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The past week Garet hadn’t been really able to reduce the pile of documents as new letters, applications, reports and other information arrived every day. He reached for the next document on the pile after checking if there hadn’t been any other important senders.
It bore the seal of the Argentum Vigilo and he raised a brow right before carefully opening it with a fine sharp blade.

To Protector Garet Mellan,

I hearby wish to express how well your honorable Falcon Warrior, Fledgeling Gideon, has assisted us throughout several occassions on top and after his own duties in Tristan. Should this man ever need a letter of recommendation, I will be willing to provide such. Honor to your Order and praise Lord Tharon.

Sincerely, Sentinel Depheant Makepeace In service of the Princeps under the Argentum Vigilo wrote:

Garet leaned back, his forefinger stroking over his lips. Then he got up and walked out the door where he called for a young Fledgling.

“Send word to Tristan for Fledgling Gideon. Tell him I wish to meet him tomorrow by noon here at my desk.”

The boy saluted and took off.

Garet closed the door behind him and took a hold of the inventory. He flipped to the pages which mentioned how many Falcons were stationed here in Ravenswatch and of who had been sent out to nearby areas. His finger ran carefully over numbers and ranks before tapping on the paper halfway a certain page.
Just as he thought. They were still thin spread, and at the base of their chapter here were a lot of Fledglings compared to Defenders and officers. He rubbed his chin and stared at a none-existing point in the distance.
It was time to fire up training and perhaps he knew a man who could assist.

Garet took a seat and reached for the next document.


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Post by Admin on Wed May 24, 2017 8:12 am

Garet unlocked the box which had been delivered moments ago at his desk. The sender appeared to be sir Eron. As he opened it Garet frowned a bit when he perceived something that looked like soldiers archives. His fingers ran carefully over various cards with names attached to thin brown maps until a specific one caught his attention. The Falcon officer raised a brow as he pulled out the file. Could it really be? His eyes ran over the text and he had to reread the lower part twice.

… For his age the boy displays an exceptional expertise and skill in the use of the sword. He is fast yet not reckless, intelligent and yet still unaware of what he truly can be capable off. He appears to be extremely shy when he needs to answer questions but shows a surprising degree of wisdom and insight. In the blink of an eye he makes crucial decisions and is able to justify his actions afterwards. I personally believe he would be a welcome addition to the Order and thus this matter receives my personal vote... wrote:

Garet widened his eyes and read the top name again before looking back in disbelief at the signature down below.

Candidate recruitment report : Crispus Thaven wrote:

Signed : Knight 2nd rank, Lieutenant Richard Mellan, 1st Division Cavalry, Dasar wrote:

Garet had to... take a seat. So, his father was one of the very first Falcons their current legendary leader had to pass? Why did he never tell that part of his past? This was… Garet looked from the very old file to the box… confidential information.
Garet nodded to himself. Eron clearly trusted him, and he would handle this information wisely. The file was slid back into its place and though Garet could have read more official reports on the Order’s current leader, he wouldn’t. This box was probably here to give Garet an idea on how to write evaluation reports or even recommendations like the one he had made for sir Caric, and thus... not to get nosy.

As his hand placed the paper back in the correct map, his fingers touched something thicker than a bunch of papers. He took a hold of it and pulled out what appeared to be a thin dark brown book without a title. When he opened it and ran through a few pages, he could see it was some sort of portrait about the previous Order’s leader, Commander Sidmar Raylen. And by the looks of it, it was written by an admirer or by someone who thought this could be important knowledge. The writer was unknown but perhaps Garet could find out by reading some of it? He ran carefully through the pages again and right now couldn’t perceive any sensitive information. The book more seemed to contain descriptions of military actions Commander Sidmar once performed. Like… history but also with the mention of certain tactics and facts. Here and there the admirer surfaced however.

For a moment Garet wondered why the book was in here, and though it eyed resourceful he wondered if the Order had any knowledge about it. Willing to find out who wrote it, the ensign leaned back in his chair and opened the book on one of the pages in the first section. There were things that caught his attention earlier and the reason why he had been holding his fingers between a few pages.

