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*** Falcon squire Garet Mellan : Day of testing - part 1 - ***

Together with the two knights, the Falcon squire left the Cathedral of Tharon.

Sir Melfrid glanced to his side,” Do you have a horse, boy?”

Garet, being twenty one almost furrowed a brow but nodded,” Yes Sir, down at the stables.”

The two knights jumped on their horses waiting near the building just before Melfrid turned to him,” Alright, fetch it and meet us outside the city gate.”

Five minutes later a fully armoured man on a black stallion left Ravenswatch.
The sight of Athos elicited a raised brow from Melfrid who eyed the tall noble horse a moment. Athos walked like a king, with much confidence and an almighty posture, with muscles rippling in the morning light under his glossy black coat. His hooves glittered as he stepped, holding them high and proud.

A faint smile appeared on William’s face before he said,” Alright, lets go down.”

The three riders descended the path and on the way to Tristan, Melfrid motioned them to stop.

His dark eyes shifting to Garet, he said,” Your first tests will be a display of your riding skills...,” he glanced at Athos,”... since we overheard you like to apply for the cavalry. But first of all, ground work and lunge test. Show us how well you control your horse.”

Garet nodded and jumped from his stallion. He attached a lung line and took place a bit further with the line in his hand. He clacked with his tongue and without the need of a whip Athos started traveling in a circle. With another voice aid, Garet made the animale change its speed from walking to a light trot, and even made it change direction.
It showed the knights how obedient the stallion was to its rider’s voice aids.

Next Garet took the horse by the lead rope and without pressure made Athos move next to him, and just like him. Slow, fast, sudden stops, moving backwards, and even backing in circles, Athos kept pace with the young man next to him. Well-trained horses can get lazy too, but it may have been clear to the knights Garet spend a lot time with his horse, if not every day.

William nodded approvingly to Melfrid who just only tilted his head a bit. He studied the young Falcon, as if to search for the slightest of errors while looking not in the least impressed.
Then he offered William a light shrug.

“Alright, that will do. Jump on and follow us.” the blond Knight said.

Being warmed up by the first test, Garet quickly took place on Athos and rode behind them. On the edge of a valley in the middle of a green sea of grass the three riders halted, a biting wind which was cold of enough to make them tear, hitting them in the eyes.

Melfrid turned in his saddle to the squire, his eyes a moment caught by the stallion’s silky black mane swamming down his neck, and pouring off his shoulders like the undulating path of an inky waterfall.
“Hm, now… many merchants and travellers make a journey through this valley and its an area we try to keep free of hostilities. So, … we are going on a short patrol and check it out.” He glanced at Athos again. “And it will not just be riding, but also fighting on horseback should we move into confrontation.”

Garet nodded in understanding.

“Keep your weapon within reach,” Melfrid said, before spurring his horse.

Garet motioned Athos and with a rumbling snort the stallion began to gallop, flying off his feet into the daring wind.

The three Falcons entered the valley and after an hour encountered a first group of about twenty travellers all on foot.

William nodded to Garet, who understood and rode forward to meet the leader of the group,” Hail sir, all is well?”

The leader appeared to be an elder baldheaded man with a long grey beard. He was leaning heavily on his staff as he approached, and it struck Garet immediately that his man as well as many others were wounded.

Garet glanced over his shoulder to see if the knights also perceived, and he got another nod from William. He looked back at the man and jumped from his horse.

“What happened, good sir?”

The man gave the squire a dark look,” Undead… my son… last night the road was infested with zombies. We stood no chance and lost many, most of them our men who tried defend the weakest of our group.” The old man looked behind them and nodded to his people to indicate everything was fine.

Garet raised a brow and turned to the knights,” Permission to do a proposal, sir.” He looked in William’s direction.

“Granted, proceed…” William nodded.

Garet turned back to the man,” My name is Garet Mellan, a squire of the Order of the Falcons. I would like to propose escorting your people to safety. These hills are also known for other dangers. After that we can look into this matter with the undead attack.”

The man nodded, grateful for the squire’s kindness and walked back to inform his people.

Meanwhile Garet jumped on his horse and joined the other two knights.

William nodded approvingly but didn’t comment.

Melfrid glanced at the squire, adjusting the grip on his spear while saying,” I wonder how good that staff will be against undead.”

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*** Falcon squire Garet Mellan : Day of testing - part 2 - ***

About an hour later and escorted by the three Falcons, the group reached the border of the valley.

“From here you will be safe,” Garet said while pointing in the direction of the city, the Cathedral silhouetted against the blue sky.

The leader of the group, a man called Dolche, turned to the squire,” Thank you, young knight. May Tharon always guide you to victory.”

And with that the three men took off, descending into the valley once more. Garet looked up at the sun and wondered if the undead would still be around, or at least easy to trace. He also wondered if this had something to do with the Mistress stuff.

About two hours later, when Rel reached its Zenith, the three Falcons arrived at the scene where the group they had earlier escorted, fought.
It could have been a battlefield, a theatre of death filled with severily mutilated bodies, the sodden earth oily with ichor. It was almost indescribable.
Flesh was torn apart and several bones sticking out were fractured and ruptured while the ground was lubricated with guts, a nauseating waft rising up from it.

William glanced from Melfrid to Garet,” They won’t fool me, this is not the work of undead, or at least not the ‘normal’ kind."

Melfrid’s dark eyes roamed the field before he answered,” This might become a busy day after all.” Then he glanced at the squire,” Hope you told your girl you won’t make supper.”


William smirked, but almost immediately turned serious again," Lets look around."

The three men jumped off their horses and started to investigate the scene in search for clues.

“Here…,” Melfrid said,” I think we know the culprit now.” The dark haired knight pointed at the soil as the other two approached. “And there are more of these…,” he said glancing around.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 European-dragon-footprint

Garet looked up from the footprint at the others,” Dragon?”

Melfrid shrugged,” A big lizard in any event,” he answered while observing the terrain. “The question is, where is he hiding?”

Garet followed the knight’s look and shivered a bit as he suddenly realised their position, less than an hour away from his parents’s home.

Melfrid noticed and offered him a fake grin,” Heh, don’t worry, boy. We’ll protect you.”

William glanced between them and then observed Garet a moment.

The young man took a deep breath and turned to Melfrid,” I fear only of what might happen to others when we do not catch the one responsible for this.” Garet glanced at William,” Permission to continue about my observations.”

The blond knight nodded,” Approved.”

Garet looked at the bodies,” There are no undead bodies among these victims, so we might assume these men were either victorious or on the run. The creature by which they got attacked is apart from the attack that leader talked about. The question is now…” he looked between the knights,”... what do we do? We find evidence of the undead attack, or we look for the monster that did this?”

William and Melfrid looked at each other and then at the squire. The blond knight tilted his head a bit,” Good observation and analysis of the situation in which we find ourselves.” He glanced at Melfrid again before looking at Garet again,” We are facing a dilemma here. Tell me, what would you do?”

Garet looked back at the bodies,” I’d do both, first this creature,...” he looked at the knights again,”... then the undead.”

Melfrid barked a laugh and slapped Garet on his shoulder,” Spoken like a knight!”

William smirked,” I really hope his lady isn’t expecting him before dinner.”

The knights chuckled as a soft groan escaped Garet’s lips.

“Lets go, Falcon,” William said.


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*** Falcon squire Garet Mellan : Day of testing - part 3 - ***

A few hours after they discovered the bodies, Garet and the two knights found themselves climbing a small mountain. The discovery of a few body parts down below was the reason for them going in this direction… up.

When Garet reached some kind of a plateau, he was the first to perceive the entrace of a cave out of which a strange sound erupted.

“You heard that?” he said as he turned around to the knights who were just arriving on the rocky platform.

William raised a brow,” Heard what?” he said as he joined the squire standing near the large vertical opening in the mountain.

Then all three the Falcons could hear something growling in the distance, a deep rumbling like thunder found its way out of the cave in waves of echoes.

Melfrid took a few steps inside the cave and sniffed before glancing over his shoulders,” Someone has a bad breath.”.

William came right behind Melfrid and motioned Garet to follow him,” Alright, we better prepare ourselves for the worst. And pray to Tharon for guidance and victory.”

A few minutes later three heavily armoured Falcons, enchanted and protected by the divine blessings and magic of their god, bravely entered the cave with their weapons ready.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 Cave_entrance_by_x_ste_x-d3a7d4k

Four turns later in some kind of a path leading down, Garet’s breathing slowed down as he tried to take in more of the stale, humid air. He could hear soft dripping noises and when he mumbled a word to increase his magical light, he could see spires of rock hanging down from the ceiling and standing up from the rock floor. When looking further ahead the dark hole, he concluded that without his light, this would have been the blackest black he’d ever experienced.

Slowly and on their guard the three made their way over the rocky and slippery path.

At some point they entered a large cavern, and even with Garet’s single light it was hard to tell if an area still bathing in shadows would lead to another tunnel, or was simply a wall hidden by darkness.
In this area the floor was uneven and sharp, making it hard to move without stumbling and falling. And while they were exploring the place, they suddenly heard it again… a rumbling, grumbling sound that even caused the rock under Garet’s hand to vibrate.
Hesitantly, after glancing at each other and a nod from William, they continued their way in the direction of the sound. Well, more or less, as echo made it nearly impossible to tell where it exactly was coming from.

More rumbling erupted from the darkness and squeaks above their heads made them look up. Despite the utter darkness, they saw movement high above them... flapping wings of maybe a hundred small animals, bats…

Garet glanced at William when he motioned to follow him and to keep silent.

About five minutes later they found another corridor, more a black hole leading deeper into the mountain and its pervasive darkness.
The longer they followed what could pass for a path, the warmer and more stuffy the air got. Then they heard a growl, rather close by now and it wasn’t the sound that made them stop.

Melfrid waved his hand in front of his nose,” Almighty Lord…”

William made a face and then also Garet picked it up.

A sickly almost sweet cloying and musty scent filled the atmosphere, and it was a smell once picked up, never to leave your nose or brains.
It became so intens that it burned all the way down and made Garet’s eyes water. At some point it almost caused his stomach to recoil and attempting to empty itself. By that time the smell was already coating the inside of his nose, mouth and throat.

William winced and whispered… needless actually,” The stench of the fallen.”

Melfrid took a rag from his belt and kept it in front of his nose,” Seems we found our hungry perpetrator.”

They rounded the last turn and ended up in a huge cavern. Not that there was much time to look around, as the head of a large animal was right in front of them. Scales glittering in the darkness due Garet’s magical light, and the reflections plunged the rockwalls in the colors of a rainbow. Long claws flickered and as they looked up, they saw it’s head… with and a yellow eye looking at them.

Melfrid gripped his sword,” Great… dragon…”

And great it was…

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*** Falcon squire Garet Mellan : Day of testing - part 4 - ***

Besides the fact that the sight of such creature could make even armies turn around, the stench that accompanied this appearance would probably do the same.
Garet didn’t easily take a step back, but this time he did… they all did as the beast showed its jaws. And its breath could easily drop a horde of charging bulls in their tracks, as the scent of rotting and undigested meat surrounded them.

