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Post by Admin on Tue May 16, 2017 4:13 pm

151. Sibling

Crossing the path of a Nrungnorog would guarantee the ordinary adventurer a horrible encounter. The Nrungnorog was a mighty creature with an average body height of about one and a half times the size of a normal man, but it were its half-fold bat-like wings with long sharp spikes rising high above its massive shoulders that made the Nrungnorog look even taller.
And if its height didn’t make one feel daunted, its appereance should. This creature looked as if it was born out of the flames of the hellfire itself... and for common people, it probably was. With a torso shrouded in flames and smoke without its flesh or skin even being charred, its devilish head featuring a huge mouth and a quite impressive set of teeth, eyes like burning coal and a creast of horns along its head, even the strong would have found it hard to stand firm in the presence of this devil as it exudes a feeling of absolute helplessness.

And yet...
Such a creature had found the end of its existence, lying there with a cracked open skull after been smacked against the wall... the shadow of the warrior hardly covering a fourth of its lifeless body.
A young looking elven female found herself shrinking back in the corner of the study room, her eyes wildly scanning the area for any nearby exits before finally resting on the man silhouetted against the reddish light of her only escape route.
He was still standing tall with his left side to her, his gaze seemed to be focused on the black blood splattered over the wall.
She held her breath and considered her chances while trying to assess the man’s mood. Would it be enough, or would she be next? Stepping back in the shadows was useless as he would be able to hear her and if not, the hellfire shield currently surrounding him, might be enough to kill her. If he would only move away from the door...

Then, he turned his head towards her, his eyes glowing like burning coal. At first sight he looked calm now, but she knew it could be just an illusion. Lilitu had just not only witnessed his power, but also his wrath combined with an abrupt outburst of hotheadedness.
This was Artega up to the hilt, and now she knew how this would end. Unstoppable like a hellhound, faster than an angel could fall from the sky and pitiless like a pitfiend that had just cought its daily imp... when Artega was like this, he was a monster of remorseless cruelty.
She shivered by the thought how incredible it was this man being Elvina’s sibling. Thanks to Zinna’s memories and her own acquired experiences Lilitu had obtained a clear image of the white haired female.

Right now Elvina was actually more the opposite, but she also “recalled” Elvina once had had quite a temper herself. Even though she expected to die within a few moments, Lilitu wondered what was really going on between Elvina and the Master. There just had to be more to it. If Elvina was at least as powerful as Artega, the Master already would have an outstanding pair of generals. If Elvina proved to be even more powerful...
And suddenly she wanted to escape... to break free. How the hell could she be of use to Him later, with two people like that? If she only...

Too late.
Another figure had stepped into the doorway... it was Him...
The young elf shivered.


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152. Taking a breath

After a short stop at Two Bridges, Elvina had set course in the direction of Ravenswatch. It was her intention to travel to Lendose, but not before stopping at the temple below the streets of Ravens. And with a bit of luck she would run into Cel.

She descended the ladder, turned around only to notice there was no one else and took a deep breath, her lips curving into a faint smile. She really loved this place, and without hesitation she walked over towards the Chalice only to find her hand a moment later brushing over its surface.

Elvina bit her lip and decided to stay here for a while. She took a seat on the floor just in front of the Chalice and closed her eyes, enjoying the silence which was only disturbed by the occasional water drop falling into a small puddle.

Start all over? she thought. Hm, perhaps, but not with everything. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we wish to travel back in time to undo those. But we can also look back and try to learn from them.

She sighed and looked up at the Chalice before saying softly.
“For starters... never again will I give myself away so easily...”


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153. Promises

After Celestia and Phelan left the temple, Elvina turned back towards the Chalice with a soft smile decorating her face. She got up again and walked over, her hands touching its surface, her head tilting almost as if she expected something would happen, perhaps something magical?

Suddenly she giggled and spoke softly, “I’m a silly girl. My life thus far has been filled with magic and not only the arcane or mental kind. And now I’m hoping something may happen here? I’m sorry, Utu. I guess I’m a bit... spoiled.”

Her fingertips brushed over the surface of this magnificent object," I do hope you remember me since I didn't pray every day, but I promise I will do as from now. Every morning, at dawn..."
She bit her lip before continuing, "Phelan says words aren't always needed as you and any other god are able to look in ones heart. Well, I do hope... you like what you see in here." Her hand went to her bosom, softly touching the area in the middle. "So I guess I’d better be honest with you I suppose."
A faint smile appeared on her face. "It may be true that words aren't always needed in these prayers, but sometimes one has to... just for himself... or herself in my case." She giggled soft," I mean, if one is afraid to let her own ears hear her own thoughts and feelings... with no one else around but herself and..." she glanced at the Chalice,"... any of the gods... well... that would be a bad thing? Right?"

She turned around and took a seat on the same bench on which Cel had found her sleeping.
"To be honest I really have no idea how to start a prayer and even less with what I should mention in it. Please have patience with me and if you really can read my heart, you know I only mean well. I... would like to be there for you."
Elvina brought her hands together and pressed them between her legs. "Still, words might be important and perhaps I have to start with confessions, showing you how I feel and think and perhaps I could pray or ask for guidance."

She took a deep breath," I'm a witch as you know and never had much with any god, well, until about six months ago. But for some reason I have always believed in other things. Devils, since they are a part of my life as you know... but also... angels."
She bit her lip again," I believe they are out there, to watch over us even though they never show up. Of course I don't know if that is true, but at least it's something I believe."
She gave the Chalice a faint smile," For example, for an evil as big as the Master there just has to be an opposing force... somehow but also invisibly making sure there is a balance... without becoming as oppressive as that same evil. Maybe that’s reason why we don't see so much tangible evidence of the 'good guys' in our daily life?"

She lay down on the bench again," And that... brings me to you, Utu. That day when Zinna died... and those moments when I heard Yarik had passed away... and many others due the same ‘force’... and with everything else I think to know about this devil...” she paused.
“Well, I just realised if such a great evil can exist here, there just has to be an opposing force of at least the same category. A greater good."

Elvina turned her head and faced the Chalice again," I was lucky to got to know Cel. She is one of the reasons, probably without realising it, I am here. She's also one of the few people who helped me believe things. Believe in myself for instance. Perhaps I should start with a pray for her, that she may continue to do so for a long time... helping people out and being that symbol in which I, myself, so strongly believe. That's probably also the reason why its more than friendship I feel for this young woman.”

She fell silent and then suddenly giggled," Well, there will always remain things in which I'll never believe, probably. And things I can’t promise..."
She closed her eyes, paused for a moment and then sighed before continuing softly," I don't believe I'll ever have a child of my own. But I guess that's okay... there are many other things I could do and have."
She suppressed a soft curse as she realised her heart could be ‘read’... but it was clear she either didn't want to face certain thoughts or wasn't really sure about them. Well, whatever... this wasn't important right now.

"I also promised to be there for people who may need me... but... do I care too much?" she spoke so softly yet so suddenly it even surprised her. She murmured "Or too less?" She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling of the temple. "I guess I'll never stop caring but perhaps I need to find a certain balance... but also making sure none get hurt... including myself, I suppose.”
She bit her lip once more, her eyes turning a bit liquid," I do will miss some..." she shook her head to herself as she didn't want to end this sentence to herself either. A few faces had appeared in her mind... but she didn’t want to say their names out loud.

Elvina brought her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes dry with her fingers. “I’m sorry... just a bit sensitive. Anyways, I promise I’ll be around more, also here. I will do my best, just like always. Even though I may seem to have lost the hate that has always driven me to fight Canas, I will still be out there whilst praying for the day he finally gets defeated... for the sake of all those people who are fighting out there, … risking their lives for that greater good.”
She glanced back at the Chalice,” Perhaps we can be the greater good ourselves, we may need a little help once in a while, but I do believe its up to us... I promise...”


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154. When

Lilitu got up and nodded to Krisa and Sonja, her eyes a bit longer on the last one, before she walked off.
She had to be careful now. A few people now knew 'Zee' was looking for the bluish-haired woman. Besides Angela there weren’t many other people who could recognise her as Zinna Dawn, so she decided to keep this appearance for a while longer.
She searched Zinna’s memories for faces the girl once had seen and who were connected with Elvina.
An impressive half orc, Adrian Sunheim and one of El’s closest friends was the first to come up. Next there was of course the Lightbringer, and the thought of this young blondie made Lilitu clenching her fists. Lilitu grinned as she found what had once been an evil thought of Zinna... murdering the bitch who had stolen Elvina from her.
Perhaps one day.... but then quickly Lilitu shook her head. No, I’m not Zinna and these are not my feelings, she thought. Stick to the plan.
A few more faces passed in her mind before she thought back of what happened in the Master’s keep and what the plan was.


Lilitu followed the Master into the cell illuminated with the light from a single torch. They stopped not far from a figure near the wall...
The once so mighty and proud warrior sat on his knees, chains and metal ties locked around his wrists and connected with the wall. No, he didn’t sit, he practically hung, the chains pulling his arms backwards. His long white hair draped over his face, covering any facial features and expressions. Not that it mattered as his face was oriented downwards. With the ends of his hair touching the cell’s filty floor this warrior gave her a defeated impression.

It had been a short but terrible confrontation, and she finally had witnessed Artega’s fully unleashed fury. Not only had he killed one of the Master’s best generals, he had even attacked the Master himself.
And for what? Lilitu knew, the Master knew... all for love. Or at least if you could call it that way. To Lilitu it more seemed like possessiveness. She searched Zinna’s memories once more but couldn’t find more information about this Artega-Angela thing. All she knew is that the two had been ‘dancing’ around each other... maybe even more.
She studied the warrior at their feet, it had to be more.

And now she also had witnessed more of the Master’s powers. He didn’t use them much, but with a man, no, more a creation like Artega there was ‘slightly’ more to it.
First he had blown Elvina’s brother against the wall, stripped him from his powers, which was easy since he ‘owned’ the man, before beating the hell out of him.
The once so charming Master had turned into a monster himself. Lilitu smiled as the demoness in her was keen on this display of power. Zinna’s presence however messed up the picture once in a while and she noticed she rather liked the Master as he was to her... loving, caring, adoring... she was his slave, yes, but she liked this attention he had given her thus far.
For a moment she wondered about the Master’s possessiveness but stopped thinking when he looked in her direction. He could read her thoughts with moments, especially intensive ones.

However he turned his face back to the warrior.
“So, what will I now do with you?” he started with a smooth voice. “Feed you to the Pit? Devour your soul myself? Tell me.”

No answer, no even the slightest of movements, ... the warrior could have been a work of art, even his hair looked as if it was carved out of stone. No, Artega’s mind was far from beaten.

The Master glanced at Lilitu,” So, let me get this straight.” He looked back at the white haired prisoner. “While I am busy with my plans, you do things behind my back? First you bring my lovely ‘Zinna’ here in danger by sending her out to look for Angela, and when she came back without news you got so angry that you wanted to kill the one who had finally agreed to help you?”

Lilitu felt relieved, he wasn’t angry with her.

Suddenly a voice in her head sounded,” Oh, but I’m not finished yet with you, my lovely girl... this is your fault too.”

Lilitu shivered and attempted to cover up her thoughts. However, she didn’t hear His voice again.
And The Master had sounded calm thus far, probably meaning he was up to something.

“I know where she is, Artega, well I know in what kind of place.”

Did the warrior’s head just moved a bit? Lilitu couldn’t tell, but she was curious what was going to be said.

“She is giving birth to her child, if it not already has taken place. And it must be in one of the temples.”

This time the warrior moved his head, bringing his face a bit up, his eyes still partially covered by his white hair.

The Master grinned,” Yes yes.... bluehair,” he said as if talking to a dog warmed up for a hunt. “Well, since you are so eager in interrupting my plans and intrigues... how about I send you out?”

Lilitu could see the disbelief in Artega’s eyes, now making contact with the Master’s.

“That a good boy... yes, you heard me well. I am sending you out... however...” the Devil Lord grinned.

She could have known, with Him there was always a ‘but’.

Artega’s lips parted and with a hoarse voice he said,” Anything...”

The Master chuckled,” Lovely to see you so motivated, my dear Artega. Yes, I will send you ‘up there’, however you can only come back when I allow you to. Furthermore you will be stripped of all your powers and will do exactly as I say. Do something … ‘good’...,” the Master chuckled again,” … and maybe I shall grant you to have some of them back.”

Lilitu looked in disbelief. This was like a death sentence as Artega had been used to and relying on his powers for a long while now.

The Master grinned as he probably had read their thoughts,” If you die, your soul will be mine anyways. If you live, well... then things might get interesting. Perhaps I’ll even let you create some … havoc.” He chuckled again,” Of course all in the name of Elvina’s brother!”

The warrior gave one slight nod, but nothing more. For him it only had been a matter of ... when.

For the Master that was enough nevertheless and with one word, the chains and clamps opened. He walked over to Artega and kneeled next to the warrior, lifting up his chin. “But first we’ll have to do something about this face of yours." He studied the bruises," How about some … tattoo’s?” He chuckled again.


Well, at least he hadn’t beaten her up. Her first task was simple. Track down Angela and her baby, and report back, whilst keeping an occasional eye on Artega.
Lilitu slipped back into the shadows, exploring Cear and its surroundings once more...


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155. The Witch - part 1

(by Domina and Admin)

(links with 144/145)

Elvina still sat in the temple, once more musing about her feelings and emotions. They had finally talked about it, she and Celestia... about what happened almost two months ago, back there at her homeplace in the forest.
Elvina now fully realises she almost had been dead. And to what, a dream?
Well, they all knew, so did Incha also say afterwards, there was more to it. Perhaps there was even a chance the Master was behind this, but it was still a mystery to what cause that could have been. Thus far he never wanted her dead. No, but if he was behind this, why?
Elvina tried to recall everything Celestia and Incha had told her, and what she herself remembered... putting the pieces together once more.


As Cel falls asleep and she enters a dark world where everything seems to consist of rock and stone, the sky is shifting constantly between crimson and dark red while lightning and thunder alternate with each other in a very irregular frequency. The atmosphere seems almost too dense to be sucked through her trachea, a smell of sulfur clearly present and irritating her throat.
Cel holds her arms in much nervousness of the thunder.

This may be a dream, but all Cel feels and sense seems pretty realistic. When Cel looks around she finds herself being alone.
She sees an immensely stretched landscape, dark mountain peaks rising at the horizon, hills of various heights on her left and a wide probably deep crevasse on her right side. Suddenly Cel detect sounds coming from behind the hills, and they don’t sound very human.
Cel can compare the sound with a mixture of pigs whose throats are being cut and babies crying for mercy as if they are in pain. On moments the shrill and shrieking tones reach ultrasonically levels, and are even at a distance a torture for her ears. She falls to a knee as the sound wave blasts by her with covered ears.

"What the…?"

Cel moves in the direction with fear of the thunder.

“G...guess I might a…as well. What we came here f…for right?”

As soon as Cel moves towards the first hill, it is clear the sounds are coming from something happening nearby. The moment Cel takes the second hill, a small valley reveals itself to her eyes, her gaze is immediately drawn to a spectacle taking place within it. Cel crawls low and looks in the curiosity in the valley's center.
A teeming mass of black bodies is about to tear up a figure in the middle of the circle it has formed around.
Cel waits for this one with narrowed eyes. She decides to chuck a rock down but no attention is diverted.
The circle of enemies around the figure gets closer...


Just at the same moment Cel can hear Incha’s voice,“ This is more than just a dream, we can act.”
Cel looks around but doesn’t see anyone else. Then she hears Incha’s voice again, “Imagine looking at yourself as if standing in front of a mirror, focus on what you were wearing when we entered this.”

Suddenly Cel can see herself materialize and it strikes Cel that she didn’t see her hands or arms or anything else until now. When she looks left and right she can see Incha appear as she gives the advice.
No sign of Daniel though...

She frowns and hops on her shield,” Down we go! Gods be...aaaah!!!” she calls out as she slides down the hill.

If Cel looks closer she sees that the lonely figure is a woman with white hair, dressed in dark clothes, a yellow Vanguard sign very distinguishable on her black cloak. Cel doesn't seemed to get noticed for some reason.
From this distance it looks as if Elvina is covered with flames forming a circle around her rotating body and as soon as her face becomes visible, Cel can see E’ls eyes are like glowing coals, while her hands look like torches. The color of what Cel knows as E’ls hellfire seems slightly different. It is almost white which probably indicates a temperature higher than normal.

With Cel being closer now when almost reaching the downside of the hill, she can see Elvina’s face better.
The expression on woman’s face consists of and radiates pure hate, not a sparkle of the softness or love that used to decorate her face. She looks trapped, cornered like a cat, but there is no surrender in her attitude. It may even seem she’s loving this. Then, it happens, the horde which seems to consist entirely of demons, attacks the lone figure in the middle.

