus was looking for a solution together with his brothers and he had given them the opportunity to share their thoughts first.

“Selling the farm would be devastating for father,” Zen continued. “Why did he had to send his employees away in the first place?”

“Because he thought we would take over?” Kan replied.

“Should we?” Jason asked, looking at all of them. “Do we want…?”

A short painful silence descended over the stable, only now and then interrupted by a snort from Athos, the black stallion of their father. Well, not anymore.

Garet’s mind drifted off again to the day she had been here, at his side helping him to get the horse accepting him. Turned out the horse really had a mind of its own, and after her help Athos was prepared to carry him, to be his ‘wings’.
He glanced at his brothers again. He wouldn’t give this up now, becoming a Falcon, and they… he looked from Jason to the twins, all had the right to live their own lives… even though the sense of duty was eating on him.
Until she had asked him the question, and he was still uncertain if it had been the horse or she… or maybe both who had asked that question. He heard her soft voice in his mind once more.

Garet, do you want to be a farmer, … or a Falcon…?

“Garet? Garet…!?” Jason patted Garet’s arm.

The eldest brother shook up from his thoughts and blinked. “Yes?”

“What do you think?”

Thus far he hadn’t told them about her proposal. Garet took a deep breath,” We have to suggest them to sell the place.”

Zen shook his head,” Father will never allow that.”

Garet nodded,” I know. We have to make sure he keeps his honor. Father was a Falcon, still is in my eyes, the way he looked after us and did his duties at the same time... but he doesn’t see it like that… not with his injury. Next comes the farm, and now he might lose that too.”
His hand went absently to the black stallion, the horse answering the touch with a pleased snort.

“What do you have in mind, Garet?” Jason asked.

His eyes shifted from brother to brother,” There is someone who offered her help.”

Kan rolled his eyes,” Oh boy, please, don’t tell me…” he sounded rather skeptical but didn’t finish his sentence as Jason motioned the twins to be silent and turned back at Garet, his eyes curious.

Garet took another breath,” Miss Rei thought there might be a place for them in Cear.”
Quickly he explained the ideas Reina had and how he had met her boss Xander.

“Cear?! And who does she think she is?” Kan blurted out. “Are you sure she isn’t after our money once the place is sold?”

Garet, until now the calmness himself turned to Kan, the only expression that changed on his face was a slight narrowing of his eyes.
But his hand went to the staff on his back. “Outside,” was all what he said.

Jason stopped Garet as he knew what he was up to. “Let him talk, Garet.”

Kan grinned a bit, but he also looked uncertain about the lesson Garet probably wanted to teach him.

Garet only briefly glanced at Kan before looking at Jason,” I won’t hurt him, he is my brother, but he will take those words back.”

A female voice at the entrance of the stables interrupted the conversation between the boys.
“You don’t have to defend your lady’s honor, Garet.”

An elder woman, in her mid-fifties but still beautiful enough, who was rather slender and had long white-blond hair entered the stable only to stop in front of her eldest son. Her eyes caught his and locked on them for a moment.
“It’s alright. We will sell the farm…”

“But father…!” Zen started.

Fiona turned her head to the others,” … will listen to me. I will talk to him. It’s also my responsibility, if not only mine.”
She glanced back at Garet,” And if it weren’t for miss Rei, we might have been stuck like this for perhaps even more months or years. Her visit opened my eyes, and also gave me the courage to confront your father with it.”

“But mom…” Kan tried.

She shook her head,” It is time to close a door and to walk to another honorable future.”

“Dishwashing??” Zen almost spit out.

Garet narrowed his eyes again but Fiona was faster. “ And cooking if I heard well… and people around me.” She turned from Garet to the others. “ I would be happy with it.”

Jason let out a sigh,” I’m with you, mother.”

Garet nodded,” So am I.”

Ken and Zan looked at each other and shrugged. “Fine,” the last one said, just before the two left the stables without any further words.

Fiona embraced Jason a moment before turning to Garet. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Jason nodded to Garet to say he would take further care of the horses.

When they got outside, Fiona stopped not far from the stables and looked up at her son.
“She is Fae, ... isn’t she?”

Garet nodded,” A part, yes… ehm…”

Fiona gave him a warm smile before saying,” Good…”

Garet raised a brow,” Euhm… why?”

Fiona shook her head a bit, and still smiling took off in the direction of the farm, leaving a blinking falcon behind, with a slight blush on his cheek for god knows what reason.


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Post by Admin on Tue May 23, 2017 1:44 pm

*** Encounters ***

(Written by B.)

Chance encounters always have potential, one never knows if a smile given to a stranger will create ripples, add a harmony to the melody. He had found her in the inn, had seen her pain. He offered her words, but then a chance to simply get away...away from the questions, away from the pitying looks and the sympathy. Rei felt guilty seizing on it, yet, the offer was too tempting to say no.

The farm was an eye-opening in other ways. A city girl at heart, this sort of life was beyond her. Seeing how hard Garet's parents were working to keep the place going made her realize how lucky she was. Hearing of their troubles had her soft heart immediately aching. And watching his mother crave just simple companionship called to her in ways she was not quite ready to face again.

They worked with the horses together and then he took her riding. The meadows had a simple beauty, the sun shined down on them and they came to a meadow with a huge black stallion. A beautiful beast that she could tell was bred for war. She heard Garet's dismay that the horse never accepted him, saw what the horse meant to him...and felt his pain and his guilt almost instantly. Torn between his dreams and his duty to his father, his family...he wavered in his own path. And the horse responded to the conflict within him.

"You must choose...are you a farmer or a Falcon?"

The question opened him up, gave him perspective. His smile when the horse allowed contact, the look on his face when she fell on her *** trying to fetch him the saddle, the sight of his joy when the horse allowed him to ride...she helped to give the Falcon his wings. And it was balm to her bruised heart.

They talked, about his family, about her situation. He offered her kindness, a friendship, solace. She offered him solutions, an ear to voice his own concerns and his own worries. It was a start.

His mother became the focus, the woman suffering her own Rei recognized well. And when she spoke in the tongue of the fae and made her confession, Rei debated if she should hold her tongue or act. She elected actions, explaining to Garet that his mother was withering...that like her she needed joy, laughter, people. Together they found a solution and his surprise when she spoke of aiding him through this touched her.

She heard his first impression of her and it was surprising. "Miss Rei, I looked at you and believed that you were placed in the wrong tale." Out of the mouth of a stranger, a profound truth. He had held her as she cried the day before and had offered a shoulder to lean on, all freely and asking nothing in return.

Even as they said their goodbyes. Her own blessing of "Love and Laughter "answered with his "and a little Luck". This man of Tharon, this Falcon, this her a smile and giving her back a blessing of Ishtar. She found herself so pensive after. The day...had been a vacation from her own pain, her own sorrow. He had given her some perspective and a cause. She would help this family, and his mother who so reminded her of her own and who so called to her own heart. His words of doors closing and new ones opening, just gave her a thread of hope to cling to. A chapter had ended in her tale, yet the story was not over. She just had to take steps to start the next one...and find the courage. But she would not be alone.


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*** Focus ***

Under a radiant sun the two brothers stood there, each on their place. They had been exercising now for almost an hour and many blows and hits were given and received by each brother.
Neither thought of giving in or giving up, neither cried or whined over the few sore bones and bumps.