How could one possibly fight a creature like this when every breath almost caused one to vomit… let alone to get passed the hardness of its scales?
Garet hesitated, not only because of these thoughts, but also because he noticed how the dragon didn’t make any sounds that indicated an attack.

And before he knew, he said,” Wait !”

Melfrid, who was about to charge with William, glanced over his back at the squire, but immediately looked at the dragon again.

The three Falcons could see how the dragon head that first had risen so proudly, descended back to the rocky floor, like a dog waiting for his owner to spank him… with his head on his forelegs.

“Thou have come to destroy me.”

Two of the three Falcons blinked and looked at each other. They didn’t understand a word, but realised the dragon had just spoken to them.

Garet tilted his head since he did. It was the language of something that had just awoken in his blood. It was… Faye…

William lowered his blade, but only a little,” Hello? Did you just talk to us?”

The dragon closed his jaws a bit, and even though the stench was still unbearable, the three men were able to withstand it.
Meanwhile Garet had studied its features and appearance, just like he would have done with a horse, and he came to a conclusion. This animal was sick, infected by something it couldn’t resist, which was amazing too actually. He always had believed a dragon was practically immortal.

The voice of the dragon sounded once more, producing a soft rumbling through the cavern and vibrations in the air surrounding the Falcons,“ Mesees three mighty warriors before me, methinks my final day has come.”

Melfrid frowned,” I think he is talking, yes.”

Garet’s lips had been closing and parting since the first words of the dragon, and suddenly he said,” In front of you are standing Sir William and Sir Melfrid, both knights of the Falcon Order.”

William, Melfrid ànd the dragon turned their head towards Garet.

“You understand him?” the blonde knight asked.

Garet nodded while Melfrid looked between him and William.

The dragon opened its beak a little, causing the three men to hold a hand in front of their nose once more,” Falcons. And what be thy name, thou speaking my tongue?

Garet set his staff down, his hand relaxing as he inclined his head while answering,” Mighty One, … I am Garet Mellan, squire in the service of the same Order.”

“Garet? What are you discussing about?” Melfrid looked at him, his dark eyes a moment shifting between him and the dragon. It was clear the dark-haired knight still saw the dragon as a big threat.

Garet nodded and quickly translated for the two knights. William offered the dragon a curious look, and he too lowered his weapon.

“Good den, my Lords.” the dragon addressed them all by turning his head a bit.

The squire translated and then looked at William, assuming the knight would take over and he would assist with the translations.

“Who are you, … great dragon?” William asked.

The gigantic with scales covered head turned a bit to William as he heard Garet’s translation, and something that could pass for a soft rumbling laugh found its escape from his beak. Only too be followed by deep coughing that made the floor under their feet tremble.

“Verily it seems so, but it is not fact, My Goodman.”

The dragon’s eye closed and opened again, but only half now as if he looked tired.

“My Name is Atticus Arenval, once not a... ” he glanced at Garet,” … Mighty One.”

After Garet’s translations, William turned to the dragon again,” Perhaps you wish to share your story with us? But first I must ask, did you or did you not kill those travelers?”

Garet translated, and something what could pass for a sigh, followed by that stench again, erupted from the dragon’s beak,” Verily, it is so…”

William glanced at the others,” Then speak, and tell your story to the ones holding you responsible for the death of several warriors.”

As if indeed tired… or sick, the dragon’s head sank back down on its mighty claws,” It is not most beauteous methinks.”

Melfrid turned his giant blade, a magic glow pulsating around the edges, upside down. The point was now resting on the rocky floor, his two hands ready yet relaxed around the grip. Out of the three Falcons, he may seem the most effective one should it come to a fight.
“Listening…,” he said with a nod, after Garet's translations.

“My Lords, I once was humanoid, a druid, an… elf I believe…” A silence descended upon the group, the only sound produced being the dragon’s breathing, deep and raspy.
The dragon told them how he once as humanoid learned the secrets of shapeshifting and ultimately how to shift into one of the greatest creatures of all times. With the transformation also new abilities arrived and he told them about his fascination for this species and how he started to focus on keeping this shape. Also in the hope to extend his lifespan and to learn all the great secrets about the real species of his ‘kin’.

“So, you transformed into this?” William was clearly impressed,” You don’t seem an evil presence to me…” he glanced to Melfrid who shook his head in response. William looked back at the dragon,”... Why did you attack those travellers?”

The answer came right after Garet's translation,“ Because the flesh was doomed.”

Garet blinked but understood immediately the thought of the dragon,” I heard people are working on a cure,” he said to William,” And he… unfortunately forgot how to be a druid…” Almost immediately he closed his mouth, realizing he had just started judging, more or less.

“I think you maybe right, Garet,” William only said, but he could see the squire fully realised what the dragon had done, and what it meant.

“He… “

Melfrid only frowned a bit, while William turned to Garet,” Yes?”

“He has a noble heart… perhaps even the greatest I have ever seen.”

“You think so?” William said, his eyes neutral on the squire.

“Truth, Sir?”

William nodded,” Nothing else.”

“I am certain.”

Meanwhile the dragon had been listening to their conversation, and even though he didn’t seem to understand a word, his eye now remained locked on Garet before he said,” Speak thou sentence, My Lord.”

Garet blinked and looked at the dragon,” I’m certain there will be a cure soon…”

The dragon’s eye closed and opened again, more wide this time,” Perchance, though fear should not be over your people.”

“Garet?” William clearly asked for translations, which Garet did.

Melfrid nodded,“ He is right, Garet, he has aten those undead, and later on the sick men. I think he is sick and in this current form he’s a great danger. And I think his greatest fear is to become corrupted.”

It was all needless to be said, as Garet fully understood since the language of the Faye not only contained words, but also emotions. A few words in Faye, pronounced with care, were enough for him to capture a greater picture. The dragon had actually judged over his own fate.


The dragon rose his head a bit up from the rocks,” I is tired, My Lord. Allow me my rest.”

“He wants us to end his life…”

William placed his hand on Garet’s shoulder,” There is no other way right now. We have to protect those who cannot, even though it sometimes means taking decisions like this.” He glanced at the ‘defenseless’ beast.

While Melfrid prepared his sword, ready to be planted into the dragon’s head, Garet inclined his head towards the dragon and tried to set his tongue a bit,” Never shall thou be forgotten for you are really a … Mighty One. Thank thee for the great honor meeting and speaking with you.”

“Aaahhh…” the dragon only said as he lowered his head back on the floor.

“Honor…” Melfrid said.

“Valor…” William glanced at Garet.

The squire nodded as Melfrid’s sword rose up,”... duty…”, and then... he closed his eyes.

A roar filled all the corridors connected with the great cavern, causing the bats to depart their homes untimely. Anyone who was close to this mountain, could have witnessed how the skies turned black for a short moment.

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*** Falcon squire Garet Mellan : Day of testing - part 5 (final) - ***

Garet was waiting just outside Sir Eron’s office. About an hour ago he and the two knights had arrived at the Cathedral after a tiresome day. And right now William and Melfrid were inside in conversation with the Elder Knight.
After Melfrid ended the dragon’s life, the creature’s body had changed into an elf. William lead a small ceremony before the body was incinerated with the help of Melfrid’s magic. To make sure nothing else sick was around, the cavern was searched thoroughly before they left the mountain again.

Though with that, their work wasn’t over yet since the three Falcons returned to the place where they found the bodies. Once more, protected by their divine magic, they cleaned the place and made sure no further diseases could later be spread.
As if that wasn’t enough, they had to face a mob of angry giants on their return. The confrontation with them was, unlike the one with the ‘dragon’, without words. Not that they didn’t try, but soon the three Falcons found their weapon in their hands and fought off the giants in an explosive fight.

They had returned victoriously, yet battered and especially tired.
Garet glanced at the wooden door... nevertheless his day here hasn’t come to an end yet. He hoped Reina wasn’t too worried even though he had mentioned it could turn late.
As if someone inside the room had read his mind, the door of Sir Eron’s office opened and Melfrid motioned him to enter.

“Take a seat, Garet,” Sir Eron said from behind his simple desk.

The two knights took place on a bench left from Garet.

The Elder Knight smiled kindly,” We have decided this day of testing is over, so you can go home soon, but first a few things.”

“Certainly Sir,” Garet nodded and briefly glanced at the two knights.

“As of next week you will be expected at the fronts and I will guide you there personally during your first week. After that Sir William and Sir Melfrid here will be observing you out there. Furthermore …” Eron looked at his fellow knights,” … furthermore, we will soon come back on the chance of your promotion to Defender.”

“Very well, Sir.”

“However… we do have one question for you.”

“Anything, Sir,” Garet looked between the knights and Sir Eron,” How can I serve?”

Sir Eron got up and walked around his desk to Garet, and took place before the squire leaning against the desk with his arms crossed,” Right now, do you have the feeling you are missing something in order continue your path among the Falcons? Something that concerns you and you need on the day you become a knight yourself?”

A moment of silence…

Garet looked up at Eron,” Yes Sir, I do.”

“Then share it with us.”

Garet took a deep breath and glanced at William and Melfrid before looking at Eron again,” Knowledge, Sir. In order to perform my duties well, and to serve the Empire, I need relevant background information, knowledge of important events, people, lore of the land… since… not every fight or war is and can be won by the blade, or only by the blade.”

Sir Eron nodded, perhaps even approvingly,” Very well, we will take this into account,” he said while looking at William and Melfrid who both nodded.

“You can go now, Garet.”

“Yes Sir,” Garet stood up and inclined his head to the three Falcons before he walked to the door.

Nearly outside, he heard Sir Eron behind him,” Garet, perhaps also this…”

The squire turned around,” Sir?”

The Elder Knight came to the door and stopped in front of Garet,” Remember, you have a bard as your soon to be wife.”

Garet blushed a bit, but got the message,” Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

“Carry on, son,” Eron said, and with that he closed the door before Garet.


A week later Garet was called back into Eron’s office. In order to become Defender, he had to face three challenges.

His first challenge was to organize an event worthy of Tharon and that brought honor to the Order of the Falcons.

The second challenge would have something to do with his own ‘shortcoming’ … knowledge.

The third challenge was still undetermined and depended on his earlier challenges and his performance at the front.

A message was spread across the lands...

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A bit later another one was spread...

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*** Stealing moments ***

(With a thanks to B.)

It was a miracle they were able to spend so much time together, since lately they both had been very busy. True, on some occassions they had been together even during duties,... or other events...