Cel frowns and winces at what she sees as she slides down.

Suddenly blasts of fire blind her sight, but Cel recovers quick and sees El is holding out, smoking demon bodies are thrown backwards, away from her fire.

She sees how Elvina lashes out with hellfire and purple blasts from her hands, killing and wounding several creatures at once. Cel also notices the color of Elvina's shield changing to more orange. Her powers are fading...


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156. The Witch - part 2

Thus far Celestia has only watched how things happen...
She approaches any of the remaining shadow forms and finishes them off with moderate strokes after they are weakened by the flame blasts, then walks in the direction of Elvina.
Suddenly a few demons appear out of nowhere...
They are very close to Celestia, three shady looking demons start to surround her, while two others approach Incha.

Cel raises a brow and throws a sound blast to one near Incha and turns to swing at one of the one's surrounding herself. The demon falls back, more troubled by the sound than by the impact of the blade. The two others attempt jump on her.
Celestia is quick, jumping out of the way and the demons fall on the ground, they are strong and horrifying, but just not as fast as the blonde Lightbringer. Cel mutters a bit and glows with some divine shielding. The two demons are already turning again towards her... meanwhile Incha is under attack but seems to hold with her offensive spells.

Incha suddenly yells," I feel something strange...”, then Celestia can hear her mutter.
Cel listens to Incha while she sticks the tip of the sword in the ground. A sound pulse happens and sand is blasted up at the two demons.
The demons are too slow again and their eyes are covered with sand, making them both blind. She runs up behind the demon Incha is working on as she mutters and her sword glows.
Meanwhile Elvina also seems to be under attack, holding off the demons more with her shield than with her blasts... her shield color turns a bit reddish.
The two blinded demons bump into each other and fight a bit, uncertain about their target. Celestial frowns at the surrounding and focuses on the one Incha is fighting, runs up to it and stabs it from behind.

"Celestia! Thank you!" Incha yells.
Incha's gaze drifts to the remaining demons, hacking on Elvina, while the blinded demons seem busy killing each other.
“Quickly Celestia!”

Cel goes along with Incha and attacks one with a sound blast from a distance as she hops on another by the flame shield. The demons who were focused on the white haired woman are taken by surprise, black blood spraying everywhere as the Lightbringer’s blade strikes them down.
Incha turns around and finishes off the two blinded demons by casting a small acid storm above them.
Then both Celestia and Incha turn in Elvina’s direction.

Elvina is still standing and blinks at the suddenly appeared allies and at first sight she doesn't seem badly wounded.
Incha steps closer and motions Celestia to come along. Cel nods and slashes a demon once more before following.

As they are approaching Elvina, Incha whispers,” This is more than a dream, Celestia, I'm sensing something very weird."

Celestia glances at Incha," We need to stop the demons! They have to be coming from SOMEwhere, no?"

Elvina steps closer now as she realizes who is ‘here’. and her lips curve into an devilish grin. "I'm so glad you showed up.... come, I need to move on, find the Master and kill him. Come quickly with me."

Cel blinks and keeps near Incha, she also noticed and sensed pure hate in Elvina's voice.

Incha turns to Celestia and whispers," She doesn't realize she's in a dream state. She really thinks this is the place where this devil lives. What do you think we can do, miss Celestia?"

Elvina frowns a bit at the whispering and looks from the one to the other.

Cel raises a brow," We have to warn her of the situation."

Incha nods, "Elvina, where are we?" Incha glanced at Cel saying this.

Elvina blinked, "The hells!"

"This doesn't look so much like the hells, ya?" Celestia raises another brow,” What do you see?"

"We are at His place, can't you see?!" Elvina's eyes darken a bit just before she chuckles," This is my hell too, and I'm putting a stop to it, as of right now!"
Elvina seems eager to move on,"Ya helping me or not?"

Celestia shakes her head lightly," You're going to fight this ‘hell’ with anger? That's what helps them!"

Another lightning flashes above their heads, its thunder spreading over the surroundings. Elvina who had already been walking away, stops and turns around, "Oh?"

"Have you forgotten what the hell's are like already?!"

Elvina’s voice filled with disbelief," By killing them I help them??!"

Celestia shakes her head again, "By hating them you help them."

"I KILL. If my HATE helps me, so be it." Elvina says right before biting her lip.

“And then what? Do you forget demons are born of immortal beings? You take one, five more come to replace it on a heirachy of madness!"

"Then I will be just busy? Aye?” her voice heavy with sarcasm.

Incha turns to Celestia and whispers, "There is something ‘funny’ going on here..."

Celestia looks to incha," What do you think?"

"Elvina's body and energy are connected with this dream... that is something I have never witnessed in the way like it is now. Celestia, … I believe her life force is connected with it for instance. If she stays in..."

"We have to figure where this is all coming from so we can get out of here” Celestia whispers back.

Incha glances at Elvina and notices the girl was wandering off.
"Oh dear..." she points at the white haired woman leaving the scene without another word.

“Damn...” Celestia quicly chases after the inpatient Elvina.

Suddenly everything becomes black for Celestia.


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157. The Witch - part 3

Celestia can feel warmth... a breeze... she hears cracking sounds... lightning flashes lighten up her eyelids... she can open her eyes now... and looks around.

She sees an immensely stretched landscape, dark mountain peaks rising at the horizon, hills of various heights on her left and a wide probably deep crevasse on her right side.
The same place where she had started... and she was alone again...

She also notices she can't see her body or gear.
Suddenly Cel detects sounds coming from behind the hills, and they don’t sound very human. Cel can compare the sound with a mixture of pigs whose throats are being cut and babies crying for mercy as if they are in pain.

Cel wonders... "This is...is there her own loop?"
On moments the shrill and shrieking tones reach ultrasonically levels, and are even at a distance as torture for her ears. Cel flinches.

Just at the same moment Cel can hear Incha’s voice, “This is more than just a dream, we can act.”
More deja-vu...

Celestia looks around but doesn’t see anyone else. Then she hears Incha’s voice again, “Imagine looking at yourself as if standing in front of a mirror, focus on what you were wearing when we entered this.”

Cel frowns and does so again. Immediately she can see herself materialize. This time she looks around once more before moving and spots Incha fifty paces behind her. That was different...

She waves to incha from the distance.

Incha runs over , "Celestia , what are those sounds?"

"You…don't remember?"

"Remember? We just got here?" Incha blinked.

The sounds increase even further in volume.

Cel rubs an ear," The demons? …The…flames?"

Incha shook her head," Eh, no?” she almost yells whilst holding her hands over her ears now and wincing "Terrible!"

Cel raises a brow but continues,” Err…lets go have a look then."

And just when they both reach the second hill, they see it again.
A teeming mass of black bodies is about to tear up a figure in the middle of the circle it has formed around.
Celestia looks closer and discovers Elvina is wearing a normal black cloak now and her hellfire shield is already orange.

The creatures attack...
Cel frowns and slides down once more to fight the creatures... again.

"This feels odd…" she hears Incha’s voice next to her.

"Huh?" Cel looks to Incha who is looking at Elvina the moment the reached the bottom of the valley.

Elvina's hellfire shield blasts off most attackers, killing half of the ones surrounding her. Incha looks for a brief moment at Cel as they run over... "I don't know..."

"Lets take care of the demons again and this time…I won't let her go."

Incha nods and starts forming spells to attack the demons in the back.

As Cel approaches, three demons appear out of nowhere, two others appear not far from Incha who was staying back now.

Cel raises a brow and continues the same pattern as before. Elvina manages to kill off most demons, her hellfire shield is reddish now. Incha gets smacked down just after Celestia had blinded her last two attackers.
She moves back and helps incha on her end and then looks to Elvina.

One last demon turns to Celestia now, away from Elvina and runs towards her. Incha seems fine but backs away, not able to react so fast at this incoming threat.
Cel's sword glows with divine energy and she swings with divine power. The demon is struck in the chest the moment it tries to jump on Celestia.
The demon goes down and she can jump out of the way just in time, evading the monster’s sharp spikes and claws.

Incha comes back and stands next to Celestia. "Are you well?" She says while glancing at Elvina who now notices them.
Incha whispers, "This is more than a dream Celestia, I sense something very odd."

Cel winces slightly and looks to Elvina now.

Elvina just stands there and seems slowly to realize who helped her. Her hellfire fades and she approaches them herself. Her lips curve into an devilish grin," I'm so glad you showed up.... come, I need to move on, find the Master and kill him. Come quickly with me."

Cel approaches and takes her arm," Stop…"

"She doesn't realize she is dream…" Incha states meanwhile.

Elvina looks coldly at Celestia," What? There is no time to waste."
Celestia and Incha can see Elvina’s eyes have a black circle around the irises, and there is no hint of the friendliness she used to have.

"Elvina…you are lost in a dream! This is repeating as you attempt to fight the Master!"

Elvina frowns, still no friendliness though, but she doesn't respond as poisonous as before. "He's the one who destroyed my life and he will continue destroy even other lives if I don't stop him now." She narrows her eyes which are still a bit black.

"You're continuing in a circle! There is NO continuing. You have to stop the hate and let go to be free of this!"

Elvina comes closer now and her nose stops only few inches from Cel's, her eyes which are now demonic black look in Cel's," He's the one who raped me and made me kill someone who was dear to me." Elvina starts to walk away now...

"You're entitled to your hate, but you have to calm down! This is destroying you. You're going to destroy yourself before the Master even has a chance." She says while keeping a firm hold on El’s arm.

Celestia manages to stop Elvina, who turns around with a look of pure hate. "Destroy me?"

"How will you destroy the Master if you destroy yourself?" Cel states.

Incha moves next to Celestia now, "Girl... come with us. This is not your body you are seeing, but it is dying...I can tell,” Incha glances at Cel,“ She's connected with this, physically."

Elvina looks to both, "I destroy him before he destroys me?" A chuckle escapes from her lips.

Cel frowns to Incha and looks back to Elvina more serious now," Elvina! You have to fight this madness!” Cel shakes her a bit,” You won't destroy anything!"

"Celestia, we have to hurry... we can't allow her to die, and if she does and we are here..." Incha turns to Elvina again," My child, trust me as the guide I have always been... remember all the talks we had."

Elvina looks from Incha to Celestia and bites her lip. Incha'a approach seemed to have softened Elvina's expression, but only a little bit.

Celestia looks at Elvina," Hate wont save you...but maybe love will help you."

"Love?!!" Elvina cries out." My old 'love' is still running after me, even though she already died months ago! I still see her!"

Incha turns pale.

"He killed her and as punishment for me not being fast enough to save her, I'm seeing her all around me!!"

"I don't know what afflicts you to always see her... I hardly know what is happening with you most of the time! Even now I only see what is presented to me! What do you want from all this? Revenge? Because you'll destroy yourself before you ever have a chance to do so at this rate."

Elvina looks down, "I have no idea myself, Celestia... but I thought you were here to help me. If not killing his demons, then what?" She sounds a bit angry, clenching her fists which lighten up briefly like torches.

"Does it have to involve killing? Is it that simple to you?"

Elvina looks away, "Its what I can do and it seems I'm good at it." She glances at the dead demons behind her.

Incha speaks now, "Yes, you are 'good', but it comes with a price…" Incha glances at Celestia. "I believe you loved her once, Elvina." Incha looks from Cel to Elvina, "You still do?" Elvina is speechless, avoiding their eyes.

"Come out of this...you don't need to meet your end before The Master does. Come and lets find another way…" Celestia tries.

"I'm... scared." Elvina softly says. Her eyes turning normal again, the typical white-grey irises seem restored.

"And you'll let fear control you? If so, then he has already won."

"No!I'm scared to go back!"


"Because now I am close to him, but if I go back, how will I know where he'll strike next?!"

"You aren't close...its all a dream."

"He killed Zinna, he killed Yarik and many others! I... I dream?"

"Yes girl, you are, and a dream with a price..." Incha nods.

"NO, you are lying!" Elvina shouts.

Cel's glowing eyes turn piercing and tugs her arm with some force... " Am I? I came to a dream to lie to you NOW? From all the times you've known me...NOW is when I would lie to you?"

Elvina looks at Cel who can see she is thinking," I...No, you have never lied to me..."

Incha steps closer, "Please come with us now, free your spirit from this place."

"Lets go Elvina...lets get out of here."

Elvina turns away from them, facing the dead demons. She glances over her shoulder at Cel and Incha. "Ok, what way?" she starts to walk in the direction of the bodies...

Cel looks to incha, keeping hold on Elvina this time.

Everything turns black...

The temperature feelable on her skin is changing, from warm to what seems to feel rather cold.
The air she is breathing changes too, from a sulfurish taste to a forest smell.

Cel opens her eyes and immediately sits up and looks around quickly.
She sees Incha still sleeping on the other side of the bed, but Daniel is up and now turning in her direction. Elvina's foster parents look up and over at Cel.

Sha’-della gets up from her chair and quickly walks over,” And...?"

The elf that had been guarding the door looks in and calls the lore masters
Cel blinks and starts to orient herself with a hand through her hair. "Am I…back?"

"Yes my child." Sha'-della takes Celestia’s hand," How do you feel?"

"I feel...well enough. What of Elvina?"

Elvina's foster mom looks over and checks El’s eyes. "Its gone, the black circles are gone! We … need Incha though for a full check up.”

Cel rubs her forehead as Elvina is examined.
Sha’-della sighs softly, "We need to wait till they both awaken. I know a dream walk is intensive,... but by the looks of it Elvina seems fine. What happened, miss Celestia?"

"Its… a lot to explain." Cel smiles slightly.


A lot to explain for sure, is what she thought when going up the ladder. Her hate, the hate of which Celestia also had talked... seemed gone. And its been a while now.
The few people with who she talked about it, kept saying that it didn’t have to be a bad thing. She also discovered she still could get angry at someone, but it felt different than before. Perhaps I am alright indeed, she mused while wandering over the street.

The faint smile that had started to decorate her face was wiped off it when she suddenly heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Hello, my witch.”

She startled and looked over her shoulder... no one... she turned around.

A chuckle behind her, then the voice again,” I’m so glad you remember.”

Elvina turned around once more and very quickly, only to see no one.

Now the voice became a whisper, as if he was standing right next to her,” Something has been taken, and something has been given back.”


The whisper moved over to her other ear,” You’ll find out soon enough. Enjoy... my beautiful witch.”

A fading chuckle...


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158. Ruins

(By Fashionisdanger)

A loud crack. The tiefling pushed the heavy door of the mansion using all her weight. As the door was finally open, she had to stop, breathing heavily for the exertion. A timid beacon of light in the utter darkness and a thick cloud of dust welcomed her back to home.
The thin white haired being, dressed in a black robe, stepped inside the building coughing once. She strenghtened her grip over the wooden staff and used it to move past the rubbles of the ceiling all over the floor. Her amber-colored eyes got slowly accustomed to the lack of light. Through the dark vision, the view was distressing. The once beautiful mansion Elenesse was now a silent bunch of ruins.
A rat ran away fast from her careful steps, hiding itself in a big hole of the wall. A load-bearing one. To the tiefling was clear that the place wasn't likely to stand much longer. Her exploration was already a quite riskful action.
Lifting with her left hand the hem of her robe, she went directly in the direction of the underground laboratory. An ancient painting of Elyn Elenesse was staring at her, recalling awful memories of her past. Without further procrastinating, for she was afraid to meet the ghost of the dead wizard, she started to descend the rotten wooden stair that lead to the laboratory. Every step a creaking sound warned her about how much careful she had to be.
Quickly she arrived in front of the door of the laboratory. The ceiling was completely ruined and about to collapse before the entrance, in the right spot where she was. Her left hand quietly dived into her reagent pouch, grabbing a small piece of tanned leather. Softly she muttered the words "Sihir kendala", manipulating the reagent. In a moment a barrier of invisible energy glowed around the thin female figure. Feeling a bit more relaxed, smirked lightly as she approached the door of the laboratory, her left hand carefully put back into the pouch the reagent for the spell just cast.
The door appeared to her expert eyes magically sealed, a strong magic conjured by a greater being, but fortunately its hinges looked loose. Perhaps with some pressure she could manage to overcome the magic seal placed on the passage. Trying to be as more delicate as possible she leaned her hand to the side of the door next to the hinges. She pushed. The door moved as expected, but an unsetting grumble from the cealing warned her to depart with haste from her current position.
She pushed once more, but the door got stucked and the rumble grown into a loud sound and a thin rain of debris. She looked behind her, but the stair was too far away to try to escape from the collapse of the ceiling. Scared to death, she turned back to the door pointing one finger to the loosened hinges: "Sihir shirak anak!". Five missiles of light left from her clawed hand hitting the weakened structure. A hole, large enough to let her in showed up, no time to waver. She rushed in.

