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(Author's note : This is what is to be an experimental tale where I let two of my older main characters' plotlines bump with one another. One is good, the other one is evil. But both... are gentlemen. This takes place in the Dasaria setting and is meant to be continued one day. These preview posts were written in 2016)

*** Encounter ***

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A black shape disenganged itself from the deep velvety darkness, and only briefly chased by white-silver moonlight leaped from one roof to another before disappearing in the shadowy world again. Everything was dead quiet except for a soft breeze whispering along the deserted street, stirring the leaves of the ivy that covered a large number of facades. A figure leaned against a chimney, the coolness of the stone seeping through his clothes. Not that it really bothered him as he merely registered the lower temperature, his body distinguishing the feeling between cool and warmth without a physical reaction to either. From behind a mask, eyes -that were like twin pools of black crystal- flicked down to the street once more before his gaze in a quick measure traveled back and forth between this building and the one on the other side. He would wait though until that stripe of pale moonlight moved away from the alley below, and until complete darkness would envelop the area.

Meanwhile he turned the small package in his gloved hand with a satisfied smile and tugged the rope, allowing some light of the moon on the content as he held it out. He hovered his hand over the surface of the object but then quickly jerked it back as he sensed its seductive power. A grin of triumph spread across his face and he shook his head almost pityingly.
Oohhohh no you won’t. You cannot deceive me that easily, but thank you for trying. Now I know I took the right object.

He let the object slide from the cloth into a tiny treasure box with a black metal base and top. The box was snapped shut, wrapped in the cloth and tucked away safely under his long black cloak. And then he waited till the alleys below had turned into a maze of impenetrable blackness before swooping down and gracefully landing on the cobblestoned backstreet…


It was only hours ago since he had left her house but that nagging feeling in his stomach didn’t go away. His heart started to pound wildly when he thought about the sensation of her arms wrapped around him, and he smiled dreamy when he recaptured the contentment they both had experienced. Sadly she had to leave for college in a few hours and he had some work to do. But they had agreed to see each other again as soon as possible, perhaps on one of the next evenings. He was kinda happy about this rather unusual ‘encounter’, and no fear was nagging in his heart, nothing was dragging him under the weight of shame or remorse.

Not even the tiny voice in his head could change his opinion on things. The only thing he could think was … why not. They seemed to get along with each other and seemed to mesh so well that it was hard to believe they were strangers to each other. Perhaps it was because they each unconsciously sensed what could make them happy? Or because for now neither seemed to care for any complications? Whatever it was, he had the feeling something very interesting had started between them. Something as spontaneous as this surely was exciting and he really looked forward to become more acquainted with her.

Also in other ways...

He ran his fingers through his blond hair as a smug grin formed on his lips, and he was so busy with all these thoughts that he noticed the dark shape only right after it had swooped down from a roof, a small bundel falling from under its cloak on the street. When it turned to him he couldn’t see the upper half of the face because it was hidden by a mask of black velvet cloth. As their eyes met he instinctively reached for the scimitar that hung from his hip...

The dark masked man cursed when he perceived and recognized the purple-white emblem flashing on the chest of the other, the torn-silk sound of a rapier drawn from its scabbard echoing in the backstreet silence.

With their weapons pointing at each other the two men circled around one another for a moment, seeking for any opening or whatever could give them an edge in the upcoming duel. Finally it was the young blonde man who was attempting to coax the dark male in a corner who broke the silence.

“Cease your hostility, there’s no way you can go. I promise no harm will come to you, and uhh… you’ll get a chance to explain... “ he motioned to the man’s mask and the bundle on street “... all that at the captain of the guard.”

The dark man just kept his head low, and his eyes gleamed with anticipation. When the other spoke, his shoulders slumped like he was already giving up. But as soon as the blonde guy dared to lower the tip of his scimitar a moment, the sinister figure suddenly lashed out with a flurry of blows. The dark male’s body was like a taut bow, his movements balanced and agile, his attacks driving his blonde opponent without mercy across the street with a masterful command of the arts of swordplay.

Practically forced into clumsiness and with his lungs soon sucking at air, hurried the blonde male to switch from nifty swordplay to his masterful repertoire of songcraft. He noticed those eyes -that were like dark marbles- behind the mask narrowing slightly when he with a soft magical tune improved his defenses. Like a devil’s eyes...

They now exchanged blows so rapidly that their movements became blur. The dark villain -covered from head to toe in black- was wielding a rapier that was relatively thin but must have had an exceptional geometry as it parried the blows from his heavier cutting blade without breaking. That had him assuming that the cross-section was magically enhanced and the man before him must have deep pockets.
Certainly not some ordinary pilferer.

Then, suddenly with one smooth, almost stealthy movement, he was disarmed with a clear ringing sound and floored by a low spinning sweep kick. He found himself laying on the ground with the tip of that rapier under his chin.

