Hell of a life

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Post by Admin on Tue May 16, 2017 5:04 pm

176. Motherly feelings

She smiled to herself as she was finally convinced. The moment she was holding Amy's baby in her arms she had taken the decision to one day have one of her own... and not an adopted one.
It wasn't the first time this thought had occured. But this time it came with strong feelings. She had had it once before, with Angela's baby... but her feelings towards men suppressed any further thinking about it.

She was still after all... lesbian,... and probably would never have 'such' feelings towards men. The problem of getting pregnant in such case had been enlightened since her conversation with Erica. There were other ways to 'do' it...
She wouldn't dare to ask any man though, so what Amy suggested was probably the best thing she could do... completely anonymously... no contact before... or after. She would be able just to continue with her life, without making things complicated towards herself or lover.

Well, there was still time to think about certain things as she would give herself a few more years, just a few more. First there were other things demanding her attention, other things she wanted to do. But in the end her decision would be final... a baby of her own before hitting thirty.

The Vanguard lady turned her attention from her diary to one of the maps under it, before glancing briefly at the sleeping woman on the bed behind her. Thinking back at the earlier conversation with Celestia, Elvina just had to rub her tempels again. Madness her friend had called it, Sam, Shayde, Amy, Darion...
Elvina was glad she was here In Lendose, and she wasn't alone as several others were joining or would be at least rather near. Almost like... family...

She was smiling once more to herself while getting up from her chair...


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177. A few letters

Elvina sat at her desk in the Vanguard command post, writing, this time the content of what seemed letters that had nothing to do with orders or lists.

After a relaxing moment, the first in a long while actually, the white haired Vanguard had had a short night sleep and after lying awake for some time she had returned to the main tent, now about an hour ago. Somehow something had triggered this… sudden writing.

She stopped a moment and brushed with the feather of the quill pen over her lips, rereading the text of her first letter left on her desk, the one addressed to her elven foster parents.


Dear mother and father,

Let me start by saying, I know.

We haven’t talked or seen each other in months and I’m sorry for not sending any messages earlier. In the past four months my life has seen changes, and changes all over again, and recently it also grew more busy. It was more or less too complicated to write about it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other things I could have written about, or let you know.

The ones I consider as my parents, in the life I am living now, I would like to tell how much I love them and how much I would love to visit them now to tell them how much I miss them, and how much I will miss them for even a longer time.

I should personally thank you every day for the life you have given me, perhaps I should have done that with letters, but know I do this in my heart.

Thanks to you I’m not feeling scared or alone in this world, thanks to you I know what love is as you have given me so much of it, thanks to you I’m staying strong.


Elvina quickly read the part that explained her promotion to commander and something about the nature of her mission and the amount of time she would be away, before going to the end part.


… but please don’t worry as I’m surrounded by many good people and friends.

ps: If I said any silly things, now in this letter or before, then please forgive me and I hope we’ll see each other again so that you can address me personally about it.

Love and kisses,



She cleaned her eyes as tears had pooled in them, ... that also had been a while.
Crying… it sometimes seemed so weak. But she realised that people not always cry because they are weak, … often they cry because they’ve been too strong for too long.

She glanced around in the tent, but in this early hour there was no other soul to be seen. Elvina looked at a part of the next letter.


Dear Morgen,

I’m not sure when you will read this letter, and if you do, you probably noticed I had it send to the very inn where we recovered after our latest adventure.

An adventure which is still at the forefront of my mind, and an outcome for which I am still grateful to you.

Heck, I should write a letter like this to more of my friends, if not to all of them, but I hope the ones I see on a more regular basis just know through our communication and bond how I feel about them.


Elvina quickly reads the parts in which she explained her current situation.


So my friend, if you decide that are you well enough to pick up that blade of yours again, and you have the time and you feel like it, you are always welcome to join me where the metal meets the flesh. If not, I wish you safe travels and look forward to catch up with you after my mission.

Until then, and hopefully not in the hereafter.

Sincerly yours,



The next letter she totally had no idea where to send it to, so she decided to put it in an envelop with another letter.


Letter 1

Dear Caldur,

I would like to thank you, since I never really did, for that moment you cared about me back in those woods. I didn’t realise at the time, but I do know that I needed a friend.

I never really talked about what happened, but I sure am willing to do so in a nearby future, that is after I’m back from duties.

It may take a few months, but let us not let time get in the way to meet up again, perhaps at the Grove. Well, I hope Archie catches you and deliveres you this message, as I really want you to know how grateful I am.

PS: let me know how you and your spider are.


Vanguard Elvina Hellcat

Lendose / Bastion


Letter 2

Dear Archie, or Father,

After all that time I haven’t decided yet what I like to call you the most. But perhaps you should tell me what you like on the next occassion we meet. Yes, I know, its been too long I attended at the Grove and frankly, I’ll be away for a while longer. But don’t worry, as I’m not running!

No, there is no need for that as I do know I have my friends too during difficult moments.

There are many things I could tell you now, but I prefer doing it in private, face to face like we always did and always will do.


In the next part she quickly read the same explanation as in the other letters, about going to Dasar and the timing of her mission.


Until we meet again my friend, either on the field, in the woods, in some creepy basement or perhaps just at the Grove.





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178. Last will

With a longbearded man right behind her, the white haired Vanguard entered the temple of Rhauth and almost immediately spotted the one she hoped to find.
“Sister Alina…”

The priestess turned around and smiled as she recognized Elvina. “Miss ‘Kitty’, what a pleasure to see you again.” She came forward and took Elvina’s hand in hers. “Have you been well?”

Elvina offered her a faint smile,” Yea, sure.”

“Are you coming to see the orphans?”

Elvina nodded,” In a minute.” She turned to the man behind her and motioned him to do something.

The man mumbled a word and a small chest appeared in front of Elvina’s boots.

Alina widened her eyes as she knew it was gold,” Miss K… Elvina…”

Elvina held up her hand and took something from her backpack and offered it to Alina.

The priestess accepted what appeared to be a scroll. “What is this?”

“Its my will. I’m donating my house to this initiative and this temple, should I come to…die.”

Alina blinked,” Are you leaving, miss Elvina?”

“Yea… almost, and I really would like to see the orphans now.”


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179. Mission

(links with 174)

Lilitu smiled to herself, though not much.

She was up for the job, except for one unexpected surprise, a surprise she was now looking at, albeit from a distance… a blond woman of almost otherwordly beauty.

… a rival…

At least according to Zinna’s memories.

Adele D’Payens, or in other words the once ‘secret’ lover of ‘HER’ wife.

Lilitu traveled through Zinna’s thoughts and picked up the unfortunate girl’s story really quickly. After Elvina dumped ‘her’, well, honestly they both broke up because Zinna thought Elvina had feelings for someone else, Zinna was sorry afterwards.
But when she tried to approach Elvina again, she was still so convinced Elvina was sharing a secret love life with the Lightbringer Celestia.
Turned out, on the night just before she… Zinna died, she… Zinna learned that it hadn’t been Celestia but Adele… and that it happened after Zinna and Elvina broke up.

According to the information she received later from the Master, Elvina and Adele parted not long after that night. In the meantime now Elvina had had two other lovers, Jezel Kelandon, the redhead who was now riding in the back, and Eve…who had mysteriously disappeared out of Elvina’s life.
Well, not that she mind, one obstacle out of the way, free of charge!

Except now… there was one obstacle again… well not really… but probably… Adele…and as long as Adele was near Elvina, she couldn’t risk it to get too close to this ‘commander’.
She shrugged, there was nothing for it but to come along… her was given time, and as long no paladin was around, she would go unnoticed.