Years and ranks before he actually said the words, Sidmar was already on the path of becoming the very incarnation of a True Falcon Knight and one of the most Devouted Sons of Tharon. I recall very well how people looked at him when he entered the battlefield. Especially during that battle where the Falcon Cavalry managed to push past Dasar, and pursued Canite forces deep into enemy territory, as if to make sure those would never return. And though this battle wouldn’t be recalled by allied forces or any other outsiders as it wasn’t even a major event in history, I am convinced the Falcons who were present would never forget.

I recall very well how his fellow warriors copied his actions and how they adjusted to his presence. He was a knight before he became a Defender. Yet to foes he was simultanously a never to be underestimated, dreadful foe and a tempting beakon, a worthy challenge… while to his fellow Falcons he was a source of inspiration and an example of how a true Falcon should behave and act. He seemed flawless in his actions and though he wasn’t, any minor mistakes he ever made were either quickly forgiven or passed unnoticed. His status was like a rising star, and being part of the advance shock troops made he could add victory after victory to his name… without actually claiming them. ...

A Falcon is a fearless warrior who is secure on both in and outside, for his soul is protected by the armour of his very faith, just as his body is protected by an armour of forged steel. And thus a Falcon fears neither Undead nor Devil nor Man.

That was the definition Sidmar stated years after acting by it. That is how Sidmar always was and always would be. I personally bet the Commander was already within him even before he joined the Order of the Falcons.

Though he always was a magnificent warrior, Sidmar never lost eye of the Order’s military and religious mission and soon he took part in more adminstratively matters and when it was important... verbal events. To many he seemed to care much for the further existence of the Order and though he never stated so at the time, his actions spoke louder than any word. He soon became a pillar to many and all without realising himself at first.

I remember well the definition he once wrote down in his diary and to which he held himself to, only to use it later when reshaping the Order.

Falcons are to become an elite force who under the right circumstances are able to severely cripple an enemy up to ten times as big . They should be highly trained, both phyiscally and mentally, well-equipped and well-educated, and they may never retreat from a fight unless by order of their superior. They are brothers in arms who abandon neither family nor religion. Though they are no fanatics they should consider death on the battlefield as one of the most glorious ways to meet Lady Peralia.


Though he never claimed to be a leader, he held more leadership than any of us, and he was capable of doing the impossible. It didn’t take long before he was asked to offer strategic and tactical advice to other allied forces as well. He became one of the first Falcons in doing so despite his rank of ensign. The man had a talent and thanks to some of us he finally realised his capacities. Not much later he was allowed to the Council of the First Rank from where he started to educate new fellow officers in the basics of tactics and strategy. It also caused small reorganisations within the Order itself, going from refined training programs and levels of expectations to a few new ranks.


The Falcons are around for a long time but thanks to Sidmar the Order got more shape and became slightly more known. However, they probably will never become a large faction in the Empire cause not everyone feels the call of Lord Tharon and not everyone is qualified to become an officer. For the ones with a deeper religious calling another path beckoned within the Order, a path which exists thanks to Sidmar. For now the Chaplains conduct the religious services, lead prayers and are assigned to the administrative and economic part of the Order... wrote:

"Sir,..." someone knocked at his door,"... sir, the meeting of the First Council requires your presence..."

Garet took a feather and placed it between the page so he could later pick up where he left off.
"I'm coming..."

"Ehm... it's taking place in Lendose, sir..."

"By Tharon... Reina..." the ensign mumbled.


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*** Unexpected ***

There, this letter had to go to the archives now which... Garet blinked once and then smiled. Which were right here. He turned his gaze at the now six boxes of files, all the people who once were or are a Member of the Falcon Ravenswatch Chapter. Smoothly he got up from his desk, the multiple paperwork hadn't affected his physique in the least. Every once in a while he just got out and took part in some training exercise or worked out on his own. And the moment he fired up the training program with his new drill instructor... Garet waved lightly with the map,... he'd be found out there more often.