But then, the dark male took two steps back and said,“ Get up and take your weapon, Knight. I do not wish you kill you. Turn around, walk away and leave me alone.”

“I can’t do that, sir…” Depheant said as he scrambled to his feet, but he left his blade on the ground. “My code forbids me to…”

“Save it, I know enough of your code and oaths as a Vigilo to figure out what you will try to tell me. But let me tell you something else.” The masked man sheathed his own blade. “If you turn me in, there’s a fairly large chance you will contribute to chaos rather than to law.”

“How is that? It’s obvious that you were occupied with a shady business up there…” He glanced at the package between them.

The dark man picked it up, the square line of his jaw hard as granite before he replied. “I’m a thief yes… and the underworld is my territory.” He hooked his gloved thumbs behind a broad belt. “But did you know… sir Depheant… that illegal activities matter? That they actually are a corner stone for an economy, and feeding it as a resource? A shadow economy adds up countless of coins a year to any city. It just takes place ‘off the records’, out of the gaze of tax collectors and government people. And... it provides strong incentives to attract new and fresh blood.”

How did he knew my name? Depheant blinked but then shook his head. “You, are a criminal, sir,” Depheant simply stated. “And you just confessed that you break the laws.”

“There’s something else you may consider here, sir Depheant.”

The Knight Aspirant crossed his arms. “And what would that be?”

“We have more in common than you think. You and your Argentum Vigilo, and I and...”

Depheant arched a brow.

The masked man waved his hand dismissively. “We both care for cities like this, and we both can miss events that can set off a destructive cycle. You see, the ultimate key for succesfully developping an economy… is the population, people. And when they are doing good...”

Depheant chuckled softly. “I always thought that for people like you it’s all about what generates money, -not- what benefits the people.”

The dark male offered the Vigilo a wry smile from behind his mask. “Exactly what is it that you know about cities and economies? Do you even have any idea what is going on here in Ravenswatch?”

“I… returned only recently from Cuhanna.”

“So the answer to that question would be no. I would advice you to learn as fast as possible in that case. And if you still don’t get what I am saying, Depheant… we are on the same side in this. Sometimes what we consider is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ has to be on the same side when chaos strikes.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Then I suggest you learn more about your home. But I can tell you this. This package you are seeing?”

Depheant nodded,” What about it?”

The sinister man glanced up at the sky. “I stole it from a local Canite. And as sure as the sun comes up every day, they are going to be pissed when they miss it.”

The Vigilo rubbed his temples. “How can I be sure of this?”

The dark male shook his head “You can’t I assume. I realise I’m asking you to take a leap of faith here.” He motioned to Depheant’s blade. “But, I let you live, didn’t I?”

“That, could have been a trick, or perhaps you are scared to take down a Vigilo.”

“Partially right on the latter. Killing you would lead to said undesired chaos, and it would be just as much if you would arrest me.”

Depheant frowned, pondered and then said. “For letting you go I want something in return.”

“You already had something in return, I let you live, sir.”

Depheant shook his head. “That’s not something you can give me as you don’t want that to happen. No. I want more information about this Canite, and everything else you got.”

The dark male stood there a moment breathing silently, an unfathomable expression peeking out from behind the black mask. “You are asking for much…” he finally said, deceptively calm.

“So are you…” the Knight Aspirant replied with a firmness worthy of a man who was destined to become one of the more influential people in Dasaria.

The masked man stared a moment at Depheant before a mouth corner curled up, exposing a sharp tooth in the corner of his upper jaw.
“Alright then. Not now, but we’ll meet again soon. You have my word on that. If you are letting me go.”

Depheant stepped aside. “What’s your name?”

The black-clad male looked over his shoulder at Depheant before his form seemed to dissolve in the darkness. “The name’s Scorpio…”

And then the night faded into silence again and the surprised blonde Knight was left alone with even more thoughts.
With his skills… he really could have killed me… yet he chose for a fair clean fight? Scorpio huh…

He rubbed his hair.


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*** Lady and gentleman ***

Absently he stared out of the window of Fashion First. A few wooden chairs adorned with high quality cushions were arranged in front of the display instead of the normal fashion dolls. The shop was empty because he hadn’t reopened the doors yet after a long period of absence. He turned over and walked around garment racks that could have been filled with the latest fashion, his finger trailing over the stylish metal bars. A painting caught his eye and he adjusted the plainly framed portrait of the Princess. Then he moved to the long counter stretched across the back of the room and opened the math book briefly, flipping through its pages before closing it again, his hand resting on the leather cover with the palm facing down.


He was home... but there were other things he should worry about rather than considering whether to reopen this shop or not. The chapter of the Circle here had failed. Two years ago, after the Canite infiltrators -who had been jeopardizing the Circle’s transcations and hide outs- were tracked down and dealth with, a huge part of his people left the organization. Some started a business of their own elsewhere, a few got killed by other gangs, and some others returned to Gulashir in the hope to join the ‘New Circle’. Not that it was a lot better than here, but he could imagine some rather liked to be -somewhere- instead of -nowhere-.