An elven woman tucked her hair further under her hood, her other hand clenching around a short heavily arched bow as the company marched


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180. The ride home

(links with 174)

As evening fell not far from Morell, the tall war horses trudged on, just before plodding up the last hill towards the gate. It wasn’t the nicest place to stay, but to the travellers approaching the city it also had a certain history.
White hair and a Vanguard cloak fluttered in the wind...

After a campaign of more than a month, Elvina was called ‘home’. The campaign had been a succes, but it would never fully feel like that. Even if the Tome of the Fallen had been opened only once, it would have been one time too many. Nevertheless, the objectives were achieved… and she should be pleased with herself.
But right now... she could only feel how tired she was...

Leading a company day in day out sure had been an experience and as a matter of fact, she hoped to be assigned as a commander in the nearby future once again. She sighed, one thing though... she was bad with… administration… reports. When she was still a scout for the Vanguard she also had to write them, but as a commander they just had to look… ‘important’, no?
Elvina grinned to herself...

Day in day out surrounded by ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’... it had been a good feeling, even though it meant little to none privacy. An intimate conversation, expressing emotions, letting off certain steam… it had been out of the question most of the time… just like all the other things that didn’t befit a leader.
Same had applied to ‘her’ Vanguard. And she really would understand all too well why the soldiers were so happy to go home… and to their loved ones...

Now, she was going home, her empty home. Good thing that was a … good thing.
She glanced at her companion riding next to her and a faint smile was drawn on her face.
”We’ll take a room in Morell…, “ she said to Adele as she winked...


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181. Cear

It was a windy morning at the Cearian docks and it felt like temperature was dropping by the hour.
The waterway between the two piers received the small ship from Morell, its draft showing that the ship could handle the rather shallow water near the quay which was kissed gently by its bow a few moments later. Just before the hull made contact with the piles of the wooden jetty, two heaving lines were tossed and caught by the dock workers in order to attach the ship to the mooring.

A simple but very broad gangplank was balanced between the ship’s dock and the jetty in order to transfer the passengers and their goods off the ship more easily.
Taken by their reins, two war horses were lead over the board by two black clad figures, the clip-clop of their hooves echoing against the solid with bricks clad embankment.
Not all the rain falling down from the sky reached the surface, as most of it evaporated while passing through the dry air. But that would soon change with these temperature drops.

Elvina glanced up at the sky which clouded over to a heavy grey. It wouldn’t take long before a heavy fall of rain drops would immerse the city in an autumnal atmosphere.

“Still no good weather,” she mumbled to herself beforing turning over to her companion. “Let’s bring our horses quickly to the stables before that…” she pointed up at the sky,” … starts to find its way down.”

A small hour later, the two stood in front of a small house not far from the docks. Elvina glanced to the person at her left and reached out to take a hand.

“So… this is it...,” she looked back at the house and added a bit shyly,”... it’s…it’s small, but comfy…,” then she grinned a bit,”... certainly after we tackled it.”

She rubbed her chin with her other hand,” Though I may hire someone to give us some hints and advice. That is… if I have still have money for that.”

Elvina recalled donating most of her money to the orphans and whenever something would happen to her, the house would become property of the temple of Rhauth. She ran a hand through her half wet white hair which was sticking against her head, before reaching in her pocket for the key.

Home sweet home...

Hell of a life - Page 8 Fantasy-Houses-Beverly-Hills-Door


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182. Intruder

A few days later, during an evening, Elvina left Adele at the shop to quickly check out some of her war documents. She also realised it was about time to send word to Sam and her friends that she was back. Plunged into thought, but with a noticeably happy smile on her face she entered her home… only to sense something was wrong.

As soon as she walked in she noticed the flames in the fireplace were out and the house felt cold and was dark as the curtains were closed. There was a … familiar smell in the air. Merging with the shadows, the Vanguard witch softly closed the door behind her, avoiding the click of the pin falling into position.

A soft chuckle…

… and other sounds that seemed to emerge from the bedroom. Elvina gave her eyes some time to adapt but already had noticed the door of the bedroom was half open, while she was certain she had closed it when they left..

Contemplating between slipping out to get Adele or capturing the burglar all by herself, Elvina picked the second choice. She got in unnoticed, but there was a slight chance she might get detected trying this again. And besides, even without her armour she was not just any woman, right? With the images of her mission to Dasar in the back of her mind, what could be worse to find here in her own bedroom?

Absorbing the weight of her body with her knees, the Vanguard lady sneaked over to the other side of the dining room. She made her throat wide in order the breathe slowly and steadily. Her ‘play’ with the light and the shadows was practically flawless as she moved towards the bedroom door.
With her back against the wood, she turned her head and peeked in.

A man standing with his back to her, seemed to be amused by something he had taken from her drawer next to the bed.

What the hell…
Elvina quickly moved in and closed the door with a smack, shrouding the room in almost complete darkness and shaking up the intruder.

That didn’t seem to have the effect she had hoped for, as the man only lifted up his head a little, just before looking over his shoulder in her direction.

Flickering teeth…

Elvina narrowed her eyes, as she almost immediately identified the man whose right hand was still in her drawer right before he turned to her.
She saw he was holding a piece of textile in his other hand, which he slowly raised up to his nose. He gave it an unmistakable examination with his nose.

“MMmmm ahhh… I hardly can wait. But these… these are not yours.”

Elvina blinked as she recognised the object which he was sniffing… an underpants…

He chuckled, just before throwing it in Elvina’s direction.

Her natural reflexes made her catch the white piece of fabric before it hit the floor. Then her grey-white eyes locked on him,” May I ask you to put this back in its place, right before leaving my house??”

The Master grinned wide,” What? No tea? Aren’t you happy to see me?” Little flames appeared in Elvina’s eyes, yet the Master only seemed amused by that. “I see you are picking up old habbits again…” and with that he clearly meant more than her hellfire as he glanced at the underpants in Elvina’s hand.

The flames faded just before Elvina offered him a devilish smile and said,” What… are you… jealous now?”

Flickering teeth just before he said,” No… but I know someone who might be.” He looked to his right, and both saw a small tender figure detaching itself from the shadows.

The Master mumbled a word and the taper on the desk ignited, spreading a soft dim light in the half finished bedroom.

Elvina’s face turned pale as she recognised the girl. Elven traits, a tanned skin, dark eyes and that hair… blond… in a pony tail… and lots of lots of memories... overwhelmed her.
The Vanguard lady took a step back, while she sucked air between her teeth, tears pooling up in her eyes at the sight of the woman walking over in her direction.
She shouldn’t help her voice betraying all her emotions,”... No… it can’t be… you are dead…”

The woman stopped right in front of her and looked up,” No… its me alright, Elvina,...”

Dark eyes found the Vanguard's who whispered a name,"... Zinna ..."


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183. Dead ends

The Master chuckled softly as he witnessed Elvina’s reaction,” You didn’t expect that, didn’t you? Dear Zinna here has been with me, all the time.”

Lilitu suppressed a grin, basically he told the white haired human the truth. Meanwhile she would continue her role with confidence and passion… and actually passion there was. Zinna’s memories making part of hers made it all feel real, and in a way, she really was Zinna Dawn.
It was a big risk breaking into Elvina’s house, especially since Adele could return anytime. But by what the Master had seen and judged, it wouldn’t be right away, and he would keep the bitch out with a trick if needed.

The into an elf transformed demoness walked over to Elvina, slowly as if not to scare her, her voice soft and tender, and showing her hands palms up,”... please, Elvina… don’t…”

“GET AWAY FROM ME !!” Elvina cried out. “YOU ARE DEAD, I SAW YOU !!” She brought her hands to the sides of her nose and obviously attempted to stop her tears.

