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201. About past love

The first time she heard the news it hit her like a hammer, and almost knocked her off her feet. Only the experiences she had had in her past and her life as a Vanguard, prevented her from sinking into depression. Nonetheless she had had a good cry near the altar down at the Sacred Grove. It was shocking after all.

Along with it many questions rose, and she wondered if they needed an answer. Her gut told her it would be a bad idea as it may lead her away from her current path, or at least reduce the focus she currently had. She could feel her heart where it once was broken… it even hurt physically.
The Vanguard lady’s hand rested on her chest as she closed her eyes.

Whenever you think of a past love, you may view it as a failure. Or you may try and think everything happens for the best, cause... if the person you love doesn’t really love you back, it may mean something else is out there, waiting, destined...
Did it mean she had to be more careful the next time, that she wouldn’t show her love that easily? Well… that couldn’t be true either since you’ll never love a person unless you risk for love.

Love equals hurting and if you never got hurt, you don’t learn how to love. Within her the hurting was still there, as if it was testing her. Why? Perhaps to help her grow in this? But what about the expression ‘falling in love’? It is not something you could really control now, was it? You just fall… and go along with it. And in case of certain persons you can fall really really hard… and land even more hard.

She looked up from her diary in which she had written summaries from her conversations with Reina and Celestia… and she wondered how to deal with it… despite what she had said coldly to them in the first place.
She mumbled to herself,”... Damn you, Eve…”


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202. Desperate

Lilitu blinked when the hellhound was sent flying off from one side of the throne room to the other.
The Master’s demeanor had just changed from rather calm into rage, and his face now contorted in an all-consuming anger. His eyes flashed, turning into burning coal just before slitting. His hands, more claws now, clenched into fists as he paced forwards in the direction of the 'miserable' creature. All his pent up emotions were releasing like a volcano spewing its load into darkness as he grabbed the hellhound by its neckskin, lifting him from the ground without any effort.
The features of a devil were undeniably present now.

Lilitu shivered. The descendant from the former Archduchess, an Erinyes known as Lady Endora whose reign ended about 1.000 years ago, was furious. In all the time she had known him, this was only the second time this side was shown to her.
Even though the Master was probably the most intelligent of all the Rulers of The Hells, he didn’t had the highest rank, nor was he the most powerful. But he ruled this layer of The Hells and he simply was the most powerful being in this part of the Planes.
Lilitu still had no idea what his greater plan could be, but she saw what she saw. Not only in the common world was he constructing insidious and inexplicable intrigues, but also here he carefully maneuvered chess pieces one by one, and it probably would take decades or centuries before his machinations saw resolution.

Even as a demonic outsider, Lilitu could come up with at least two possibilities. Or the Master wanted more power and aimed for a higher rank, or he was preparing his defences for others who may covet his position.
The link with the female he was searching now and over whom he was so angry was still not clear to her. Did he really believe he could achieve more by having Elvina Hellcat… or was she just one of his personal desires?
Nonetheless, she realised it had to be more than something physical,... cause in the demoness’s ‘humble’ opinion he simply could have abducted the white haired mortal and tied her here to his bed. Lilitu licked her lips, she noticed she actually liked that idea quite a lot…

Then again, it would mean she had to share him with another main wife and that’s not what she wanted. He was hers, and she was his! His flings with other females she didn’t mind since she had hers too. Lots of actually since she was sexually insatiable. That was just the nature of the succubus. But only females could touch her as no other male was allowed to make her pregnant.

With burning eyes the Master looked at the hellhound in his hand,“ You have one more chance, you idiotic dog!! Take your horde and hunt! I don’t care if your sense of smell got disrupted by the scent and magic of other warlocks! Go back to where you got confused by all of this as it is a perfect hiding place for my diamond!”

Again he sent the creature flying, this time towards the wall. Its body smacked against it and slid down to the floor like a sack of potatoes.


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203. Focus

Elvina looked at Xev, nodded and once more thanked him before making her way to her inn room again.

It could all have been a bluff what the hellhound said earlier,... that the Master as of now knows her whereabouts, just like before. Before what actually...
The beast also said He was on his way, but after another hour on the very hill where they had caught the infernal creature, all remained quiet.
Still, Elvina wouldn’t return to her house near the docks, just to make sure. If He really had lost sight of her, than there was no reason to give her exact locations away again.

She was Xev very grateful for his assistance and company in going through this, and for a moment she wondered if they would get to know each other better some day. The elf mage reminded her a bit of the local loremasters of the small community where she had been raised, and somehow made her feel comfortable. Well, … as a member of the Ordo she assumed she owned him a full explanation of what was going on, since the was one of them.
The Ordo would assist her… as would the Vanguard, and the Covenant… like a … family, once more.