Garet turned the file, checked the names in the box and slid Gideon's back in the right place. Perhaps he should have asked him if he was happy with his promotion but Garet had no other option now. The Knights of the First Rank seemed to trust him in his choice or even agreed with him. Gideon was a man who was and would be able to do a lot of beneficial havoc on the front as a base soldier, but he could also be a wonderful Defender. One who is a support to any city and not only by brute force. In the way how Gideon fought, Garet had detected a tactical mind behind his moves, hence the times Gideon had knocked him down. And thus it was logical Gideon moved up to the rank of corporal.

"There, another case taken care off." Garet was satisfied with the way how things were or would be going and as long as he received approval from highe.....

A knock on the door interrupted his musing and before he could say enter, the door was opened.

Garet turned around and smiled as he recognised a superior officer but also a friend," Tharon be praised, sir Melfrid. A pleasure to see you again..." his voice faded out.

The dark looking paladin, who he hadn't seen in months, looked a moment pensive in Garet's direction with his hand still on the door handle as if he wasn't planning to enter the room.

Garet raised a brow at this silence, his thoughts of what could be the meaning of this containing.

The knight pinched his chin a few times between his thumb and forefinger and then said," Hey... Garet. Listen... can you follow me?"

The dark eyes didn't gave away much but the way how he greeted and said those words weren't like the usual Melfrid. Something was up.

"Of course." He inclined his head and moved almost automatically to his weapon rack.

"No need, Garet."

He looked at the paladin whoms voice had sounded kind, almost too kind for someone like Melfrid, and even spoken as a friend.

"Very well..."

Garet followed the knight through the corridor and towards the altar. On the other side he saw... a few other familiar people, among them sir William, all with that same undefined and even sad gaze. One smaller, hooded figure was held by William.

His hair in his neck rose up as he a second later noticed the coffin at the group's feet.

His eyes searched for Melfrid again, his lips suddenly feeling dry parting nervously," W... Who?"

He heard someone starting to cry, a female. His eyes shifted a moment to the hooded figure again, widening a little in disbelief before going back to Melfrid. It was inevitable.

Melfrid nodded, his dark voice softly droning," Sir Eron."

Garet just had to grap the altar but could also count on some support of the dark paladin who discretely supported him under the armpit. It was a shock, an emotion that couldn't be so easily stored like those files in the archieves. He had to face this, just like everyone here who had known Eron so well. But this was... this was so damn close...
He looked at the hooded figure. Eron's wife who now had become a widow had buried her face against William.

Still with a somewhat bewildered expression, tears for the loss of this amazing person and wonderful Elder Knight left his summer blue eyes.


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*** Funeral ***

All was quiet within the family farm house. Garet sat on the bench across his father with Reina leaning against him from behind. Her hands gently stroked over his chestplate while her cheek rested on his shoulder. Not far behind his father stood his mother with her hands covering her nose and cheeks, obviously shocked after Garet dropped the name.
The young Falcon looked at his father who just sat there with the same expression like before. As if he hadn’t heard what Garet just told him. But Garet knew his father never missed anything. Fiona moved up behind her husband, moved her arms over his shoulders and after she kissed him on top of his head, she teared up.

Reina, who let Garet go after a soft kiss on his cheek moved to Fiona as she saw Richard not responding. She attemped to soothe Garet’s mother and hugged her gently.

Garet looked at Richard, his armoured hand resting on the table,” Father…”

No response.

“Father…” he tried again.

Richard gaze turned from nowhere to somewhere. He looked at Garet but as if without seeing him. Yet when he replied, the two women turned quiet as well.
“Not… now…” he raised his good arm and held up his hand.

“Father, please…”

Richard’s expression turned more stern. Just like during the time when Garet and one of the twins as kids had had a fight and Richard had interrupted it. Both had started to object, and now he even sounded the same as back then.
”I -SAID- … NOT … NOW….!”