The ceiling collapsed in the room behind her, bringing another cloud of debris to her nostrils. She covered her mouth and her nose with her black cloak. Her legs were still shaking, her eyes burning, but the view was this time magnificient. The thick rock walls of the laboratory had safeguarded it almost completely. A large pile of books was awaiting in one corner of the room; the phials, a heap of ore, all Elyn's alchemic tools were perfectly preserved.
A small tear ran into the tiefling's cheeck, as her eyes were still feeling pain for all the dust floating in the air, but she waited no time before moving inner into the lab. A huge blackboard, covered by a large white cloth, got immediately her attention. Her mentor, Elyn, used to note on it his latest subject of study. Full of hopes the tiefling wizardess reached the blackboard uncovering it.
Suddenly her eyes got full of amazement as she saw the diabolist's latest annotations. Her breath was completely taken, but immediately she drop her staff to the ground, untying as fast as she could the big tome chained to her hip. With excitiment she wrote down on her book the first lines of Elyn's notes in Exodonian language...

The nine devil fears
9. Items that overcome its damage resistance
8. Anarchic weapons
7. Disorder
6. Failure
5. The scheming of its underlings
4. Its immediate superior
3. Its archduke
2. Oblivion
1. Demotion


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159. I just want you to know...

Night, stars glittering in the black sky above the city and the moon shining upon its souls in its full glory, the warmth of a nice summer's day that had been contained in rock and stone was slowly being released now.

A blond elven woman sneaked through the streets, her sharp eyes spying, searching, observing...
It wasn’t an easy task, finding Angela. She couldn’t enter a temple but she could stay near the ones in the city. The only problem was that there were more and she constantly had to move from one place to another in order to increase her chances.
Besides that she also sometimes talked to people, asking them if they’d seen a bluish haired woman with a baby.

Up to now without succes though. It almost seemed as if Angela had disappeared from this world. Just when she was about to corner a building... she suddenly stopped after hearing a familiar voice and a giggle, echoing between the facades in the alley.
Her heart rate increased when a name and a person was associated with this sound. Strange feelings were released and started to spread over her body making her shiver.
Lilitu, still disguised as Zinna Dawn, peeked around the corner and widened her eyes when they made contact with an unexpected scene.

Two, not one, white haired women were walking slowly, arm in arm in the direction of the docks and by the looks of it at least one of them had a bit too much alcohol. It was as if Elvina really wore a slippery boot, laughing and giggling when she almost lost balance, and kissing the other woman on the cheek while caressing it with her other hand.
Lilitu narrowed her eyes as she could see their faces pretty good now, her gaze shifting towards the other woman.

Kin! She could smell AND see it! AND Elvina was with HER?!
What the HELL??!!
Lilitu’s eyes turned darker as she stared at the other woman, a tiefling... and a disgusting beautiful one!
With her teeth clenched and eyes which if they could make searing holes in this woman, Lilitu managed to remain calm and well hidden behind a crate.
That perfect flawless face, the amazing curves of her body and then that bright smile and warm eyes ALL over Elvina!!! She could barely stand the sight.

Lilitu gasped for air, what the HELL, what the HELL was going on with her. Damn Zinna!
She attempted to suppress Zinna’s memories but also thoughts containing emotions and feelings.
Only one way...
Lilitu turned away, her eyes reluctantly abandoning the pair. She closed them and bit her lip, still not fully having regained control over her own mind. This would prove to be much tougher than she ever expected.
Perhaps... she needed to give way to this? But the moment she thought of this, a tear formed in her eye.
She could hear the couple wandering off, but she didn’t look anymore. Instead she remained seated behind the crate with her back against the wood, slowly knocking with the back of her head against it while softly mumbling.

“What if I would show myself to her? Explain her, and... tell her how I f....”
Lilitu shook her head just before banging it once more against the crate, a bit harder now.
No, she wasn’t Zinna, she was Lilitu, a demoness in service of the Master and she had a task to fulfill. Slowly she pushed herself up and stepped out of the alley... pondering.

Finally she decided to look to her right, just in time to see the two white haired women disappearing from sight.
She turned around and started to walk in the opposite direction, her fists clenched and giving a regretful look to no one in particular...


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160. Between denial, puzzlement and marveling

“Ok, I’ll let you now, dear,” Elvina said while reluctantly closing the bedroom door behind her.
She walked over to the kitchen, and a faint smile decorated her face as she was enjoying the after taste of a sweet kiss.

Elvina took a seat at her kitchen table after peeking at the boiling food on the stove and before looking back at her diary on the table which was opened on a new page partially decorated with fresh handwriting and a few symbols.

She rubbed her temples, recalling the memory of which she just had written a part, something that had taken place almost three weeks ago...


She paid and thanked the sorcerer who nodded and immediately disappeared again, leaving her behind in the center of this city. It was dark but the street was softly lit by a few street lanterns.
Elvina turned around and looked at the building not far from her. While she walked away from the portal stone towards the building she recalled the … ‘reason’ why she was here.
Ten feet from the building the white haired woman stopped and looked up to study its features.
She had been here before, but that was a long time ago.

About a week earlier she had been back at the Sacred Grove and she recalled how happy she had felt at first.
A soft smile appeared on her face. It was also the first time since she left Dasaria she had seen Archie again and she remembered how important that felt. Not only Archie had been there, also many others,... friends but also a few new faces. The two people who had come to her aid at her hometown, Celestia and Daniel... included.

Elvina briefly bit her lip, while staring at the building without really seeing it. For a brief moment back at the Grove she had felt … ‘disturbed’.
It was hard to explain, at some point she had left the place, basically because she felt really tired, but she knew there was something else too... a disturbance.
Something that had been troubling her... something she had given some thought afterwards, alternating between denial and puzzlement.
Until she couldn’t sleep anymore, and had taken a decision, still uncertain if this was a way to find out though.

She took a deep breath and entered the temple of Teshalia, goosebumps all over her body, not knowing whether this was a good or a bad sign.

Kate smiled at her as she saw who approached the statue. “That sure has been a while, hello... Elvina.”

Elvina slightly blushed,” Hello...” her voice faltering for a moment.

If Kate noticed, she didn’t show it,” How you’ve been, and how is Adele?”

Elvina blinked and ran her hand through her hair. “I... I wouldn’t know. Adele is... away for a long while now.”

“Ow... well.” She smiled upon Elvina,” And how have you been, my child. Took a bit care of yourself?”

Elvina nodded, almost unnoticed,” I... guess.” With so many things that meanwhile happened in the back of her head.

It was almost as if Kate had read her thoughts,” We all make history, sometimes archives full of them, but... how are you these days? And...” she examined Elvina more closely,” Can I, or we help you with anything?”

Yes you can, was her first thought. She bit her lip again.
Instead she said,” There is something I’d like to tell and perhaps talk about.”

About an hour later, Kate looked at Elvina and had taken her hand. “It is a serious matter, my child and I am really glad you talked about it with me.”

Elvina sighed,” I have talked about it with other people too, a few only, … close friends actually.”

Kate nodded,” People you can trust.”

Kate’s comment was answered by a slow nod from the warlock before she said,” Wh-what do you think I should do?”

Kate folded her hands before she answered,” We do... have experiences with women in your situation. It only depends on the person what is the right... step, as I earlier said in our conversation.”

Elvina bit her lip and glanced at the closed door, not far from them.

Kate walked over until she was standing behind the tall Vanguard lady,” Right now, but its only how I think you feel... I wouldn’t advice you to participate... at least, not yet.”

Elvina shook her head,” I don’t think I ever would be able for that.”

Kate nodded,” Its personal for you.”

Elvina answered with a nod.

“Okay, just... watch? Alright? And don’t worry, I will stay with you.” Kate said while she took Elvina by the arm. “Are you ready?”

Elvina gave Kate one firm nod, … but she thought, I hope I am.


The white haired warlock shook her head warily. She couldn’t do it... instead she ran out.
Somehow she was glad she didn’t do it... not even the 'watching', as in a way it would have felt... indecent to her.
But she also realised a few other things... in such a way there was someone with who she further wanted to talk about it... certainly since she had already brought something up.

Again another part of her past she soon enough would tell to the beauty who was currently studying in her bedroom. She smiled weakly as she realised they would have all the time in the world, meanwhile respecting each others lives and occupations.
Right now Elvina enjoyed the company and she really loved to cook for her... her smile widened.

She picked up her quill pen and started to write about the events that had taken place in the past two weeks.
A small hour later Elvina leaned back and glanced at two fully written pages, her gaze shifting to one of the first passages.

“… and that is when I met Eve, again. It had been a long time but I recognized her immediately, alone by the hair, while she was watching at some flowers. Becoming reacquainted with her had been very pleasant, not only that... seeing her again, talking with her over some dinner, started to awaken feelings within me. I was and still am convinced we have more in common than just long white hair and an eye for each other. And she seems to share my opinion.”

She giggled softly and quickly peeked in the direction of the bedroom. Nothing, it was still quiet there. Grinning widely Elvina looked back at her diary, reading another passage.

“... glad she is back. And it seems the feelings and the respect for each other is mutual.
Eve is an amazing tiefling and it seems she always had been a bit uncertain before, but now she looks great, confident and she shines more and more each day. Yes, she has the typical traits of a being from the Lower Planes,... her hands, her ears... but I don’t care. First of all she is incredibly sweet and charming, she has an eye for things, she’s intelligent, perceptive and very talented... probably in ways I still have to discover. And she IS very beautiful!”

Another soft giggle escaped from her lips, warm eyes staring at the text.

“Yes, on our first evening out we flirted and danced around each other, but it didn’t take me long to realise there was more going on.
For instance I also trust her. Great huh, me, who in the past used to be such a distruster, perhaps even one of the greatest. No, I really trust her. There is no great evil in her, at least not towards me or my friends. On the contrary, she almost died while fighting off those demons that ‘visited’ my place.”

She ran her hands through her hair by the memory, adjusted it a bit around her ears while her eyes ran over some other passages. Softly mumbling she repeated and recalled things.

“Eve was only a day here when suddenly another missing person popped up, right at my door. Amilcar. I don’t think it was coincidence as I know Angela gave birth to a daughter a few weeks ago. But what surprised me is that he hadn’t seen her yet. Or found. But it appeared he came looking for me.”

Another passage...

“... tested his blood and the result was unexpected. I worry for Amilcar but Eve reassured me everything was rather okay with Amil. Erica seemed to confirm, but I still want to talk to her about this discovery.”

Elvina looked around. Her place has been warded now, twice actually. Eve had made sure evil was kept outside, while Erica had been flooding the place with holy water... including her and Eve.
Her house was probably one of the safest places now, but outside... well.

“And suddenly Eve said to me, that doesn’t look good. I turned around and saw a black cloud which had just started to dissolve, leaving a huge demonic creature behind, right on the other side of the bridge we were about to cross. And I noticed its appearance didn’t only affect me.”

Elvina got up and checked the food with her fork, before glancing back at one of the last passages.

“The creature offered help from its own master to defeat the Master. And when it left, it said to ask for Carolus. That was a name I heard before, not only that... I have even seen him once. As soon as my good friend gets back, I need to ask her things.”

Elvina walked to the door of her bedroom and knocked. After she got no answer she opened it a bit and peeked in.
The scene was heartwarming. Eve was sleeping with her head on her crossed arms at the desk. The warlock slipped into the room, not producing a single noise, and took a blanket while glancing at her lover’s white hair covering cheek and eye.
Breathtaking... was the first word to come up in her as she moved closer to carefully tuck the blanket round her shoulders.

For a moment Elvina just watched at her while recalling that Eve had more or less risked her life to get those books next to her side. Books to help her with the Master...
She bit her lip, touched Eve’s back softly while she kneeled to take the book on the top of the pile.
A minute later Elvina had left the room behind in the dim light of a single candle, the book under her arm...


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161. People around

She got up from the bed after leaving a soft kiss on Eve’s forehead and moving a tress of her white hair to the side of the sleeping girl’s face.
Elvina was convinced the girl would pout when she discovered the warm body next to hers was gone... and frankly, Elvina couldn’t blame her as she would feel the same.
But, she wanted to do this, now that she had the chance.

A few minutes later in the light of dawn, the white haired Vanguard left the Ravenswatch inn and turned right, mumbling to herself.

Elvina carefully descended the stairs of the temple below Ravenswatch and with a smile on her face she approached the Chalice. The place was deserted so this prayer would also go unheard, well except for the one for who it was meant to of course.

“Hello again,” she said to the Chalice. “I’m back, already.”

Yesterday she had visited the place with Eve at her side and not only she, but also Eve did a prayer.
Warm feelings ran through Elvina’s body when she recalled that moment. Her hand reached out for the Chalice, her fingertips sensing its smooth surface.

“I figured now that I have the chance, why not come here for my prayer, since I’m in Ravens.” She smiled,” I do hope you received the other ones too even when me not being here. But I guess you hear all who addresses you.”

She moved to a bench and took place, wrapping herself up in her Vanguard cloak in an attempt to protect herself against the morning chill. She rubbed her hands to warm them up and for a moment she thought sadly back to the warm bed and body hopefully waiting for her return.
As if to underline this was a moment of deadly seriousness, a freezing gust of wind hurled itself through the temple, probably forcing even the most hardened paladin to pray for a sunny day.

“A true prayer, again.” She smiled,” I read about that by the way. Even when other people are present, a true prayer is always a conversation, perhaps even a connection, between a single being and the god to who he or she is addressing to.”
She giggled soft,” Must not be easy when more people are talking to you at the same time... but I guess... that is what makes a god a god.”
She blew warm air on her hands before continuing. “That is what makes a god so special, he or she... I guess, has attention for all beings turning to him... or her. Just like certain people do, and also what I believe I have to do... having attention, eye for people.”

The woman on the bench wrapped her arms around her and rubbed, warming herself doing so.
“I’m here to pray for a number of people, also I like to mention a few...,” she winked to the Chalice,” ...and I’m saving the best for last.”

“First I’d like to start with two people at the same time... one of them like a sister to me, the other a friend with who I go way back, a friend who returned not so long ago. Two people of who I had the chance to witness their love for each other, and that moment also generated things deep inside me... but that’s for later.” She giggled,” Told ya, keeping the best for last.”
She looked up at the Chalice,” I wish Shayde and Darion the best, may their love for each other be endless and their lives further enlightened by it.”

Her hand grabbed the Vanguard cloak, making it go even more tight around her.
“Next on my list is... Cel, who is now out there... somewhere, looking for something important. Clearly something she needs to evolve herself. I’m really glad I had the chance to say goodbye to her just before she left. And I pray, no, I beg, she won’t need the thing I gave her as aid on her journey. She’s one of the most important persons in my life, and to be not selfish... I think and I bet she is also to many others. Please watch over her and make her return safely but also succesful in this personal quest.”

The next person on her list made her shake her head.
“Yes, even for you I have one,” she said to herself before focussing back on the Chalice. “I think to know this person a bit now as we are in some ways the same. And even if I’m angry with him, its a emotion that quickly fades. I know and understand what he is looking for and I really DO pray he may find it, I really do. Our latest conversation gave me a good feeling and it was nice to witness how our bond has evolved. I will also be there for him whenever needed, and … angry with him whenever he deserves that.” She giggled softy.

A few other faces passed in her mind and in her pray. And not only people but also important things connected with some of them were given a moment of attention.
For instance, Daniel and Archie with the Grove, and the welcoming of a new and what seemed devoted member called Kira. Elvina almost immediately sensed the girl had a heart for helping them with the restoration of the Grove. She prayed they may all do so in the end and that the place was soon fully restored.
Then there was Erica, that brave young girl, who had told her her sad story a while ago, but who nevertheless is giving herself every day, without visually losing courage. Alone for that Elvina deeply respected her. Her presence and help in the past weeks had been very welcome. She prayed Erica was surrounded with warmth, friendship and happiness. And she knew at least a few people who cared for this young girl.
More names passed : Melanie, Amilcar and Angela, Adrian,... Amelia, Selene, Soap...
More names till one was left.

Her heartbeat increased a bit, a short uncontrollable shiver ran over her body, and an unbeatable smile appeared on her face. Thinking and picturing this person made her feel like she could do anything. With a self esteem high as the sky, she was aware of being on a constant wave of happiness and she also had earlier noticed that she was seeing and thinking about this person in all aspects of her daily life.
“Well I guess you know how I feel about her. This is something more personal, but... love is a hole in ones life when its not around. Eve... Eve’s love is like flower blossoming in my heart, like a tickle in my belly... a tickle I cannot scratch, like a neverending dream making me feel in harmony and making my life more complete. I know... I have opened my heart once more and I may be vulnerable, but I want her to see me... because she’s worth it. I would only love her less if I would just tell her exactly how much. My love feels endless... and I would like to pray for her and me staying as happy together as we are now.”
She blushed a bit, this Aurumdil Feast sure had had its effect on her, and perhaps not only on her...