With moments, just like now, they stopped to rest, observing each other silently and wondering what other’s next move might be. Each of the brothers held a quarterstaff, their grip relaxed around the wood.

“So, who is she?”

“Hm?” Garet raised a brow.

Jason smirked a bit,” Miss Rei. Listen big brother, your skill has increased, but you are not fully focused. You would have had me defeated by now, … easily.”

Garet shrugged,” We’re just training, its not a contest. And besides…” Garet glanced at Jason’s knuckles,” ...didn’t I hit you enough on the fingers already?”

Even though that was true enough, Jason smirked,” And now you are avoiding a conversation.”

“No, I’m trying to focus on what we are doing.”

Jason laughed,” You are so right,... trying.”

Garet rolled his eyes,” Oh come on, Jason, give me break.” The teasing of his brother didn’t seem to bother him too much though. Truth be told, Garet liked Jason a lot.

Jason chuckled,” That was the next thing I was going to propose, … a break.” He walked over to Garet and slapped him on a bare muscled shoulder,” Come my stronger brother, lets get ourselves some refreshments.”

“You’re as bad as mother,” Garet mumbled.

Jason looked over his shoulder and raised a brow while they both walked over to the stables, just before he grinned” Oh, really? What did she ask?”

“Hmm,” was the only answer coming from Garet.

Garet scooped some water from the large bucket with his hands and splashed it on his face, right before letting some of the cooling liquid drop over the tanned skin of his neck and back. He was rather wel-built, the combination of training and working on the farm made him look in shape.
He ran a wet hand through his blond hair in order to remove some sticky tresses in front of his bright blue eyes.

“You know…” Jason started while taking a seat on a bale of hay,” You may consider to put your head in it while you are at it.”

A slight turn of Garet’s head in his direction was Jason’s only answer.

Jason hid a smile behind a cup of water.

Garet turned his gaze outside, in the direction of the meadows, the memory of her first visit back in front of his mind. He had taken her here to lead her thoughts away from her problems.
Instead… totally unexpected, she had seen the ones here and she had offered help, advice… to him this almost felt like a sacrifice. This woman, she really deserved better.

Honesty for instance, it being the reason why he had shown what he felt, not to take advantage of her or the situation… no. To be fair and to let her know what kind of a person was sitting at her side. It was only fair she knew and got a chance to turn away from it in case she didn’t like it.

“Garet? Garet?” Jason rolled his eyes.


“I said.... are you ready for another round?”

Garet nodded and smiled a bit,” Sure, why not?”

“The sooner we get this over with…” Jason looked teasingly at Garet,”... the sooner you can put on those fancy clothes of you again.”

Garet chuckled, perhaps to great surprise of Jason, who soon laughed along.

Following his brother outside, Garet smiled. He missed her.
Now he knew what was ‘bothering’ him, he could focus on the sparring again.

And before they knew it, evening descended over the farm near Tristan...

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*** Getting wings ***

Seated on a majestic black stallion, an armoured young man, his blond hair gently fluttering in the morning breeze, looked out over the hills and the road connecting Tristan with Ravenswatch, his hand absently brushing the long mane.

Yesterday, with the entire family gathered around the kitchen table, he had told them about the Colonel’s offer, and everyone, really everyone had been excited.
Father’s eyes even shone as if earlier absorbed light had found its way back out, Jason had embraced his eldest brother, and the twins… well, the twins had practically organised a small party.
Mother had looked over at him, and with a mysterious warm smile as if drawn straight from her heart, she had whispered,” Love and laughter, Garet… love and laughter...”

The man on the horse lowered his head, but a smile was playing around his lips. As if life itself was getting wings….

“Now you have a vision, Garet…”

A falcon... and a tiny singing bird. Goosebumps appeared on his arms, hearing that voice in his mind once more…

“Will you catch me if I fall…”

He looked up, his eyes perceiving the city of Ravenswatch in the distance, but his mind still somewhere else.
Even if there ever would be a fall, he would take it for her. He clenched his fist once, together...


Nor a Falcon steps away when needed in a fight neither he distances from what he loves. And should he fall, he could at least see her before being send to Peralia.

“Promise, never give up your dream…”

He shook his head, he wouldn’t.

The young man spurred his stallion in the direction of Ravenswatch, while shifting his focus from what happened to what was about to come, revisiting the Cathedral.
There was a slight chance he might bump into a giant or two, but with Athos as his ride he wouldn’t have to worry. He smiled as he hurried his black ‘wings’ over the road, father had been so proud when he saw his son on the back of his former stallion.

He felt ready, more than ready… even when he suddenly became aware of a giant running along on the side of the road, a small rock in his enermous hand.
Garet turned his head and… he smiled at the giant just before digging into the horse's sides with the heels, urging the mighty beast to gallop faster.
He almost laughed when he saw the giant’s look as it realised it was getting behind.

Garet turned his head back towards Ravenswatch, only to spot the spire of the Cathedral.


With a faint smile he briefly glanced up at the sky… wondering for a moment if Ishtar and Tharon had been conspiring... together...


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*** Wish ***

(Written by B.)

The sun shined through the leaves, making a dappled effect on the blanket. The water glistened, as if sprinkled with crushed diamonds. The breeze carried the scent of flowers from a nearby meadow. The picnic was perfect. His arms surrounded her, giving her a sense of peace, of being cherished. The moment was magical and they talked for hours, continuing to talk of secrets and dreams until shadows lengthened in the sky and they were forced to part.

Rei reclined in her bed, reliving the day's events and hugging herself. Bittersweet moments replayed in her mind, knowing Shayde was headed into danger, seeing Xander's dilemma, being teased by all of be followed by an enchanted moment.

The fae smile was upon her lips, it had only wavered a time or two since. Only if she thought too much. Thinking brought worries. His arms had been around her, he seemed to know what she needed without her having to ask. Each smile he gifted her with surrounded her in light. His words, spoken with such a simple wisdom, let her see that he understood her and that he wished to learn more. It was balm to her broken heart and shattered ego.

She stared out the window and into the moonlit night. The others still crossed her mind, but the pain did not cut so deeply. She worried and she knew she may always worry, yet she accepted what had to be. It hurt, but no one had ever said loving came easily. Except...when it did. Whispered words played over and over in her mind. His patience and his determination echoed deep inside of her.

Her fingers came up and brushed her lips. She was no innocent and yet he made her feel as if she was experiencing things for the first time with him. He made her see through his eyes. if the other men in her life had been winter...he was summer. He was giving her warmth, so very freely and asking for so little in return. So, why was she so scared?

"Rei, you need to stop was not your fault. You are not cursed. It was a bad fit, that is all." She repeated the words others had told her, whispering to the night sky. Saying the words over and over again, trying to make herself believe them. "You will not ruin did not ruin the others." The smile faded a moment and she shivered.

"Ishtar's gift is perfect, but it ceased being perfect when she gifted it to man because man is imperfect. We taint the gift with fear and doubt and hate." Her mentor's words echoed in her mind. She would have to let go of her fears and her self doubts this time. She would have to accept that accepting the goddess' gifts may mean accepting the pain that comes with them. But could she take any more pain?

A smile danced before her eyes, eyes that delved into her soul and seemed to say so much with no words being spoken. The Falcon who wished only to teach her to fly again and who swore to be ready to catch her should she falter. He deserved so much more than a broken bird who was scared to fly. He deserved something perfect, not someone as jaded as she had allowed herself to become. Yet, every time she said that, he had told her she was wrong...had looked at her with eyes that held pain...pain that she could think so little of herself.