Fiona turned her gaze to Garet and shook her head to her son, also just like back in the days.

His father lost his stern demeanor rather rapidly though,” … just … not… now.”

Fiona said to the couple,” You know where you two can stay. I am not sending Reina back after she just got here…” a glance at the belly.
“And we will be at the funeral… of course…,” she added with grief choking her voice, and tears in her eyes.

And that... was three days ago. Garet rose up from the bench that had been assigned to them at the start of the ceremony. It even surprised him they had places on the second row, right behind Eron’s wife.

Brethana Gellantara didn’t wear black clothes. The widow, who was fifteen years younger than her fallen husband was geared up in ceremonial armour. She was a warrior like Eron always has been, an archeress but still. Garet knew the two of them didn’t always saw each other much at times but the past months, if Garet had heard correctly, they had been inseparable. He didn’t judge yet he was glad to hear that in the end they had at least some time together. It was one of the reasons Garet hadn’t seen Eron that much anymore here in Ravenswatch. But instead he had been out there, and where he found his end.

He noticed Reina leaning against him and laid his arm around her for support. She too had known Eron well and more than once had invited the man over for dinner. A few times he had even shown up and a few times even with his wife. The couple knew Brethana as a proud woman, one who felt honored to be the Elder Knight’s wife. Truth was, she had a crush on his silvery hair, the half grey half black narrow pointed beard and moustache.

Garet closed his eyes a moment and recalled the very first moment he met sir Eron while patiently waiting himself in the narthex of the Cathedral. Looking for anyone, son? Eron had asked him. Then Garet had told him what he wanted to become and Eron motioned him to follow him. You do know it are usually the Elder Knights who recruit initiates? A weak smile appeared on his face. And only in the end of that meeting Eron had revealed he was one. Of course, Garet never asked… More memories flashed and Garet quickly banned them. After all, over a few moments he would be called to the altar as he was one of the many who wished to share a few words.

Next to the widow sat his parents, with Fiona holding both the arm’s of Richard and Brethana. He admired her. She was far more sensitive than anyone else here, well besides Reina of course, but she insisted to be the one who offered the support. Garet heard how the song ended and how people started to take their seats again. Instead Garet moved to the side and towards the altar after patting Rei’s hand.

When he approached the altar and turned to face the gathered… he -did- have to swallow a little. So many people had shown up… even Commander Thaven, so many had known Eron, so many had praised him. And that in itself was already more than enough to show Eron how much he was loved. Garet didn’t avoided the faces directly looking at him and a few nodded to let him know he would ok.

Surprisingly perhaps, Garet started with a faint, warm smile on his face.

“Eron would have really been overwhelmed by the display of so much respect and warmth. And I think we treat him like that because he was just the same toward each of us. There are still not that many words I have found which define who Eron was and what he meant for me. And on the other hand, I would need so many words to describe what he did for me that it would turn this eulogy into something endless.”

Without batting an eyelid, also after hearing a few noses being blown, Garet turned to the coffin.

“But I came up with one word, and no… I don’t think I invented it but I think you deserve it.”

A few shuffled nervously with their feet while Garet drew gazes like war galley passing the docks of Cear.

Garet laid his hand on the coffin and said,” Father.” He ignored the sobbing and didn’t witness the nodding of many heads in approval but instead kept his gaze fixed on the woodwork.

“I think that is the word in which I can find myself the best to identify you. And to me, you never will be gone. If needed… you’ll be the air under the wings of this Falcon when charging into combat. If needed… you’ll be just that bit of extra courage required to claim that one single victory. If needed… you’ll be the topic at my table to explain my guests what Falcons experience when they start their career and even longer after that carry along with them.”

Besides somewhat more nose blowing everything turned quiet in the Cathedral.” I honor you today once again, sir Eron and thank you for being part of my life.”