The past weeks, to prove himself in combat, Garet was to be found at the fronts, often with Reina at his side and occasionally with one of the Falcons nearby… watching him so closely that it looked like they were assessing every act, every word he spoke, every breath he took and every move he made.
At some point it had made him doubt, wondering whether he was good enough. He knew standards for Falcons were high, father had told him that… especially for the rank of knight.
Until that moment he had to set up a defense against a huge and rapidly advancing Kor company. He, Reina and the men assigned to him, succesfully repulsed the Canite servants and afterwards he had seen Sir Richard at the other side of the field, offering him an approving nod. And that had been enough for him…

Garet looked up from his chair at his wife-to-be behind it, before they both looked down at the announcement he had just finished. Then she embraced him from behind, and as she leaned on his shoulders he could feel Reina’s lips brushing his cheek… an invitation for more…
Garet turned his head and looked at the woman he adored so much, under his hands the proof of that. Their wedding announcement was ready and would be copied tomorrow by the monks at the Cathedral, and after that... people would be invited.

Finally, as it had been a time-demanding and difficult feat. But Garet was a man of patience.
As he had taken his time to find the right horse as birthday gift for his love (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11538&start=15), to master the by his Order requested combat skills, to learn miss Thiri about archery after she had been abducted (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=11956&start=60), …and to plan and organise the tourney to the smallest detail as answer to his first challenge.
For a moment Garet wondered about the two other challenges, but then quickly banished the questions about those from his mind. He would cross those bridges when they came in sight. Instead his blue eyes looked into his Rei’s before he kissed her lips and motioned her to take place on his lap.

Together they sat there for another hour, Rei cuddled against his chest. They whispered sweet words to on another and enjoyed each other’s presence. Another stolen moment next to their weekly dates. He was grateful to Sir Eron for that one free day a week so that he was able to court his wife-to-be.
He also understood there would be a time that no free days would be possible, but at least on most of his missions without the Falcons, Reina was allowed to join. And so she did… well except when he did some things alone...

A few days ago he had traveled back to Tristan to talk with his parents about the upcoming wedding… and the party at their farm afterwards. But he never made it as he stepped into a gigantic trap… literally. A tribe of giants had decided to block the roads and he had been unprepared when he and Athos bumped into them. He had tried to reason with them, but it was hard due their limited knowledge of common language. Instead it ended up in a terrible fight and for a moment Garet had been worried if he would be able to make it back alive.
But… his god had granted him with a new blessing and before the giants realised… the Falcon was gone. Only to return less than an hour later, fully armoured and very determined to clear that road.
Reina saw him right after when he returned home, and he had seen the concern in his lover’s eyes. Under the feather-light touch of Reina’s hands, his wounds and bruises had been partially healed, right before she put him in the bathtub. A blessing in disguise as it had been another stolen moment.

Garet glanced from his desk to her,“ I need a few more things, love.”

“Mmmhmm…” Reina said,” … perhaps I can help?”

He smiled and moved one of those carmine tresses to the side and tucked it behind her slightly pointed ear, touching the auricle. A shiver ran through her body as he did.

“Well, there is the speech for tomorrow, and prizes.”

Together they bend over the matter and not much later a paper with a text was on his desk.

“Read it…” she said.

Garet grinned,” Practicing? Alright then.”

Reina brushed his hair back as he cleared his throat.

“Ladies and Gentlemen

I thank you for joining us today as we begin a three day series of events to honor the Lord of Battle. While it can be said that we pay him homage each time we go to battle, it is a blessing to come together in the spirit of friendship and to do him honor in a less deadly competition.

As a Falcon, we are taught that Tharon holds us to three ideals...Honor, Valor and Duty.

In the next three days, in the contests that take place, we will be facing each other with honor. I ask that you treat your fellow combatants with respect and that we hold to the codes of honorable battle.

While these are not fights to the death, it does take a certain amount of courage to face a stranger or a friend in one on one battle and to do so in front of an audience. Thus we are showing the Lord his ideal of Valor.

I was asked to hold an event worthy of my Lord, so in part, you are all helping me do my Duty to my Lord and my Order. But in the doing, we should remember, knowledge can win a war. In the next three days, we may learn new tactics, a different style of fighting or just techniques that can make us stronger when the battles are real.

I thank you again for allowing me to honor Tharon....let the tourney begin!”

Garet looked up from the text to Reina and said,” I love you…”

She smiled, and right before she kissed him, she whispered back,” I love you too, Garet Mellan…”

His arms moved around her, his hands to her back. Then he picked her up and rose up from his chair only to carry her to their bed.

Yep… definitely another stolen moment.....

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*** Falcons ***

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 353d2kz

“Yes, son? What is it?”

Sir Eron’s personal squire saluted,” Sir, another wishes to join our ranks.”

The simple desk which Eron was sitting behind was as always, clean and rather parchment-free. It was almost as if the Elder Knight didn’t like to be regared as some clerk or other pencil pusher. His polished sword stood right next to his desk, the pommel and grip stain free, but the weapon was clearly in a state of readiness as the blade looked undeniably sharp.
And Garet had witnessed more than once that the man was still able to wield it, Elder or not. He even bet his own father would still defeat him, despite his useless arm. Falcons, warriors of Tharon, were a special breed, that was for certain.

“At ease, squire… and please take a seat. Tell me about this man… unless, it is another lady who wishes to join the brotherhood?”

That made Garet smile a bit as he recalled how his brother Jason had last week been accepted and joined the Order of the Falcons. With him was a little lady, probably a halfling, who had enthusiastically applied as she too wanted to become a knight. At first, sir Eron’s reaction was that only men could join the Order given the fact the Falcons were still a brotherhood, but after given it some thought he ordered Jason to tell the lady about Tharon and to stick together until he had spoken with the rest of the Order about this exceptional request.

Perhaps it was time for a slow change, was all what Garet could think. But he understood only too well that decades of tradition weren’t that easily bend and that certain traditions were deeply ingrained. One of them, a squire obeys his foster knight and does not speak before have given things a good thought first.
Well, except for emergency situations of course… it would clearly be undesirable for one to formulate his thoughts before issuing an immediate warning ‘run!’.

For a moment he wondered about his own situation again. Jason had become sir Eron’s squire, and yet Eron hadn’t dismissed Garet from his service. Garet understood all to well that this would happen soon and that his time as squire under Eron would come to an end. Perhaps he would become William’s or Melfrid’s squire?


Eron made him snap out of his thoughts, and after Garet had blinked once he said,” Ehm, no sir. The one who is putting interest in our Order is a man who goes by the name Zeo Snyder.”

The elder knight leaned his head a bit back as his lips parted,” I heard that name, it was the young man you were sparring with yesterday?”

Garet nodded,” Yes sir, well, not only sparring. He eh…”

Sir Eron raised a brow,” He what, son?”

The knight’s squire took a deep breath and then told him all he knew about Zeo. Facts though, not feelings, nor judgements. It was up to sir Eron to make a complete yet as neutral possible picture about Zeo. He also knew the knight would test him one way or another, and that could be sooner or later, whether Zeo had already been admitted to the Order or not.

Garet also fully realised that everyone who was admitted, not necessarily became a knight. Some just climbed up to the rank of Defender and served their whole life as one, which was already honorable.
The purpose of the Order of the Falcons was not to convert people to Tharon, they just worked with people called by Him and devoted to Him. The purpose of the Order was not only to create magnificent and powerful warriors in shiny gold and white, but to seek for those worthy of becoming officers, to train those for a position of authority and to learn them how to deal with the duties and responsibilities a commander should bear. Some even became superior officers, like Eron for instance as an Elder Knight.

Falcons were warriors who were able to lead troops into combat with a clear mind and great sense of logic, tactic and strategy. But there was even more to it. The ultimate goal within the Order was to become worthy of the rank as knight since that would mean one behaved and lived by the Code of the Falcons, but also transmitted the values it contained to others. This Code consisted of three core teachings of the Warrior God, for the Falcons being Honor, Valor and Duty. A knight also realised the Falcon Code didn’t only apply out there, on the battle fields.

“I see. Garet, contact this man and let him know I like to see him.”

“Yes sir, when?”

Sir Eron smiled,” Next week, after your wedding. How is that coming together by the way?”

“Everything has been taken care off, sir. The last things will be some decorations in the main hall of the Cathedral, and helping out my parents with the preperations of the celebration at the farm.”

“Very well, I will certainly be there, on both occassions. Thank you for the invitation by the way, my lady will also attend.”

Garet smiled to that since the invitation had only been normal. Besides, Eron and his father once were companions.

“One last thing, squire.”

“Yes sir?”

“Well, perhaps an advice.”

“Yes sir?”

“Try to surprise your lady, this day is very important to her.”

And as he saluted, Garet just grinned...


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*** Perfect moment ***

The day of their wedding came faster than Garet had expected, and it passed before he knew it. Yet if Garet would have ever felt depressed, than a day like that would have abandoned such an emotion for the rest of his life.
They had made their commitment public and official now, a commitment between them to be honest, loving, caring and supportive without any secrets for each other, no matter the circumstances. That was what marriage meant to him.
It didn’t mean they couldn’t be independent, they each still had their lives and things they wanted to develop. He with the Falcons and she with the academy and the Ordo.
Yet when they were together, two seemed to become as one and they would face life together.

Lots of people attended at their wedding, yet a few faces were missed on that day too. Though it hadn’t mattered, they were there and that was what was the most important. Also, he had met several new people, people only Rei knew. She sure had a lot of friends and that actually pleased him. He was certain she was never alone during the day. She was just like his mother, with moments in need of having people around her. Wasn’t it a trait that many bards shared. Reina, his mother, the twins, and even his former ‘boss’ Xander.

That brought his thought a moment at the friendly Captain Firin from who he knew he was a bard too. At the party he had actually invited Garet for a spar… with the quarterstaff. Garet felt honored, a Captain of the Vanguard wanted to duel with him. Imagine what he could learn from him.
Too bad the other Captain, also a bard, was called back on the last minute. Reina's family... Sammil never made it to the wedding, let alone the party. But from what Garet understood, he had seen Reina just before and given her his blessing.

As they entered the forest, Garet motioned his horse to slow down and followed Reina riding Snaehvit.
More moments flashed, more faces he recalled.

Tharwulf, also a Vanguard who had become his friend, attended that day as his best man, while Shayde was Maiden of honor for Rei. Both had he later invited over for dinner as token of their gratitude for standing there with them.
And then there had been Ardaion and Thiri, both excellent friends these days, Vanadiel, the mysterious Click, Morgen, Thanos and many many others. All had come to wish them luck and to join them in their celebration.
Just wonderful.
And then there had been Sir Eron, offering him a scroll in a small tube. Garet had only read it at the end of the party and he was surprised yet happy to see it was only more good news.
He had officially succeeded for the first challenge in order to become a Defender. According to the letter, he had honored Tharon and the Order twice. The first time was the tourney which was a succes in the eyes of the Falcon Order, the second time had been their wedding at the Cathedral.
There was also a mention about his second and possible even third challenge, … Carcerum...

The path in the forest widened again and Garet rode next to Reina, a smile drawing on his face as he glanced at the double ring on her finger. A ring that consisted of two parts.
The inscription had been finished just in time.

On the biggest of the two it said :

If life is a journey, then the hand wearing this ring is the only one I want to hold... wrote:

And on the smallest :

... every step of the way, or every flight. wrote:

Then, he looked up at Reina who had noticed at what he was looking. The pixie grin was his share and he just smiled back,” I love you… and I mean it.” Another glance at the ring.