Elvina got up and looked at the Chalice. “It’s not where you are in life or what you did, its who you have by your side that matters.”
She turned around and left the temple in silence... praying the bed was still warm.


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162. A study of the Lower Planes

(by Fashion and Admin)

Elvina took a seat at her kitchen table, the first of Eve’s books in her hands. She carefully placed it down, her hand brushing over its surface as if to wipe of the dust. It bore no title...

“... perhaps forbidden books …,” Eve had said.

Elvina shrugged, she could think of a few reasons why certain books would be forbidden, but she couldn’t know which ones are and aren’t, … right?
Besides... if she would read in this book what she thought she was about to read, then her own books should be forbidden aswell. And not only some in her bookcases.

Her eyes darted a moment longer over the stylish red cover and the astounding inlay work portraiting a wall of flames, before she finally opened it only to discover there were also a few notes between the cover and the first page. Probably Eve’s...
The language was unfamiliar to Elvina but she could deduct Eve had probably only just begun reading this book or even in her spare time between other readings.

Elvina carefully browsed through the book, looking rather at the general subject than the detail until her eye suddenly got caught by the drawing of a beautiful angel.
Her heart skipped a bit as this was one of her favored topics in her own books. She briefly glanced at her own bookcase, recalling the three books she had lent to Celestia, now a long while ago, about the same topic.

Her eyes shifted back to the opened page, her finger stroking softly over the picture before she started to read, her attention now fully caught by the subject.

Hell of a life - Page 7 2ufg4mf


The erinyes, a cadre of hideously beautiful, winged, elite devils that flutter slightly apart from their infernal brethren.
Erinyes are the descendants of fallen angels that became corrupt and plummeted into the Hell. A few of these former angels still survive today as advanced pleasure devils.
While all devils can mate with and impregnate mortals, only erinyes and unique female devils are capable of becoming pregnant. (Whether they possessed this ability while being angels or gained it during their fall remains an unanswered question)
These female devils standoffishly view themselves as superior to those formed from the souls of the damned, as young erinyes are the only true offspring raised in the Hell.
Their parents are fiercely protective of them and keep their colonies well hidden from interlopers.

Hell of a life - Page 7 Mbh8pu

An erinyes appears as a beautiful woman with large feathered wings, a flawless skin and glowing red eyes. She can be mistaken for a celestial. An erinyes generally stands around 6 ft tall and weights approximately 150 lbs."

Elvina glanced in the direction of the bedroom, wondering for a moment. Rubbing her chin she stood up and walked to the other side of her house, her eyes briefly scanning over a shelf of books in her personal library.
Her hand reached out, her fingers looking for a secret switch. With nothing more than the sound of a ‘click’ a secret storage compartement opened itself, revealing a place large enough for a shelf of books.

Almost blindfold, Elvina grabbed one of the three books hidden within and walked over to the table again, shoving Eve’s book a bit to the side and placing the one in her hand next to it.
The title was simple and written by herself, as was everything in it as this book was actually some kind of big notebook.


She moved her forefinger to the side, her nail squeezing itself between the still closed pages, estimating the place where to open it and when she did, she was only one page wrong.
Her face turned a bit pale, as the exposed page right in front of her not only contained information, but also memories. This book was nothing compared to Eve’s book as Elvina’s was just a scramble of notes while Eve’s property was a piece of art and probably much more accurate, substantiated and complete.

She bit her lip and read a few parts of a text she had written so long ago, activating her memories...


Class : Devil (?)
Rank : Disciple of the Master
Appearance : Tiefling, dark hair and eyes, tanned skin, medium tall, presumably disguised form
First time I met : Year 630
Current status : eliminated
Skilled in : deception, intimidation and other social skills, making portals, witchcraft, disguise
Notes : the one with who I seemed to have made a bond and who stole a part of my soul (love?) which was returned on the day he died, he was charming and perverted at the same time, tortured ...............


Class : Horned Devil (Cornugon)
Rank : Captain of Eligor
Appearance : Giant devil
First time I met : Year 640
Current status : eliminated
Skilled in : warfare, being a brute towards ladies, ............


Class : Assassin devils (Dogai)
Rank : Personal guard of Devil Lords
Appearance : Tiefling, presumably disguised form
First time I met : Year 640
Skilled in : stepping into shadows and taking shadow forms, disguise, use of short blades, infiltration and assassination techniques
Other notes : offered to me as troops to fight Canas if I leave the Vanguard and marry the Master ................


Class : Devil lord
Rank : Archdevil (?) - Archduke (?)
Appeareance : human, dark hair and eyes, tanned skin, medium tall, presumable disguised form
First time I met : Year 640 630 629 I don’t know anymore
Skilled in : infiltration, influencing, disguise, deception, illusion, certain social skills, making portals, peeking in and taking over minds of the 'receptive ones', witchcraft and arcane magic
Other notes : very intelligent, doesn’t seem to use rough power, killed Zinna, wants to marry me (which is not so intelligent), was married to my real mother and knows things about me, wants to conquer the world, and in case I might forget... he must be eliminated and...............


Class : Demoness
Appearance : mostly half naked women, bat-like wings, horns and a tail
First time I met : Year 628
Skilled in : shape-shifting, seducing, sex and assassination
Other notes : I met several during my life, even summoned a few who I quickly dispatched again. Two I saw more closely. The first one is Irelllia, once connected with Sammil, the other... but appears to be human once more is Angela Wrath................."

Elvina’s eyes drifted over a few other types : Imp, Pit fiend, Nrungnorog, Tiefling... but also another name : Carolus...

She rubbed her chin and realised besides the summoning she had done in the past and the few encounters she had, she didn’t knew much about the beings from the Lower Planes... even though she had been there a few times she hadn’t seen much of it. The first time she almost immediately got captured and was locked up by Eligor, the second time she had tried to help Amilcar and fought a few pit fiends. For the rest, all her observations had been from a few dreams in which the scenery was very similar with her real experiences.

She tapped her chin, except for one thing perhaps... the creatures from her dreams had been mostly demons, while the beings she had met in the Lower Planes were devils.
This trip to the Lower Planes, she was now convinced she needed to be more prepared than ever... this deserved... study. And with this one last word, Elvina smiled softly and glanced once more in the direction of the bedroom. An expert in study had appeared...
Perhaps it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to look up Angela with Eve... after all, she had been there for almost fourty years.

Elvina quickly took a piece of paper and started to write down some names of people she needed to see again while she waited for word from Derek and Adrian.
She wrote : Angela and Amilcar, Celestia, Melanie, Calimus and co, Sammil, Fred, Shayde, Soap, ... she tapped her chin, those were only the ones to begin with... quickly the Vanguard lady added a few other names to the list.

The true name of the Master was known, but her search for information about him thus far was without result.
So, while awaiting Derek's return, a closer study of the Lower Planes wouldn’t hurt too much... as long as she didn’t open any portals for it.
She grinned.


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163. The hunt

Angela was found, and the Master had been pleased when He learned the woman was staying over at Ravenswatch.. with Amilcar AND child. Lilitu smiled to herself, she had even obtained the baby’s name quite easily... Arae.

She licked her lips briefly and for a moment wondered what His next move would be with “Bluehair” and the rest of the happy family. A shrug quickly followed.
He hadn’t called her back yet... and she knew exactly what her next move would be.

As a matter of fact, she was looking at it right now. From behind a tree she peeked over at the pair sitting at the top of the hill, gnashing her teeth as she witnessed how the one called Eve started to lean over to HER Elvina for a passionate kiss... and it didn’t stop there.

Rage and anger filled her up when she saw how Elvina answered her lover’s attention... eagerly.
The demoness’s finger itched, her mind resisting the impuls to pick an arrow from the quiver next to her on the grass, and pierce that half-she-devil’s heart right on the spot.

But she knew the Master wouldn’t be happy with His plans being disturbed... and Elvina would probably kill her.
Nevertheless, this Eve was never mentioned in His plans, He might have knowledge of Eve but if she suddenly had some accident...

She bit her lip as she realised she had to wait until Eve was alone... maybe learn a thing or two about her rival... before...
She watched... until she couldn’t any longer and sneaked back to the entrance of the hill, lurking... and ready for the hunt...

Hell of a life - Page 7 Photo_87558843_1


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164. A quick pray

Elvina slipped out of the bed, carefully moving Eve’s arm on a pillow next to her, as if to cover up her absence, if only briefly.
With a smirk she studied the white-haired beauty in the bed, whose hair was all messed up, a few thin tresses spread all over her face, and others drapped over her own pillow.
Just before sneaking out of the bedroom without producing a single sound, she offered the scene a warm smile.

In front of the fireplace, the white-haired woman sank smoothly onto the pillows. She glanced at the bedroom door just before turning her gaze back at the glowing wood logs, absently poking them with an iron bar.

After placing the bar next to the stone, Elvina folded her hands and said abruptly,” I’m getting married.” She twisted her hands a little to glance at the ring on her right hand with a warm smile that never seem to have left her face.

She looked back up at the glowing material in front of her, bringing her folded hands on her lap.
“We mentioned it before, wondering about ‘it’, … true, … but the way she ‘officially’ asked me was so... heartwarming. I already was ready to marry her but she... she did this in such a romantic way. Never in my life have I been touched like that... it was so deep... and even now days ago, the memory about it is lingering... day after night.”

A few peaceful crackling sounds from the wood fire were her only answer in the room. Elvina glanced in the direction of the window as a thin line of weak light started to spread around the edges of the curtains. Dawn...

She smiled weakly and turned back to the fire. “Yesterday we both discovered a bit about Eve’s past... and at first she was fearing to bring darkness.” Elvina shook her head,” I don’t see that much darkness in her, and … we all have our dark, or rather... shady side. In that way, Eve and I, again, seem to share certain things. I’ll stand by her side and help wherever I can... I love her no matter what, or whoever she thinks she is, for I have witnessed her heart. And there is nothing wrong with it.”

Elvina ran her hand through her hair, combing it a bit with her fingers,” Please, watch over her as well, she really is lovely...”

Not much later her mind darted back to the memory of her house filled with flowers, the bath tub and the vision in it... the mirror-Elvina and -Eve... and the bag. She glanced down at the ring on her hand before getting up and sneaking back into the bedroom... quickly...


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165. Work to do

Wearing her half long nightgown made of a white silkish fabric accentuating her curves perfectly, Elvina slipped in a comfy large chair with arms, curling up against the back rest with her journal on her lap.

“Work to do,” she giggled very softly as she dipped her quill pen in the ink flask on her desk.

“... several people know. Right now we asked a few very good friends to lead the ceremony. I think I’m gonna leave them a free hand into this, although Eve and I need to prepare something to say. A welcome word, our vows, a speech for the party. Its not my first wedding, but perhaps I should seek advice.”

She brushed with the feather over her lips.

“And I really need to visit my hometown again and introduce Eve to my foster parents and friends there. Perhaps I better start to make a list.
Other things I need to take care of :

Hell of a life - Page 7 Eq1lrq

A few more things were added, until her eyes got caught by another important subject.
She whispered it, “Protection.”
Elvina bit her lip while adjusting her position in the chair. Her hand reached out for a note and she read it again. There were only just two words in it :

“Leave her”

She glanced at her desk, briefly examining the object that had been used to deliver this message. Next to it the same object but with blood on it. Two elven arrows, fired at her lover a few days ago at the store.
The first had scratched her upper arm, as if to catch her attention. The second had pierced itself into a wooden beam, quivering right next to Eve’s ear, the message wrapped around it.

Elvina brushed with her finger over her lips, it just didn’t make any sense. So far her investigation of the scene and objects hadn’t provided much information. The angle and the depht of the impact had led to the possible position of the sniper. He or she must have used a shortbow as there simply hadn’t been much room for anything larger.
And from what Eve had told her, it was also someone who was able to fall back into the shadows and go around unnoticed... someone like herself and she only knew a few others.
The note drew her attention again, but brushing it between her fingers didn’t provided anything more than she already knew. This was the kind of paper used for scrolls.

Wondering if this was part of the message, someone telling Eve she had to deal with another magic user perhaps, Elvina got up.
It just didn’t make any sense. Eve thought its someone who is jealous but Elvina really had no idea who. Sure, she realised there were probably a few people out there who wanted to share her bed, but even if so... no one would do...
The white-haired woman stopped half way the room and turned back.
She glanced at the word ‘protection’ and at two names, two people who she had asked for help even before this had happened, each time at a safe location... at least thats what she thought. To guard during the wedding... could it be... could it be Him behind this?

Leaning on the desk, a bit bending over her journal, Elvina shook her head. No, not His style... the Master would love to involve her in something like this. No, this message was very personal, literally aimed at Eve. Someone who hated her perhaps, if you considered the way it was delivered. But who possibly knew Eve and her and was ready to do something like this?
She made up her mind, first thing in the morning she would look for someone of the fleet. Perhaps with a bit of luck she could find that corporal with who she had been tracking down Xarion, what was her name again... Galatea?

As for now Melanie would watch over Eve’s back for a few days on the moments she wasn’t around.
Relax Elvina, try to relax, everything will be okay... there is just... so much to do, she thought.

Quietly and carefully she slipped in the bed and lay down next to Eve, watching her for a moment and adjusting a white tress hanging over her eye.

“I love you... and no one will part us, not even death... at least not yet.” Leaving a small kiss behind on Eve’s forehead, Elvina sank into the pillow next to her lover.


The next morning she opened her eyes and saw a letter on the other pillow... and while reading it quickly, as if by magic, a very warm and wide smile appeared on her face... she really really loved this...

Hey love,

I had to leave home early in the morning, and I didn't want to wake you up. While asleep you are too beautiful!
You know, my heart is fulfilled by joy seeing the lab that close to the end of the construction works. It is also thanks to you. To the money and the time you have invested in my project; to your support; to your love. Thanks.

Well, we are definitely going to host party when everything is set; and I am thinking something in regard. Since we are going to have lots of unused furniture, we might use part of it for a charity auction... I was thinking to the orphans, and the auction might take place during our party. We can invite our friends, and the citizens of Cear, to attend the event.
What do you think about it?

Well, enough plans for the day. I need lo leave now. I left a kiss on your lips - and you didn't notice it - but I am sure you will notice the last piece of pie, which is for you.

With love, and forever yours


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166. Report

(by Jae and Admin)

A white-haired woman stepped into the district house not far from the city. Dressed in the colors of the Vanguard she walked over to the first desk, the man behind it engrossed by some documents right under his nose.

Elvina who didn't seem willing enough to wait, cleared her throat," Excuse me... I'm looking for Corporal Galatea." Her voice clear and insistent enough to draw the man's attention immediately.

The constable nodded and went off deeper into the guardhouse. After some time Gala made her way out and nodded her greeting. "Can I help you, Vanguard?"

Elvina immediately recognized her as the woman she was looking for. “I would like to report a threat and an murder attempt.” The long thin package she was holding in her left hand and the note in her right, were offered to the Corporal.

“And this is proof.”

Gala frowned, nodded and looked over the evidence. "Any suspects?"

The Vanguard shook her head,” If I had, I might have gone after this person myself... the arrow was aimed at my future wife. I have investigated the place where it happened myself, but more than the probable use of a shortbow and someone who can leap in the shadows I couldn’t deduce from the scene of the crime.” She glanced briefly at the door, “It happened right in the middle of the city.” She looked back at the Corporal and waited for her reaction.

She had raised an eyebrow at the term "wife" and then nodded. "We will look into it."

Elvina gave Gala a pensive look before saying,” You are putting this black on white?..., as I cannot guarantee what will happen if we have to defend ourselves.”

"If you have to defend yourselves that is not against the law."

“What about hiring private guards to protect her? Unless it is possible to have a patrol once in a while checking upon our place?” Its clear Elvina would like to see more happening then just ‘look into’.

"I don't have the authority to allocate our forces to offer protection. I can personally patrol there on occasion, but that is all I can do. We are stretched thin at present."

Elvina nodded as that seemed better than nothing. She shifted her attention briefly towards the prison cells and said,” Too much crime or too few constables?”

"Too few men not at sea." Gala shrugged.

Elvina looked back at her,” I shall leave the evidence here, the lady at the furnishing shop can show you the exact location of the attack... or we can, should you pass by.” She bit her lip,” I think its someone we know and what worries me is the fact that people who know me, know that I am not just anybody.”

Gala nodded, "Understood. Stay safe then."

The white-haired Vanguard nodded back and left the guardhouse, without the package or note, without certainty.

Her mind went back to the wedding and the people she contacted thus far. One of the latest was Shayde a few days ago and she had passed her near the gate moments before she had entered the guardhouse.
Perhaps if she was quick she could talk to her about this threat aimed at Eve.