… Good ...
Lilitu shook her head,” It was an illusion, a trick…” she glanced at the Master.

The Archdevil nodded to her before turning to the warlock,” And with that I take my leave, my pretty diamond.”
He walked over to the door, and sniffed as he passed Elvina. With his hand on the handle he looked over his shoulder at the white haired woman,” You smell lovely as always, darling. Now, … talk with your beloved ex-wife, for I am giving you back what was taken.”
The Master winked at them,” Have fun… love birds…” Then he chuckled wickedly, in a way like someone laughs about an old joke… and disappeared.

Lilitu turned to Elvina, her eyes sad on the warlock’s, her voice soft”... please…?”

“You were there… all the time… I wasn’t going crazy… I saw you…”

Lilitu nodded,” Yes, … it was me …”

Elvina narrowed her eyes,” Wait… wait…,” she rose her hand and glanced at the shortbow hanging over the elf’s shoulder. “You… did you… YOU???”

Lilitu winced and didn’t even had to fake that. She decided to make a clean breast about certain things. “Yes… it wa….” but before she had even finished her sentence she got punched in the face.


The blow came unexpected and for a moment Lilitu only saw white flashes. She had raised both her arms, one to cover her nose, the other to ward off the next blow, if any...
When she answered, her voice sounded different as she squeezed her nose which changed the airflow,” … I don’t know, rea….”

Another hit, this time more a slap on the cheek,” LIAR! You worked together with my brother!! I know!! And I ask it one last time!! Where is Eve?!!”

If Lilitu had pictured how the the reunion between ‘Zinna’ and Elvina would be, it wouldn't have been anything like this. Still, she had more up her sleeve. Quickly she browsed through the memories of the dead elf and imagined what the girl would have done in a situation like this. Flashes of quarrels between the elf and the warlock passed her mind’s eye.

She actually had to take a breath, before continuing... and less loud," I hate you! I hate you so much!!"

To her own personal satisfaction, Lilitu noticed that her reaction seemed to convince Elvina she was really looking at Zinna. She witnessed how the warlock's face turned a bit pale, her eyes widening and her fists clenching.
THAT, was the Elvina she knew... and she prayed Elvina saw the Zinna she knew.

But then Elvina's voice turned cold, cold as ice,"... get out..."

Lilitu blinked," Mmm?"

"I said... get out... get the @#$% out of my house."

Lilitu placed her hands in her sides," Thats it?! You are kicking me out after... I can't believe this! You are doing exactly the same thing like you did the last time you kicked me out of your room?? Remember?!?"

She could almost see how Elvina was remembering, she knew Elvina witnessed the images again when Zinna tried to come back and apologise after her lies. That... was the day Angela had shown up, taking Zinna back to the Master... telling her she had failed.

"El... Elvina, please..."

The warlock bit her lip and shook her head," Go... go before I hurt you."

Lilitu couldn't believe it... has the relation between Zinna and Elvina always been doomed to fail?
Lilitu was shocked, and couldn't keep her tears behind... which were genuine now. She could actually feel what Zinna would have felt. Damn Zinna... damn.
And damn Elvina... she changed so much since the last time 'Zinna' saw her. Lilitu observed Elvina… damn she was tough. Not even tears now.

“Alright, I’ll be going then… but we will see each other again…” she said while glancing around. “For now, you just stay in your pathetic little shack instead of going back to our place in the woods.”


Lilitu nodded and walked out… the door slammed, seperating past from present.

Elvina turned around and looked at her bedroom, before walking over and taking place behind her desk. She took a quill pen and started to write a letter.

Dear Reina…


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184. Home sweet home

Elvina stood there with her hands on her hips, observing her house. It was really feeling like coming home. It looked new, but still was home… their home now.
It was nice to have seen Reina at work and even more nice that much of her own furniture had been reused, to keep the costs low.
She slapped her head, she still owed Reina cash for the new stuff! And not only that, she would do something extra for her. But not today… nope, today she would travel with Amy to Morell, as earlier suggested and promised, a girls day out, a perfect one, hopefully. Adele was out, checking if an old friend of hers was still in the area.

Adele… Elvina smiled softly… they were back together, and this time it was different from the first time. There was no worrying about something evil in her lover, ready to change her in some kind of … monster.
No… Adele was healed in many ways… and she was sweet, incredibly sweet. Adele wasn’t married anymore with Sam, while she herself had been single too.
And they were in love… and this time Adele made her feel hard she did.
Going with her on this mission to Dasar,... there hadn’t been time, or space, let alone a place to be intimate with each other… yet Adele made it clear with the way how she looked at her… and she had looked back at her all those weeks… a lot...

True, there have been also moments in which they hadn’t had a visual on each other… moments they even were parted, though never for long and always knowing they would see each other again in a later moment. Just like… the sun and the moon, chasing each other in the sky, cherishing their silent love for each other…
Triggered by something, Elvina took a seat at her desk and opened her journal on a new page.

She glances at the front door, Amy hadn’t arrived yet, so.. why not?

The white haired Vanguard picked up the quill pen and started to write, slowly, with care, the words written in elegant letters… and she smiled, oh she smiled as she recalled this… changing only a few words :

When the sun shines,
warming the moon’s skin,
it means there is no world,
standing in between.

The only silent witnesses,
are the tiny stars,
watching from a distance,
how this love evolves.

And even in dark times,
with the world’s shadow,
the moon waits silently,
tarring on the afterglow.

When the sun finally reappears,
the moon smiles brightly,
bringing light in darkness,
seeing their love is for eternity.

Hell of a life - Page 8 Sun-moon-northpole

The only poem she had ever written… she was still smiling and as she wiped a tear, Elvina closed her journal, her hand caressing the leather cover absently while she fell in thoughts for a moment.

All the problems weren’t over yet… there was her brother Artega, of whom she heard he was running around without his memory. There was still the Master, who loved to pester her… and now also Zinna, risen from the death… she couldn’t believe it was her. Thank Utu there was Morgen who would be around, willing to help her out with her brother...

There was Celestia, but she was probably out there now... returning who knows when. Elvina was actually worried about her best friend after their short conversation and she promised to herself to bring a visit at the temple soon, also with the intention to clean up the Chalice after not been there so long.

There was this new undead threat which seemed to have a source near the city she loved. And she still needed to look for Thanos and Shayde concerning this… at least that is what Terrah had told her.

Elvina giggled, at least she had dealt with Shayde… and Sam! But then she sighed, he would be expecting her reports soon now. Well, her field notes would help her make them… but not now!
A bit relaxing wouldn’t hurt.
She glanced at the front door, … and hoped they wouldn’t be to late for the ship...


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185. Back in the field

A week after Morgen had stopped by, with whom she discussed plans about her brother and the Master, but also afterwards had a normal talk about common things until late at night and ending up with an empty wine bottle… Elvina found herself on the fields again, not that far from Dasar.
The wind brushed her face with a rather strong breeze, stealing warmth from her skin and carrying it away to an unknown destination. Her mind had just wandered likewise, aimlessly, to another place and another time.

The white-haired commander snapped out of it, and turned her head in the direction of the treeline at the other side of the valley, the enemy still hidden in the green. Gone were the few recent memories of fun and relaxing, gone was the warmth of her little house near the docks, gone were her friends…
There was some work to do. After a letter of a fellow and befriended commander, Elvina had travelled to this place again in order to aid her.
The two companies needed her, especially after suffering a series of defeats.