Reina smiled,” I know, and I love you, my Falcon.” She glanced in front of her and then looked back at him,” And we’re almost there… the place where I was raised.”

The forest didn’t exactly made way for them but the light here seemed to increase more and more with every step their horses took. Garet was distracted at first, looking up at the lovely green canopy above their heads, filtering the sun partially.

“Garet! Look! There it is!"

And there it was indeed, a lovely cottage just for them alone, … two weeks….
Garet started to grin. No duties, no visitors during that time… just them. All the other things would have to wait for now. He examined the cottage, then Reina.

Just… perfect.

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*** Back ***

Yes… the memory to their honeymoon was still fresh as unforgettable moments with his wife crossed his mind.

Taking in the smells of the forest on one of their walks, … their little boat riding gently along the river while he learned Reina about fishing, … dancing in the sun with wild flowers in their hair, … wonderful picnics till the stars shone brightly above them, … her head on his shoulder as they stood on the porch listening to the sounds of nature, … the little candlelights flickering around the giant tub outside where he gazed at that magnificent body slowly disappearing in steamy water.

He barely could suppress a wishful sigh now, especially when his memories hit the bedroom part. Soft words spoken in the still of the night, … laughter and giggles when the bed sheet fully covered them both, … tickling, teasing, only then to witness that flush on her cheeks as he gently started to touch her …

When Garet had entered the office and perceived sir Eron’s smirk, he snapped right out of it. Back to reality, well … at least the other reality. The reality here in the Cathedral in which he served as a Falcon.

“It seems you had a wonderful vacation, son,” he only said.

Garet couldn’t help himself but to smile, and thus probably betraying his earlier thoughts.

“Anyways, welcome back young Falcon.” Eron got up from his chair, walked around his desk and stopped in front of Garet.

“Sir,” Garet nodded,” It is good to be back.”

Eron gave him a gentle smile,” Very much. And while you were gone, few things have been discussed here. So, I have news for you.”

Garet was all ears now, the memories to the wonderful time with his magnificent wife making way for the discipline he always had known.

“There may be a few changes in the future, some are still being considered, others have already been decided upon. As of tomorrow you will no longer be my squire.”

Garet blinked, but only once. He knew there was a chance this would be coming.

“Your brother Jason will take your place here, while you will become sir Melfrid’s squire. I know this decision took some time since both William and Melfrid here… ,” Eron nodded to the two knights behind Garet,” … both saw opportunities for you. Nonetheless, the decision is taken and is final.”

William nodded to Eron while Melfrid gave Garet a glance with his dark eyes as the squire looked over his shoulder.

Garet quickly looked back at Eron,” Yes sir, thank you sir.” In a way this felt like a promotion. Even though he had been active already under the supervision of both William and Melfrid, it would be an honor.

“We also discussed your further challenges. Sir Melfrid will take over from me to watch over the result. It will be his call whether you have passed or not.”

“Yes, sir. Understood.”

“Good, now. You are back since a week. Anything to report?”

Garet nodded and told the three knights about his little adventure where he and Reina discovered a bunch of Canites hidden in a mine close to Ravenswatch. He told them about the one that had escaped and about the portal that made them jump to the city where they bumped into Vanguard Anne and a man going by the name Mecellion. He explained how their search ended in the woods further ahead where the Canite mage burned himself when trying to go through some portal.

“This portal, or whatever it is, is still there? And do you think it is a Canite weapon?”

“My wife was somehow with her music able to close, or at least to bring it to ‘rest’. It is hidden and after what I witnessed I don’t think it is Canite related, yet it does not make it less mysterious. It looked like a doorway to another world. If you want I’ll check out the place a few more times.”

Melfrid nodded,” And I will accompany you, just in case.”

“Yes sir.”

Eron asked him a few more specific questions about that adventure and then said,” So, anything else to report?”

Garet immediately thought about Tharwulf and the rescue for his sister but decided to give no details. Instead he said,” I like to have my brother alongside me for a personal matter taking place over a few days.”

Eron glanced at the two other knights and then at Garet,” What is personal, is personal. As for your brother, he’s been sent out and I’m not sure if he’ll be back in time.”

“Ah, … “ Garet just nodded,” I’ll see him then when he shows up.” His face not betraying anything.

“Very well,” Eron looked at the other knights,” If there is nothing else, I believe we are done here, but I do wish to speak to Garet here a moment in private.”

William and Melfrid nodded, and after a salute both left the office….


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*** New Falcons ***

Garet followed Melfrid on his way out the Cathedral. Natural light came through the windows high above and as they walked, the rings of Melfrid’s chainmail echoed between the giant pillars. A cold breeze of air hit the men in the face as they opened the door after taking the stairs down.

When they started to cross the spacious main hall, both men noticed a group of young new Falcons acting somewhat disorderly near the spar area. They overheard a few of them loudly bragging to the others about the weapon skills they claimed to have. And it was clear that a few others were getting rather irritated over that, and not only fellow Falcons.

Melfrid and Garet looked around a moment but besides some visitors the Cathedral was rather empty. Even the omnipresent pastor was no were in sight, probably called away over some emergency. These days there we less Falcons present since they were spread over the front as the result of a request of several of their superiors.

Garet looked back at this new group who currently seemed the only Falcons present here at the Cathedral and raised a brow, for a moment wondering who or where their superior was.

“Ya’re a woossie, I tell ya!! That sword of yours isn’t Tharon-worthy… c’mon !! IT’S A TOOTHPICK!”

Several of the men chuckled while the ‘victim’ turned a bit red,” Shut up, you are full of shit!”

“What?! Ya’re cal’lin me shit?!”

Meanwhile Melfrid had motioned Garet to follow him and both men approached the scene.

The knight had crossed his arms and now said not too loud, but clear enough for anyone to hear,” Is there anyone who has a toothpick for me?!”

The giant man who had been insulting the other over his sword turned around to face Melfrid, a gigantic axe leaning over his shoulder in a nonchalant way as he appraised the knight.

Garet smirked a bit as the man probably didn’t knew Melfrid. Further Melfrid was dressed in a rather common looking armour, yet in the colors of the Falcons. Nonetheless Garet knew it was high quality material, able of taking several hits without compromise.

The man who just had been insulted over his short sword, stepped forward and offered his blade to Melfrid.

The knight shook his head and shouted,” I SAID, A TOOTHPICK! IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAS A TOOTHPICK?!

Everyone fell silent after Melfrid had raised his voice. One or two coughed and several others started patting their pockets until one of the young men fetched a toothpick.

Melfrid accepted it with a nod and then turned to the man with the axe,” You and me, in the circle! And bring that axe of yours!”

The man frowned but lifted the mighty axe from his shoulder, the muscles of his bare arm bulging as the weight of the weapon attempted to stretch them.

Melfrid walked over to the circle drawn on the floor, almost deliberately holding the toothpick in sight between his forefinger and thumb. As the other man took place, the knight looked around at the young Falcons who were starting to gather around the circle, realising they were about to witness some lesson.
Melfrid held uo the toothpick and said,” Behold, a weapon... ‘Tharon-worthy’.”

The man with the axe started to grin and shook his head as if Melfrid had just started to tell a joke. Nonetheless, for some reason, he remained quiet further, curious perhaps for what was about to happen next.

Garet could see the question on several other faces too. Was Melfrid about to duel with that man, using only a toothpick against that axe?

Melfrid turned to the man,” Take your position, soldier.”

The man loosened the muscles in his arm by swinging the axe once back and forth through the air. “I’ll just use one arm for now.” He grinned, again bragging clearly as he showed how he could hold such a weapon with only one hand.

Melfrid shrugged like it didn’t matter,” Up to you, sunny. You ready?”

His opponent nodded.

“Well, go ahead then…”

The man was fast, Garet had to admit that. For wielding such a heavy weapon, the man’s arm moved fast, sending the blade forward with great force. The edge of the weapon cleaved air as it described a circular path.

But Melfrid was faster and sidestepped while spinning around.

Suddenly the Cathedral filled itself with a shout from the man, less than a second later followed by a loud, resonant metallic sound of the axe dropping on the stone floor.

The fight had taken less than three seconds, and Melfrid disarming the man even in less time than an eye could blink. The toothpick was sticking out of the man’s arm.

Severeal of the young Falcons started to clap, clearly impressed.

Any further words would have been excessive. Melfrid had just shown that every object could be turned into a weapon ‘Tharon-worthy’, as long as you knew how to use it and where to strike with it. Garet was betting that that man wouldn’t make the same mistake in the future.

Melfrid however didn’t look pleased. “Now get in line, sweethearts, and lets get acquainted ‘properly’!!”

Quickly the young men gathered on the line and as Melfrid started to pace up and down the length of it, it was this time -he- who was appraising the men.
And when he started to speak, Garet couldn’t help himself but to compare the man with a sergeant at arms.

“My name is Melfrid Hastings and when I came here, I was taught to show respect to my superiors! When I came here, I was taught to respect any fellow Falcon since he could be standing on my left or right the very next day on the front! Is any of you willing to show disrespect?!”

“Sir, no, sir!” the soldiers replied, now getting who the man was pacing before them.

“May I ask, who or where is your commanding officer?”

One of the men replied,” Sir, sergeant Delcros, he was killed in action a few days ago. We were waiting here for further instructions, sir.”

Silence descended on the main hall of the Cathedral and Melfrid gave the men a dark look,” .... and this is how you honor him.... ?”

Garet could hear a pin drop right before the knight continued.

“Tell me, are you worthless?”

All the men replied,” Sir, no, sir!”

“Is your weapon useless?”

“Sir, no, sir!”

“Is your brain sick?”

Several men blinked, but all replied,” Sir, no, sir!”

The paladin turned on his heels and stopped halfway the lineup, his dark eyes roaming over each face.

“If you not disrespectful, worthless, useless or sick, what are you then ?”

“Sir, we are Falcons, sir!!”

“Then starting acting like such...”

Sir, yes, sir!!!

Melfrid’s eyes shifted to Garet,” My squire here will take over from me, he is to be treated with the same respect as myself.” Melfrid looked to the men,” Prepare yourself for he shall bring you to the training fields near Lendose.”

Garet couldn’t have felt more honored...


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*** The next challenge ***

Melfrid had been listening to Garet’s report and only occasionally asked a question. So far Garet had told the knight about the portal stones and the wondering if the Falcons would be able to secure the roads in the less wild lands.
Melfrid didn’t provide Garet with an answer to that but casted an eye over the document.

He did though when the road to Tristan was mentioned and said,” As you know and have done yourself, the road to Tristan is something we as Falcons keep eye on. Several times we provide pilgrims and other travelers an armed escort and safe passage from Tristan to Ravenswatch and back. And as far as I know we will remain doing so. If extra patrols on top of the ones our fledgelings perform are required, it’s something we’ll discuss further.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Garet, I like you to attend to any next meetings about this subject, or seek contact with the Or… oh. I keep forgetting, … your wife.”