“All those people…” she murmured.

Elvina bit her lower lip and dropped on the bed, pushing out her boots before laying back and staring at ceiling with her hands behind her head.
She now knew how to find the Master, not where. The place where he was residing was unknown to her, yet the path seemed familiar and she would have no trouble at all with opening a portal that would lead to a place from where she could travel to devil’s location.

“Almost, too easy…” she whispered.

That thought made her frown to herself and wonder. What if it was a trap? Just like last time she had gone there and was captured by the Master’s disciple Eligor.
Well, she wouldn’t go alone this time.
And it was exactly that thought that made her worry again. What if this happened again? And what if this time her friends were imprisoned too, or worse? For a moment she was tempted to do it all herself, but she realised she couldn’t do this alone. It wouldn’t be fair either, since she already had asked for their help.
She had such powerful and caring friends, some even like close family to her.

But why… was she worried than …

She tried to push other thoughts and worries away, like : Where has Eve been and why was she back, where did Anna-Kraven go, was Celestia really being stalked and was she ok, what information would Shayde have about this when they meet again, would she be able to handle all this before the next mission of her company ‘El’s Ninth’ … would she ever see her child wish come true...?

The Vanguard sighed…

Step by step, she was so close now in finally dealing with the Archdevil. One last step remained… sharing His True Name on a special paper so that both the library of the Ordo and the Covenant could be consulted and more eyes could look for information in how defeating Him.
She would focus on that and nothing else but that, for now. Tomorrow she would consult Reina again before returning to the Great Covenant Library and continue to read in that mysterious book she found.

Elvina turned on her side, and wrapped her arms around herself.

She… was missing something… warmth… someone... holding her. Then she just shook her head to herself and closed her eyes.
She didn’t need anyone anymore… however, a few moments later she felt it again, ... a longing in her heart and before she knew it, a name escaped her lips in a whisper...


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204. Glimpse

Lilitu perceived how the Master intensified his efforts to keep control and connection with whatever he saw in his mind’s eye. A few times the Archdevil mumbled and from what she understood the hellhounds must have tracked her down, the precious diamond he called Elvina Hellcat. She clenched her fists and tried to suppress the upcoming feelings, making her boil. Next to that she felt disappointment and from the moment she knew what she really wanted, and what she didn’t want.
Her black demonic eyes remained locked on her Master sitting on his throne, -her- Master, no one elses. And anyone else trying to harm him would die by her claws, fangs, and spells. And -she- could see it coming, Elvina wouldn’t do anything else but to hurt him. She would break his heart one day.
Why oh why did he had to be so focussed on this ridiculous mortal? True, she and the Master also were two different types of beings, but they could make it work, and they were both nearly immortal, unlike that white haired bitch. For a moment she wondered if she couldn’t let this pass, let him have the witch and the few decades they had left to share some pleasure and fun. And after Elvina had died of age, she would be his.
Lilitu shook her head to herself. No, she wanted him now, she didn’t want to watch how they made out in front of her and how he called her his wife, his mate, his .. his equal partner. She shivered, trembled and almost raged by the very thought of that.

The moment he opened his eyes and looked at her, Lilitu quit thinking. She knew he could read some of her thoughts when he focussed. For a moment she wondered if he hadn’t already discovered, but then again… wasn’t that what she wanted? Be his…
She shivered when he started to grin at her.

He was pleased and not so pleased, but at least the news was news, so that was good. Elvina was still alive and even though he still had no idea why he wasn’t able anymore to trace her, he just had seen her near the walls of Cear. But she hadn’t been alone. Instead she was accompanied by her old friend, the divine whore known as the Lightbringer. And there also had been someone else,... a male. He noticed how he didn’t like that at all, and for a moment he wondered if he too had touched her, -his- diamond. Perhaps he just should have him killed, but he realised that could be a bit of a problem in their world, as the man featured a great magical power. Of course it had to be an elf… and he knew how Elvina liked elves.
Now he also noticed how frustrated he was not knowing her whereabouts and doings, and that had him slightly worried. He had no problem at all with Elvina dragging girls into her bed… but if a male...

For a moment he considered to simply teleport himself there, but quickly realised that wouldn’t do much good in that world, at least not without preparations. If she had been alone, things would have been different.
Well… he could also try something else.

Lilitu saw how her Master pushed himself of his throne and how he in a haze of dark blue light slowly started to change his appearance. A few moments later the illusion was completed.
In front of her stood a strange humanoid male...