Elvina shook her head, defeated or not, the Vanguard were still nested in this area and they were still strong. These hills were still in their hands and today she would make sure it would stay that way, one way or another…
She could feel how that cold and dreadful wind seeped in through even the slighest of openings in her outfit. It carried a somewhat unpleasant feeling of unknown future and she bet a lot of these men waiting under her temporary command must have felt the same.

Temporary or not, the Vanguard were her brothers and sisters and she would show them she wasn’t different from them. Elvina grinned, well, except for the fact being a witch. But she was totally accepted by them, many knew who she was, or at least what she was capable of.
But would it be enough to rally their hearts and go for it?

“Hey Elvina!”

The white-haired commander and her fellow commander turned around, a figure in green armour stopped not far from them. Swiftly the medium tall woman jumped off a white mare and walked over.

“Need a bard?” the young woman with carmine hair said with grin.

Elvina widened her eyes,” The hells, as a matter of fact we do! Hello Reina… and you are most welcome!”


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186. Opportunity

Lilitu jumped up and rubbed her eyes, while spying from behind the corner. What was this? Was this the moment she had been waiting for??

She watched how her... she shook her head,... no, how -Zinna's- ex-wife stepped out of the small cottage near the docks, a big bag on her back which she hung over the awaiting horse. She saw how the white-haired woman walked back to the door of her little home and heard how she said," See you over two weeks..."

Then everything turned silent. Lilitu clenched her fists, Elvina was probably busy with kissing goodbye. Then she grinned... it would be the last time anyways.
She almost danced... two weeks! Time enough to plan. She didn't had anything to do with Eve's disappearance, but she would with Adele's.
She disappeared in the gap between the two old terraced houses and slipped into the alley, wondering for a moment what happened with Artega and if she could still use him. Lilitu glanced over her shoulder... Adele didn't fought anymore but she sure wouldn't underestimate her.

Lilitu stopped and wondered for a moment why it was so hard to disconnect from Elvina. Then she shrugged, it was probably due Zinna's memories.
And she thought it without wondering about the casualness thinking all this...


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187. Stopover

The black-clad Vanguard commander rose to her feet while sniffing the fingers that had just touched the soil. Fresh, organic, earthy. She moved a white tress from her face and tucked it behind her ear as she started to smile. This wasn’t home but the place managed to make her think of it. The Grove was like it always had been, tranquil, peaceful and sacredness itself.

Elvina let out a contented sigh and stood feasting her eyes on the view. Reeds and head-high marsh grass near the dark blue creek, a small dusty path between the tall tussock grasses leading towards the inner part, little bees and butterflies flying among the brightly colored flowers in search of food, a pair of squirrels dashing into one of the majestic trees swaying over her head like an impenetrable wall, humming birds lurking from above at this ‘trespasser’, … a trade she would make one day, the battle fields for a peaceful spot like this.
The white-haired warlock approached the waterfall and stood next to the altar.

It was just beautiful. Just like herself if she had to believe others. Elvina shook her head, she knew by now people considered her beautiful, but she also realised beauty didn’t have to be about anything, since beauty is a light in the heart. And by now that was the only thing about beauty she accepted to herself. True, she had had for instance a few beautiful lovers herself, but she always looked passed the face at the beauty within.
The same applied to the Grove, for several travellers it was just an attractive spot to rest during their travels, a feast for the eye to some, but to Elvina it was a lot more. At least one knew.

But he wasn’t here. She looked around. It’s been a while since she had seen him, and it was worth it to wait a while longer. A few days, and than she’d be heading home.
Elvina walked back towards a sunny spot near the water and got rid of her black armour. She opened her backpack, took out a comfortable gown and slipped into it before laying herself down in the grass, her hands behind her head, her grey-white irises aimed at the cloudless sky.

A few encounters of the past week ran through her mind.

First there was ‘the’ Cap… she giggled... Sam who went swimming without even noticing her. The thought of it made her blush a little, but not for long. The trick she performed with his clothes had been funny, and just when he was wondering and she was about to reveal herself, Shayde had shown up as well. Nevertheless, a few minutes later she revealed herself, faking to have only interest for her sister, but hiding the fact she just wanted to see his face… and maybe some of the rest when he turned to her. She and Shayde got a lot of fun with his expressions, and never had she witnessed someone jumping into his pants that fast.
Afterwards and together with Shayde, Elvina took a swim herself too, but what should have been fun, turned out otherwise. A discussion between the two… something about a box down at the lake. Something that was hidden there and got moved. Elvina only understood later on at Reina’s place, it had something to do with a cloth and it was related to Soap in the past. Concern grew about her sister Shayde.

She hadn’t seen Reina again since the battle at the front. After the encounter near the lake she shared a small meal with her and Shayde at Reina’s incredible house. Elvina had felt humble when she entered that place. They sure were rich people. Reina’s love god she had only seen on the street, passing him without realising it at first, a well-built man bearing a massive Falcon shield.
From Reina she heard the man was busy organising some kind of a tourney. Even though they hadn’t been introduced together, he seemed cute… for a man.

Speaking of which… and this place also reminded her of him… Daniel. A few days after her encounter with Reina, she had bumped into him. Turned out he was the victor of that same tourney. Their conversation was short, but he had been very sweet and kind to her and during their chat she had told him about the current situation concerning her child wish. Just like Sam, Daniel had seemed concerned, although he was better at hiding it than Sam. Or Sam just… expressed himself more, maybe just because of how he saw her, like a sister.
It made her doubt, hesitate, wondering her possible future plans. But then she shook her head, the decision had been taken but she wouldn’t procede with it until a few other obstacles were cleared. One of them being the devil who was still harrassing her, together with her 'death' ex-wife.

But it would come to an end. She had even more faith in that statement now after her last encounter… probably the most intriguing.
A message… a message she ‘sent’ six months ago had been ‘delivered’. And by coincidence contact was made. Soon she would meet up again with someone of the so called Covenant of Hellfire, a mysterious organisation that maybe could help her with her problem. The only question was, what would she have to do in return?

Elvina turned to her side and closed her eyes. For now she would stop worrying and just enjoy this moment of peace. Like a cat napping in the sun and looking for its warmth knowing that when she goes to sleep her body temperature drops, Elvina curled up and started to conserve the energy needed for whatever was about to come.
The Vanguard drifted off to sleep...

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188. Stalking

Finally, the bitch had left the cottage and was heading in the direction of the city gate. There were several indications that Adele either was about to make a small trip, or at least would be heading to a place outside the city.
Here in the city it was just too crowded for Lilitu to make her move and the broad daylight wasn't much of a help either. True, she had skills, but one never knew who was out there. Not to mention the Fleet...

Time was running out though. The moment Elvina returned, things would be more difficult again. Lilitu muttered under her breath and for a moment she wished Zinna had had more experience with opening locks. The experience would have been most welcome, since for several nights she had tried to break in in order murder Adele in her sleep.
She could have thrown a rock through the glass, true, but she didn't want to risk a direct confrontation with the 'love-doll'. She knew Adele once was a pretty dangerous woman.

During these musings she almost missed how Adele took a left and headed through the Northern gate. Lilitu could almost cheer. Quickly she abandoned the alley and pulled her hood up before she mingled with the crowd, 'disappearing' from sight in different way.

The smile drawn on her face didn't disappear however...


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189. Kisses

“My turn!” Celestia giggled and walked over to her, immediately pressing her lips on hers, her eyes wide and lovingly looking on hers before closing.

“HEY!, Leave some for me too, will you!” another familiar voice, Shayde’s,” Sisters do have to share you know.”