“Yes, sir,” Garet smiled,” She is a Magister now.”

“Ah, congratulate her for me. Which section is she managing?”

“Bard and warlocks, sir.”

“Warlocks heh… hmmm... Alright, I wanted to ask you to keep contact with the Ordo, but I assume you can’t come any closer than you already are.”

Garet grinned slightly as a response to Melfrid’s faint smile.

Melfrid’s eyes turned a bit more dark again as he said,” The Mistress, a new Lich, and today I also received some bad news from the front, Garet.”


“We lost a whole unit new Falcons, most of them were even less than four months with us. Young promising men, each and every one of them. It’s going to be quiet a while around here.”

Garet turned silent. The loss of a fellow Falcon was always painful, as if one lost a family member…. let alone a whole unit. That were at least twenty men with whom he had been connected in the Code. He wondered about the specifics how and where these men had met their doom. He also realised that these things happened and there wasn’t much he could do in return but to honor their names and carry on where they had gone off.

“We are thin spread Garet, as you know. It gets more difficult to lead our own troops while our knights are spread all over the Province, offering and aiding where needed. We may have to call a few of them back in order to train them. However…” his eyes rested on Garet’s.

Garet listened quietly, his mind moving from the deceased back to the conversation.

“Once you shared with the Order that you dream of becoming a staffmaster. Also, you told us you could use knowledge on your path in order to grow.”

“Yes, sir…”

“I’m seeing a Falcon knight in you, and one day you will become one. But I also see a purpose in you, one you will be able to handle since you seem driven to it. We are thinking you would be a good trainer in time, and if you reach your next rank such a position will be offered to you... within months after your promotion.”

Garet blinked once.

“The reason why I am telling you this is to give you the opportunity to think about it, about your future within the Falcons. And given the circumstances, you will be needed.”

After only a short hesitation, yet calm as always Garet answered,“ Yes, sir… I will.”

“Now, about that promotion. We have defined your next challenge.”

Garet was all ears now and moved a bit forward on his chair.

“In fact, you will receive your two last challenges in one assignment. Carcerum...," the knight got up from his chair, walkd around the table and then leaned against it, facing Garet," ... we do not wish to abandon those locked up in there to their fate, neither can we spare men to go in there. You are the one who will be doing this.”

Garet nodded and waited for the knight to continue.

“First you have to gather allies. Anyone you know,... check even other factions if you must and see what they can come up with, make contact. Form a party, worthy of Tharon, prepared and ready to go in there by your side. Try and solve the mystery, see who you can rescue. Along the way : watch, learn, and if necessary, teach. Exchange tactics, lore, and everything else you need to bring this mission to a successful end. Come back in one piece and report."

"Yes, sir."

"We also will be needing the names of those joining you. And you have to go in less than two weeks... which, might be already too late for any survivors, but we are not willing to let you go alone and risk losing another Falcon.”

"Understood, sir."

"Alright, you can go now, unless you have any questions?"

"As a matter of fact, I do sir. Personally I have seen a few people asking me about the Falcons."

"Like what?"

"Like in what things the Falcons are involved, besides the things that are visible to the common people."

"Hmm, I can tell you there are meetings about this in the council of the First Rank. One subject is about working together with others and putting goals together next to the events taking place. As I said earlier, the Falcons are in several locations, yet thin spread. So I assume soon new focuses might be set. Anyways, as my squire you'll be informed as soon as I know more."

Garet saluted," Yes, sir, thank you."

And with that the Falcon squire left Melfrid's office to prepare for his next assignment.


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*** March ***

Their faces caressed by the breezy light of the late afternoon, the soldiers awaited further orders. Suddenly a large drop fell on a helmet. The knight clad in a white-dark gold armor that looked as if it was formed over his body, glanced up from his horse at the sky with an imperturbable gaze, the eye slits offering only a limited but later on during his mission a safer field of vision.
The air holes of his helmet seemed to exhale little cone-shaped clouds as the moisture in his breath became visible due the surrounding air cooling it below its dewpoint. The vapor mist curled a moment around his head before falling apart as quickly as it was formed.
Off in the distance they could all hear the muffled sounds of thunder and even though the sky was still deceptively sunny, a few moments later another drop ended its vertiginous descent on the black falcon silhouette of what looked like an impenetrable five foot tower shield.

“Companieeessss, aaattteeeention ! Forwaaaards, MARCH!”

With the swish of a breeze and the patter of first rain, under the watchful eye of the Knight Prefect Commander Crispus Thaven, the two companies gathered near Lendose responded and started their march as one entity. In the current phalanx formation these Falcons looked as if they could crush any opponent.

Yet their ranks were filled with many very young men, several of them heading out for their first fight. Skills could be obtained by training, but experience only by operating and acting under real-life conditions. And they were about to learn something else too, something that was an important part of their Code.

Soon they would take a stand, not far from the entrance to the mountains infested by Kor, and they would also attempt to recover the bodies of the unit they had lost last week. A few minutes ago the commander had released the names of the fallen and underlined that their sacrifice would not go in vain.

Garet however was forced to stand idly. Him was ordered to see that any new recruits who offered themselves at the Cathedral would be received properly. And he had a rescue mission coming up...
Sitting on the back of Athos and standing next to Melfrid, Garet witnessed the departure of the last Falcon companies stationed at Lendose, leaving empty training camps behind. He glanced at those grounds before his eyes shifted to the backs of his departing Brothers.


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*** Preparing ***

Garet rubbed his eyes and whispered,” Guess its time to wake up…”
A soft sigh escaped his lips as he reluctantly let go off the warm body he had been holding and loving all night.

His limbs shifted under the blankets while a muffled yet warm sound from his lady started to fill the room,” Mmhhmmm…”

“I love you…,” he whispered. Then he planted several tender kisses in her neck and on her cheek before quietly slipping out of the bed and starting to prepare for the day, but he couldn’t help his eyes drifting back to the bed, as if to engrave the current setting into his mind and heart.

And when she began to stretch out, he simply had to pause for a moment to watch the magnificent being in bed who took his breath away, his eyes roaming her marvellous skin and tracing the soft curves.
With a wishful sigh and a regretful shake of the head, he resumed gearing up.

After all he had to focus again. His foster knight had appointed him to help with the preperations for the Falcon Order Initiation Ceremony this evening. At least four or five new Falcons were about to join the Falcons and Garet assumed some individual testing would be involved too, just like Sir Eron did with him on the first day they had met. They would probably be asked why they wanted to join the Order so that their answer could be officially recorded. They would listen to the basics of the Code and learn the Basic Creed of the Falcons.

For a moment Garet wondered what it would be like and how it would go when he one day would be innitiated to the knight ranks. All he knew was that he had to spend the night before in solitude, with only the presence of his god down in the chapel. He knew he would have to pray and ask Tharon to gain approval to be one of his warriors for the remainder of his life.
Since once one became a Falcon knight, one was supposed to never leave the Order until retirement… and even then.

Most Elder Falcons accepted the rank of Elder Knight, Garet’s father being one of the exceptions until he returned to the Cathedral and asked for the title, now two weeks ago. Garet’s father, Richard Mellan had been welcomed with open arms and thus was a true Falcon again. For one or two days a week, Richard would teach the younger Falcons about tactics and warfare, but also about justice.
Garet smiled, at least they would run more often into each other. Then his smile turned into a grin. Most likely his father would also stop by at their house here in Ravenswatch more often, since he had been addicted to Rei’s lemon cake...


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*** Initiation and promotion ***

The pastor lowered his head a moment, and took a deep breath before he started to share the news that had just reached him. His voice was somewhere between sorrow and pride :

“On a cold day in Thaheims 641 MR, more than 250 Falcons faced a bigger Kor horde. About 50 of our Brothers, Tharon’s elite warriors and the full Kor horde were speared, axed, and crushed to death on the battlefield near the South Entrance to the Kor mountains. The battle was nonetheless a success as the intended goals were reached. We reclaimed the ground on which our other Brothers fell, and with it were able to retrieve their bodies. Next to that we now control one of the largest access points to those mountains and with it we will be able to prevent large bands of Kor descending into our region.....”

The pastor looked up,” And we're are asked to train new men to send as reinforcements.”

Eron and Melfrid looked at each other.

“We need to consult the other factions too as we cannot train that many men in such short time notice.”

They all glanced at the Garet and the new Fledgelings gathering at the other side of the Cathedral.


And before it finally dawned on him, Garet was Defender. No ceremony, just a few official words and the message they would talk further about it after the rescue mission Garet would be leading.
When he wondered and was about to ask sir Eron if he really had earned his new rank, it was as if the knight had read his mind and said,” For serving the Order well on more than one occassion, doing more than is expected from a Fledgling, and honoring our Lord Tharon during… we, the knights, hereby declare that as of today Garet Mellan is known as a Defender within the Falcon Order.”

Not only that, a small hour ago three new warriors were initiated into the Order and Garet would have to see it that they learned about the Creed, about Tharon and would train with them.
It could have been four, as today normally his brother too would have had his official initiation moment, but something happened. Jason froze in his words and didn’t seem to look ready.
He could still hear sir Adam say it, Jason was not prepared and was sent off. Garet would soon look for his brother and have a word with him.

But not yet, first he needed to focus on the three new Falcons being Gideon, Zeo and Meme, whose ranks would be announced next week. He turned to them as soon as sir Adam left.
“Right, training starts tomorrow. Your armour and gear are impeccably clean and free from stains before we start. You have two weeks to make adjustments for the color. Fledglings are free in armour choice as long as the colors are gold and white.”


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*** Inseparable ***

As temperature slowly rose, the last fragments of mist twirling majestically around tree tops, finally started to give up the struggle against Rel’s persistent radiance and conceded to his unwavering brightness.

Spring exhaled its recipe for an upcoming beautiful day, offering an experience to all of the human senses. From the smell of fresh air emitted by the dewy, lush grass and blooming flowers..., the sight of budding trees boasting of their new found youth and colorful butterflies lifting off as graceful as ballerinas dancing towards the heavens..., the sound of early songbirds rehearsing melodies dedicated to their future mates, expressing their interpretation of joy and happiness…, to the typical spring weeds and twirling plants gyrating with the smooth wind, letting their tiny leafs dance to its tune.

It was a coming of age...

A pair of young, summer-blue eyes peering from under gold-like hair, consumed the view from high above the cliff near the gates of Ravenswatch. Mounted on a huge black stallion which was clearly breed for war, a fully armoured warrior oversaw the valley down below.
If the horse would have been an indication for its rider, it would probably have told he was noble, strong and reliable. The fact that the animal seemed well fed and looked after could have emphasized loyalty to one another.

One armoured glove held the reins in a relaxed position while the other embraced the shaft of an enormous spear pointing upwards at the sky. Attached on the end hung a white, swallow-tailed pennon emblazoned with a black falcon gently streaming in the mild wind.
In contrast to the hair of his steed, the warrior’s armour, gold and white, was highly polished and shining under the first rays of the rising sun. A large tower shield and a few swords on the side of the horse, a quarterstaff attached on the rider’s back and a matching helmet held under his arm completed the picture.
Even though the young man wasn’t a knight, his overall appearance and expression could make people compare him with one.