Shayde was still there, talking to a man she recognized as Caldur, a new guy she met earlier under weird circumstances. She grinned...

But before they even got started well... two creatures flew over, an orange and a blue one.
Elvina rolled her eyes and looked at Shayde, “Here we go...”

They hurried in the direction of the creatures, Elvina meanwhile wondering if she would have to make a report of this one...


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167. Hiring

“Two hundred now and two thousand when your observation ends...” she glanced at him. “That’s it. Take it or leave it.”

The man arched a brow,” Alright then, Zee”

The hooded woman stepped forward and gave him a small piece of paper, on it two addresses. She glanced up at him without revealing to much of her face. “The names... of these two white-haired ladies are... Elvina and Eve.”

The man glanced at the paper,” Easy enough.”

She looked up once more,” One more thing.”


“Don’t get get caught, or you die.... well, probably.” And with that she disappeared in the darkness and walked towards the forest, leaving the hooded man behind at the beach.

Hell of a life - Page 7 J6pwdh

Lilitu was pleased with herself. The attack had shaken up Elvina, as she witnessed how the white-haired woman entered the guardhouse, probably reporting the attack.
That wasn’t part of her plan so she decided to change a few things. And the man she had just hired was only the first step. He had everything she needed, an excellent skill in stealth, deadly with his blades, and he was someone who didn’t seem to talk too much or asking too many questions.

And if he didn’t show up anymore, she would find him... even if his real name wasn’t Maliker.


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168. Grove

Her eyes cracked open... a dream?

Flashes... the Grove, … the Dracolich, … her eyes widened and suddenly she sat up, pressing the blanket tight against her bosom.
Eve!! … Then she noticed the hand resting on her leg and when she glanced she saw the white-haired tiefling laying right next to her, still asleep.

Elvina relaxed and slowly laid herself down again, just before rolling to her side, facing Eve. After a few moments looking at her and stroking Eve’s arm, Elvina closed her eyes again, still tired.

More flashes, and although her mind still felt a bit chaotic, this time she tried to control the recent memories and more or less managed to set the small events in order.

… Archie made the elixir of which all the girls drunk. We were all dressed in our beautiful dresses... Celestia was earth, Click was fire, Shayde covered water and I was air... or the butterfly like my friend always calls me.

She smiled, her eyes still closed.

… each of us had chosen a Defender, mine was of course Eve, something that already had been decided earlier. The potion hadn’t been really tasty, but it was needed to prepare us and … to ‘change’ us. As soon as the last of our sisters arrived, our Archdruid started the ritual what would lead to the restoration of the Sacred Grove.
I remember feeling something I still can’t describe... but then it happened, the shapeshifting... first the others, then me. I remember how light I felt, weightless and unlimited... not only could I go up and down, but I could else squeeze through narrow openings, searching a path between rocks and branches. For a moment I really felt like that butterfly I am sometimes called after.

Another smile.

Click was the first, heating up the altar and for a moment I swirled around her... how odd to say this as none of us had her true form, but I remember fanning the flames with my ‘dance’, giving the fire the air it needed....

… then it happened, vaguely I could hear my friends and the other Defenders shout, I felt darkness... I felt the first wave of attacks... and I also remember how helpless I felt in this form. But we had to focus on this ritual and rely on the ones protecting us, making sure this ritual would be performed... they fought for balance, good versus evil, and even though balance might be important, darkness wasn’t allowed to prevail.

I could sense them, the ones fighting while I was waiting for my turn, right after Shayde. I felt Eve’s and Yvalee’s energy soaring through the sky as they besieged our enemies with their magic,... I felt the arrows of Caldur and Crow as ‘disturbances’ in the atmosphere,... I felt how the air that was seperating friends from foes being cleaved by the blades of Rel, Darion, Gody, Lyran and Daniel,... I felt the vibrations of Vinduil’s growling... and I didn’t only hear but also felt the inexorable tunes of Reina’s and Sam’s song... I could feel it all, as I seemed to be everywhere, … for a short moment there was a contact with everyone.

Unfortunately I could also feel our enemies and their determination to stop what we were doing. For a moment I know I raged, like a tiny storm... but there wasn’t anything I could do, at least not then and not in that shape.
One thing was comforting though, the fact our enemies were doing their best, meant we were doing something good. Right?
I remember how I felt my confidence was even growing... that we actually would win...

She opened her eyes briefly...

The ritual had just ended and I was returned to my normal form minutes before this man showed up. Still weak of what seemed an energy drain, I tried to listen and heard him talk about the curse being lifted but the Grove not be anymore what it used to be.

This was something I would have to ask later... as I had been simply too tired to realise or catch what was really going on... just like someone who is drunk...
It didn’t end there...

Elvina closed her eyes again and pictures the second wave, creatures that looked elven, some aggressive elementals and then... the Dracolich.

I remembered my role as Defender, but also my duty as Vanguard and raced along forward in an attempt to stop the creature, or at least to slow it down from entering the Grove. Our combined forces managed to … make it flee. I don’t know what happened, but after it took several hits from blasts and weapons it simply disappeared.
A nightmare...? For sure... but I also know now, nightmares do exist.

The rest of my memories are a bit clouded... I only remember I could barely stand after the second wave was repelled, and I remember Eve embracing me and teleporting us here... towards the Mystivale inn.
Vaguely I remember a visit of Amilcar, but I think I fell a sleep before I said ten words.

She opened her eyes again and remembered one more thing... Eve and all the others had been tired too. She stroked Eve’s cheek and resolved she would travel to the Grove and her friends as soon as possible.

She had to see... to see...
... a few moments later she fell asleep with her face buried against Eve’s neck.


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169. Trip -part 1

Elvina leaned over and softly kissed Eve's forehead who was still asleep, just before leaving a note on the pillow next to her.
For a moment the white-haired warlock looked down at her lover, glancing at the pillow under which she also had a package hidden.

Then she quickly dashed, and set course to Ravenswatch where Ja-Uth was waiting for her. The letter she earlier sent by bird had arrived and her mother had asked Ja-Uth to get her.
Elvina smiled as she first wanted to talk to her foster parents in private.

She glanced at the letter in her hand, a letter from Ja-Uth. For some weird reason he hadn't been able to teleport himself to Cear so he had send a bird to her and asked her to come to Ravenswatch. She would find him in the Collegium Arcanum.

After what seemed like a short trip she could see the city on the hill from a distance. It was near sunset, but she was almost there.
Suddenly her horse stopped very abruptly and snorted.

"Hey girl, whats up? Go on..." Elvina tried to spur the horse but to no avail. "Oh c'mon now! We're almost there... what is..."

Suddenly she could hear a sound, coming from the bush on her left. Something heavy was traveling through the thickets.

"Hello...?" she started, meanwhile reaching for her dark blade and mumbling a few occultic words.

The sound stopped, Elvina narrowed her eyes in an attempt to focus but it was just too dark in the small forest on her left.
She tried to spur her horse again, but it refused to set another step.

Suddenly something started to move again, the sound of something walking, and it was getting closer and closer.

Elvina didn't wait and jumped from her horse, attempting to drag it to the side of the road. But it didn't want to move...
"Worse than a donkey," she muttered without losing eye contact with the bush.

Suddenly a red glowing... thing appeared in the dark forest. It rapidly increased in intensity and before Elvina realised, it flew in their direction, hitting her horse in the flank.
The animal let out a scream in pain as it cought fire and ran off.

The impact of the blast had made her blind for a few seconds, but she could hear the sound of something heavy approaching.

Blinded she tried to focus on the sound, her hellfire already prepared and surrounding her as a protective shield, able to wound or kill any attacker. And she would know where to aim her blast...

Her sight rapidly recovered and still there wasn't anything hostile to perceive.... until...

Hell of a life - Page 7 Ye_gl

Two pair of red glowing eyes became visible and when she saw what walked out of the bush, her breath and heart stopped for a moment.

"Hello, Elvina," the appearance said.


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170. Trip -part 2

A familiar rider had just stepped out of the forest, and even though Elvina had seen him once before, his appearance was just as impressive.
With a hint of arrogance the rider rode until he was just in front of her before stopping, and because he wasn’t wearing a helmet this time, Elvina had a clear view on his facial expression which was without doubt radiating superiority.

If she hadn’t had any idea who he was, she would probably had to run in fear... and even now she was fighting her feelings. This appearance was just overwhelming, and so close, so tangible.

His steed’s eyes were glowing just like his and hers, and it stood tall, towering high above her. Never had she seen a horse like this so closeby.
The hair of the beast was darker than the blackest coal, its manes and hoofs were glowing red in the dusk and its eyes looked as if they could burn through metal. When it opened its mouth, it looked as if its inner body was on fire. Elvina could also feel rays of heat each time it snorted.
The gleaming red eyes rolled dangerously, the being seeming half crazed and ready to uses hooves and body to bring death.
It was a miracle a monster like this could be domesticated.

Her eyes shifted to its rider, who was even more intimidating, even to her, she who has already seen a lot. Perhaps the fact she knew the rider’s reputation could explain this.
The armour he was wearing was a bit different from last time. It was dark, black plates with aspects of red on the edges, its shape as elegant as elven armour, but radiating pure aggression only when looking at the sharp extensions on the shoulders.
The armoured gloves holding the horse reins, looked as if they were build up from small dark metal segments and were provided with spikes, standing up when he clenched his fists around the leather.

There was only one thing that wasn’t dark about this man, and that was his hair. Long, white, perhaps a bit silvery, just like the moon, just like... hers.
His white-grey eyes were locked on her white-grey eyes, a faint cold smile decorating his face as he looked down on her.
The sister was finally facing the brother.

“Artega...,” his name escaping from his lips with a whisper.

The thing that probably shocked her the most, was the rest of his face. Light colored tattoos covering a big part of the facial skin. Something that hadn’t been there last time. It made him only look even more aggressive.

He smirked,” You can always try and call me brother.”

To her it didn’t sounded like an invitation, but more like a challenge. She also wouldn’t liked to be called ‘sister’ by him, at least not at this point. Elvina glanced over her shoulder, just in time to witness how her horse died a horrible dead in flames. She crossed her arms and looked back up at him.
“No, thank you,” she answered with a cold voice.

He smirked when he followed her glance at her horse and looked back at her.
“We meet again...” the glow of the hellfire surrounding him and his horse fading.

“And who are we killing this time, Artega? Defenseless animals?”

A cold chuckle was her first answer.
“If I were you, I would be worried about other things than steak on four legs. How about … white-haired devils?”

Elvina raised a brow, only a moment later to be followed by her heart stopping with beating for moment.

He grinned as he saw her expression, her eyes widening a little and her skin turning a bit pale. He witnessed how she glanced over her shoulder again, in the opposite direction of Ravenswatch.
“Too late, and even the fastest of horses wouldn’t have been fast enough to get you there in time.”

“WHAT?!” Her head snapped back in his direction, her eyes burning like coal again,“ If YOU touch her...!!"

Artega chuckled,” I’m standing here right in front of you....”

“Who...!! He??!!!”

Her brother shook his head, and looked amused.

Without any further warning she mumbled a word and turned her back on him, taking off in the direction of Cear.


Elvina stopped and turned around quickly, her eyes narrowing,“ Save her ?!? HOW ?!”

Another grin was cast in her direction,” I can communicate with her.”

Elvina’s eyes widened slightly,” Her ??! What... who her ??!” She walked back in his direction, like a cat sneaking upon its prey.

Artega chuckled,” You have no idea... and even IF I tell you, you would never believe me, ... sis of mine.” The last words sounded rather sarcastic.

Elvina’s eyes narrowed and for the first time in a while she felt something inside... something familiar... something of which she thought she had lost it.
Her love was in danger and now she felt … hate... hate for this man... hate for her … own brother. She crossed her arms, and tried not to look too impatient.
"Try me..."


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171. Trip -part 3

(by Hvrankel and Admin)

Artega looked down upon her, his red glowing eyes on her glowing eyes before he spoke,” No, but I have a proposition you might want to consider now.”

Neither of them had noticed someone had walked upon them until within earshot, and was now looking at the brother and sister, both shrouded in flames.

Morgen Korp, in the shadows of the night stood calm down the path, observing and clearly wanted to hear what that 'proposition' might be.

Artega still looking at Elvina said,” Your love for mine.”

Elvina raised a brow,” Your love?”

Artega chuckled, but it sounded ice cold,” Yes, because your brother is evil, you think he cannot love?”

“What has that got to do with me, and Eve?” clearly a bit surprise in her voice.

The warrior leaned a bit over, bringing his head next to his horse’s,” Because you know 'her' and 'she' knows you, and 'she' trusts you.”

“Forget it, I don’t like the way this sounds!”

He sat back straight up again,” One word...” he briefly closed his eyes, before he opened them again, two burning coal looking down at her,” … and she’s gone!”

“NOOO!!!” Elvina lifted up her hands, clearly convinced now he meant what he said. “There must be another way! And who is this about anyways?!”

Her brother chuckled,” I had to wait till she finally gave birth to that half-thing.”

Elvina paled, her eyes widening in disbelief and her hair in her neck and on her arms standing up,” Angela....”

“See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? I want Angela Wrath. You will lead her to me and we will leave your bitch alone.”

Elvina crossed her arms again, anger in her voice,“ Angela is my friend, I cannot do what you ask of me...” Her statement was answered with chuckling before she was finished.

“Dear ‘sis’, Angela is no one’s friend. You don’t seem to pay much attention anymore and seemed to trust people right on the spot now. I heard there were days you were so different... the great distruster... where is she now?” He grinned,” I’ll make another proposition. Let me kill that devil bitch of yours and I promise I will look a decent man for you... in fact, I already know one...”

Before she had to time to control it, she suddenly lashed out at him, the impact making him drop from his horse,” That is something you shouldn’t have said,” her voice an incarnation of the person she sometimes used to be in the past,... hate, anger, rage... all focussed against this one man, her own brother... and she felt she was prepared to kill him. All those ‘lost’ emotions were gathering again within her and she could feel how it started to feed the hellfire surrounding her, the flames arround her wrists becoming intens. Meanwhile she hoped she didn’t gave him the time to send a message to his contact. Pressing on the attack was now her only option.

The moment she attacked and made Artega fall from its back, the horse fully turned towards her and pranced fiercely, just before coming down rapidly and knocking the Vanguard out with its hooves but not before taking a hit from her hellfire shield, sending it a few metres away to the side of the road for a moment.

Suddenly, without being noticed thus far, Morgen steps in beside Elvina and looked at her brother. “I don't think Angela would like a simple man like you.”
Morgen's voice is cold like ice and his wolven eye looked down on Artega, his armour gleaming in the flames of the hellfire, he continued,“ If you value your life, you better leave my friends alone.”

Meanwhile Morgen offered a hand to Elvina to help her up, but Elvina didn’t seem to respond and suddenly Morgen heard Artega talk, his voice threatening," Who are you to interfere in a family matter !! Step aside before I pierce you with my spear and drag you on it all the way to the Eighth Circle." Madness was to be seen in man’s eyes.

Morgen narrowed his eye as if judging his opponent. “Brave words from a man that only wants to prey on women. Is that all you have to come with? You are as low as a dog.” He smirked and studied Artega's face to see the effect of those words.

Morgen could see the glowing eyes widening, through the flames he could perceive a short reaction of disbelief over such an defiant answer. Artega let out a terrifying shout and with it, to Morgen it may have looked as if the black-red armoured warrior had just grown in strength, muscles pumping around the neckline, and the hellfire surrounding him turned even more bright. It was clear they were on the verge of a fight, a duel most likely as the Vanguard behind him hadn’t responded at all thus far.

The warrior stood tall... the light of his flames lit up the road and a part of the treeline, his right fist clenched around the shaft of a short thick spear, a large black shield with spikes in his left.

Hell of a life - Page 7 L

Morgen watched Artega as he went into frenzy and unsheathed his dark sword that seemed to draw the shadows to it and he moved his shield into position. “This might be fun,” he said with a playful smile.

Elvina's brother charged immediately, a dark occultic sounding word from his lips made him suddenly speed up fast and he charged in what could be seen as a reckless attack. But the tip of the spear is aimed with deadly precision and trusted forwards with brute force.

Artega rushed in with such a sudden speed that it surprised Morgen, but he managed to get his shield up in the last second and a very loud clang echoed through the woods.

After the first hit, Artega acted like a wildman, trying to hit the man behind the shield in an attempt to slam it out of his hand,... to Morgen his strength feels unhuman. Morgen could also feel the flames of the hellfire shield close now and if he didn’t started to act quickly, he would burn his fingers... and more...

Cursing the flames low and the power behind the man in front of him he took a step back and touched a wand in his belt, suddenly spreading several copies of himself in front of Artega... and they all made an attack as one.