She could feel how Celestia giggled during their kiss, but she couldn’t feel any warmth. Nevertheless her heart raced as the kiss lingered and got crazy. An uncontrollable desire for more overwhelmed her. Without feeling the need to stop her hands started to explore Cel’s body.

“Hey, not fair, I want some too!!” That was… Sam’s voice. She cursed… couldn’t he just wait his turn?

Elvina broke up the kiss and looked around as she felt even more people watching her. Sam, Adrian, Daniel, Zeo, Anne, Anna, Eve, Adele, Jezel, Morgen, Amora, Amy, Phelan, Firin, Gene, Terrah, Beryl, Tharwulf, Reina, Vanadiel, and… and… Zinna….

“Wha… ? Go away! Go, all of you!” She attempted to push Celestia away, but her arms were tight around her neck.

Then she heard even another voice, a cold voice,” I told you so to watch out who you allow so close. You did this to yourself, Elvina.” That was Selene, even though she didn’t saw her.

“Let me go… please,” she could hear her own voice begging, “... please, please…”

Her head was filled with images, she felt sharp and alive. She had no idea what this all meant. Suddenly her eyes shot open and she felt scared. Covered in sweat she shot up straight in bed, breathing heavily. More images flashed through her mind, Teshalian orgies, a man. She looked around but saw she was alone down at the inn at Two Bridges.
Slowly her heartbeat started to decrease and she lowered her body back into a laying position.
The hells… why me?


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190. Intervention

Lilitu aimed, Adele’s head was in her visor, blood was about to splatter the farmer who she was talking too. From behind a tree, lurking in the shadows and far enough from the city gate, Lilitu decided it was time.
The arrow was about to be released, and just on that moment when her fingers started to lose grip, a hand appeared out of nowhere and pushed the bow down.

Lilitu cursed, she had been spotted, and as she turned to look at her side… her face grew pale.

Flickering teeth…

“No darling, normally I wouldn’t have mind, but… that girl you like to murder so much, may be needed after all.”

“Master…” Zinna, or rather Lilitu lowered her head a little,” I.. I..I don’t understand?”

He motioned her over to follow him into the nearby woods. Once there he turned around and looked at her,” You see, Adele might be the final push Elvina 'needs' towards us.”

The demoness in disguise looked up at him,” Adele still loves Elvina… ”

The Master grinned,” She will completely stop after she hears what Elvina has been doing, or rather will be doing.”

Lilitu frowned.

“We are close to where we need to be, my dear. Elvina’s inner love is about to be fully unleashed and soon will become uncontrollable, even to her. That was part of the plan when we… restored her soul. She’s a strong girl, but she will believe love will be her doom. And on that moment, in that final moment when she is not longer able to take more of it, she will discover that it is love that will save her... and that I... am her last hope.”

“And then you will give her to me, yes?” Lilitu gave him the puppy eyes.

He patted her cheek,” Of course, my dear, of course… you both will be mine.” He pulled his servant close for a passionate kiss.
However, what he didn’t show his servant, were the rest of his plans. Once Elvina was fully in his power, willing… well, nothing would stop him as of then.


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191. Admitting

After breakfast, Elvina found herself sitting alone again in front of the fire down at the inn.

Finally, she had admitted it… to her friend, but primarily to herself. She could still hear the words she had spoken earlier,... lingering in her mind.

I’m unhappy…

Once more the fact she had said it out loud made her feel ashamed. Especially when she considered how much luck… and how many friends and love had crossed her path.
For a while now Elvina understood she had been ‘searching’, just like that other friend of hers, Sam. Well, his search had ended… and maybe… hers too?

It was still hard to tell, but after everything that was said and everything that had happened last night, she sure didn’t feel unhappy, which was … incredible.
Friendship presented itself in so many ways, and this friendship was in the least… peculiar. Yet it made her smile, since she had overcome certain things, and it almost felt as if she had conquered something within the deepest of her being. As if a weight had fallen off her shoulders…

So long…

She also understood she was merely at the start of what looked like a new road, a new experience… yet she would follow it.
Follow your heart he had said.
Her answer was then that she had the feeling to have been following it for too many times, but now… yes.
She would follow her heart, she would follow this road just because of the earlier experience. She would follow it, yet step by step… tiny steps.

Elvina smiled. Just like 'old' times when she was so cautious with everything. Yet she would walk this road with faith and confidence, since there was a high level of trust and understanding present. And she would face any consequences for taking this direction in her life.

She was Elvina Hellcat, and this life was hers. No one could control her in what she did, and she, only she decided over her own path. She would never allow others to have any influence on it, ... never again.

“I’m not unhappy…,” she whispered in front of herself,” … never again.”

The white-haired Vanguard glanced around. A few more days, again a few more days before she’d be going home.
Curious if her new neighbour had already arrived and that reminded her of the appointment she and her would have somewhere underground. There she would have to face again what she really was before she could battle her worst enemy, and that was not Marrent.


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192. Cheerful

Sitting on his throne, the bridge of his nose pinching between thumb and forefinger, the Archdevil, now in a dark humanoid form, started to smile right before bursting out in evil laughter.
Lilitu, sitting at the foot of the throne, turned her head and looked up, her eyes curiously on her master.

He lifted his head and looked up at what could pass for a dark crimson sky," Thank you, my diamond!" Strange symbols that had been first invisible on his body, lit up in a strange yet bright orange glow.

Hell of a life - Page 8 28jk39d

Lilitu lifted a brow but remained further quiet. She knew it was about Elvina but had no idea what possibly could have happened that made him so cheerful.

The Archdevil pushed himself off his throne and slapped his hands together, grinning in front of him," Now I only have to make sure that I am first. My oh my, who would have thought, such an opportunity!"

More chuckling. Lilitu rose up from the floor and dusted off her butt before saying," What is it my master wishes me to do in order to aid him?" she tried carefully. Perhaps he would share with her what was going on. Zinna's 'presence' had been pushed into the background of her mind again, but she could almost swear 'she' was listening along.

The Master turned around and said while grinning," Believe me, there isn't a woman in the universe who could help me right now." And once more he bursted into laughter while rubbing his hands as if all his plots and plans just had come together.

Goosebumps rose all over Lilitu's skin...


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193. Distance

The past week sure had been turbulent as a new wave of feelings and emotions seemed to engulf her mind and almost taking it over, forcing her to rash decisions.
Yet she had tried maintaining one thing, one focus… and that was to avoid feeling unhappy. That one thought was now forming her only support in an boisterous ocean of events where winds, waves and currents seemed to do their very best to knock her off that tiny little rock.
And every time she seemed to survive the storm, another load hit her in the face.
One could ask himself, how does one end up in such a situation? Was it the result of an unfortunate crash from a ship onto unseen shoals? Or was it due an error the captain had made?
Elvina didn’t know, she only understood that right now she was the plaything of her own emotions.

Adele knew things now. One time when they were both home, Elvina had motioned her to sit down and listen. She told her what happened, confessed what she had done, though not with who and even though she hadn’t shown everything, it was… well, would have been enough to end their life as a couple. Instead of dumping her, Adele had asked her a few questions and told her she wasn’t angry…

She didn’t mind ? Did she care ?? Did she really see it ???