Garet of Tristan, Defender of the Order of the Falcons smiled softly. Just like the seasons were inextricably linked with the way how nature worked..., or how a warrior was connected with his gear… so were he and Reina.


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*** Reporting in ***

Eron and Melfrid listened to the blond Defender standing on the other side of the clean and empty table. During Garet’s report only an occasional question was asked and once in a while a brow was raised.

Right after his return from Carcerum, Garet found himself in Eron’s meeting room. He had only freshed up his face and wiped off the blood and dirt from his gear with a rag right before he was summoned to enter. His armour was scratched and battered, his huge Falcon shield, probably beyond repair, standing next to the door. All in all it looked as if he had just returned from a massive offensive.

“The mine workers we did not find, and the cave or whatever it was has been sealed. For more information about what exactly was going on, and who made this one big prison, I’m awaiting the observations and conclusions of other party members, especially from those who are part of the Ordo as their knowledge and lore is far more greater than mine. But what I do know is that we were extremely lucky to keep these entities in it, contained. And I suggest to not go in there anymore and let the Talon guard the place.”

For a moment Garet recalled what Reina said an hour earlier… the urge to save and protect is so strong, but it was just too dangerous to head in there again. He couldn’t agree more.

The knights nodded and glanced at each other before Eron said,” You have brought a big problem in the picture and made sure it was investigated and is studied, either by yourself or by the companions you found. From what we understand you gathered, or attracted people from several factions like Ordo, Vanguard, Blades and even Fleet next to a few other. To evaluate further, we now would like to receive all the names of the ones who joined you.”

Garet nodded and listed the names one by one. If the knights noticed he left out a name or two while he earlier during his story was forced to mention them anonymously, they didn’t show.

Sir Melfrid was the one writing them down and once finished he looked up, his dark eyes on Garet,” We may seek out some of these people and consult them about your performance.”

“Yes, sir,” Garet nodded, as this was what he indeed had expected. After all, his earlier promotion to Defender had been so abrupt and was probably a direct consequence of the situation within the Order. With the interviews like Melfrid was planning, they would be able to determine if he really had earned his current rank.

Eron looked at his former squire and said,“ Garet, is there something you like add for yourself, things you have noticed and you like to share while working with all these people? I do know you are most of the times very factual, rather than showing your personal thoughts, let alone inner issues.”

Garet blinked once and answered,” Sir, especially as a warrior I like to have a clear mind when moving into combat so that my actions and decisions avoid or limit escalation of the situation. Whilst doing so I try to make sure doing my part and take other peoples actions into account. I judge them upon their actions and words, but not after only a short period, and I don’t feel inclined to let my personal issues, if I have them, mix or interfere while working with them. That being said, yes I do have them and a few times even I felt the limits of my patience. Truth is, this last mission was heavy on us all and if I felt that, others must have for certain, as I consider myself as a man with patience that is more than average. We were all pushed to our limits and frankly I cannot blame anyone for reaching them earlier than another. So I keep my thoughts to myself and wish only to thank those for who have assisted and tried to bring this mission to a good end.”

He paused for a brief moment before continuing,” And if any of the interviewed has had issues, specifically with me, I am open and willing to listen and learn, and to talk about that.”

Eron looked at Melfrid before turning to Garet again and nodding,” Very well, that is all and you are dismissed. Go look after your wife now.”

A few minutes later Garet was outside the Cathedral, and he caught himself how much he was enjoying the fresh air. He assumed some members of his former party may also have felt the first signs of claustrophobia on top of what they experienced, and that miss Yvalee was right indeed. The lack of something that was so natural, and often taken for granted, caused the effects of what he had seen among a few of them. For a moment it surprised him how calm he had felt in there, while on the other hand now noticing how glad he had felt they made it all out safely.

Garet took a deep breath and was grateful to Tharon for the freedom he now had of just walking home...

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*** Knight night ***

The moment Garet rose to his feet, lightning flashed in brief sparkling bursts, illuminating the clouds and the walls with a cold blue light. Almost immediately thunder, sounding like a hill giant cracking the earth’s foundation, followed. The stained glass in the small chapel trembled dangerously, but the Defender was far too plunged in thought to pay attention.
The past three hours he had been meditating and praying, and tomorrow he would be knighted.

It came totally unexpected when sir Melfrid took him apart earlier today and told him to go down and inform his wife he wouldn’t come home this night. Without any further information, except that he would be staying in Ravenswatch, Garet went home only to deal with an excessively concerned wife. Rei had clung around his neck, telling him to be careful.
He could understand her reaction, as it was actually the first night ever they found themselves seperated from each other.

Garet opened his eyes and looked around. An hour after his departure from home he was brought here, to pray, to meditate all night, without food or drink and without having contact with anyone but Him, all in order to purify his soul.
He knew what was coming next. In the morning he would receive new ceremonial clothes and armour, but he wouldn’t be allowed to wear them before he had bathed thoroughly.
They also had taken his main weapons and shield, and handed them over to the Pastor in order to have them blessed. He would see them back by the end of the ceremony, when he would pick them up from the cathedral’s Great Altar.

Once he got cleaned and dressed up, the Pastor would hear him out, to see if he had to make any confessions to Lord Tharon, and right after that he would receive a sober breakfast.
The dubbing ceremony would take place in the early afternoon. He would be summoned, and appear before all the Knights of the First Council present and before everyone who wanted to witness this ceremony. There was also a slight chance the Knight Prefect himself would be present, but that wasn’t required for this knighting ceremony.

He would then kneel before his foster Knight, sir Melfrid, who would put him under the Oath of the Falcon, and making the new Knight swear on their Code. Garet would be tapped on the shoulder by the tip of his own sword, and declared Protector, one of the Knights 2th Rank.

He wouldn’t have to do anything else or do more tests that day, no challenges to prove himself worthy as he had earned his title, according to what they said.
But he also understood well that as from that day on, he would be having even more responsibilities and that everything he did would be still assessed and measured against their Values.

He had no idea how long he had been standing there and hadn’t even noticed how the thunderstorm slowly moved on and was replaced by a gentle drumming of fine raindrops against the glass.

Garet kneeled once more...

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*** Ceremony and announcement ***

What first may have seemed like a weekday to the several people who intended on making their prayers to Tharon, turned out a not so ordinary sight when they entered the Cathedral.

About a dozen impressive and fully armoured men, clad in gold and white, were standing in a semicircle around a likewise dressed man who was kneeling in front of one of them.

Several spectators, random passers and religious people tried to figure out what was going on. A little boy being lifted by his father as he wanted to catch a glimpse of the knights and their mighty blades, a retired priest nodding to himself with a slight smile of understanding, a market woman peeking and listening with that typical social curiosity and hopeful to have later also some gossip to ‘sell’ and draw more customers…

“... and therefore rise, Protector Garet Mellan.” The knight standing before the young man looked around at the other knights, before his dark eyes locked back on the blond man, now back on his feet. “We welcome Garet in our midst and in the circle of the Knights Second Rank.”

The other Falcons clapped and some of the spectators behind them joined in the applause as they had been listening to the reasons why the young man got knighted today.

And even before the applause faded a young beautiful woman found herself around the neck of the new Protector, kissing him thoroughly and smiling upon him through tears of happiness.

Just on their way out the people noticed the new announcement against the message board near the entrance of the Cathedral.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 15i2ssp

A document giving an overview of the military ranking within the Order of the Falcons, is hung up against the message board of the Cathedral...

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*** An evening off ***

Garet led his wife up the hill in the middle of the City of Cear. They passed the barracks, walked under an archway only to stop on an open quiet spot which provided them with an amazing view on the literal canyon of buildings that lined the streets. In the distance below they could both see the fountain shooting up, the late sun conjuring a beautiful palette of colors through the cool fresh sensation that was spread in every direction. A mild breeze clung to their skin as Garet moved his arm around the one he had chosen for life, stroking her upper arm gently. At their right they could see the dark blue of the inner sea, Rel’s light litting up the rocks that formed the shore left and right from the docks.

“What’s in the box, Garet?” Reina asked now for the second time, a hint in her voice betraying that the third time she may start sulking like only she could.

Garet chuckled softly and turned to the ‘box’ he had set down next to him a few moments earlier.
A black, silky blanket had been draped over the box-shaped object, a handle on top sticking through the fabric.
“Go on, take a look, my love.”

He didn’t had to say that twice as Reina eagerly took a hold of the silk and removed it.

Under it was not a box but a cage, and by the looks of it a bird cage. Behind bars sat a majestic raptor, camouflaged with subdued feathers of brown, dark orange and a bit of black and white at the pointed tips. Its eyes were bright yellow, and its head looked as it was wearing a dark helmet.

Reina blinked,” Why is it caged?” She turned to Garet and saw he was putting on some glove, running the straps a few times around his wrist and forearm. She looked from the glove to his face and saw his mouth corners going up. With her head tilting she wondered,” It shouldn’t be caged, should it?”

Garet kneeled and unlocked the cage while he whispered,” No my love, it shouldn’t.”

Reina watched and said,” He is so beautiful, look at him, so…. majectic.”

Carefully Garet took out the bird as if it was a precious and vulnerable object. Truth was, Garet was just careful in order not to shock the bird too much.

When the creature got out, Reina could see how long its tail actually was and how sickle-like talons gripped around the glove covering Garet’s forearm.

With the bird now on his arm, Garet carefully rose up to his feet, the mighty creature balancing on its support, without taking off.

Reina could now also see how a line was attached between the bird’s leg and the glove.

Her husband turned to her with a gentle smile,” Meet one of the fastest hunters there is…a falcon. When they swoop down, no enemy is safe or can outrun him.”

Reina made no loud noises or fast movements in efforts not to startle the bird. She whispered,” Is he captive?”

“He is in a way free, but he is used to hunt.”

She nodded,” He has been trained…” She saw how the falcon cocked his head and looked with one eye at her. She just gazed back at the beautiful creature.

Garet switched to fey, language of his lady’s ancestors,” Easy my friend, this is my wife, Reina.

“He is sooo majestic, so…” then she smiled at the use of fey words.

Reina, meet Talo, and it is a he indeed.

Hello Talo, you are so very beautiful…

At that the bird blinked rapidly and only twice, cocking its head in rapid short movements.

“How heavy is he? Have you been working with him long?” she asked her husband.

“He is only a bit older than a year, not sure how much he weighs now but when he spreads his wings it’s like fourty inch."

Reina stroked his arm, watching the bird in fascination.

So Talo, are you ready to earn your prize?

The bird moved its head down a bit, as if to give the glove a better look.

Reina justed watched curiously, her eyes full of excitement.

Garet smiled, untied the line and with a sudden unannounced movement of his arm upwards, Talo took off in a small gust of wind, leaving only a single feather slowly circling back down to earth behind.

Reina’s eyes went wide as the bird took flight,” Oh my! Garet… look at him!”