The fae bard looked out at the stars from her comfortable cocoon of pillows, closed her eyes and made a wish.


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*** The Order of the Falcons ***

The Cathedral of Tharon was still as impressive as on the day he had visited it for the first time, now almost ten years ago. While already build on the highest place in Ravenswatch, dark walls rose up even further, and above them the spire just looked as if it was build to defy the black clouds floating low towards the city, throwing shadows like ink stains over the landscape.

After entering the narthex, the young man hesitated a moment. He recalled this part of the building as being the place initially meant to allow those people not eligible for admittance into a general meeting to hear in the service. It also was and felt as the place where any newcomer, especially one not yet officially in the service of Tharon, should wait.

Garet looked around, his eyes adjusting to the dim light.

Here, within these walls, within this house of worship, his father had been raised and educated, and later after a long path of training and trials, became a Knight Second rank in the Order of the Falcon. After entering the service of Tharon, also known as Bel Marduk, he had been send out to aid those on the battlefields where he joined the cavalry.
He was known as an honorable and just man, and after a few years he acted as a field judge.
Although very focused in serving the Order and Tharon, his father had never lost sight of the other gods, and for that his mother had been partially responsible.
After his injury, now a few years ago, his father retired, but not before he had been approached by the Order to join the council of Elder Knights… which… he refused in order to take care of his family and farm.

Another man came in and though he first passed Garet, he turned on his heels a bit further and eyed the young man.
It was an older man wearing a full armour with lots of golden accents. A half grey half black narrow pointed beard and moustache covered most of his lips, while his hair was overall grey but his light blue eyes radiated vitality and power.

“Looking for anyone, son?”

Garet nodded,” My name is Garet, I’m looking for someone to join the Order of the Falcons.”

The man perked a brow and overlooked the well-built young blond man, his eyes briefly going to the staff strapped on his back.
“I see now, hmm,... you know they are devoted to Tharon?”

He inclined his head,“ I honor Tharon.”

The man tilted his head,” Favorite weapon?”

“Quarterstaff, mister…”

The man rubbed his chin,” Hmm, follow me, son.”

As Garet followed the man through a corridor, he saw him glance over his shoulder.

“You do know it are usually the Elder Knights who recruit initiates?”


The man stopped at a sturdy wooden door and opened it for Garet, motioning him to enter the next room.

It appeared to be some kind of weapons and training area. Several weapon racks were spread around the room, along with stands for all different kinds of armour. A dozen shields hung up against the walls, and in the middle of the place a square was drawn.
Garet’s keen eye perceived only one quarterstaff in the entire arsenal and as if he read his mind, the older man walked over to get it.

“Show me…” the man said while he turned around, carefully balancing the weapon.

“Show…?” Garet raised a brow.

“The quarterstaff, why do you use it?” the man walked over to the square and motioned Garet to approach him.

Garet blinked once but did so before answering,” Well, for me the staff is a noble weapon. You have more control over a fight and over the outcome.”

“Why is that?” the man asked friendly.

Garet smiled a bit,” Well, you can choose either to disarm your enemy, knock him out, kill him, or decide which body part will hurt the most after he insulted Tharon.”

With his facial hair it was uncertain if the man was showing an approving smile or just raised his upper lip a bit.
He swirled the staff in his hands and nodded to Garet. “Show me then…”

Garet blinked once but slowly unhooked the staff on his back.

Suddenly the older man stepped in and lashed out with his staff. If Garet hadn’t been any faster, he would have lost the first round, even before hitting wood. He jumped to the left and turned his body.
In his thoughts he thanked his brother Jason for ‘joking’ like this sometimes when they sparred.

“Very good…focused...” the man nodded while Garet balanced his weapon.

Suddenly he stepped in once more and Garet had to lift his staff in order to defend, but the man feinted and before he knew it, the man had disarmed Garet.
But it didn’t end there…

As Garet’s staff flew to the side, the man had turned his weapon and it was now thrusted in the direction of Garet’s chest. Again his reflexes and skills barely saved him. Without thinking he twisted his body showing his back to the man, while jumping to the right. The man’s staff passed Garet’s elbow and quickly Garet grabbed the weapon. Using the power of the man’s thrust, Garet pulled it out of his hands, disarming him.
Lightning fast Garet turned around, the staff wooshed and followed a circular path, just before it’s end stopped nearly two inches away from the man’s head.

If the man had blinked, Garet hadn’t noticed it.

Then, as if it had been a demonstration of cooking, the older man nodded and calmly walked over to a desk in the corner. He rumbled through a few papers and it seemed he started to read something, just before writing a few things down.

It took some minutes and all that time Garet stood in the square, a bit uncertain about what to say, or ask.

Just before his lips parted, the man in the corner turned towards him.

“Alright, son, you can go.”

Garet blinked, but swirled his staff with one hand, just before bringing it to his back, where it was attached with an audible click.
He inclined his head to the man and started to walk towards the door.

“We’ll be expecting you over two weeks. Are you married, son?”

Garet blinked again and stopped, just before turning to the man,” Over two we... . Ehm, married?… no… not yet.”

“Well, you seem a bit old for a fledgling, but … we’ll see what we can do.”

Garet inclined his head,” An honor… am I…”

“Yes, and you can also tell Richard his son brought honor to his family.”

“You…know who I... you know my father, sir?”

This time Garet could see some smile on the man’s face,” Yes I do, and you have his eyes… and his moves.”

Garet inclined his head once more,” Thank you, sir.”

“Thank your father, his letter had already warned me you might show up one day,” the man briefly glanced at his desk.

“Oh, I see. Ehm, but sir… didn’t you say it were usually Elder Knights who recruited initiates? Don’t I…?”

The man’s eyes found Garet’s,” I am one, son, and I’m recruiting you.”

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*** Shield ***

Garet took one step back to observe his work. Against the wall in front of him, stood a white tower shield with a golden border. The white surface depicted the black silhouette of a falcon’s head in profile with its beak pointing to the right.
The shield was free of blood stains again after his adventure at the lizards in which he and two others, a young woman named Leena and a dwarf listening to the name Lock, headed out to retrieve a missing person.

“Not only the weapon, but also the shield is important since we also protect. Learn to use it.”

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight 901855135-silhouette-of-eagle

He recalled his visit at the Cathedral after receiving an urgent message from Elder Knight Eron. With Reina at his side he was led to the same training room as last time.

When they entered, the knight sitting behind his desk had raised a brow noticing the young woman at Garet’s side. Nevertheless did he take a moment to get acquainted with her, … but not before he asked Garet to introduce her.

Absently stroking the blazon on the shield Garet almost blushed,... again… when recalling how he had introduced Reina more or less as his ‘future’. A sudden burst of answering truthfully to this knight, but also an answer revealing his feelings...
What he couldn’t know at that time was that he somehow honored Reina, even though she had blushed too. He smiled a bit recalling Reina bringing it up afterwards...

Next, Garet was informed that there was a problem with his age in order to enter the Order as a fledgling. On that moment a feeling of upcoming disappointment had started to rise in his chest… yet it quickly faded again when Sir Eron announced he would take Garet as his personal Squire. It was truly an honor, and Garet had expressed so.