Elvina shook her head to herself.
In the past week she had also been inducted in the Covenant of Hellfire and officially she was now Hierophant. Anna had taken her to a place underground where Elvina took the oath and passed the tests. And it is exactly one test that once more upset her since it had almost taken Anna’s life, or so it had seemed at least. Strangely, even though they didn’t know each other that long, the very thought of Anna being killed made her very upset, especially if it were the result of Elvina’s magic.
She learned another thing, no… faced another thing. Warlock powers were unpredictable when it came to the practice of them. Sometimes blasts couldn’t be controlled, neither in direction or strength. They were comparable to lightning, you never knew where and how hard it struck.
After the tests she had received her mark on her body, on a place hidden from sight. It was this marking that would allow her entrance to the Great Library and would prevent the guardians from attacking her.
Anna would show her around another day.
That other day came, but they never made it for visit at the Great Library.

Elvina stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, cleaning her eyes. Anna had just ran out in tears, with the message she would be gone… to Lendose. It happened after Elvina revealed her secrets. It had taken all her strength and will to not run after her, but deep down in her heart she knew she probably might, one day.
Why? Maybe because unlike Adele’s, Anna’s reaction was completely normal and very rightly even though her own idea’s had seemed rash too.
Elvina could really understand Anna’s reaction, since if it had been the other way around… she would have reacted the same. Strangely enough due this, it felt as if she was closer with Anna than with Adele, at least in this.

She took a deep breath, suppressing any further tears and took a decision. For a while she would distance herself from all these things and give herself and others time. She had no idea if Anna would ever come around, but right now she wouldn’t go after her to ask.
There was a tempting future, but she would not make one step in that direction before other things were dealt with.

Elvina looked around. One of Anna’s suggestions did make her aware of something.
This house, despite the fact it had been beautifully decorated by Reina, didn’t mean anything to her. She would be able to sell it, to distance herself from it. Perhaps it was also because of the memories connected with it. Jezel, the flood after the water elemental attack, the demons and shades, the Master and Zinna breaking in. No furniture or paint could remove that from her mind.
So, if the house made her unhappy... she would distance herself from it.

Adele, Anna?... she would distance herself a while from them and she had no idea if it would be temporary or permanent. Nevertheless it meant she would let her lover go.
Elvina rubbed over the mark on her body, yet she would never break with the Covenant even though it was connected with Anna. For too long she had been searching for this and now that she was part of it… no. It just may take a while.

Easily said, not easily done.
Where would she go now, do now?

All the earlier emotions hadn’t stopped coursing through her body yet and with a lightly trembling hand she took the quill pen and wrote a letter for Adele.
She placed the envelop above the fireplace, in sight, and went back to her bedroom to gather things for a journey.
An hour later she was ready, and looked around in the house, her eyes a moment stopping at the dark yellow envelop. The white haired Vanguard closed her eyes and turned away.
She left her house, with a destination set.

Elvina was going... home...


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194. Interference

The Master stopped and tilted his head as if he was listening to something.

Lilitu witnessed expressions on his face she had never seen before… concern.
“Master, is something the matter?”

The Archdevil opened his eyes, slight disbelief in them.
“My diamond…” he mumbled.

So it was Elvina. Lilitu grumbled, if she made her Master unhappy…
“Master, I can help you with her…”

He looked at his servant and said,” That would mean you first have to find her.”

Lilitu raised a brow as the Master had always known about Elvina’s whereabouts.

“I just lost her out of my sight,” he said.

Lilitu became a bit pale, did that mean Elvina was dead ?!?

“Per… perhaps just an interference, Master …?”

The Archdevil narrowed his eyes,” Maybe…”
Then he snapped his fingers and two pairs of giant dogs appeared out of nowhere. Besides the fact they were a bit larger than the average dog, they seemed normal. Until Lilitu saw their eyes, dark red but above all they looked very intelligent.
The Master kneeled and one of the dogs approached as he held his hand out to the animal.
“Good boy. Now... find her,” he said firm.

The dog answered with a growl,” Howwwrrrw?”

“Snif… sense any warlock magic that has been used and track it down, see where and to who it leads. There aren’t that many. Eventually you will pick up a trail. Kill if you must but don’t dare to harm her once you have found her.”

“Grawwll, wherrree wrrwwe searwwch?”

“Start in Cear, then move up to Ravenswatch and Lendose. Now GO!”

The hellhounds let out a cry and soon their black furs vanished from sight as they disappeared like ghosts.

Lilitu shivered a bit. Anyone who would see such a hound would probably die an abrupt and unseen death.

Whatever had happened to Elvina, it was something that made the Master’s actions almost look… desperate.


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195. Calling

Sha-’della looked up at her husband Aeron while she held their foster daughter in her arms.

Aeron crossed his arms and just shook his head,” Elvina, every time you come back from -there-, you are a mess, or sad, or shaken up. Why would you ever want to go back there? Don’t you think it’s time to reconsider,” her foster father said rather bluntly.

“Aeron!” Sha-’della commented, clearly not happy with that.

“What, isn’t that true? I mean, look at her, she doesn’t belong there….”

“Oh no, where does she belong then?” Sha-’della a bit fiercely replied,” She is human after all.”

“Mom, dad, please…” Elvina weakly said as she gently pushed herself out of the embrace and rubbed her eyes.

Aeron simply ignored her,” She belongs here, with us.” He glanced at the woman they adopted more than twenty years ago,” And she’s more elf than human.”

Sha-’della shook her head,” Who are we to say where she belongs, Elvina belongs where she feels comfortable.”

Aeron looked at his foster child and almost begged, perhaps also because of what Elvina had told them and because he wanted to protect her,” Dear girl, please stay with us now. In the morning I’ll make sure you have everything you need and I’ll prepare your house.”

Sha-’della only needed a glance at Elvina to know that was not what she needed. That house was once connected with Zinna and after what Elvina just had told, it would be a bad idea to let her even spend the night there.

As if Aeron now too realised,” Or you can stay here… we’ll fix your old bedroom… daughter…” he said, now with more warmth.

Elvina looked up at her foster father and saw it… he was concerned, and he even had every right to be. To him she was his daughter and after the past they’ve been through and now the rest of the stuff...
She had practically told them everything, even the very personal things she would normally only share with her foster mother.
Right after she had left her house in Cear, she sent a bird to Sha-’della. The message contained a request if Ja-Uth could pick her up in Ravenswatch since the bird needed a day travel, and then teleport her here.

Coming home, here with her foster parents in the remote elven community, has always been an emotional happening for Elvina. Mainly because most of the times it has been a while and this time wasn’t otherwise. More than eight months had passed since the last time they had seen each other. And her last letter dates from no less than four months ago, with only little specifics.

For instance, this was the first time ever they heard about Eve, a tiefling on whom Elvina had had a serious crush and who had asked the white haired Vanguard to marry her. Only then to disappear like she had appeared, completely unexpectedly, now more than six months ago.
Her father had shaken his head when the name Adele came up and then looked relieved when he heard how Elvina took distance again. But besides a few single weak gestures, none of her foster parents had had any specific comments on Elvina’s adventures.
Yet there was visible concern…

“Anyways,” Aeron started,” This adventure you are planning… I will ask if one of our loremasters can assist you. This thing has to stop, yet I am… and your mother too, afraid losing you.” He swallowed.

“Oh dad… “ Elvina stepped over to embrace the elf, who slightly shuddered as she did,” I promise you I will be fine. I think I will have a lot of help and people watching over me. We will end it. I will end it.” She sounded pretty determined.

“And I keep forgetting how you are growing up,” he said gently patting her back,” But I’m going to be completely honest with you, my dear. Even though your powers are making you the woman I am so proud off… I dislike them greatly and I will pray for the day they are removed.”

“I agree, husband,” Sha-’della said who looked at Elvina now,” Here, in our community we have no warlocks or witches… we only once had before.” Sha-’della glanced between Elvina and Aeron,” Pacts with devils, we greatly fear, especially after one almost destroyed our village.”