Moving fast in and out in the hellfire, burning his armour and skin, Morgen fought with a determined face and finally hit Artega, making a deep cut in man’s arm.

Artega, uncertain which one his opponent was, defended himself against the ‘wrong’ Morgen and got struck by the real one. The hit however, to Morgen it may have seemed his opponent just shrugged it off as if bitten by a mosquito. Artega mumbled another dark word, which made him more swift for the 'multiple' attackers. His frenzy still dominating, he presses on the attack striking rapidly and hard at a few of the images.

A few of the copies vanished and Morgen received a hit over his chest, leaving a deep cut from the powerful blow. He staggered back for a moment before bouncing back and placing a hand on Artega, letting a dark cold energy flow into him that burned like ice and fire.

The warriors fought on and Artega’s flames and powerful strength delivered Morgen many deep wounds and burns but he also retaliated with his own sword and Artega bled from many wounds while his power was drained due the poison Morgen used.

Artega growled deep at the pain, and gave Morgen a headbutt... nevertheless he mumbled a dark word and simply vanished in front of Morgen's eyes.

Morgen frowned as Artega disappeared and stood still for a moment before his hand went down to his belt, activating another wand and his skin became hard as stone.

He remained still and listened.

Elvina on the soil behind him groaned softly. Her head moved a bit before lifting it up, bringing her hand towards the side. "Wha...??"

“Get up, Elvina. He might still be in the area.” Morgen stood next to her in his stoneshape and looked around.

“M..Morgen...?" she blinked a few times and tried to sit, blinking with her eyes once more before looking up at Morgen... and then behind him... her eyes seeing what his didn’t," MORGEN, LOOK OUT !!!”

A sharp spear struck out of thin air hitting Morgen in the side as he attempted to turn around in the direction Elvina was looking. The hit made his sword drop from his hand.

Elvina suddenly had her head clear as she saw how Morgen was about to be finished off. She lashed out, sending a purple blast in her brother's direction.

Artega, struck by the full impact of his sister's eldritch blast, almost tumbled and had to step back.

Morgen coughed up blood as the spear went into his lung and while he tried to keep his vision from not going dark, he reached for his dark sword on the soil the moment Artega staggered back from Elvina’s blast.

Gritting teeths he lunged up forward and sank the blade deep into Artega’s stomach. "Die you bastard...!”

Artega looked at Elvina and Morgen in surprise and moved back, the sword slipping out of his stomach before hobbling over to his horse. Neither Elvina or Morgen followed him.

"YOU WILL NEVER SEE HER BACK, SISTER OF MINE," Artega shouted before coughing heavily with his hand over his belly, and spurring his wounded hell horse to take off.

Both rider and his hell beast disappeared in the darkness of the woods.

Elvina only glanced at her brother and quickly moved over to Morgen, taking him in her arms and attempting to make him stand," C..come... Ravens is not far... you need treatment, immediately."

Morgen coughed and nodded, leaning on Elvina,” Tough family heh...”

Her voice was soft and she seemed impressed by him, "Hush, be silent now. We talk later after they fixed you up. I'm... so sorry, Morgen..."

Two black-clad people, one supporting the other, slowly made their way to the city, at least one of them praying the giants wouldn’t bother them.


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172. Assassinate


Late evening at Cear.

In a dark alley of the Empress Court a pair of elven eyes peeked around the corner of the merchants building, scanning the area before focusing on a large building across the street.
In the darkness and barely visible, a slender elven hand slowly reached far back and drew an arrow out of a quiver hanging over the back of a shady and hooded figure.
Another hand was lifted and a short curved bow appeared from under her cloak. The shaft of the arrow was placed on its arrow rest and the back was attached to the bow string with the nock. Three fingers were used to lightly hold the arrow on the string.
A grin flashed from under the hood, eyes now shifting to the door of the building on the other side.

A bit later within that same building, a serie of three short knocks on the thick wooden door were audible.

Outside everything remained quiet, ... but the door wasn't opened.

Two times this procedure was repeated, yet the door remained closed.


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173. All good things come to an end

1. Time out

No one, no one at all had heard or seen anything for weeks now... all kinds of dark thoughts had started to fill up her mind... what if this... what if that...

Elvina brought her arms upwards and pressed with the palms of her hands against the sides of her head, " Enough!"
Simultanously with a deep breath, the white haired lady took a decision. She grabbed her leather backpack and checked its contents. Quickly restocking she mumbled," A few days... I just need a few days... thats all."

But what if... she showed up meanwhile... or worse?
Yes, Artega could show up again, or the assassin... or even Him. Well, she would have news for them, they could all go to hell, each and everyone one of them. She needed a break and no one would stand in her way... no one!

Five hours later and her new horse had already brought her to a small forest. Elvina relaxed as the 'green' was like a second home to her. Somehow it had a calming effect on her, probably because she had been raised surrounded by nothing but immense forests.

A few hours later the forest became a bit less dense and she spotted a small pool.
Nice, a place to rest a bit and let the horse drink, she thought... then she made up her mind.

Hell of a life - Page 7 %D0%92%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D1%82%D0%B0-%D0%B6%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B9-%D0%9C%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%86%D0%B0

Taking out a bedroll she decided to make camp and spend the night. It would be an hour or more light so there was still time to look for some wood in order to build a fire.

A bit later a small campfire lit up the area next to the pool.
Elvina had no tent with her but nevertheless slipped out of her armour and into a silky white night gown.
There, more than that she didn't need and for a moment this setup made her think back at the time she was with Adele, what was it now... a year ago?

She opened a bottle of wine and took a big swig. Speaking of which, almost two weeks ago she had shown up again... while she was looking for Eve and therefore visited the Buck inn... there she was... the Sun...
After staring a bit in the campfire with a soft smile on her face, Elvina looked up at the sky. For a moment her smile reached her eyes and her gaze softened as she saw a full white disc between the branches... "And there is the Moon," she whispered.

Slowly she laid down on her bedroll with her hands behind her neck. For a moment her mind went back to the past weeks... almost four now. Where was she? Was she still alive? Was she in danger?
Elvina closed her eyes and shook her head. Just... a few days... stop... thinking...
Her friends knew and kept an eye out for her too.

She turned to her side and absently ran through a few pages of a book she had brought with her before she sighed and put her head to rest... finally falling asleep... but not for long...

(little part by Staff)

Up within the trees of the forest but in the shadows and over looking on Elvina, Caldur watched quietly, staying out of site but keeping her within his sight. He had followed her since she left but making sure that he doesn't disturb her. Relaxing upon a a branch of a tree with his back to the trunk and with Ocane next to him.

He wasn't quite too sure what she was doing as he looked at her worrying about her after Eve went missing. He was gonna make sure that if she needed help with anything he would back her up although he would have to explain why he followed her. He stayed as quiet as he could on the branch of the tree as thoughts went through his mind. He shook his head slightly to clear his mind, he had to keep an eye on Elvina just in case something goes wrong and she might need his help.

After a while he yawned and looked back at Elvina, she seamed to look peaceful enough for him to fall asleep. After a while of watching her he fell asleep still in the same position that he was in.


2. Nightly visit

Every being in the surrounding forest seemed to have fallen silent,... or asleep... even the normal nocturnal creatures seemed either far away or waiting for something.
... Everything was quiet...

Hell of a life - Page 7 968329?type=sn

A light... and a somewhat musical voice made her open her eyes again. She sat up immediately and looked at the other side of the pool while holding the blanket in front of her bosom.
Someone was heading in her direction. Elvina took no risk and fell back in the shadows.

Moments later a man entered her campsite, a light like she once had seen with Cel, hovering above his head. It was a bit blinding and Elvina couldn't really perceive any features or expressions.

He walked towards her horse, gently stroking its head, and Elvina could swear he was talking to it, while the soft warm glow of his light spread itself to the surroundings, making the leafs look like silver. Slowly the man turned his head and seemed to look straight in her direction.
"You have a nice name, mi'lady," his somewhat musical voice sounded.

Elvina, still hidden in the shadows of the forest... in her white night gown and a blanket around her shoulders, blinked.

"Please, I mean no harm and its thanks to your horse I know your name. Mine is Syrius."

Elvina raised a brow before narrowing her eyes in an attempt to catch more details.

He stretched his arm in her direction and for a moment it looked as if he was dressed in a white armour... but if it was made of metal, it didn't make any sound at all. His voice was warm and rather comforting," Please, mi'lady..."

Elvina shrugged to herself, if he meant harm, she would have already been under attack by now and she was able to defend herself anyways. She glanced at her armour next to the bedroll. Even without it she could be a terrible foe as her real power laid within her, waiting for her call and able to respond lightning fast should she ever require so.
The white haired Vanguard left the 'protection' of the forest and walked towards the man next to her horse, the light above his head dimming by itself until it had the soft glow of a single candle.

His face, partially covered by a white hood, looked rather handsome and a charming smile was cast in her direction as she approached. "Mi'lady Elvina is it? Right?"

She tilted her head a bit and answered with a weak smile before saying," You can call me Kitty."

That made the stranger called Syrius blink a bit, just before he softly chuckled and said," Why do I have the feeling this nickname is somehow connected with your last name?"

Elvina giggled," Boy, my horse keeps secrets like an old fisherlady. I'll keep that in mind next time I have to rent one again."

Just on that moment her horse turned its head and gave her an odd look which was noticed by both Syrius and Elvina.
Both laughed heartily.

It was weird, talking and making jokes with a strange man during the night in the middle of a forest with nothing on but her night gown.
Nevertheless Elvina stretched her arm in the direction of her glowing campfire," Please, I have some wine and cheese..."

The man flashed another charming smile at her before turning and walking over to the campfire.

What the hells am I doing, the woman behind him thought...


3. Talk with a stranger

He looked tall, even when he sat, and as she took a seat facing him, the man lowered his hood.
The full sight of his features overwhelmed Elvina for a moment.

Long white gold tresses fell down over his shoulders, and with his eyes no longer in the shadow of his hood, Elvina could perceive a pair of piercing golden eyes looking at hers. His face looked rather young and Elvina estimated him about her age. At first sight his facial features were rather humanoid, but his lightly tanned skin seemed a bit shiny.
His expression seemed friendly and even felt a bit warm, somehow he had the natural look of someone who could be trusted.
He was wearing a kind of white studded armour, but made of a material Elvina never had seen before... it seemed to have a rather soft surface, but at the same time looked strong enough to resist the sharp edge of a sword. Small white rings kept parts of the armour together, but when the man moved they didn't produce any sound.
He also almost looked like that typical knight in white armour from the tales... except he didn't seem to carry a blade.

And exactly that made her inner alarm bells go off... she 'resisted' this appearance and would be very cautious. After all, he was a man.

The stranger must have noticed how her expressions changed as he tilted his head and spoke softly," If you rather would see I remove myself because I cause discomfort or something... I shall do so immediately." He lifted up his hands in a peaceful gesture.

More alarm bells, but instead she said," No, please , I am rude by looking like that at you." She offered him the bottle of wine as if it was a token of apologies.

Slowly he stretched his arm and accepted it, but not before saying while his eyes seemed to pierce hers," The reason for your distrust must lie in the past. I don't feel offended or whatsoever, nor can I blame you for it, mi'lady Elvina."
He sipped from the bottle and gave it back at her, noticing the white haired lady was slighty blushing.

She was speechless, how did he even dare to... the alarm bells in her head didn't stop but she tried to ignore them, instead giving herself the time to think for a reaction.

As if Syrius read her mind, he said," Perhaps a subject that should to be left aside."

She quickly nodded, a bit too fast. In her mind she cursed as if she just had exposed herself with showing that expression, as if she had revealed delicate information about herself to someone who hadn't earned her trust yet.

Syrius simply offered her another reassuring smile. "It is alright, mi'lady Elvina." He glanced around and witnessed her poor gear before looking back at her and saying," Are you ... okay?"

"Heh?" Elvina first didn't realise at what he was aiming but then nodded," I'm just away from town for a few days."

"Ow, I see. Taking some time off is always nice. I'm actually doing the same."

Alarm bells, all over her mind, but instead she asked softly," Any special reason for that?"

The man's eyes shifted to the flames of the renewed campfire. "A friend in need I wanted to help... without being troubled by other things..."

Elvina raised a brow," And you are looking for this friend?"

Syrius nodded," It is my wish and duty."

Elvina tilted her head," Well, if that is your understanding of taking time off..."

She blushed as she noticed he was looking directly at her when she looked up. " I do have other duties as well, but this seemed more important," he simply said.

Elvina stretched her legs and hesitated before saying," I... I was looking for someone too, but..." She looked a bit ashamed.

The stranger raised a brow but his expression was still friendly," But...?" he encouraged her to continue.

"Like you said too, I needed some time..."

Syrius got up and walked over to her. He kneeled next to the Vanguard and laid his hand gently on her shoulder," There is nothing wrong with that, for instance to take some time and think about your next move. The best way sometimes to... deal with problems... or to find someone, and I'm sure you eventually will find this person, as will I."

She turned to him and offered him a weak smile before saying," Now you remind me of my friend Daniel, he..." her voice faltered.

Syrius tilted his head before smiling," Your friends give you hope and courage to move on and to not worry."

"They... do their best..."

"But its not enough for you?"

Elvina bit her lip.

He now took a seat next to her. "Perhaps I can be of assistance?"

Elvina sighed," I highly doubt that, and its a long and complicated story..."

"I have time..." the stranger simply said.

And so, bit by bit, step by step, Elvina told him stuff about herself... not everything though, but with a few of his questions each time going deeper in her own dark past. Some things she kept strictly to herself, like the true name of the Master for instance and her plan to destroy him, or the fact she was raped once and who had been behind it. She told him about a few of her adventures, about her loved ones, ... about her lovers... while trying to hide her grief by sounding as neutral as possible... as if she was talking about someone else...

At the end of her tale there were two things that surprised her. The fact she had just so easily told her past to a complete stranger, and... allowing his arm around her.
She glanced up at him, did he use magic on her? Her eyes narrowed a bit but for some bloody reason she didn't say anything about it.

His facial expression could be described as serious and it took some time before he said something. "Love... but also drama, you have had a horrible past mi'lady, even worse than I had ever imagined, certainly now that I heard it from your own lips."

Elvina jumped up just after slamming the arm around her away. " I knew it !!" Her eyes were furious on his while she fiercely attempted to straighten out her night gown.
And did he just dared to touch her??

Syrius remained calm, and looked up to answer her look while showing her the palms of his hands.
For a very brief moment he looked pained, " Mi'lady please, allow me to...


4. Attack

Suddenly Elvina could see his eyes rolling just before he fell to the side... a black arrow sticking out of his back.

Elvina looked behind him and saw a few pair red eyes approaching from the forest, and a voice... without doubt, fiendish," Kill the gold and white hair!"

She groaned softly," Not again..." Within a second Elvina was surrounded by her hellfire and jumped between the enemy in the forest and the fallen stranger.

A few arrows were send in her direction, but one occultic word from the witch made them simply miss her.

"My turn," she said and lashed out to the still unknown creatures, taking them all out with her first blast that jumped from target to target, carbonizing them on the spot.

She quickly turned around and rolled the man to his side. He was conscious but also clearly in pain. He gasped before saying, " The... the arrow... take it out... please..."

She pulled it out immediately, quickly covering the wound with her blanket as the blood guttered slowly out of it, coloring his white armour red.
"Its not that deep, but it requires medical attention," she said while examining the arrow.

"More .. may come, we don't have time... I'm so sorry mi'lady..."

"Heh, just let us get out of here, okay? Then I'll have a look at that wound. The horse can carry us both and..."

Just when she said that, her horse fell to its side, two arrows buried in its flank.

Elvina cursed and while going through a weird feeling of deja-vu, she helped Syrius to stand. They took the opposite direction from where the arrows were coming.
A few more found their way between the trees but not one got even close enough to scratch them. Whoever was after their lives, they were unskilled archers when it came to moving targets.

Syrius seemed a brave man and it almost looked as if he wasn't wounded at all. While running Elvina asked," You okay...?"

He nodded," Don't worry..." but then he suddenly stopped.

Right in front of them, less than fourty feet away stood a pair of hellhounds, big as a horse, eyes like burning coal and a red collar like one of those exotic lizards, with spikes as extensions. Their bodies were dark as night almost reflecting no light from the moon. The only thing that perhaps lit up very bright under this full moon were their teeth, long and sharp, ready to tear their victims apart. Elvina could swear she saw the saliva rolling down from them just before dropping on the forest soil.

"Run, mi'lady..."

Elvina threw her distrust about the man overboard and said," The hells no... never in my life have I left someone behind."

Despite the situation, Syrius offered her a weak smile," Which is one of the qualities making you who you are."

She blushed just before poking him," Heh, not now prince Charm... which way..."

The man next to her offered her another weak smile," Right now there is only one way."