For the time being, Garet would soon fulfill his duties as Squire here at the Cathedral where he also would be further taught in the Code of the Falcons. On occassion he would be sent out on missions, sometimes accompanying Sir Eron, sometimes alone.
But, ... he was allowed to seek help and even have his lady at his side during his missions. In that same matter he was also granted a few hours during evenings enabling him to continue his courtship with Reina as that wasn’t forbidden by any vows.
He already had known that, still… relief.

He turned the huge shield around and picked it up with his left hand. To him, it wasn’t heavy at all… the task associated with it all the more.
And last night he had used it again. When he and Reina came back from a quest in Aucklorn Mill they got surprised by some thugs and a big ogre. There had been a considerable synergy in how they together took care of the massive creature.

He had raised his shield to fent off the mighty blows and given Reina the time so that she would have a better shot. When he finally had to let go off the shield, Reina created a diversion which allowed Garet to knock out the creature.
Both had taken hits during the fight, but none may have survived this if taken by surprise alone.

He glanced at the shield. Too bad he couldn’t protect Reina from these nightmares with it. But he knew he wouldn’t wait too long to take action himself. A few more days… he had to do something.


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*** Ashen, Blood and Broken Dreams ***

(Written by B.)

You will be fine, little girl...unless you fall asleep.

In your dreams, you will know only darkness, despair. You will suffer.

Let the corruption begin.

The stench of smoke and blood filled the air. The sounds of battle rang in her ears...the clang of metal on metal, the screams of the dying, the cheers and taunts of the many soldiers clad in black that she walked among unseen. The scent of blood was cloying, the armored men bathed in it. There was a stench of decay all around her.

Faces began to show on the fallen. People that she loved, people whom she had faught along side of. Shayde, Amy and Sam....Celestia, Thanos, Marr and Lili...Xander and Esme...Ardaion....all slaughtered by the one black armored man, wearing Canite colors in the forefront of her dream. He was cold, and he killed with a ruthless delight. She watched helplessly as he grabbed Garet by the throat and snapped his neck brutally.

She rushed forward, to have the man turn to her. He let Garet's body fall and removed his helm. The well known faced stared back at her, the eyes cold as ice yet showing a sadistic pleasure in the death toll and the cruelty. Flames circled them as he stared at her and held out his hand, his smile cruel and victorious.


Reina awoke in a cold sweat, her body being gently rocked by Garet. His lips passed over her forehead, his hands soothing as he called her awake. "Shhhh...shhhhh you drifted was a dream...I am here...shhh."

The cycle repeated through the night. They would talk until sleep stole her, he would then awaken her from the dream and calm her. They made concrete plans. A trip to Ishtar's temple...contacting Phelan and Hyel. Towards the end, she showed remarkable will in staying awake, even as he started to drift. He had promised to remain at her side, his lips brushing against her ear as he whispered. "I have been admitted into the Order of the Falcons, let this Falcon shelter you." She watched him sleep, as she kept herself awake, composing songs in her head until daylight broke through the window.


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(Written by B.)

Smoke stung her eyes, creating a fog as she viewed the carnage. Bodies piled in heaps, flies buzzing around her. The air was still and only the cries of the survivors was heard. The war torn landscape she knew...Lendose. Men in Canite armor swarmed, their leader at the forefront.

Women were attacked, abused, then slaughtered. Ashes filled the air as bodies were tossed into a fire. There would ne no mercy shown, no quarter given. Even the smallest of children were tortured and killed. Her eyes filled with tears at the suffering as the leader moved towards her, striding into Knightshome as if he owned the place.

She knew what was coming, that handsome face, so cruelly twisted, so dark, smiling at her as he took the baby from the crib. He held the squirming crying child by the feet. "No! Daniel...please NO!" She screamed at him, rushing forward. His eyes found hers, his hands lifting, then dashing downward. She heard the sickening crack, then sudden silence. He then grabbed her outstretched hand and pulled her to him....and she saw death in his eyes.

She woke up screaming, cold sweat dripping from her, her eyes wild, to have gentle hands guide her back down. She told both Garet and the Moonsinger what she saw, allowed them to comfort her. The scent of the incense soothed her. And slowly she allowed herself to drift off again, watched over by the Moonsinger and the Falcon.


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(Written by Admin)

Garet glanced at the beautiful woman in his arms, her eyes closed and her carmine hair brushing his cheek as he did.
She had had one more nightmare and after using the incense retrieved from Ishtar’s temple, everything turned out calmer. Slowly she started to feel relaxed and seemed satisfied with her current position, warm cuddled against his chest.

His hand went up and softly brushed over her hair, carefully though as he didn’t want to wake her up. Not yet at least. As he turned his head, he looked up at the ceiling of the temple, Nuarari’s temple in Cear.

In the past days they fulfilled part one of the plans they had made in order to remove the curse or whatever what was going on with her. The trip to Morell had turned out quite different than what they had expected though.

While preparing and buying some goods, Reina met a man by the name Steve, who seemed willing to help her and he ‘saw’ or ‘sensed’ her problem. Garet closed his eyes; for some reason he was somewhat on his guard from the first second.

Nevertheless Reina and he had agreed to let the stranger teleport them to Morell… instead, they ended up in Canite territory, a city even.
Standing there it felt for a moment as if his god had left him… Of course that wasn’t true, but the other… ‘presence’ … was so overwhelming that he almost forgot his training, almost.

He accused Steve of kidnapping them and they almost fought. He tried to make an escape with Rei, but the gates were locked. Trapped, and stupid, that is how he felt at first. And betrayed, as he thought Steve was a Canite or traitor, or whatever.
Turned out the man wanted to show them something and ordered him to lower his weapon and act as ‘normal’ as he could.
Not a pleasant thought for a Falcon standing in the middle of an to Canas devoted city… not so easy for a man who used to be a farmer and hadn’t seen that much in his life yet...

And then it happened, at the gates of the enemy, Reina took his hand, drawing his attention. As he turned to her and looked into those green fae eyes, she whispered it,” Garet… I am yours… ”

Laying on the bed with Rei, ... his Rei in his arms, Garet took a deep breath. From that moment on he regained his faith fully again and shown confidence in a good outcome. Quite a tremendoes feat considering the circumstances. He had no choice but to put his trust into the stranger’s hands but made sure he kept close to Rei. After all, she was under his wing.

They made it out safely and ended up in Morell, but not before the stranger Steve had shown them a blooded altar where people were sacrificed in order to draw power from their wicked god. So they believed, Steve told.
Garet swore to himself to talk about this with the Elder Knight he met in the Cathedral of Tharon, probably the man who would act as his foster knight.

He glanced back at that glossy hair, tickling his cheek and nose as he turned his head to kiss it. Perhaps he also would have to ask something else…

He pressed another kiss on that hair smelling so good before whispering :

Let us fly and never stop,
let us soar over any hill top.

No one else but you and me,
just use your wings and be free.

Hold me tight and don’t let go,
Free from mockering down below.

The warmth of love will make us rise,
enabling us to seek new skies.

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*** Father of a Falcon ***

For only a short moment the black stallion turned his ears slightly back, but when he felt the brush and comb on his flank again, the horse drew in a deep breath, just before letting it out slowly and audibly through mouth and nostrils, as if it were to express relief.
Down at the stables, Garet was removing the loose hair. It was still spring, but Athos was already shedding.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight 2qsuh44

Richard smiled up at his son, his eyes a bit more shiny than usual. Garet could tell from that look his father was proud and felt honored.
It never really has been a secret what his father had hoped for, although he never mentioned it to Garet, let alone pushed him in his choice to become a Falcon as well.
No, his father had only shown an example, showing Garet the ways of the Order, and frankly Garet liked it although he realised he hadn’t seen much yet.