“Mom, I never made one…” Elvina started.

Sha-’della shook her head,” We might never know that, my dear… and it is the reason why you are still accepted around here. People even like you.”

Elvina blinked at something that was never told to her before,” Accepted… mom?” she asked, letting her foster father go and turning to her.

Sha-’della bit her lip,” Yes dear, if it weren’t for Ja-Uth and the rest of the loremasters… People needed to understand what had happened when you opened that portal.”

“They lied about it… for me?”

Sha-’della shook her head,” Not really, but they tried to erase your memory, so tha…”

“Tried mom, I do remember it all, since more than a year now. And you know now who the one was who raped me. That happened years -before- I opened that portal. He’s been in my life much much earlier, and I’m convinced I have these powers either through him or his now dead disciple Eligor. My guess is him…”

“Elvina…” her father carefully said,” We think it may even have happened much much earlier… around the time you were found perhaps.”

“When I was six?” but she already thought of it before.

Aeron nodded,” A child seeing its parents get killed, is an easy prey for making a … quick deal. Ja-Uth is convinced you have your powers since then, or perhaps even from before that moment.”

Sha-’della looked between them,” There also has been another theory. And that is that you simply been born with it.”

“Through mother…” Elvina whispered.

She nodded,” Mirri yes, after everything you told and what you know from this Angela Wrath, and this brother of yours… But again, no one has knowledge really here due that history I just told. We, the people here kind off evade the subject warlocks.”

“Well, I know someone…”

“This Anna, yes, you told us. Hm… and she is the ‘same’ as you you said?”

“We share the same powers…”

Aeron shook his head,” Well, I don’t like it at all… devils and hellfire.”

“Dad… she is really nice… don’t…”

((ooc The call of the Covenant : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=12225 ))

Suddenly the white haired Vanguard reached for her hip and closed her eyes. It was not sure if she was in pain, but more like as if she listened to something.

Her foster father blinked,” Dear, are you alright…” he started. Then he saw the flames around Elvina’s wrists appear and he just turned pale.

“Elvina??!” Her mother shouted. “What’s wro….”

Elvina's eyes flew open, and they were like glowing coals.

Aeron made a step backwards,” Elv….”

But then suddenly the flames and the glow were gone, and Elvina was looking with her grey-white irises in some distance.

Her foster parents looked at each other and then Sha-’della waved in front of Elvina’s eyes,” Daughter…?”

Elvina blinked and snapped out of it,” I must go…”

Aeron frowned,”Go?... my girl, now listen…”

“Aeron…” Sha-’della shook her head and then looked at Elvina. “Please tell us rather why you think you must go…” It was clear she tried to understand the one she had adopted as daughter.

“Its… it felt like a call… I must go back to Cear,” she answered, absently rubbing over her hip.

Sha-’della saw and frowned,” Are you hurt somewhere?”

“Heh… oh, no… just… tickling… “ she quickly said, scratching the place.

“Anyways, stay here tonight at least. We haven’t seen each other in a long while and there is so much left to talk about,” her mother said with a weak, yet warm smile.

It really sounded inviting and Elvina smiled back,” Yes mom…” and then to Aeron,” My old room? Just for the night?”

He nodded, frowning a little as he had hoped she would stay longer,” Of course dear, I’ll prepare it right away.” He turned around and left his wife alone with Elvina.


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196. A whisper

Lilitu watched how the Master kneeled when the hound approached. She witnessed how he tilted his head, clearly listening to something that was whispered by the beast. Slowly a smile started to cross over the Archdevil's face, and Lilitu shivered... it was so evil... so exciting. She couldn't wait till she was part of this hunt, yet he seemed to keep her behind, ... perhaps as an ace?

Slowly the devil got up again and mumbled softly, yet audible," Anna... yet, it is not enough. Search around all the other cities too as of now."


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Hell of a life - Page 8 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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197. Not alone

Elvina turned the page of her diary.

You are not alone,

That… is what Darion once said to me now so long ago near the hills of Ravenswatch. And as if by magic he was there today, stopping me from running away again. Even though this is a friend I do not see often, he is a man to whom I listen. Even though I was hurt in my feelings, he is the one who managed me getting of my horse again and to explain a bit what had happened.

Not that our conversation lasted long since she showed up, looking for me.

Honestly, I do not know what I have to think of Anna but I guess we are even now. I hurt her two weeks ago, totally not my intend and she did today… and according to her, also not her intend.
I put it to the side, let it go. Well, at least for now, since for the other things, I do have the feeling we have a long way to go. But I’m going to try, no… I’m going to do my best.
And I will seek Darion out later...

I guess it’s a good thing both Anna and me understand it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I also do want to be there for the Covenant and I won’t run away from any problems that may have been caused earlier, even if not by me.
I have to find a way to get Reina and Anna talk again with each other and probably better start by one at the time. Tomorrow I will look up Reina, by that time hopefully with a head that is more clear than it is today. Or perhaps I should wait a few days.

Elvina rubbed her temples in an attempt to relieve her from a headache.

And, my sweet diary, you be my witness. I am NOT doing this for myself even though they both offered their help in my personal case and I need it. I am NOT using them or their resources, I will only go with the level of help they want and can offer.
And in return I WILL offer my help… well, in whatever I can mean to them.
Rei sees me as a friend and earlier proposed me something, well, rather asked. If she ever gets back on that, I’ll say yes.
Anna, she has seen things and she is maybe a bit like me in certain things. There is, I do have to admit that, a sparkle between us. One which unfortunately is overshadowed by the earlier events between us and our pasts. Yes, I admit I like her still, even after today, but I am careful. And so we’ll she, so I guess we are both good. Taking small steps and taking them slowly.

Elvina quit writing a moment and looked over her shoulder at the fireplace. The letter was gone and so was Adele. But without a letter in return. She was angry, probably. Elvina would be too in her place.
Was it another case she still had to finish? Even though she had been only away for two weeks, she had realised in that time that she and Adele could stay friends and at least have a final word about it. Though she would avoid drama. Things were just like they were. She hadn’t feel well about them and made up her mind.

Today I also decided that I will have no child. Even though Anna got back on this subject herself, it is something I like to set on hold. As long as the Master exists I won’t have a child. More and more, after putting all the information together again, I’m getting feeling that this may be what he wants with me. Bring his seed into me and beget a child that somehow fits in his plans. He already tried after all, using someone. Well, it’s either that or he wants to use me as a conduit and set foot in this world using my body or whatever.

But, just like Anna and me, the Covenant, Reina… one step at a time. And the first one will be research. Again yes, but this time one I put much faith in.

Why the hellhound who has obviously been send after me? I just know it is his. And probably there are even more out there. So if possible we can try catch one. Yet, whom I’m going to ask to help me with that? Celestia? Morgen? Adrian? Anna? Someone from the Vanguard?

The other thing is me passing on the name I cannot speak. Reina and Anna will look for a way of me sharing that name and see how this could be of any help. Write it down on a special paper, in a special language.

Next is the search for other likewise cases, using both the libraries of the Covenant and the Ordo. Me and Anna will search in the Covenant’s, while Reina would check the Ordo. There just must have been more cases like me in the past since I think my mother is one. Yet he failed with her, perhaps because his seed didn’t work within her. Though this is still all an assumption, I think we do good also looking in that or any likewise directions.

And finally, Reina is going to inform Sam when she sees him.

Elvina sighed and wrote one last line before closing her diary and going to bed.

I know dear diary. People want to tell me that … I am not alone.