Elvina nodded," I hear ya..." and with that she prepared to attack the slowly approaching hellhounds.

Suddenly she felt how his hand had dropped on her shoulder," Thats... not what I meant, mi'lady." He mumbled a soft word.
A blinding light appeared behind them, making the hellhounds turn away their heads for a moment... but only for a moment.

Hell of a life - Page 7 16047

She could feel Syrius pulling her along," Come quickly, this way... I shall never forgive myself for leaving you behind."

Elvina turned her head away from the slowly recovering beasts and gave him a questioning look, just before glancing over her shoulder, narrowing her eyes for the blinding light.
She nodded, and by that could feel how he grabbed her arm just before they walked into the light, ... just when the deadly beasts aimed for their backs with what would have been a record-breaking jump for any mortal being.

With a flash the light disappeared, turning the forest dark again, leaving a few pairs of red eyes and two confused hellhounds behind...


5. Light

Peace, warmth, friendship, love... she sensed these feelings, but not only within her. It was as if they embraced her, touching every inch of her skin, caressing her soul and not only telling her she was safe, but also... welcome. Just like she had every time she returned to the elven community where she was raised.

In a distance she heard a female voice... talking to someone. Elvina focussed on her hearing... it was a different language, yet somehow strangely familiar. Vaguely she remembered some of her books and perhaps it was because of those she was able to translate a few words, but without catching the full meaning of each sentence spoken. Still, there was something weird going on with it...

"... telling ... the one ... ... ... behind ... ... talk ... ... look ... ..."

She tried to open her eyes but was immediately struck by a headache and shook her head.

Hell of a life - Page 7 2exu3yf

A voice closeby now, one she recognised, and a warm hand taking hers," Easy now, we'll lower the lights first, apologies."

With one word the light in the room was greatly reduced.

Elvina opened her eyes and mumbled a thank you. Meanwhile she became aware of a couch under her. She tried to sit, blinking several times before rubbing in her eyes.
Someone was supporting her and took a seat next to her. And somehow she knew it was him.

Her sight, still a bit blurry, became sharper more rapidly now in this dim light.

A woman was standing in front of her in what appeared to be a fully white room. She was amazingly beautiful and shared several features with Syrius who was now sitting next to her and still holding her hand.
She also noticed neither he or she herself withdrew it...
The woman was dressed in a likewise outfit like Syrius, only a bit more... feminine, with some kind of a skirt instead of a pants, and long white boots under it. Her eye color was also the same as Syrius, just as her hair, and for a moment Elvina would have sworn she was his sister.

"Greetings, my name is Valara," she said while offering Elvina a warm smile.

"My mother..." Syrius next to her mumbled.

Elvina blinked, it was hard to believe as they looked about the same age... and since these people were no elves...

The woman smiled softly in Elvina's direction," Yes, I know my child." She glanced at her son," And have you told her anything yet about us?"

Syrius shook his head.

Her eyes shifted back to Elvina, a playful smile around her lips," Though I have the feeling she already knows things, but only slowly realises. Am I right, Elvina?"

The white haired Vanguard, still dressed in her white night gown blinked several times, her eyes widening while gasping for air..." No, no... it can't be." She looked from Valara to Syrius and back. "Angels... you are angels," she blurted out while tears started to pool in her eyes..." Am, ... am I de... dead...?"

Valara laughed softly and quickly stepped forward, taking Elvina's free hand, slowly pulling her up while Syrius withdrew his hand," No, no, on the contrary, my child... you... we are all very alive. And,... we are Celestials."

"I...I...," Elvina stumbled over her words.

Valara glanced at Syrius," She really doesn't know yet?" she said while gently embracing Elvina.

He shook his head again, silently watching.

"Come my child, let me show you where you are. Then we talk." She motioned Elvina slowly towards what appeared to be a window and opened the thick white curtains.

This time the light was even blinding for the Celestials flanking her, albeit temporary.

Slowly all three of them lowered their raised arms while their eyes adapted.

... Elvina cried openly with what she had to witness ...


6. Marvel

They were standing on the balcony of probably the highest building. The sun was shining, but the reflection from below was as blinding as Rel himself.

Down at her feet she saw a white-golden city bigger than Ravenswatch with lots of high and elegant towers spread all over the area, making it look as if this city formed one big castle.
The city seemed to be build on different levels, some connected by stylish bridges. An impressively large avenue decorated with angelic statues and a mixture of wide and narrow streets paved in white stone made it possible to travel in all directions.

When she looked a bit closer, parts of the city were comparable with the ones she had visited during her life, yet the whole place felt unwordly as it was build on and between clouds. There were some trees, yes, but it looked as if it were just the tops, breaking through the layer of clouds, just like the sharp looking rocks all around them, mountain peaks piercing themselves like needles through a thick wolly blanket.

Elvina's gaze shifted back to the city, her tears almost blurring her sight too much to see the golden accents above doors and windows, as well as on certain rooftops. Or for instance its breathtakingly beautiful inhabitants traveling through their homeplace on their way to their daily activities, perhaps visiting one of the many temples she could percieve or what looked like crowded markets.

Her eyes turned skywards cause what she couldn't miss was the rainbow bending itself over this magnificent sight, a double one even and apparently persistent,... it was there almost as if it formed a compensation for what colors the city was missing out from a complete spectrum.
And she could swear seeing even more cities, smaller though, floating high up in the sky surrounding them.

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Valara looked at Elvina and took her other hand, making the white haired woman turn and facing her. Her eyes were warm and glittered a bit in the sunlight.
"Welcome home..."

Elvina's mouth fell open while Valara glanced at her son.

"Now would be a good time I think," she said and looked back at Elvina while raising her hand. Her fingertips touched the Vanguard's forehead," With the love of the gods, awaken my child."

And with that the lights went out...


7. Wake up...

"Mmmmm" the white haired woman moaned softly as she woke up. She was laying on her belly, long white tresses draped over her face and pillow.
It was starting to get light in the room, but not too light as the curtains partially dimmed the brightness of the everlasting day.

Her left arm moved a little, and her hand slowly started to brush over the mattress left from her body, … her fingers, almost eager, scouting the area.
Her eyes still closed, she smiled and whispered," Mmm, I love my bed but..." her hand started to explore under the sheets, her arm stretching a bit,"...but I would appreciate my love next to me even more..."

A sweet voice on her other side sounded," That... can be arranged, I think."

She giggled softly and started to extend her right arm, until her fingertips 'finally' made contact with a warm body. Her hand moved upwards, her fingers exploring the smooth skin, going over the belly towards the other side of that so familiar body.
As soon as it made contact with the hip, she pulled and while sliding herself a bit to the right, she could feel that warm body making contact with hers.

"Did… did you like last night?" she whispered, her eyes still shut, but her smile widening.

"You at my side is more than enough,..."

Her eyes flew open while her head snapped to her right, only to witness a grin on the face right next to hers. She poked the body touching hers.

"OUCH! Hey, let me finish first."

"Right, you are in deep trouble now... mister!"

Syrius rubbed his hair, his grin widening," ... but ... what I wanted to say... its good to have you on your back..."

Her eyes widened in disbelief and while he chuckled he brought his strong arms around her, holding her in a warm and gentle embrace and corrected his last sentence with a playful smirk,"... to have you back...OUCH…" he had to cough after another poke from her,"... in bed."

Her gaze softened,"Ha... you better mean it or..."

His smirk widening he said," Or what... my everlasting beauty?"

Suddenly she freed herself from his embrace, slipping out of his arms just before pushing him away and making him roll over on his back. Almost faster than an eye could blink she took a seat, sitting astride him, just below his belly. With her eyes on his and her hands flat resting on his belly, she leaned a bit over, making her white hairtips tickle his lightly muscled chest. A playful smile was cast in his direction," Or you are the one who will end on his back."

His hands reached out for her hips, his golden eyes never leaving hers," Now, this is not the only reason why I look up at you."

She smiled, her head lowering a bit towards his," I love you, Syrius."

Preparing himself to meet her lips he said," And I love you, ... Lumitia."

And just before her lips met his, he could see how her irises lit up... emitting a soft white light...

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8. Permission

The white haired lady wandered a bit through the immense and long hallways until her eye caught sight of a huge open door, two guards in white armour standing on each side. She peeked in before entering an immensly large room, completely white with as only colors the glass-mozaik of the windows at least fifteen feet above the ground. The tiny squares filtered the sunlight and created a weak but colorful shine and sparkling on the opposing walls, almost as if it were a work of art. The floor was shiny like the surface of water and she could see a reflection of the spectrum created above her head.

At the end of the hall stood a small white throne decorated with a bit gold on the edges and arm rests, huge white wings spreading from behind it. Someone was sitting at the base of the throne, studying the round object in her hands, an opened chest in front of her.

The white haired lady smiled and walked silently over, stopping just in front of the throne and inclining her head to the woman sitting on the step, clearly plunged in thought. " Your Highness..."

Valara looked up, and offered a smile back," You know you don't have to call me like that, certainly..." she looked around,"... not with no one else present." She got up, just before embracing and kissing the woman in front of her on the cheek. "It's good to see you again, Lumitia."

"Its good to be back, Valara. How have you been around here?"

She hooked her arm into Lumitia's and motioned her towards the open door before saying," Things have been pretty... 'good'...," she chuckled soft before continuing,"... but can you expect anything else among Celestials?"

The woman next to her smirked while she lead the Queen out.

Valara patted Lumitia's arm with her other hand," I assume you have questions after all that time."

Lumitia sighed," Sometimes its better to not ask questions and just enjoy what is around you."

Valara giggled, for a moment sounding like a young girl chatting with her best friend," It's Syrius, right?"

Lumitia blushed slightly but giggled along," That... among some other things."

They stopped in front of an open balcony, another one that gave a good look on the city stretching out below the castle they were in.

"He has my permission and approval, Lumitia. And so do you."

This time it was the white haired woman's turn to embrace," Thank you..." she whispered.

Valara returned the hug, caressing Lumitia's hair," It doesn't matter you are more human than Celestial. I just know that you will make me even more proud one day." Then she held the woman at arms length," And I want him to be happy."

Lumitia looked back in Valara's eyes," Thats what I'm planning to do."

Valara gave her another light embrace," That's what you already are doing... Beakon of Love."

Lumitia smiled, her irises giving light for a moment.


9. Countdown

Lumitia smiled as she saw him standing in the Queens Garden between the two main towers, his hand absently running through some white flowers.

She had swapped her long dress for a rather short skirt with white knee-high boots under it, and a blouse that left her back open, ... her lightly tanned skin, which was partially covered by her long white hair, in contrast with the white fabric.
Silently she moved in his direction, practically sneaking upon him.

Without any warning Syrius felt how two arms from behind suddenly slid under his, embracing him around the waist. He was only a little startled and said," Till death makes us part,... but be careful with that sneaking of yours if you do not wish that to happen too soon."

He got pinched above his hip just before hearing her soft voice next to his left ear," Sometimes you can be such a wussy." She giggled before her tone became a little more serious," And my answer is... yes..."

In the circle of her arms he turned around, his smile warm and his eyes practically glittering," Mother told you..."

Her smile was playful," Seems she told us both..." but before she could finish her sentence his lips were on hers, the warmth of them immediately spreading to every known and unknown parts of her being. She felt light now in the embrace of his arms and for a moment she could swear she was flying. While the kiss lingered on, most of her thoughts were put to rest for the time being and she could only think of what they had shared and were about to share. He was everything to her and so was she to him. Never had he given up on her, nor did his heart searched for another.
No further words were necessary to say how much they loved each other, as they both had seen enough from the other, but also were able to sense each other's thoughts and feelings.

She pouted when he broke the kiss, only to be answered by his lovely sounding chuckling... which she answered with another pinch.
"Can I at least have the honor?" he finally brought out.

She brushed his cheek with the back of her hand and softly said," You may...."

Syrius kneeled before her after he had taken her hand. "Lumitia Faerenyl, Beakon of Love, will you marry me?" he said with his face up and his eyes on hers.

He could see her irises glow for a moment, just before she answered, a squeeze in his hand noticable," Yes, Syrius Irichon, Prince of Zirin, with whole my heart."

The man in front of her kissed the hand he was holding, and rose without releasing it, taking his future wife once more in his arms...


And from that moment everything started to go fast, it was almost as if there wasn’t enough time to do all the preparations.
Especially the days just before that one big day were stressing...

Lumitia was overjoyed! Her escort, ten pairs of Royal Guards, each of them dressed in a gold armour with a long white tabard worn over it, made sure she reached her destination in time. Pure ceremonial as she could have gotten there herself too and there was nothing to fear in this city. Still, her future husband and mother in law had insisted on this treatment.

And this was still only the beginning! After all, she was ‘just’ going for her wedding dress. They had needed three weeks to make it and now was the last ‘fitting time. Three more days till the big moment. Today she would see the final decorations and it was also the last chance for minor changes.

One hour later Lumitia stood in front of the mirror, marvelling...

The gown was astonishing in her eyes, a silky fabric and of course white all over with a few golden accents and small jewelry to add some decoration around her neck and wrists. The neckline, in the shape of a sweetheart was strapless, the shape on top of the heart contoured around her bust, exposing her shoulders, chest and a certain cleavage.
The waistline dropped as low as her hips, the skirt attached directly in line with her hips, creating an hourglass illusion. It made her think of a mermaid and she also felt rather slender in it as it seemed to lengthen and slimming her torso even further.
On her arms were long chic gloves, made of a likewise fabric as her gown, and they covered the skin of her arms all the way up only to stop a few inches bellow her armpits.

She swirled around in front of the mirror and couldn’t believe it was almost there... that big moment...

Two days later stress really hit on Lumitia. It had started with little things, weeks before but now with the wedding only one day ahead, things just needed to be perfect.
She ‘intervened’ in the kitchens, spoke with the ones responsible for the decorations, saw the captain of the Royal Guard, ran over the guest list, checked the tables for the tenth time... until Valara with a sigh finally decided to take the future princess and daughter in law under her arm and led her out of the castle for a walk.

As always it was a beautiful day and the temperature constant close to rather warm.

“I just want it to be perfect, Valara.”

Valara nodded and smiled, after patiently listening at Lumitia’s 'concerns'.

“Its just...”

Valara raised her hand and Lumitia fell silent.

“You don’t have to worry so much, my child. Many have been working on this big day, as it is not only a big moment for you, but for the entire realm. I personally can assure you nothing will go wrong, and no one will make any comment over one small detail or word diverging from what ‘normally-should-be’.”

Lumitia relaxed a little, and still led by the Queen they entered one of the many gardens.

Valara stopped and took Lumitia’s hands, her golden eyes locking on the grey white irises of the princess-to-be,” Our people including your loved ones will care about other things than a small error in a wedding. From that moment on they will look even more up at you and expect you by the side of your husband, my son, to watch over them and to fight darkness, for that is what we do. We have to keep striving for goodness, not only in our own hearts, but also in the hearts of others and lead as many as possible to the light, or at least away from what is dark and evil. I have seen your heart before, my child, and its pure good and love which is stored in there.”

The Queen laid her hand on Lumitia’s chest,” You have the strength and the power to do something with that, you are able to bring light into the hearts of people. They just have to look at you, just like I am doing now, and they will already be all ears, waiting for what you might have to offer to them to aid them on their paths.”

Valara paused, giving Lumitia a pensive look before continuing,” I admit in order to do that, you have to make sure you feel happy with yourself too, even in the darkest of times not letting go of yourself... and realise that many more good things may be about to come.”

Lumitia smiled warm,” I feel very happy now.”

Valara let out a sigh and motioned Lumitia to continue their walk, patting Lumitia’s arm,” Yes, yes... I know how you feel...”

They left the already peaceful garden in silence, while on the other side of the castle a city was preparing for one big feast...


10. Destiny

Long golden trumpets, held in the hands of white-blue dressed heralds, sounded over the immense square, making the gathered to lower their voices and turn their heads eagerly in the direction of the open gates connecting the castle with this public place.

After the line up of the Royal Guards, now dressed in ceremonial white armour with yellow accents on the shoulder pads and bracers, on each side of the square, it was time for the queen and her entourage to make their appearance.
As silence had fallen over the square, an open white chariot pulled by white stallions passed the gates, followed by queen Valara’s bodyguards The only sounds audible were the fluttering banners on the spears of the men guarding the square, a few whispers left and right, hoofs clacking, the sound of metal rolling over stone, and boots marching over the square.
And when the chariot had left the gates, the crowd started to cheer without a signal been given. Many carried small ribbons in their hands and waved enthusiastically at their queen... for she was loved.

Valara wore a golden dress with white sleeves, and as she waved back to her people they could see the rings on her fingers glitter in the light of the everlasting day. The golden crown on her head, which she almost never wore, was rather simple, with only a few shiny stones in it.
Several times she waved and smiled warmly in all directions.