Garet who was the first of a long line of people willing to say something, had the honor to drape the banner of the Falcons over the coffin. Quietly while the other speaker took his position, the young Falcon flattened out the fabric before moving to the side of the Cathedral. Halfway he suddenly noticed he had taken off in the wrong direction. When he noticed his mistake and turned around to make his way back, a man got up from his chair and offered his hand.

“Excellent words, Protector,” a somewhat deep voice whispered.

Garet offered a weak smile, nodded and shook the hand while only looking quickly at the man,” Thank you, sir. That’s very kind of you to say.”

Garet made his way to the other side and the moment he reached Reina it suddenly dawned on him whoms hand he had shaken. The Senechal, Brother Hampson...
He looked over but the man had already taken a seat again as the next speaker cleared his throat.

The rest of the ceremony went well. There were smiles, there were tears, there had been hugging, and by the time Garet and Reina came home it was already dark.

Suddenly Garet turned around, embraced Rei and cried.

She knew...


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*** Countless ***

Rel’s light shinned off of the mounted knight’s suit of white and polished gold plate armour as he rode through the outer gate and city wall. The gate itself was high and wide, and could easily allow three people on horseback pass through it abreast without great difficulty. Right before the pivoting gate doors was a large iron reinforced portcullis which formed the door to the city of Ravenswatch, and when closed along with the outer gate formed one giant rat trap.

The road leading down the cliff was trodden by many pilgrims who looked up at the clatter of steel armour. They beheld a proud knight upon a black warhorse of unusual size, wearing a blinding armour with coif and vizored helmet, and the spirited steed was clothed in a harness of chain mail. Hung to his saddle-bow was the knight’s white shield, the silhouette of a black falcon emblazoned on it, and two lances were fixed to the girdle.

As he rode down the path, the knight nodded politely and inclined his head to greet and welcome the warriors among them. Several of the faces looking up appeared tired and worn, but there was a spark of pride in their eyes when he addressed them. The often battered shields they carried along were raised in order to salute him.
They didn’t look all too bad but he had to answer the call, no matter what.

The knight glanced up to his right at the city as he finished the route down. There was a small yet keen feeling of regret. More often now he found himself riding out without her as pregnancy was getting all too clear but also caused serious physical and emotional... changes. A smile appeared however. At times he wondered if there weren’t perhaps two wonderful beings growing within his wife’s belly.

He pulled on the reins, turning his stallion’s head to go towards the muddy road, and used his legs and feet to spur Athos towards the valleys,... towards the meeting point. Through a small forest he first went and thereafter a road running along a ridge of high ground. The sun flashed back from the lake on his right, and all around him bees hummed at large flowers amidst the weeds at the side of what was turning into a narrow path.

He rode for an hour more until the landscape around him turned more wild and desolate. A dark spruce forest frowned on either side of the path and the knight reduced his speed to a walking step. Here, the trees seemed to lean towards each other, black and ominous, and no sunlight seemed sufficient to penetrate this dense vegetation. A vast silence reigned over the land as everything around him now had turned lifeless, lone and without movement. Yet in his case this was a good sign.

After the next turn he finally perceived other riders on a plateau above him. There they were. He spurred Athos towards them and five minutes later he got to salute William and Melfrid among a few other knights of the First Rank. After he had greeted the others, the knight turned back to William, assuming he was in command as the letter had been send by him.

“Sir, Ensign Garet Mellan reporting for duty.”

William produced a faint smile and glanced at Melfrid and the other riders,” Seems they have delivered my message to the wrong person.”

Garet blinked, something he didn’t do easily but said,” Apologies if I am not the one you were expecting sir. I could either do my utter best in the hope to assist you, or… I can ride back and make sure the right person is send over.”

William looked directly at Melfrid now,” Didn’t we expect a certain Lieutenant… wait…”

Melfrid smirked but didn’t reply. He just watched how William took out a small scroll held together with a ribbon.

The blond knight unrolled the scroll and briefly examined the content before nodding and handing over the scroll to Garet,” Indeed, it is a Lieutenant we seek.”

Garet frowned a bit as he took the scroll and read it. His eyes widened and he had to reread one of the passages.