The deeper meaning of the Code of the Falcons would become more clear to him once he was in the service of sir Eron, as he would also experience it more daily and would have to put it into practice.

“Squire Garet Mellan of the Order of the Falcons.” Richard glanced at the white shield before his eyes went back to Garet again. “I’m proud of you.”

A moment of silence… while Garet seemed to shine a bit now.

”Now, there is something else I like to ask. Some time ago now you arrived here with a lady. Ever since that moment she showed up here at the farm, several times now.”

Garet saw a faint smile drawn on his father’s face, just before reacting, “Ehm, yes?”

His father chuckled soft,” That wasn’t clear where I was going I guess.” He tilted his head and his eyes locked on his son’s. “Your mother and I see the love sparkling between you two. And now I just wonder…. any chance you are going to ask her?”

Almost never his father went in this, as it was usually his mother who covered these kinds of topics, or his brothers, albeit to tease him. It told him his parents settled on the problems they had had.
Garet’s cheek colored only a little, but he couldn’t prevent the corners of his mouth tipping up.

His father made an ‘aaaaahhhhh’ gesture.

Garet shook his head light,” Not directly, but I promised her.”

Richard tilted his head,” Promised?”

The young man nodded once,” I told her I will ask her when the time is right, and that I am hers.”

Richard smiled and with approval in his voice,” You made your intentions very clear then.”

Garet scratched the back of his neck,” I think so…”

His father turned his head in the direction of the farm. “And I bet your mother is having a likewise conversation with the young lady right now… in her own way.”

Garet smiled, his eyes going from his father to the farm turned a bit dreamy. Suddenly he felt his father’s good hand slapping on his shoulder.

“Let me know when it is time… and we’ll see what we can do to help you settle.”

A silence descended over the stable before his father spoke again.

“Proud of you, son...”

Garet felt his eyes turning a bit liquid. For a moment he couldn’t say anything, though now would also be a good moment to ask advice for helping Rei.


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*** Help ***

Sir Eron’s hand brushed over the surface of his desk, meanwhile giving the young man in front of him a pensive look.
“I’m not certain if we have someone with the lore for this,” he said, replying on the part of Rei’s nightmares. “It would be better if we knew more about the mage who might have caused this, so we can proceed with more… physical actions.”

Garet shook his head,” There is only little more I can tell.”

Eron nodded,“ I know its in your heart to do anything to defend and protect that lady of yours. A fair warning though… be careful with hostile mages, son, as they can become very dangerous. Approach them with caution and prevent they create havoc around them. I will let you know if we have someone to talk with Miss Reina about these dreams.”

Garet nodded. “Talking about mages, sir, there is also something else I’d like to report.”

“Proceed, son.”

Garet started to tell him about Steve offering his help to Reina. Eron listened, seeming interested until the moment where Garet told him about their ‘trip’ into Canite Territory. The knight clenched his fist and widened his eyes by the time Garet got to the part where he saw the altar.

The paladin audibly sucked in air through his nose and mouth, before releasing it slowly while saying,” The Unholy Trinity’s altar… you, son, have seen something of which I only heard stories. We can only dream of destroying such a place, as it is well protected.”

Garet stood calm before the knight, but on the inside he was fully aware they had seen something horrifying, yet important.

“And you tell me that this man, this… mister ‘Steve’, wanted to show you this? And to your lady?” He shook his head,” With what reason?”

“I truly have no idea, but he seems to have a great deal of interest in Reina.” Garet clenched his fists behind his back.

Sir Eron wrote something down on a piece of paper and stood up. “Alright, I’m granting you that pass for miss Reina. When she is staying in Ravenswatch and feels she is in trouble, she just can come here and show this to one of the Defenders or Priests upstairs. Miss Reina will be brought either to me or my fellow elder knight Asimus.”

He looked at Garet a moment before continuing,” However… she won’t be much alone.”


“Your first assignment, son… will be protecting her and to find out more about this Steve. Be friendly if you must, but don’t trust him and stick to words. And if you can… lead him here.”

Garet was surprised and even smiled a bit, as he wouldn't have settled for anything less. The knight must have read his thoughts...


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*** A start ***

(Written by Admin)

Garet leaned against the tree, waiting for Reina to return from the shop. He glanced at the view, the hills and peaks in the distance, some tree tops in between and then... there it was. A rather giant bird swooped down, not more than thirty feet away from him, and landed on a rock.

Camouflaged with subdued feathers of brown, and some black and white, with long tapered wings now folded, the creature seemed to look straight at him with one bright yellow eye. Its sickle-like talons grasped on the stone as patiently as if it were soaring in the air, selecting its pray.

The young man blinked, he couldn't believe seeing such a wonderful majestic raptor so close. He turned the page of his diary slowly and before he knew it, his hand, holding a pencil, was brushing over the paper. It went on for a while like this, and all that time the bird barely moved, until after a while it suddenly spread its wings and took off.

Garet looked at his diary and studied the result... not perfect and the wings weren't finished yet... but it was a start...

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight Dw97va

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(Written by B.)

Cold, so cold. Why was she so cold? She saw the battle through a milky haze, shuffling along next to the Canite Daniel as he slaughtered his enemies. The carnage surrounded her, yet she could smell nothing. Blood splattered upon her lips, but she had no taste. She could feel her own hands using a bow, commanded by Daniel to fight. Yet, she could not use her fingers, or speak, or sing. They took Knightshome, the men cheering.

She was pushed to go upstairs and get Daniel a room ready. She wanted to defy him, yet her feet shuffled along, compelled to obey. The room was vaguely familiar, she glanced up and saw her reflection in the mirror, her mind recoiling in horror. Her skin held a greenish hue, pale, rotted skin showing. Her green eyes were milky with death. Her lips had been sewn shut. She was one of the undead.

But even as her mind recoiled, she became aware of something in her hands. Her fingers creaked open. In one was the power essence Garet had given her, in the other was the gem given to her by Sam. She was Reina, beloved songbird, beloved sister and aunt. She was loved and she was needed.

She surfaced from the nightmare with a loud gasp, sitting up. Garet's voice soothed her ears, his muscular arms drew her back down even as he then reached to light the incense. They were in their room, she was safe and she could feel his love surrounding her, and clutched tight in her hands were her two talismans. The experiment was not a complete success, but it was a start.


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*** Training ***

A knock on a door in the Cathedral of Tharon.


Garet opened the heavy wooden door and entered the training area. His foster knight, Sir Eron stood in the middle of the square next to a man like Garet saw only once before.

The stranger was dressed in simple black clothing consisting of a long, hooded garment with wide sleeves, which Garet immediately recognized as a cowl. The habit reached almost to the ground, and his hands were hidden in the sleeves. The head of the middle aged man was shaved and his skin rather tanned.
Like this he seemed a rather peaceful appearence, but Garet didn’t underestimate this man as he knew what he was.
This was a man who has withdrawn from the world for religious reasons, probably part of an order or a brotherhood, living according to a particular rule and under vows of chastity, discipline and obedience.

“Come here, son. I would like you to meet Imugen Dorje.”

Garet blinked once as he knew what that title meant. This man, an Imugen, was the leader of some monestary and the fact he was here was already an honor. Garet knew from his father that the chance to see someone like this was rather small, let alone to meet one here in the Cathedral.