When they reached the middle of the square, the queen was helped out of the chariot by her Master of Ceremonies, a very friendly looking elder Celestial man with short white hair and white eyes, listening by the name Ixor.
He escorted queen Valara to the altar set up in the middle of the square, surrounded by another line of ceremonial guards. Within this smaller square of guards, close to and surrounding the altar, was a small flower garden, especially made for this occasion. The altar was placed under an wide open arbor made from a silverly looking wood, stylishly decorated with blue and yellow flowers.

Queen Valara was escorted by two guards until she stood right next to the man who would lead the ceremony, Hylvinus, the Grand Preacher. He offered his queen a small bow and a warm smile, his bright blue ceremonial garment in big contrast with the white marble altar right next to him.
“A lovely day, my Lady.”

Valara inclined her head,” What you say, my dear friend. This is one of the happiest moments in my life, … now that I know I will be succeeded.”

Hylvinus raised a brow,” My Lady thinks she...”

She looked at him,” Its my final surprise for today, I’m announcing it right after they are married.”

Hylvinus bowed his head and it seemed he acquiesced over something they had talked about many many times,” Your wish, my Lady.”

She offered him one of her warmest smiles,” It will be fine my old friend, Syrius and Lumitia are born for this, they are like one soul in two beings.”
She looked back at the crowd gathered to witness the ceremony and nodded to herself for making the right decision after her husband was killed in action not so many years ago... a grief and a pain that would be everlasting.

Again the golden trumpets sounded over the square, for it was the tradition the ones who would be obtained by marriage showed up first. In this case Lumitia would appear before prince Syrius would.

Not many moments later a golden open chariot passed the gates, pulled by no less than eight white stallions. And when that chariot entered the square, the crowd was so amazed by the beauty of the woman in it, they almost forgot to cheer at first.
With the chariot half way towards the altar, the crowd once more started to cheer loudly, overwhelming their future princess a bit ... for she was blushing under all the attention. Nevertheless she ignored the etiquette and rose from the bench in the chariot, standing up and waving in all directions at the crowd, which elicited many smiles from her future citizens

The Master of Ceremonies walked over as soon as the chariot stopped within the second square of guards and offered Lumitia his hand.
She accepted, and while holding her dress a bit up with her other hand she stepped gracefully out the chariot just before she was led to the altar and took position in front of it. Only the closest could see her eyes had turned liquid.

She, however, kept her eyes on the gate now and only moments later the golden trumpets once more sounded. Her heart skipped a bit for her prince was about to make his appearance. Her prince, but also the one with who she had been connected so many lives, and the only one with who she wanted to spend countless more.

A wind blew over the square, sending a shiver over Lumitia’s back, she glanced over her shoulder and saw how Valara offered her a warm smile. Lumitia smiled too before looking back at the gate, her eyes fixating on the silver chariot pulled by white horses.
Again the crowd was silent, waiting until the chariot would pass the gates.

Another gust of wind, a hard one this time, struck Lumitia in the back, making her hair and wedding dress flutter along. Once more she glanced over her shoulder and noticed she wasn’t the only one.
The crowd murmured and turned their heads in the same direction as Lumitia, but also Valara, and Hylvinus who said,” What the....”

A dark cloud had appeared between the white ones, not so far from the city and it was getting closer rapidly. No, it was not just dark... it was black. A few more gusts of wind were send over the square, ripping on the numerous banners and ribbons.
A shadow was drawn over those present as the cloud seemed to expand itself, preventing Rel’s light to reach them.

Lumitia could hear Valara murmur,” Impossible...” right before she yelled,” TO ARMS!!! We are under attack!”

“STOP!!! ” A loud voice boomed over the gathered, and it seemed to come from the cloud. “OR YOUR BELOVED PRINCE DIES !!”

Already the guards had gathered around their queen and Lumitia, but now many heads were turned into the direction of the silver chariot, which had stopped half way the square while a number guards also moved in the direction of the prince.

Lumitia had already lifted her wedding dress with both hands and quickly ran towards the chariot as she had recognised the voice and she yelled,” SYRIUS !! Get out of there !!”

Syrius, also showing disbelief, jumped with one smooth motion out of the chariot, making his way towards her, only to feel her seconds later bumping against his chest.
Immediately he threw his arms around her, and moved her to his side, holding her in an protective embrace as also he looked up at the cloud.

Around them, the guards, but also his people had started to summon their magic as each and every one of them felt what the cloud brought.
He glanced at his mother and saw Valara had already summoned a protective cocoon around her and Hylvinus, while the elder celestial had started mumbling the holy words for banishing.
He shook up when the voice in the cloud boomed again.


Valara narrowed her eyes on the cloud, her voice slowly increasing in volume until loud enough for all her people to hear,” We, Valara... and all the citizens of Zirin, WE... WILL NEVER GIVE UP ANYONE WHO FOLLOWS THE LIGHT, LET ALONE SOMEONE WHO BELONGS TO US!!!”



All that time the prince of Zirin had kept his love in his arms, but now she broke free and before he had been able to say anything, she was already half way towards the altar, her eyes on the cloud, her irises glowing like the sun.

Lumitia spoke, her voice clear and just loud enough,” How dare you!! How dare you to come here and disturb us! How dare you once more to come after me in an attempt not only to ruin my life but also destroy that of many others! Show yourself, and we will settle this, once and for all !!”

Syrius had already run after her, and brought his arms back around her,” No, let it be!! He will not have you or any of us!!” The prince looked up at the cloud,” For we will fight him all as of now ! ARCHON’S !! PREPARE YOURSELF !!”

And with those words the prince unleashed what was about to become a terrible battle. The dark cloud turned red on the inside and finally all could see what was hidden within.
An enermous yellow glowing circle appeared, and in it small dots became visible, their size growing rapidly until everyone could see what they were.
Nightmares, the darkest demons one could imagine, each with red beaming eyes searching for their prey and holding their sharp claws and fangs ready to tear flesh apart, their huge bat-like wings spreading and making them even look bigger than they already were. And it weren’t dozen’s, no,... it were hundreds of them.

But the people of Zirin didn’t just stand there waiting ready to be ripped apart. Many of them turned their shapes and several grew in size and gained wings. And maybe they didn’t carry any weapons at first sight, their magic was enough to summon humming swords and shields in their hands, enough to harden their skins and surround them with protective energies, enough and ready to stand up against whatever was about to come.

“Lumitia, stand back.” Next to her Syrius had also called upon his magic, his body surrounded by a soft white light, but he didn’t changed his shape yet.”

The white haired lady snapped her head to him,” We are in this together!”

She could see how he bit his lip, just before he said,” Then please forgive me, for I shall never forgive myself seeing you harmed by Him.”

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And with that, just when the Archons were about to clash with the demons in the sky above Zirin, which would definitely turn the white square red, … Syrius mumbled a word.
A bright light appeared behind Lumitia and while she looked at it over her back, he took her by the arms and with gentle force motioned her towards the light.

She screamed,” Nooo, nooo, don’t make me leave you!!”

Their eyes met one last time, and she could see his love for her... just before everything turned white.... and then black.


The Vanguard screamed,” NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” while getting up from her bedroll. Only a second later she was sitting on her knees, heavily gasping for air while blinking and looking around, her head snapping from left to right. The sky was dark with a small strip of lightness in the distance behind her, and she was in a forest, with a low burning campfire right next to her.
And before she knew it, she had started to cry, heavily, while whispering,” I lost him... I lost him...”

She sat there for almost half an hour, dawn slowly approaching, her knees pulled up and her arms embracing her legs. There was nothing she could do...

Still sobbing, her eyes got caught by a book on her left, partially covered by her blanket. When she removed it she saw the book was open on a certain page and when she looked at it,.. it finally dawned on her.

Elvina picked up the book and turned it around to read its title.


She closed her eyes, her mind trying to adapt while tears were still rolling down her cheeks, her body lightly shivering. She licked with her tongue the drops that reached her lips, a salty taste spreading over her tongue, just before she whispered to herself.

“A dream... Utu,... if you or Nuarari sent it.... thank you,” at first not realising why she said that.

She glanced at the book in her hands again, a tale and a likewise story, … a story about a soul housing in a woman with a guardian angel watching over her for not one, but several lifetimes as that angel had fallen in love for her soul after showing itself and discovering his love was answered by her.

“A tale... and my own mind...”

She realised it hadn’t been real, no, a it was dream filled with elements from the book mixed with elements from her own life.

“But it was all so clear...” she murmured, while cleaning her eyes.

It was true as she recalled every single detail of the dream, more, she even could ‘remember’ things from her so-called previous lives with Syrius. And she also recognised things of her own life, the life she was living now. Probably the only life she would ever live, or at least the only life she would be able to recall.

Elvina closed her eyes, her mind running over details...

The flowers that had shown up in her dream, several times,... Eve loved them, and used lots of them when she proposed her. Then there was the marriage,... she wanted to marry again but only if she believed it was with the love of her life. And she had believed in her, … one soul in two beings, just like they said to each other,... but it seems she also had believed in... this fictive Syrius... a man even. And ‘meeting’ this person was on its turn connected with her earlier wondering about maybe finding this love with the other gender, but also her former search for her real name, and the hope to find out her lineage. Perhaps even the hope of making part of that greater good...

Many more details crossed her mind, many VERY symbolic... until she … understood something... or at least gained a certain insight.

“It seems, Utu... instead of being filled with grief and sadness everytime things go wrong... I should rather cherish the things that didn’t. For instance cherish the beautiful moments I had with her, but also with others. And be grateful that I was able to have such moments in this life, … my life. Life is what it seems... all good things come to an end... and why...?”

She looked up at the sky,” All good things come to an end... so that other good things can start.”

And she realised another thing. She and Sammil were not the same in this, how similar their... ‘search’ thus far may have looked, there was a significant difference.
Unlike her friend who had been looking for the one who was able to fill that ‘gap’ in his heart with love, … she had been looking for the one whose heart was waiting to be filled with hers.

Elvina sighed,” For already too long have I wandered around, dwelling on things in the past. What is done is done and some things are just not reversable.” She glanced up again,” For too long have I been sitting and doing nothing... but I swear, Utu... that is about to change. It may all have been a dream, but I shall bring love and light in hearts of the ones who want it and fight for that greater good I believe in. Please Utu, wherever she might be now, watch over her and enlighten her path for she is still in my heart, and I thank her for all the joy and light she has brought into it.”

And with that, the Vanguard lady got up and started to gather her things, a meeting with a certain Vanguard captain in her mind, … until...

“Heh? Where is my horse !?”

She looked around and almost immediately noticed footprints that weren’t hers, right next to the campfire. She also saw others, what appeared several footprints leading out of her little camp place.

A cold shiver ran down her back...

(by Staff)

It wasn't long before Caldur woke up from his peaceful sleep and looked towards the camp-fire. The flames within the fire were almost out as he could feel the warmth that was there fade away. In slight worry that the Vanguards sleep might be disturbed by feeling cold he quickly slides down the tree, making sure that he didn't make too much noise to waken her.

He looked around in search of some wood that he could place on the camp-fire to light it back up. There where a few big pieces of branches that have fallen off trees as such scattered near him. He silently and carefully walked towards the branches but telling Ocane to stay put, it was hard enough by himself to dodge the small twigs.

After picking up a few of the twigs he made his way towards the camp-fire but making sure that he didn't get too close to the Vanguard to disturb her. As he knelt towards the camp-fire placing a few of the branches on the fire he could see Ocane near the horse. Before he could tell or signal Ocane to move away the horse saw the giant spider.

Upon seeing Ocane the horse jumped around slightly and ran off into the dark forest. Caldur clicked his fingers twice before wild shaping into a wolf to chase after the horse, Ocane upon hearing the click of Caldurs fingers hid back within the trees. It took him almost a hour but he finaly managed to catch up with the horse.

Upon looking at the horse he could tell that it was pretty shaken up by seeing Ocane but after a few moments and a hand full of grass Caldur managed to calm the horse down. He slowly took hold of the horse as he made his way back to the camp site, hoping that the Vanguard was still asleep.

Meanwhile Elvina slings her backpack over her shoulders, her eyes on the footprints, she starts to move in the direction of the forest.

Caldur moved just slightly out from the tree lines still holding the horse in one hand, as he moved his head away from the horse he could see Elvina looking towards his direction.

She raises a brow just before narrowing her eyes, he could see her looking at him with a mixed expression of surprise and disbelief.


Looking back from the horse to her as he was trying to think of something to say. "Here's your horse Elvina" he walked slightly closer before looking at the camp-fire.

She blinked several times, a tear rolling down from her cheek.

He looks back at her with a slightly smile but sees the tear rolling down her cheek.

"Are you ok Elvina?" He walks up to her after he hand moved the horse to a tree, securing it to the tree.


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Hell of a life - Page 7 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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174. Bastion : A new commanding officer

Months later

A few days after her meeting with Sam, Elvina arrived at Fort Bastion. It was almost night but that didn’t matter. The tall black-clad woman quickly jumped of her horse and strode towards the officer’s barracks.

“... and we need to get supplies around the Badlands...” the voice faded when the door was opened, a tall white haired woman entering the main room.

Four Vanguards stood next to a round table, a few large maps spread out on its wooden surface, a flavor of hot tea in the air, and low burning fireplace adding warmth and extra light to the room.

They all turned in the direction of the newcomer.

Elvina smiled softly as she recognised three of them. It sure had been a while, but it was good to see some familiar faces were still around. Absently she squeezed the book she was holding in one of her hands.

“Vanguard Elvina,..”, the quartermaster said while she nodded.

The one Vanguard she didn’t know, widened his eyes a little before stepping forward and saluting her.

Elvina, who never had really cared much for salutes, returned the salute nevertheless, “... Vanguard...”

The quartermaster behind the man said,” This is Vanguard Sergeant Harovan, assigned to your company, miss Elvina.”

Harovan was a tall sturdy looking man with light blond hair. The few scars around his neck were proof he had seen more than one fight. The sergeant was probably half way his twenties and he looked rather tough. For a moment he reminded her of Daniel, but that image quickly passed and faded.

“An honour to meet you, Commander,’ Harovan said to the Vanguard lady in front of him.

Elvina inclined her head a bit and said,” What is our current status, Sergeant?”

The man seemed to find it necessary to salute once more,” Our company will be ready to go within two-three days... eh... and if I may use my boot, I’m certain it can be arranged much quicker.”

Elvina shook her head, a light smile,” No need for that. I want to make certain that everything is in apple-pie order as we leave.” She glanced over his shoulder at two other Vanguards next to the quartermaster before looking back at Harovan, “There are still a few people I need to consult. We depart in two days. Before that time I expect a full list of what we have : I want every Vanguard’s name and role who is part of our company, I want to know what we are taking with us, and if any, I want a full shipments list.”

The man saluted once more,” I will see right to it, ma’am... Commander.”

Another faint smile was cast in Harovan’s direction as he left. Elvina looked back at the round table and joined the remaining gathered Vanguards.

She would be gone for 6 months

(these adventures were never written out fully and involved too many other authors. Elvina will return 6-7 months later from a battle at a place called Dasar and rest for a while)


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Hell of a life - Page 7 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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175. Seducing

The elf-like girl sat near the stream, not far from Two Bridges, staring at her own image in the water. Absently her fingers clenched around the shortbow hidden under her cloak, its string still unused for what it was planned to be used for.

“You will get your chance,” a voice sounded behind her.

Startled the girl jumped up and looked around only to meet two glowing eyes looking at her, just before his full form materialized. The sight of white flickering teeth was her share.

He held up his hands,” Now now, don’t say you are surprised to see me.”

Lilitu stumbled over her words,” I… I… eh…”

The Master shook his head,” No words are need, my sweetest.” He walked over to her and took the shivering girl in his arms. “So, are you bored?”

The girl looking like Zinna regained herself hearing his soothing voice, and as if by magic her posture changed. It’s also possible the presence of the Archdevil saw to that.
Her voice changed, displaying a seducing tone. “Mmm, maybe…” her elegantly shaped elven hand changed into a claw and the nail of her forefinger stroked over his chest. “You have something in mind?”

He chuckled as he took her claw in his tanned hand, kissing it with a grin,” Now that’s more like it. And yes, as a matter of fact I have.”

Lilitu pressed herself again his body and whispered next to his ear,” Where do you want me?”

He smirked,” In Lendose, my lovely demoness…”

“Hummm?” Lilitu blinked.

He kissed her claw again,” You are going to seduce someone…”

She pouted,” But I already am…!”

“How about the one you are dreaming of, my tiny love bird…”

The female elf with the demonic claw widened her eyes,” You mean…?!”

The Archdevil nodded,” But first… you may want to practice a bit…”
He chuckled.


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Hell of a life - Page 7 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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