Talo spread his mighty and pointed wings, flapping rapidly and amazingly quick gaining speed as he climbed to greater and greater heights.

“It was meant to be a surprise. Him and me have been training for a month now,” he softly said while looking after the bird, witnessing how fast he became a large dot against the bright sky.

“Oh love, is this one of the things that has been keeping you busy?” She looked at him, then at the dot, then a him again.

Talo seemed to be patiently soaring on the thermals caused by the warm air sucked up and now emitted by the city.
He couldn’t tell the pair below how he in the distance perceived a cloudless and endless ocean of midnight blues approaching what they called night. He couldn’t tell them about the fresh breeze up here and the taste of the salty sea air. He couldn’t tell them how quiet and peaceful things could really become and how terrible it must be never being able to feel the wind under their wings like he did, becoming one with the sky...

“Will he come back to you?” Reina asked as she heard how the bird emitted a short cry.

Garet seemed to be listening to the sky with his head tilted before he answered,” He already wants to come back. He wants his prize…”

Reina could see how the bird drew bigger and bigger circles in the sky, but somehow they always seemed perfectly in the middle.

Garet recalled how Talo earlier had tried to challenge his authority and didn’t immediately responded to the cry. He waited a few moments longer before he knelt and fetched what looked like a piece of raw meat, clearly meant to lure Talo.
He kept it out in his hand and knew the bird already must have seen it. Though if he didn’t responded within a minute, Garet would put it away again for a while. Just to make sure he was training the bird instead of the other way around. A bit like what he with Zeo did a while back. Probably unaware however, when Zeo had ‘tried’ to dominate the situation with the cure for his lycanthropy. Instead Garet had managed to take control over the situation and persuaded Zeo drinking the fluid offered.

The knight looked up at the bird. If Talo responded quickly he would grant him his prize quickly. If not…

But he didn’t had to wait long. Ten counts later the bird was already on its way, in a such a vertiginous swoop down and with such velocity towards its ‘prey’, that even after witnessing it dozens of times it still made Garet shiver of delight.
They could see how the bird shifted its shape to hyper streamline and slip through the layers of air, probably easily reaching a speed of more than hundred and fifty miles per hour.
Only seconds later and not far above them, the bird started to twist its body more forward and spread its wings, the claws flickering in the sun.

Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 Nlsu1f

And before Reina realised, wind struck her in the face and the bird was on Garet’s arm. After rubbing in her eyes she saw Talo already had the lure offered to its beak.

She smiled and watched how the raptor devoured its prize. Then she looked at Garet,” Can he come home with us?”

Her husband nodded,” That… was my intention yes.”

Reina clapped enthusiasticly yet softly in her hands,” And can he be free?”

“Sure my love…”

Then Reina looked up at the knight, an impish grin decorating her face as she asked,” And can I have a puppy now...... ?


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*** Injured ***

Garet wrapped his arms around his Reina who was already sleeping again, a trauma to her skull causing that effect on top of a lot of headaches. The head injury was healed but the smack against her head had been so overwhelming that she just needed to lie down for at least a week.
He too had been injured significantly and needed some recovery as well. The young Falcon closed his eyes and recalled what happened while listening how his wife’s breathing slowed down.


A cold afternoon in Lendose and what supposed to have been a meeting of the new Falcon officers turned out into something quite different. Their training ground, located less than an hour from town on foot, was approached by a rider in tattered armour, clinging to his saddle and bleeding out of several cuts.
A Kor company was reported a few hours North and had slain a group of allied warriors. Garet and the rest of the Falcons didn’t had to think twice. He sent word to Burning Troll Inn to warn Reina they would be riding out against the Kor. An hour later a cavalry unit consisting of Falcon officers and some of their ladies left the small base.

Less than two hours later they were facing the enemy. Garet saw immediately they would be outnumbered by at least two to one, but the Falcons were all trained as heavy cavalry and equipped according to that standard. Their primary role was to engage in direct combat with enemy forces, acting like shock troops with their greater mobility, bigger impact and higher position as main advantages over the Kor infantry.

Every Falcon was mounted on a large powerful horse, both rider and animal equipped with either scale, plated or chainmail armour colored with a mix of gold and white.
One Falcon listening by the name of James Hellix led them into battle. Lances were aimed and readied to thrust, and while the Falcon unit began to move, their attack was protected by a shortly preceding ranged attack of the ladies, shooting projectiles over their heads as they advanced.

As the heavy cavalry unit gained speed with their formation tight next to each other in a line, it looked as if nothing in the world would be able to stop this onrushing juggernaut. A child could predict these proud, charging knights were about to trample through the enemy infantry while their lances would pierce any Ork chest they would find on their path, whether it was protected by a breastplate or not.

The impact was just as terrible as the prediction, and within minutes almost half of the Kor company was dead or dying, the green grass of the small battlefield already slowly turning into shades of dark red. The Falcons pulled on their reins and in a gust of wind made their horses turn to face their foe once more. Lances, most of them snapped, some of the tips still buried in bodies, were dropped and blades were drawn to continue the battle.
Meanwhile and just before that second wave, the ladies harassed the Kor from behind with their arrows and bolts. The Orks saw it coming and to Garet’s horror, turned to the Reina and the rest of the ladies.

The men spurred their horses but couldn’t prevent the women from being assaulted. Riding on the back of his stallion, Garet saw how Reina fell after taking a hit. It was just like one of those evil dreams in which the subject wasn’t able to move and had to watch helplessly how harm to someone dear was done. Athos was probably one of the fastest horses in the Province, yet this time no horse would have looked fast enough to reunite the blond Falcon with his fallen lady.

The Kor leaning over the female bard, whose head was covered in her own blood, was pierced from behind by a blade thrown by Garet, a desperate yet efficient act. The young knight jumped from his black stallion and armed with his staff, Garet fought like a lion over his fallen lady’s body, unknowing and unable to check how severe her injuries were. The others did the same and ten minutes later the remaining Kor, barely two dozen, fled back North.
The Falcons didn’t pursue them as that would have been unwise given the number of wounded. True, not one Falcon or lady died that day and it was best to keep it that way since their main goal was accomplished.

Hundred and fifty bloodthirsty Kor had been denied access to the farmlands in the outer belt around Lendose and wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone else.
Despite the several wounds and cuts, the Falcon knight sank to his knees and carefully took his wife’s head in his arms.


Garet stroked the carmine hair.

The normally so imperturbable blond man had cried back there, and now he was doing it again, softly.

Never in his life had he been happier than to realise she was alive and would be okay soon. He thanked Tharon and Ishtar for being at their side and for watching over them. They would return within a short time, just a bit more careful, but together,... as always...


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*** Prayer of a warrior ***

Garet kneeled in front of the statue of the Arch-Warrior at the temple in Cear. The white cloak which was draped over his broad shoulders and fastened with a simple brooch in the shape of a Falcon, partially folded around him on the floor, the snowy cloth almost looking unnatural against the stones. It was a brand new cloak as his previous one was torn and stained, tarnished with dirt and grime, and blood had seeped through a jagged tear in his left sleeve.

The temple was a centre of activity and filled with whispering, but then again the place also represented more than one god. Ever since the building had opened its doors people were able to worship their god on a safe location, which was good for those who insisted on visiting a temple or holy place when doing so.

Garet looked up at the statue before humbly lowering his head.

“My Lord Tharon, You are my strength and the god whom I trust when out there on the scene of war. I realize, when our own wisdom, our own strength and our own determination are no longer sufficient, we call on Your Name to renew us with Your Being, Your Presence,... even if we rode out with Your Blessings already upon us. Forgive me, if, on such an occassion I ask too much of You. I know humans are tough and the instinct for survival amidst hostile blades is strong within us. I know Your warriors can be bold in the hour of danger. I also know we are permitted to have our flaws and weaknesses, as there is a potential for growth in each of them.
No one’s life comes with instructions and it takes us, Your dedicated warriors, when pressing forward, a while before we discover our own resources are sometimes not sufficient for the battle at hand. As a warrior myself, I learned how to wait for You, My Lord,... I learned how to Trust in You, My Lord,... as faith is the victory that overcomes many battles and not only those taking place out there on the battlefield.
You are my shield, yet I know if I’m careless and let down my guard, the enemy’s arrows will rain down on me sooner or later, and will not only pierce flesh as some combat also takes place in a more spiritual world. Let there be never room for dread, fear, hatred, worry, or bitterness within me. Help me being prepared when a conflict requires a prayer and wisdom. Aid me and Your warriors on their path, making the forces of Evil give way.
I thank You and I will praise You, My Lord Tharon,... with my blade, with my heart and with my soul….”

On the small altar in front of the statue, the Falcon knight carefully laid down a simple yet ceremonial-looking blade as a form of donation minutes before he slowly rose to his feet.
He nodded to it and turned on his heels. Summer blue eyes oozed confidence as the young man, shrouded in white and gold, walked out vigorously towards the exit.


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*** Behind the waterfall ***

It was a lovely warm summer evening which Garet was sharing with his gorgeous half elf, half fey wife. Just like the current setting and surrounding scenery, she was -just- enchanting. More than once Garet had marvelled at her beauty, and wondered why someone would ever want to abandon her, an experience which happened to her twice. The story of Zeo and Quinn his Reina told him a few days ago caught him a bit by surprise and he had prayed to both Ishtar and Tharon they each may find their love, laughter and a bit of luck.
Maybe he couldn’t imagine why someone would leave Reina because he just loved her so much, and because he knew the feeling was mutual.

Garet looked at her, the carmine hair flowing over her curves and shielding parts that were about to be revealed.

She blushed a bit under the look of his summer blue eyes, the waterfall behind her gushing water over the rocks above them, the liquid silver changing into little sparkling diamonds the moment they hit the river’s bright blue surface with a rinkling melody.

He saw how she peeked over her shoulder at the sparkling water only to look back at him whilst briefly biting her lower lip. He smirked a bit when he perceived her twinkling eyes before she slowly started to swim backwards in the direction of the cave behind the waterfall.

Slowly he started to persue her, not too fast and giving her a slight moment to ‘escape’ as he was unwilling to break the spell and its enchanting effects she was creating.

Suddenly she disappeared under water, a flash of skin proof his wife was moving in the direction of their secret hideout.

It was intriging when she did that and he could only guess in what way she awaited him on the other side of this thick silvery curtain.

Instead of swimming, the Falcon just waded over and stepped through the thundering wall of water, the skin of his muscled torso deflecting this force of nature effortlessly.

He smirked again when he practically heard her gasping at his appearance, but he didn’t saw her yet. It took a bit longer for his eyes to adjust in the twilight on this other side of the waterfall.
But when they finally did, Garet could only blink. She was expecting him and how.

He narrowed his eyes playfully, offering her a light accusing look when he perceived blankets and pillows, a bottle of wine partially immersed in the ice cold water of a by-passing stream, and a small basket filled with food.
It was clear they would spend the night here behind the waterfall.

Free from any clothing the well-build young officer walked over to his awaiting love who received him more than willingly.