Still, he never has lost his faith in Cear or Ravenswatch. And thus a few months ago he returned home, and silently started setting up his business again. A lot of his contacts were gone, but there were still a few who remembered what it could mean to have him around. He had started accepting contracts again though nothing really big. It included some thievery, some spying, and one assassination. Not enough to draw major attention. He clasped his hands behind his back and walked back to the window. He closed his eyes and let the warm light filtering through his eyelids. It was all of course a cover-up, just as much as this store had been a cover for his other life in the shadows.

It was during one of his recent assignments he had picked up something that could be the true reason for his return, a trail that lead to a small group of Canites lurking in the city of Ravenswatch. For a moment he had been tempted to pass on anonymous information to the city guard, but he convinced himself he rather should learn more about their purpose, and the idea that he could create havoc in a possible Canite organisation had him thrilled. Since he was alone however he wouldn’t try it from the inside. And thus he had stolen some object of fair power and significance to see how they would react, and to learn who would start poking around in their ‘underworld’ The long nights and stiff painful joints did pay off. He had obtained something that was important for them, and with a bit of luck he would learn to whom it was important. But it wouldn’t be easy. He was alone after all.

Hm… perhaps I should involve the knight after all…

His thoughts were interrupted by a ripple of awarness that seemed to scan the space he was in and he turned around slowly. Someone else was in the room. Before he could call out something, his hand behind his back reaching for the handle of a cruel blade, someone stepped out of the shadows, someone who must have been in the room for a bit now. Someone who shouldn’t be here either...


He sucked in a breath as he recognized that shape even before he registered the face. Lucius may have seen many women dressed in even less, it didn’t take away the fact she was still very beautiful. Long red hair, a body like a goddess, a black dress that clung to her curves, and a smile that was as pretty as she was, and soft… and sensual…

... and everything else...

He sensed his attraction, which granted, was more an urge for action rather than a feeling. With such a woman it was easy to picture ones hands running along that curved torso up to a point where the lines between fantasy and reality blurred some. But… this wasn’t a dream nor fiction, and even though he smiled faintly at the woman in the strapless gown walking up to him, he would never…

“Hello dearheart…”

It was her favorite name for him, yet his smile remained the same. “Melody… what… are you doing here?”

She pouted as she stopped right in front of him, those pretty eyes on him as she tugged gently on his vest. Was this all part of her usual act… or…? She looked so relaxed, and oh so convincing.

So real as well…

“Thank you for welcoming me, my dark legend… I did however pictured our reunion a little bit different.”

“As did I.” His lips twitched and he was suddenly all business-like but offered her a hug. “It’s good to see you again, Franciezka, but I can’t help this all feels like a big surprise. And in our profession... surprises can be dangerous.”

“There there, big boy, Ceska can really take good care of herself. I’m into this long before you were, remember?” She said that as the back of her hand brushed upwards over his chest.

Lucius just watched her a bit coolly, seemingly imperturbable to the flimsy materials that covered her bosom. He grabbed her by the wrist when her hand started to move down over his belly. “And what do you think you are doing?”

“Feedback…” she wettened her lips.


She nodded. “Feedback to see if I can still make someone melt for me.”

He let go off her wrist. “I see. Alright then. Just never practice on me ever again.”

Madam Franciezka was slightly intimidated by this powerful male dressed in a stylish outfit. His eyes were like the stronghold of a devil and his voice still had that air of power, of total confidence. She found herself admiring the male he had become, but she didn’t want to put pressure on their friendship either.

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Lucius Eberhardt felt an inner surge of pleasure when he perceived Ceska’s reaction and he offered her that faint grin he only reserved for those close to him. Those flickering azure orbs softened (some) as he snuck a finger and thumb under her chin and tilted her head a little before he pecked her on the cheek.

Her eyes flew open in surprise and her laugh trinkled inside him like a waterfall.

“Ohh, dearheart… you are just as bad as I am.”

“Better than you…” he said with that familiar grin.

She patted his chest. “Really good to see you didn’t lose any of your plums yet. So…eh where is ‘she’?”

“Somewhere safe, old salty and Bella are with her.”

She arched a brow. “Is she with…”

He shook his head. “We don’t know yet, but this couldn’t wait. How long have you been back? And where is -your- friend?”

Franciezka shrugged. “Oh, my 'friend' is on the road again. And me? I arrived here a week ago maybe? Nothing really interesting going on it seems… well, until I saw someone enter this place.”

“And what are your plans?”

“I don’t know yet. A brothel here is out of the question now I guess, after everything that happened.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. I could use a hand though…” he said, taking hers in his. “Do you think you would have some time for me?”

Her eyes brightened. “But of course, dearheart, always. Where do you want me?”

He nodded some. “In Ravenswatch,” he said as his eyes twinkled with a smile of significant excitement...


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