This time he didn’t incline his head, he bowed showing deep respect,” Garet Mellan, truly an honor, your Eminence.”

The Imugen bowed slightly in return, closing his eyes one second.

Eron looked between them,” Right, Garet, as of now you will come here every morning for the next two weeks. Bring your lady, but she cannot watch what will take place here, and therefore will have to wait in the next room.”


Sir Eron nodded to him,” Your combat training starts today. Weren’t you looking for the monks?”

“Y-...yes sir!” he smiled a bit at both but saw how the Imugen just kept a neutral expression on his face.

“Very well, I’ll leave you two now. See you over an hour.”

Garet inclined his head to Eron who left the room and turned back to the Imugen who, as if it appeared by magic was holding a staff and looked at him with his arms crossed.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight Ae4q4g

“Hello…,” he started but he broke off his sentence when he saw the monk bringing his forefinger to his own lips, gesturing him to be quiet.

The Imugen seemed to study Garet before gesturing him to take his armour off.

The young man moved to the armour racks and hung his armour over one, and set his shield against it. He took his own staff and turned around to walk barefeeted back to the square while balancing his weapon.

The monk showed a faint smile and shook his head, right before gesturing Garet to put his staff away.

“Oh… right.” This was going to be an interesting training.

The Imugen bowed as Garet returned standing in front of him and said,” The hand and the fist are the source of all combat arts, but one is capable to strike with all parts of his body.”

Garet listened quietly and watched how the monk approached him.

“You will learn how to use it, every single joint and bone working together to develop your entire organism.” He briefly studied Garet’s upper body which was covered by a shirt with short sleeves, before he looked up at the young man’s eyes,“ And not only muscles are there to aid them, but also the mind controlling them and the spirit empowering it.”

Garet nodded he understood, but remained quiet not wanting to interrupt the man. After all, this was the first time he got lesson from a real monk. His own father had shown him some moves, but due his injury it was difficult to teach Garet what he wanted to teach him.

The monk motioned him to sit cross-legged and to close his eyes.

“Now young man,... clear your mind and try to reach out to each part of your body. Try to sense those parts, try to feel they are there.”

And so his training started. As far as he understood, lesson one seemed to have the purpose of being fully aware of his physical body… or was it more?


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*** Thoughts ***

Rei’s room was bathing in the dim warm light of the fireplace. Garet glanced at the woman in his arms whose wondrous fae eyes had just closed for the night. He kissed the half wet carmine hair just before leaning back in the pillow against the wall.
Garet tried to close his eyes, but sleep didn’t come easily that evening. The past days had been quite eventfull and he realised he had to clear his mind before tomorrow’s training. At least if he wanted to avoid a reprimand from the Imugen.

That would be stupid actually since a lot of nice and good things happened and the source for most of it was resting in his arms. He lowered his head to glance once more.
His lips formed her name without a sound.

He asked her, and she said yes.
Garet’s hand brushed over the soft skin of her small slender hand and touched the engagement ring. Of course he had to ‘face’ her family, her only family currently present, Colonel Sammil Card ...

“So, Master Garet, are you asking for her hand? … why are you worthy? ...”

Never had he felt so nervous and it took him a little time to form his answer… something that seemed to make the Colonel impatient and wondering to Reina if Garet always took so much time.
Her reaction to Sammil couldn’t have been more warm and in his defense.

“He does when its important…”

Garet smiled, Rei knew him well. And yes, it had been a very important moment for him, … for them. This proving worthy thing felt a bit excessive as to him only the gods and the person herself could judge over that.
Nevertheless did he understand the Colonel, he might have done the same… as a matter of fact he was doing so… but he moved the thought about his own brother a moment longer to the back of his mind.

After the Colonel’s words and approval, Garet had experienced an explosion of happiness in his stomach, as those words came to his but also Rei’s relief.
But what also really touched him was something Rei said much later… at his parent’s farm.

“I would have chosen for you anyways, Garet…”

Again he sensed that warm feeling in his stomach, spreading in the direction of his limbs.

A bit later several parts of the conversation at his parent’s farm echoed in his mind too...

“... alright alright… I asked her!”

“... finally a sister to tease…”

“... who will tease back!”

“... he should have told me first…”

“... welcome in the family, ...daughter…”

“... we’re going to help you out settling…”

“... this just made up for yesterday…” And with that... there were some other things...

Garet rubbed his eyes. After what Rei told him about Ardaion and Daniel, it was a little bit weird meeting Daniel… but it had to happen, sooner or later, and Garet was glad it finally did.
In Garet’s eyes the meeting itself strengthened hope and faith, except for the fate of Daniel himself. The man had honor, giving Rei a mitral armour for greater protection, chasing down the mage who was also behind Rei’s dreams… while facing the shadow of his own possible former life as a Canite… and wishing his former love all the happiness.
Garet had expressed his support for the hunt on the mage, and mentioned that his Order also had interest in this, but Daniel refused. Garet recognised some of the things Rei told him before...

He shifted his body a little so that Rei was laying even more comfortable, while his thoughts shifted back to a slightly disturbing moment.
Well, not that he needed to worry yet, but the story of his brother and a girl he met… a girl who wanted to move to Morell, was disturbing. Garet saw the look in his brother’s eyes… he would follow her, sooner or later. And Morell wasn’t the place for an honest guy like Jason.

He glanced at her again. Rei had been on top of it… and if he didn’t stop her, she would probably look for that girl at the inn where she was working.
Garet moved a carmine tress aside and whispered next to her ear,” Already like a sister…”

Some other thoughts ran through his mind, most of them pleasant and related with the future… their future… which was growing into something more than just a start.

“I love you, Rei…” he uttered very softly.

Closing his eyes he tried to relax and smiled when he thought he did, just before falling into sleep.

However, what he didn’t forsee was the swollen finger he would have after tomorrow’s training...


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*** Brother to brother ***

“Hey Jason, wait up…” Garet waved to his brother as he left the Knightshome.

Jason stopped without looking at Garet, and waited till his older brother caught up on him.

“Going to the village?” Garet said while stopping next to Jason.

Jason shrugged.

“Mind if I come with you?”

Jason glanced at the Knightshome,” What about Reina?”

Garet smiled,” Reina is safe there and Lady Almaran is a friend of hers. And later on, we three can stay here for the night if we want.”

Jason looked back in front of him and sighed, but didn’t start to walk towards Lendose. Suddenly he felt his brother’s hand landing on his shoulder.

“Talk to me, Jason…”

“About what, about how I embarrassed myself? And made people feel ashamed because of me? Because I fell in love with such a girl?”

Garet was silent immediately, giving his brother the chance whether to express himself or keep silent about it.

He was lucky, as Jason turned around to him,” A liar… I still can’t believe it… I found her after she ran away and we talked, more or less. She confessed saying certain things to get my attention, ...according to her.”

Garet noticed some disbelief in his brother’s eyes but just continued to listen.

“I mean, I loved her for who she was, not who she pretended to be or … look, I would have cared less if she was a thug, if she would at least have told me the truth.”

“Thug? So to speak or is she….?”

Jason sighed,” Sophia is connected with some local gang in Morell. The reason why she also lied about serving Ishtar and going for a position in the temple and the inn. She even had no clear idea about this… Order of the Golden Chains. She came a cropper when Reina mentioned it.”