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Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 Empty Re: Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight

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*** Summertime ***

The sound of the children’s carefree laughter filled the field. Up ahead a boy and a girl ran after one another on the place where crops had grown tremendously. Even for this time of the summer some of the vegetables were really flourishing which said much about the weather conditions as well as the richness of the brown soil on which the two were playing. A bit further behind them was a meadow with soft green grass stretching towards the golden horizon. A small group of young horses had teamed up and ran swiftly over the blue, yellow and red flowers dotted all over the grass, already powerful looking muscles rippling along side their flanks under satin-like skin. There was a shallow ditch at the right edge of the meadow, contoured by a line of oak trees providing a shade, a place where one could find a cool and refreshing respite from the hot rays of Rel. Above the sky was deep blue and only an occassional cloud bounced slowly across the heavens. On the left grain crops rustled gently in the breeze, a softly babbling narrow brook flowing through it.

The armoured hand which had been resting on the saddle horn clenched the reins calmly, and heels gently nudged the black horse to start walking towards the large farm on the far right. The sun shinned off of a white and gold suit of plate armour, while the black silhouette of a falcon on an enermous white shield was at a display. A lance designed for cavalry charges was carried disciplined and proudly pointing sky upwards, the polished vamplate flickering in the light.

When the handicapped man working out front in what appeared a garden noticed the approaching rider, tears jumped in his eyes as his heart filled with pride like only a father can over a son who has been successful. The picture of the man he once was, had passed on to the young blond man now returning home. He held up his one good arm and waved while he called for someone. Only a moment later the front door swung open and a slender woman emerged from the farm, her long hair still beautiful yet more grey than ever before. A smile of joy lightened up her face and made the small wrinkles disappear. A musical laughter espaced her lips right before her hands covered her nose and mouth.

This was all like… a medicine.

“Garet, oh my!! Look at you!!” the woman despite her age surprisingly swiftly leaped fowards and hugged the armoured man who had jumped off his horse. Grey-blue eyes looked up into his, into the eyes of the one she once carried.

The Falcon smiled upon his mother, his summer blue eyes twinkling with the pleasure of the moment. “Hello mother…”

His mother’s hands brushed over the armour, her eyes roaming over the plate before looking back up at her son. Her hand gently cupped his cheek, her eyes filled with love and pride. “You remind me of someone...,” Fiona said before she like a teenage girl peeked over her shoulder at her husband Richard.

Garet looked over at his father who approached him, and noticed how his eyes were shiny,” Father...” he said as he inclined his head lightly.

“My goodness, Garet…” was all he seemed able to bring out before he embraced his son with his one good arm, patting him on the back.

“It’s… it’s been a while…”

“It mosty certainly has!” his mother blurred out before she peeked over her son’s shoulder as if she was looking for someone,” Reina… where… how is she!?”

And when her eyes went up to her son’s face, she knew. That typical wonderful and warm smile on his face, and those eyes glittering… just like her husband when she…
Fiona's eyes widened and she brought her hand to her lips when she noticed Garet’s slow nod.

“Oh my… oh… oh my…!!” she cried out.

“Hm… what…?” Richard asked, looking a bit confused after these nonverbal exchanges followed by his wife’s reaction.

Fiona rolled her eyes and grabbed her husband to hug him,” Oooh, silly man!”

“What?” he blinked and looked from his wife to his amused son.

“Reina… she is pregnant…”


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Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 Empty Re: Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight

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*** Back in Ravenswatch ***

Garet entered his office. It's been a while since the last time he was in here. He placed his longsword and quarterstaff in the rack near the door, hung his cloak on the wall and moved to his dark wooden desk... only... to find a large pile of documents on it. Well, it was either this or delivering basic training to new Falcons in Lendose. As an officer he had to run some of the tasks a higher officer normally performed in order to learn and be groomed for the next rank, lieutenant in his case. At the moment it looked as if the higher you rose, the more paperwork you got involved with. That is... until you had the rank where people simply did it for you.
But that would mean he was either leading large armies into battle, or he had become the new Knight Prefect. Though that wasn't entirely impossible, he would at least have a long way to go.

He smirked a bit. Right, better get it over with then. Dressed in his loose, comfortable fighting clothes the young Falcon took a seat behind his desk and reached for the first document which happened to be a letter. He flipped the envelop and recognised the name of a young fledgling, someone who was being considered by a few knights as personal squire. A promising one by the sounds of it. Quickly opening the envelop, Garet's eyes ran carefully over the content of the letter. A few moments later he let some air escape from his lips and leaned back in his chair, the document which appeared to be a request still in his hand. He understood all too well why they dropped cases like these on his desk.

He read it one more time. Seems like the promising boy was asking for some time off in order to take care off his sick mother. And since the boy's father, also once a Falcon had come to pass in a battle some years ago... it seemed a logical decision. Though the request seemed a fair one and it was written in a very polite form, Garet couldn't answer the boy immediately. With his heart he'd say yes, right away. As a fellow Falcon he could only support this boy. But by being an officer he had to watch out. He was making the call, and that was accompanied with a certain level of responsibility. The Order of the Falcons was highly militaristic and came with a set of laws and rules next to its Code. First he had to see how the boy's request could fit in, and if not... look for precedents and avoid making one which could be unfortunate. For his career, but above all for the Order.

He placed this letter on his future to do pile and promised himself to answer the boy before the week had ended. He rubbed the back of his neck. The case had brought up another matter in his thoughts... being his own father. Yesterday he had attempted to share the news with Reina, but that proved more difficult than he thought. Nonetheless he would never lie or hide things from her and thus he had to tell her his father, whom actually had also become her father, was getting 'old'. A disease, known to show up on older people had struck the Elder Falcon. Garet was told by his mother and had to promise her he never heard. She had asked him to... hide it. Not an easy exercise given the love Garet felt for his father... but for now he had honored her request. He knew why she asked him to do so. Richard disliked showing weakness and didn't want anyone to worry over him.

From what Garet learned thus far, his father had only consulted priests and healers of Tharon... stubborn as he was. And although father respected the other gods, Peralia and Ishtar even all the more, he refused any other priests to have a look. Not because he didn't trust them, but more due his devotion and faith in Lord Tharon. Garet shook his head to himself. Their priests were often battle clerics focused on dealing with injuries and returning people to the living if on time. With all his experience his father should know better. He wasn't blind, he... just acted deaf. Just like it had been with the farm at the time.
Not exactly the words Garet would say to his father, but at some point in a mild form perhaps.

Garet wouldn't let it go however. Even though he accepted he'd lose his father at some point in the future, he would seek help. Farallis was his first thought and after the conversation with Reina, who grew all emotional, they agreed upon looking for miss Thiri. It would be a bad time to lose him now with a first grandchild on the way. The whole thing also reminded him how mortal he was. Not only because of being a warrior, but also because of who Reina was, a half elf half fey. And even she had no idea about her own lifespan. But one thing was certain, she'd outlive him despite the drop of fey blood that ran through his own veins. She would still be stunningly beautiful while his hair had already turned grey. And there was even a chance she'd outlive their children.

And yet, she had chosen for a life with him, and not for the nearly immortal Ardaion who was her lover once before him. For a short moment he wondered how the elf was doing and though Garet didn't judge upon people quickly, the break up with Thiri and the flight to Quinn right after along with a few other rumors had made him frown a bit. Perhaps realising his own lifespan made the elf surrounded by mortals uncertain and confused? Garet shook his head. He had no idea and didn't want to get involved even though he counted miss Thiri, miss Quinn, Zeo, and even Ardaion in a way among his friends. He rarely to never got into personal matters unless they affected him or Reina, and thus his thoughts since they didn't matter, were irrelevant.
Also, they were people who contributed to the greater cause and in that they were all one, united in what seemed an everlasting war against Canas.

And -that- is why he was here. He looked at the pile of documents. Each in their own way...
After those he would have to prepare the jousting tournament he was planning and see if he could organise a small meeting between himself and Sir Almaran. He prayed many would attend, including some of his own Order. Despite the fact he organised it, this time he would take part in it himself and do his share for the farmers. Lendose needed it, the troops stationed there and all the way up to Dasar too. There were just so many benefits to it if farmers, especially in times like these, received support. Garet would also never forget what Colonel Sammil Card had meant to Garet's family and their farm. Not only had his father found his happiness again because he never had to say goodbye to his farm, but also was the Mellan family delivering well-trained war horses again. Both the Vanguard and the Falcon cavalry were supplied with a line of fine full-bloods and his father even had to buy another meadow.

Garet's mind traveled a moment back to the situation with his father while he reached for the next document on the pile. Tomorrow he'd try and reach miss Thiri, or ask Reina to look for her. After that, he would have to find a way to bring miss Thiri and his father together.
Despite the nature of this future scene, the Falcon smirked a bit as he suddenly imagined how it would go if Rei decided to handle it. And perhaps even involved mother.
He wondered who would be the most stubborn...

The next document was a message from sir Melfrid concerning new potential recruits. Garet widened his eyes a little as he reread the message... which actually turned out to be orders. As of now Garet would be responsible for the basic training level of every new recruit in the Ravenswatch chapter. But it wasn't the content which overwhelmed him a little. No, it was because of whom had made this decision and given this order to Melfrid.
Garet reread a part of a sentence one more time...

... and in name of the Knight Prefect, Commander Crispus Thaven, Ensign Garet Mellan is hereby once again assigned to the Ravenswatch chapter where he also will... wrote:

The Falcon sat up straight in his chair. What an honor was this. As of now he would be more than a contact. He was taking over a part of sir Eron's job. Was the Elder Knight planning on retiring then? Garet had no idea as it's been months since the last time they saw each other. Eron even didn't hear Reina was pregnant yet. Well, at least not from him.

He had done basic training before but now he was responsible for it on a more permanent base. He glanced over at the door and then back at these new orders. One of the first things he would do were a few adjustments at the training area here within the Cathedral. And he would have to look for a new drill instructor since the last one had been send to Lendose. Promotion.
So... they wanted him to set this up? He would see to it.

Garet got up from his chair and called for a young fledgling who appeared within seconds.

"Go to my house and tell my wife I'll be home a few hours later today."

As the boy wanted to take off, Garet changed his mind and called the boy back.

Two bright blue eyes looked up at the knight.
"Sir...?" the boy inquired a bit confused as he saw Garet entering his office again only to come out a few moments later.

He was handed over a few coins.

"Before you deliver the message, buy flowers for her ... and... if she smiles... you may keep the change."

The boy grinned some as he saw Garet wink. But he didn't forgot who he and Garet were and saluted properly," Yes sir!!"

Garet smirked as he witnessed the boy taking off. Though this may have seemed an act not worthy of a Falcon, it was one all the more.

As he entered his office, Garet would bet a lot on it the boy's cunning mind was occupied with all sorts of calculations now, going from where to buy flowers, how much to spend on them in order to keep a maximum change, to how delivering this message.

The Falcon closed his door. After all, wasn't that what tactics was all about...?


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Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight - Page 2 Empty Re: Garet Mellan - A Falcon Knight

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