... and therefore the Council of the First Rank promotes Ensign Garet Mellan. As of now he will be known as Protector Garet Mellan, Lieutenant of the Order of the Falcons, 2nd Cavalry. wrote:

Garet looked up from the paper and found himself surrounded by amused looking people.

William looked around and said,” So what you think my fellow Falcons? Shall we make this one turn into a Lieutenant?”

“AYE!” the others replied out loud.

Melfrid just grinned,” And bring that fancy quarterstaff of yours, ‘boy’, we’re hunting giants today.”

Garet chuckled soft. Melfrid would keep teasing him about his favorit weapon of choice but he could take it.

He could take anything, countless times...

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*** Returning from the front ***

A year later...

Garet was too tired. He wavered some in the saddle as he dozed off. His senses of awarness only returned when his steed almost stumbled over some rock. It's not that the black stallion's strength had diminished after the countless of encounters in the past year, but Athos was simply just as tired as him. Garet pulled the reins and looked around, smiling faintly as he recognized the trail his steed had been following in southern direction. Smart animal.

He looked up at the sky, noticing that the sun's rays were about to give way to the realm of Lady Night. His armored fist gripped the reins tightly and he digged gently in the flank of the black beast, motioning Athos to get off the track while focussed on the shadows. He overheard a small stream seeping and dribbling, probably swerving somewhere through the dark trees ahead. In the distance the Kor mountains stood silently in the background, a cunning mist noiseless fumbling at their peaks and flanks with filmy tentacles. And hiding a miriad of dangers, he thought.

Garet steered his horse to the edge of the stream to allow him to drink. Then, he dismounted and started to take out some things to set up a provisional camp. As fresh water flowed continuously next to him, Garet took a seat on a rock protuding from the sandy bank and watched Athos grazing. Absently he twisted and untwisted a rope around his hand while he wondered how things in Ravenswatch and at the Cathedral were after such long time away.
In the coolness of the impending night, Garet said a quick prayer to Tharon and thanked for him for the wisdom that helped him and the rest of the Falcons through a rough year. They had been victorious in most of the battles they fought , but he knew they would have to fight them more than once in order to win.

As soon as he was back he would devote most of his time to the advanced tactical and strategy classes since courage was half the battle and knowledge and insight another important part. At least if one wanted to win battles efficiently. The up-front enemies were the easiest and were actually a blessing, but those that never attacked openly nor showed their intentions were the most dangerous ones. The inner enemy for instance. Problems within their own ranks were considered to be a bigger treat than any straight forward attack upon them. There was nothing as bad as having fear and doubt among the men and therefore good officers were required.

Group cohesion, unit allegiance, pride, ideology, it was altogether essential for a strong and convincing military force. Such conditions act like a buffer for the individuals against the stresses of combat, and offered soldiers a compelling reason to risk their lives out there. The physiological effects of a for instance proud army history were not to be underestimated.
Garet was also aware of the fact that soldiers who had spent a long time together in combat grew strong ties with members of their unit, but could grew less concerned with higher goals.It would be a mistake as leader to appeal purely to patriotism and a transcendent cause to motivate every single man in his army. At least not in the long term. There were other things required as well to sustain the will to fight or provide those men a compelling reason to sacrifice their life.

Some of the compulsory reading he had been going through once even told the story of an army general who had every prisoner killed just to get everyone to adopt the same line on matters of the cause they envisaged. And that was that they had to move fast before winter would cripple them, that supplies were running low and that they would need every single man to succeed in their mission. A mission which involved driving the enemy from his commanding positions in order to reclaim their land. Of course there were a few who objected and challenged the command when the prisoners were put to death, but they had been put in place fairly quickly by the majority as almost everyone had become aware of how dire the situation was.

The Falcon leaned his hands behind his head and looked up, for a while studying the constellations that been there since ancient times. Finally his eye was caught by the Serpent's Tail. Yep, this was far from over...