Jason fell silent for a moment,” I’m not sure though if she would have shared her body with others, I think she had no idea what she was talking about when she mentioned that Order.”

Garet opened his mouth to say something to that, but changed his mind in order to let his brother tell his tale… meanwhile attempting to ban the image of Sophia ‘warming up’ his brother from his mind. Not only that, but also the girl’s reactions to other men, including himself.

“And still I feel bad. I left her in Morell.” He shook his head,” Liar or not, I asked her to leave Morell with me. She didn’t want to.”

“You always had a good heart, Jason.”

“Too bad it doesn’t pay off, heh…”

“Love is weak and not worth of it when there is no trust. I’m sorry Jason, that sounds hard, but I believe that is true.”

Jason shook his head again,” It’s alright and I know. Remember, we were raised by the same parents.” He winked at Garet and offered him a smile, weak and small, but nevertheless a smile.

Though Garet saw the smile didn’t reach his brother’s eyes, he offered his brother a smile back and said,” It’ll be alright soon, my... 'worshipped' brother.”

Jason blinked and grinned as he saw Garet’s mouth corners tipping up slightly,” Damn you, she was hot… you have to admit that…” he put his hand on Garet’s shoulder.

Garet chuckled soft,” You can’t drink the coffee when its too hot though.”

Jason rolled his eyes,” My brother the Falcon with his eternal ‘wisdom’ has spoken…”

Garet grinned a bit and he too put an arm on his brother,” Trust and respect…” his eyes turned a bit more serious now.

Jason nodded, mastering to hide his broken heart further he answered,” Honor and loyalty…”

Garet continued softly,“ When you tell someone you love her, you are making a promise to that girl’s heart, and you Jason… you honor it, I know. But it has to be mutual.”

“How will I know?”

Garet smiled…,” By the way how she says your name…”

Jason smirked,” Now I wonder how Reina sounds.”

Garet blushed heavily...


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*** Fighting (like) a monk ***

Garet ducked under the next swing and snapped himself into the mindset of his opponent. There was no way he could block attacks like this with the techniques he knew, and evading hits was the only thing he could do right now.
However,... perhaps there was also another way, an option that went in one direction, straight forward towards his opponent, switching to offensive...

Suddenly Garet launched himself towards the monk, using his speed and strength to hit the muscles of the arm holding the quarterstaff with his fist.
The Imugen looked only a little bit surprised, yet nodded to Garet,” Good. Always attack first the arm attacking you.”

Garet inclined his head for the compliment but he also realised the Imugen probably could have hit him a dozen times even before coming near the man’s arm.

As if the Imugen read his mind,” This lesson was more important than the technique. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. And sometimes…” the Imugen offered Garet a nod,” ... it is better to forget about the circumstances and create opportunities yourself.”

Garet inclined his head once more and took his position again, assuming the lesson didn’t end yet.

Imugen Dorje studied Garet briefly,“ So, have you practiced the spin kick?”

Garret nodded and the Imugen motioned him to demonstrate.

Garet shifted his position and his feet crossed, left in front of right. Rapidly he spun counter-clockwise on the ball of his left foot, his right leg coming up and extending as he spun. The heel of Garet’s right foot soared through the air and swished just in front of the Imugen’s head, while he tried to balance on his left foot and still adding power and stability to his kick.

If Garet would have been able to watch the Imugen’s face during the kick, he would have noticed the man didn’t blink.

And again as if Imugen Dorje had read his mind,” Again, and try to look at what you kick.”

Garet repeated the spin kick and managed to bring his eyes rapidly on the man, but his technique was poor this time.

“Hm.” The Imugen stepped out of the square and took something from the table before coming back. “Put this on.”

Garet reached for what appeared to be a blindfold. Though feeling a bit uncertain, Garet applied the piece of fabric and waited.

“Now, count to five…”

Garet nodded and just stood there for five counts, then..., a few seconds later he suddenly heard a wooshing sound…, thing is..., he already was turning into the direction of the sound just when it started. His hands went up and caught the quarterstaff in the air that was about to hit him on the shoulder.

The staff was pulled hard and Garet had to release it, ... barely a second later he heard the sound again. Rapidly turning a bit left, his hands caught the other end of the staff, preventing it hitting his thigh.
It rained down blows upon him, but he managed to fend off most of hem... until suddenly it stopped... Garet froze.

He listened...

Nothing ... but he knew the lesson didn't end yet.

He withdrew his mind inwards, refraining from the urge to immediately react to incoming sensations. He stopped trying to jump out through the senses to the surroundings sensed and remained ‘in’ his body while letting the impressions come in from out there.

Automatically and as expected his inner awarness got mingled by thoughts and feelings, desires and perceptions to what was heard and felt. If he gave in to this and did this long enough, his state of mind would move to a deeper internal awarness, something he had already experienced yet not mastered.

But that was not the exercise and the required technique, even though it started the same. Instead he motioned his mind to concentrate on his outer limbs and the now increased senses, an extraordinary state of concentration which he endeavored since the beginning of his training with the Imugen. He knew this man could do it, so why not him?

Supersensory… being more aware of things, picking up more details, being more sensitive to changes… it had a fair number of possibilities and uses.
But right now he tried to locate his ‘opponent’. During his state of increased awarness and alertness he also sensed something else, something powerful yet in the background, something … divine. It only happened when he was in the Cathedral and he made a note in his mind to talk later with sir Eron about it.

Using his new 'eyes and ears', Garet started to move in a certain direction, only to stop when he felt a staff poking against his chest.

“Very good, Garet…”


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*** Prayers ***

Right after his training, Garet went up and kneeled before the statue of Tharon, the Archwarrior and True King of the gods. He lowered his head and closed his eyes.

“My Lord Tharon, today I kneel here before you and pray for your guidance. Guidance not only during my path of training and combat, but also guidance in judging people. Help me, so that if and when I judge,... I judge objectively and fairly, for there are things that may muddle my view.”

He lowered his voice a little.

“Judging someone... based on looks, but also friendliness, achievements, openness and talents, it happens automatically, based on our own values. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to escape skin, sex and gender, background, class or moral beliefs. No person walks these lands and makes decisions about his or her place in this world free from these influences. Yet, there is and should be a big difference between judging and making quick distinctions about people.”

He opened his eyes, and looked up at statue.

“I am grateful for the attention you are giving to this humble warrior.”

Garet inclined his head, rose and left the Cathedral. A soft sigh escaped from his lips.
He didn’t judge quickly but he could feel he soon might… and it would be either white, or black...

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*** Spending time ***

A few weeks after they had moved into their new home, Garet found himself on the hilltop not so far from their front door, peering upwards.
The heaven in front of him was slowy turning dark blue while behind him it looked as if a black velvet had been lied over the sky and got sprinkled with sparkling little diamonds. With the luminous moon gloaming on his right adding to the harmony this moment was giving, this could be called a serene night.


There was only one thing missing… and it wasn’t just something… it was a someone… a very special someone.
The very thought of her made him forget many other things from the moment he allowed her picture… her presence in his mind. At those times he could usually find himself in a beautiful daydream, losing all sense of time, as on that moment... in his mind they were together.

Time flies…

A faint smile appeared on his face,... sixty years and perhaps even a bit more. That would the amount of time given to them, provided that nothing would come in between.
Time was free, yet priceless and while it was not something they could control, it was sure something they could use and spend,... since once it had passed, they couldn’t get it back.
Garet turned away from the sky as he couldn’t hold himself any longer of going home.