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198. Together forever

After a very short meeting with her friend Celestia, and a few errands thereafter, Elvina found herself in her bed being even more optimistic about the future. Not only her personal future, but also that of others as she personally was convinced she and the others were about to stop a serious threat to the people.
Despite the frightening thoughts of what the Master might be up to, Elvina found easily peace for this night and quickly she was dreaming of her and Celestia catching hellhounds.

Then that wishful dream started to fade and soon the Vanguard moved to an even deeper sleep, yet her subconcious mind kept awake and took over…


“Can you look after her a moment, dear?” the beautiful woman asked.

He kissed her tenderly before turning around and looking down at her.

With big eyes she looked up at him, her little arms raising, the tiny hands opening and closing repeatedly and thus clearly showing what she wanted.

He smiled and leaned over, his big hands going under her armpits as he picked her up,” So, what does my little girl want to do now? She wants tooooo… fly??!” he widened his eyes at her as he suddenly lifted her up, high above his head

She giggled as that tickled in her belly,” Flies, flies,” she sang, holding out both her arms, her legs kicking the air as if she were an experienced swimmer.

The man chuckled,” Hey, go easy now, soon you might think you can really fly.”

The beautiful woman behind him laughed along, and turned to them, her eyes warm on the scene.

He lowered her again and just let her sit on his arm, the skin of his cheek now subject to scrunity as her tiny fingers wandered over it.

“Oh, now you wanna be a shaman huh? What you think, I’m still looking okay to ya?”

Suddenly she slapped the cheek, not hard though, and as if the surprised look in his eyes was a signal, she repeated it with both her hands! Slap !!
He chuckled but she didn’t give up and started to squeeze his cheeks, only to witness that weird thing coming out of his mouth, making her widen her eyes.

When he saw the surprised look on her face, he withdrew his tongue and looked at those little grey-white irises while he started to smile.

Her hands moved now to his lips and grabbed them, pressing and squeezing them together.

“Ohww, nwoow I sweee… kwisssww?”

She tilted her little head and tried to bring her lips in a shape or position she already knew.

The woman behind him smiled,” Its obvious, darling!”

She removed her tiny hands from the man's lips and lifted her chin a bit, her lips still trying to form a kiss.

“Of course she does, she is my little girl,” he said before leaning a bit and kissing the cheek.

And she returned it… and burbled as she tried to form another word.

The white-haired Vanguard mumbled in her sleep while a smile crossed over her face,




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Hell of a life - Page 8 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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199. Preperations

After a lovely night with her best friend Celestia, and the deal they would soon go on a hellhound hunt, the white haired Vanguard returned to Cear.
On the way there she passed the Grove and as always lately, Elvina made a short stop to see if Archie or anyone else was around.
Entering the Grove was always entering peace. Something she also had been looking for when she returned to her foster parents, now almost two weeks ago. She barely had seen them two days in the past eight months and then found herself returning to her life after what had proven a call from the Covenant, or rather from Anna.
After spending the night at the Grove, the Vanguard continued her journey to Cear.

A few days later she met up with Reina and Sam, and she was obliged to tell her captain all about her plans and possible upcoming events.
And what she had feared... happened. Sam wanted her to keep him informed and he wanted to come along to the Lower Planes. Elvina tried to stop him, but to no avail. It simply didn’t seem an argument Sam shouldn’t come along now that he finally had found his love, with Shayde. He was so happy now and Elvina just didn’t want to feel guilty if something happened to Sam. How would she have explain that to her Sister? Shayde… perhaps she should find her… and tell.

Meanwhile Reina also had found someone to help Elvina share the True Name of the Master, so that more research could start.
Someone to whom she also had some explaining to do now, her new Captain, Anne. Another meeting to plan on a warded place…

And then suddenly someone else important returned in her life, it was so weird to see him at first. How long has it been? Six months? More probably. Amilcar… and from what she heard they were back in Ravenswatch and doing fine. The news he had made her smile, Angela was pregnant again.
Yet… Elvina told Amil a little, but she wouldn’t allow Angela to join Elvina on her crucial journey. Amil however had now become acquainted with Anna, and the four of them, Anna, Amil, Shivara and herself would have a meeting soon.

Elvina sighed, she depended on others… and when they joined, they were depending on her. She only hoped that all these preparations were worth it and they would all return safely.

She would pray to Utu for that… asking for His Guiding Light to shine upon her and those committing themselves for that one big upcoming task…


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200. Covenant Library

Deep down in the halls of the Covenant, where the light of Rel stood no chance and where the winds of Ki lost all their strength, the candles on the tables in the Great Library cast sinister shadows between the endless rows of bookcases. Finding a certain work here didn’t become easier when noticing that the layer of dust on the backs of thousands of books was thick enough to cover their titles.

Warm air enveloped the Vanguard’s entire body, and soon she had to remove multiple layers of clothing until she just like all the other Hierophants was dressed in something very light, leaving the largest part of her legs and arms free. The sandals were a necessity though as the floor under her feet was cracked on several places.

The library was dead silent except for the sound of old pages and parchment carefully being turned over. Several books were lying open on her table, spreading an old and musty scent, but only one book currently had her attention. It was a rather thick book bound in demonhide, produced and written by someone who claimed to have traveled for a long time through the Lower Planes. The black and slightly glossy leather looked well kept and had felt surprisingly smooth. The pages were a bit wrinkled and stained, probably because of the writing along the journey.

The new Main Keeper of Hellfire had her smooth legs pulled up, and was leaning over the book, her hand absently flattening out the current page. Ever since she obtained access to this place, Elvina had tried to come down here at least once or twice a week, either to meet up with the other Hierophants or to seek information about the Master. No one could help her right now, not until she had shared the True Name of the Master with the other people. A procedure that would be performed carefully and with caution. Currently Reina, Anna and her new Vanguard Captain Anne were the ones who would be involved in this.

The reasons why this particular book had caught Elvina’s attention was rather simple. First, the writer may have heard of the Master and with a bit of luck there would be even a few entries. Secondly, this Traveler could have written things down that may lead to information about the weak spots of an Arch-devil. And finally, it was a short line under the title that had aroused her interest.

'Never trust a being using hellfire, as none hold a true soul…'

The whole book was written in Fiendish, but this posed no obstacle for the newest member of the Ordo Magica, since Elvina was also a diligent student. In less than two years, she had mastered the skill of reading and writing the infernal language.
Even though she had only read about ten pages thus far, she realised that this book may become her favorite for the time being. Too bad she couldn’t take it with her, but that was probably for the best. She closed the book again and read its title in silence.

'Hell spawn, between Chaos and Law'

About its author Elvina already had learned that he must lived about two centuries ago and that he was a bard and a warlock. Just like Elvina he had been able to open up portals and travel between worlds. She also noticed that the writer described the Lower Planes as a part of something bigger he called the Three Lower Realms, and that the Hells were only a part of the Lower Planes. It was still all very unclear to her, but as there were hundreds of pages left, Elvina assumed she would soon get a more clear view on the structure of these worlds. She also hoped to learn quickly whether this book was based on real experiences, or merely just fantasy. No matter how interesting even the last possibility may be, right now the fresh Pacti Quaesitor was looking for facts.

A tiefling had approached her and was standing next to her table. Elvina looked up at her and smiled faintly, before whispering,” Hello Neesha.”

Running her hand through her hair, the slender and scantily clad female moved a bit closer and leaned over as she whispered back,” Hi… I was just wondering if I could help you with anything, Main Keeper…”

Elvina saw how the girl blushed and produced a smile,” Not right now girlie, but thanks for the offer.”


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Hell of a life - Page 8 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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