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*** First things first ***

The first place where Garet did stop was home. He had to see Reina, and their little child. He had spent a few hours in their house… he smirked… of which most of the time was in their bedroom after he washed up. Later on he found himself heading for the Cathedral.

The officer present saluted and Garet returned the salute.

“Sir Garet, I trust your journey to Ravenswatch went well?”

Garet nodded,” I apologize I’m a little later but I had to make a stop at home first.”

“Nothing to worry,” the captain replied,” Everything is calm around here as of late, just an easy summer we think. The Grand Maester himself is awaiting your report, but you don’t need to hurry as he’s in a meeting with some recently returned Moonblade and Vigilo.”

“And who can that be…”

“Depheant Makepeace.”

Garet blinked,” The one who was presumed dead?”

The captain nodded. “There have been some troubles a few weeks ago, an attack on Ravenswatch, white elves, Kor and such. But together with Agents of Rel we managed to beat them back.”

“I already thought I saw recent marks and such on the outern walls. Well, I suppose I will just wait then.”

They saluted and Garet strode off to where the Elder Knights resided, his long white cloak rustling behind him. He clenched his jaw when it dawned on him his family had been in danger when he hadn’t been home. But that would be the last time. At least that is what they had promised him. Long ago they had decided that he would have a post here, to hire and to train new people with the help of a few drill masters. Then, the moment had come when someone knocked at his door, just when he was about to head to bed with Reina. The message had been an immediate order to gather in Lendose for a campaign against the Kor in the mountains to safeguard the road to Dasar. Ever since that order he had been away for months each time, with only a day or two in between at home to spent with his family before heading back. More than a year this situation lasted, until he finally was called back to Ravenswatch.

He wondered what the Grand Maester was up to after the debriefing.

Finally the double doors opened and a very familiar face headed out. It was Depheant alright and both men shook hands.

“I suppose I should ask you over one day to hear your story, sir Makepeace. Reina will cook and she will probably be delighted to see you are alive and well.”

Depheant bowed lightly,” I’d be honored sir Garet. Perhaps in a few weeks as I will be heading to Lendose for a while.”

“Fair enough, safe trip, Sentinel” Garet inclined his head and proceeded his way in.

Inside he found the Grand Maester behind his desk, and two familiar Falcons stood at his side. Garet smiled lightly as he greeted everyone.

“Grand Maester Jax, sir William, sir Melfrid…”

“Good to see you again, sir Garet, please, have a seat. This may take a while.”

With that William and Melfrid also took place at the half round desk.

And so started the debriefing in which Garet more than often felt tested on his knowledge of the exact locations of the enemy bases, destroyed or not. He had to talk in exact numbers of enemies, distances, difference in altitude, supplies, casualties and whatsover. They also asked him about his personal opinion on the raids performed and how he had experienced the leadership of the major in charge. Finally the debriefing came to an end and the Grand Maester was leaning backwards with his hands clasped behind his head, looking over the table at Garet.

“Lieutenant Mellan, well done. I think that concludes our business for today.”

Garet nodded and was about to get up when sir Jax suddenly leaned forward.

“Oh, but there is one last thing, now that I come to think of it.”

William grinned in Melfrid’s direction while the Grand Maester picked up a scroll that had been on the table ever since Garet had entered.
“Here, I like you to read this as it will be communicated as of tomorrow.”

Garet accepted the scroll and rolled it out in front of him. He mumbled softly the first lines which mentioned his name and status, and then his eyes went wide.

The Grand Maester nodded. “Congratulations with your promotion, Protector. Or should I say… Falcon Knight.”

William grinned and got up to congratulate Garet. “Congratulations, Captain Mellan. Welcome to the circle of the First Rank.”

“Heh…” Melfrid started as he got up too. “Don’t congratulate him yet, Will. First he needs to go through the ceremony before he can become better than he already was.” The knight with the dark eyes slapped him on the shoulder. “Well done though… not bad for a farm boy.”

Garet shook his head," Don't say that with my wife around though, she'll beat you up."

They all chuckled…


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