It was amazing how fast he had felt home here in Ravenswatch. It could have been for the fact the Cathedral was so near and the members of his Order, or because the city was lovely, or just because it wasn’t that far from Tristan, or because of the magnificent house they had bought here.
All not the main reason of course. No, the main reason was waiting at home for him, a reason he always looked forward to. Home is where your heart is… and he knew exactly where that was.


His songbird, his Fae, his love, his wife-to-be, his… princess.
Not that he had seen much in his life, but she was the most beautiful being he had ever seen,... and her appearance was just for starters. He could talk to this fantastic woman for hours and hours, share and exchange feelings as she was open too. And every time he had to close his eyes, there was besides happiness also regret… regret that another day at her side had passed.

He glanced in the direction of the Cathedral and then at the house next to theirs. They were really lucky their work and duties were so close to each other, and so close to home. During the day he had a rather regular schedule. Training with the Imugen, running errands and riding out with sir Eron, and devoting time to prayers,... in which he ‘secretly’ added Ishtar next to Tharon. But from the moment he came home till the moment he had to leave the house again, time became magical and at some point even seemed to fade.

Just before he entered, the first words of a new poem entered his mind.

A day with you is not enough, neither is a night,
saying goodbye to you is tough, worse than any fight.

Time brings us together and makes us part,
forcing a farewell, but never in our heart.

Love doesn’t understand or has any idea of time,
like time has no idea of the wish to be each other’s rhyme.

Garet smiled and entered their house. The 'Falcon' knew exactly with who he wanted to spend his time now… as it seemed he couldn't stop ... it.


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*** Zen and Kan ***

It was a few hours before morning and soon he would have to attend to his training and prayers at the Cathedral… without having slept.
Garet leaned outside against the windowsill. The voices from inside the farm shut for a moment, which could be an indication father was thinking about his judgement.

He exhaled, the moisture-laden atmosphere from his lungs, chilled by the very cold outdoor air, forming each time a temporary cone of fog in front of him. Meanwhile his mind traveled back to yesterday.

He had been send out by his father to ‘rescue’ the twins from Cear’s gaol. On his way towards the city he had picked up Reina who wanted to deliver a message and an object to Ardaion. Once there he wanted to move as quickly as possible to the gaol and he had to tell Reina the reason for his visit at city. Ardaion overheard and had offered to come along.
Letting him come had been a good decision as it turned out afterwards, and not only because the Priest of Rhauth knew the fleet…

The story of the twins sounded… classy. Garet’s mouth corners tipped up as he recalled Ardaion using that word. Nevertheless, the situation proved serious enough.
Zen and Kan got themselves into what seemed a harmless bet.. about who of them would be the first one to kiss a certain lady.
Turned out that lady was married and her husband made his appearance during the first kiss. In no time the bet had changed into a brawl, which resulted in broken furniture and lead to the arrest of the twins.
On the moment the fleet rushed in, the ‘husband’ escaped, but not before letting the twins know he was a member of Kalem. And that statement had caused extra concern. It was the reason the twins weren’t ‘that’ unhappy in the gaol as it formed a certain protection.
Garet had no experience with Kalem, and it was hard to judge if the threat was real, and if there had been any threat at all.
He recalled how the twins always had liked to add juice to their stories. Except... when they had to face father…

Garet turned his attention back to the conversation inside, now audible again through the window.

Father’s voice sounded firm and stern,“ Responsibility. If Garet didn’t had had his duties, I would have send you two with him! Now... I have decided.”

Garet exhaled, he knew his father had made up his judgement. He turned his head a little and continued to listen.

“I’m sending you two a week to Cear and I’ll be coming along myself, personally. During that week you will fix the damage at the inn and you will ‘volunteer’ to help in the temple of Rhauth with the orphans. Perhaps that will teach you two to look at things from other perspectives.”

Garet could hear Zen’s voice, replying weakly,” But father…”
And he winced a little when he heard how their father raised his voice,” I haven’t finished yet!”
Garet had no problems at all to picture what look Zen was given by his father. The eldest brother smiled faintly… his father still had it.

“After that, you two will start looking for work. I don’t want to see you two hanging around anymore, doing nothing. I will surrender you to my future daughter in law. I know you two were interested in the academy, but thus far you haven’t approached Reina yet. Well, as of now those will be your duties for next six months.”

Garet realised here his mother had had some input too. Well, things could have been a lot worse.
A sigh escaped from Garet’s lips. He could hear father was dead tired of this and even though it had taken him a while, he finally scolded them and made sure they wouldn’t slip back into old habits.
For a moment Garet wondered what the ‘sentence’ would be if they didn’t listen. But then he shook his head. Zen and Kan weren’t that bad and he knew how much they liked Reina.
It would all work out just fine...


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*** Path ***

Garet quickly hurried towards the office of Sir Eron. Well, office, rather a small and sober room in the back of the Cathedral with nothing more than a clean desk, three chairs, and a limited bookcase.
He was dressed in his full armour, now polished, and carried his quarterstaff and Falcon shield on his back. Over his shoulder he carried his backpack with his monk clothes, an extra set of boots and supplies.
He was nervous, a rare feeling for him but the way how the Elder Knight had asked him over... Garet was told it would be a special meeting. The Falcon squire knocked at the door.

"Enter," came the immediate reply.

As the blond man opened the door he saw four people turning to him.

Garet quickly inclined his head. Three of them, one being Sir Eron himself, wore full armour in the colors of the Falcon Order, white, shiny with golden accents. The fourth was the Imugen, dressed in a simple black cloth. With his arms crossed, and his hands hidden in the sleeves he nodded to Garet and then simply looked at Sir Eron.

"Squire Garet Mellan," Sir Eron started, glancing at the two other Falcons flanking him. "Meet Sir William and Sir Melfrid, both knights in our Order."

Garet inclined his head once more, now the other knights,” An honor.”

Sir William was a rather tall slender man with short blond hair. His armour was made from metal sheets and chain mail, each of the thousands of interlocking rings shiny like a mirror. Over his armour he wore a white tabard emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Falcons. Although not looking older than thirty, man’s blue eyes were radiating experience.

Sir Melfrid, eying a bit older than William, was more the prototype of a field sergeant, as his face looked like it had been battered before for several times. Garet could almost smell it, this man was a fighter to the core.
Unlike Sir William, his armour was a full suit of plate armour and Garet could picture the man in the center of the battlefield, drawing his enemies to him like flies to a light, only then to lash out with that huge blade attached on his back.

From under his brown hair Sir Melfrid peered with dark eyes at Garet, giving him the feeling of being assessed on his appearance.
Garet looked back at Sir Eron and waited.

Sir Eron took a deep breath,” Well son, you already might have guessed what is going on. Sir William and Sir Melfrid are here to test you, and... to witness your level and skill with your weapon of choice. After that we’ll have a conversation with you about your future role and place within the Order. Are you ready, squire?”

Garet inclined his head to Sir Eron,” Always, sir.”

“Then may Tharon guide you on your path, young man.” He nodded to the other two knights.

Sir William began to speak,” Today you will be performing assignments all day while we observe you. I myself will be assessing your strategic approach and tactical insight while Sir Melfrid here will be evaluating your combat skills."

What Garet couldn’t know at that time was that with combat skills also his endurance would be put to the test...


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