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205. Overcoming fears

In the middle of the night, Elvina woke up at the shelter where she stayed anonymous. Well, the ‘boss’ of the place and the few people who also stayed over here knew her as miss Kitty. She wore some sort of a mask and a hood most of the time when she was here, yet nobody asked questions. Probably because they all had their problems. But tonight there hadn’t been a single person around.
Well… that wasn’t entirely correct either...

She turned her head a little, which made her chin brush over the hairy and muscled chest. On this very moment, with those strong arms gently around her, her own problems felt so far away, so distant. She was experiencing a feeling of safety, which was weird since she was completely aware of how dangerous she could be. Yet he had comforted her,... in so many ways. She lifted her head a bit and studied the handsome face.
This was the second time ever they spend a night together and this time she had gone only one little step further… well, they actually. He hadn’t insisted on anything though, and the things they had shared felt so natural. Elvina sighed, it had been more than enough. She never would have thought she would touch and be touched by a man like that, she never would have thought she would allow that.
Yet here they were… their skin sharing warmth, touching…

However, they would never be a pair, and she would never claim him as hers. He was a free man, though he called himself a loner. Love wasn’t the issue here since they liked, perhaps even loved each other more than enough for doing something like this, sharing this like a sort of special friends. There was trust, actually a whole shipload of it from her side.
If she decided on taking the next step… going further than she had done so far, which she would ‘after’..., ... and got pregnant,... she would never ask him to be around as the father, let alone expect him to act as one. He would be a sort of uncle, he even agreed on that, and that had made her smile. Everything was just gonna be alright. She felt her confidence increasing by the minute and it made her relax even further in man’s arms. Her future child would know many uncles and aunts, and would be raised surrounded by her love and the love of her friends.

She didn’t wish for more. She didn’t wish to get her house back, she didn’t wish for physical wealth, she even didn’t wish for another lover as her heart had been broken too many times. All those things not synonymous with happiness and contentment, were things she didn’t wish for.
Inner peace, having a real purpose, being healthy and living without fears, any fears… that was what she wanted.
Her hand stroked the man’s chest.
And it was all starting to fit. For a moment she could see her future, perhaps ideal life being played in front of her mind’s eye. No Archdevil messing up her life and trying to threaten the world through her, no more infernal powers that worried so many other hearts, no more fear over losing love as her child’s would be eternal and she would focus on that, no more fear over having a man in her bed…

Elvina glanced up and studied his face again. Well, not just any man. She was not and would never be some whore who would ask anyone to her bed just because she felt the need for it.
But he… only he would always be welcome, as he was the one who seemed to take away all her fears...


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206. Solitude or not

Elvina wandered through the streets of Cear near the docks, seemingly aimless, her long white hair and dark red cloak fluttering gently in the wind. It had turned more cold outside she noticed, and she also wasn’t dressed for it. Her skirt was simply too short and left a fair part of her legs bare, and the same thing applied to her arms. She wrapped the cloak around her and suppressed the urge to turn back. Not yet…

Without realising it, more than a month had passed. All that time she had spent underground without surfacing for even a single moment. She had read like she never read before in her life and still had so many books to go, so many pages to turn, so much information to analyze and so much of what was written down to verify.
When she would go to face Him and to confront Him, she had to be sure. Otherwise she and her friends could die and their efforts to prevent this Archdevil from setting a permanent foot in this world would be in vain.

Her skin had become more pale in the past month, obviously due the lack of sunlight, and she realised if she would spend even more time in the Halls of the Covenant, she may start to look like Anna-Kraven whose skin was pale. Beautiful yes… but very very pale.
Speaking of which, Elvina had no idea where their Matron had went and found herself more or less in charge of the Covenant as Main Keeper. But she didn’t do anything with it.

Right now she only wanted to be left alone, to read... and even though she had found a tiefling, sometimes even two in her bed, Elvina simply hadn’t been up for it and sent them off each time. By now she knew those two girls couldn’t help it, not completely. They were alone down there along with a few others, without anyone else ever visiting them. And… from what Elvina had read, they had their nature, their demonic blood manifesting and making them go begging for pleasure, often and literally driving them insane if they weren’t sated. It really had to be hard on them.
Elvina turned more firm. Nonetheless, they had -chosen- to be where they were and just would have to keep pleasuring each other.

At least… they had each other. She had no one, and she had chosen for that. She didn’t need anyone else or new in her life, not anymore. True, maybe a bit of pleasure once in a while wouldn’t hurt. And maybe one day that would lead to her big wish. A child…
But not yet. She had granted herself three years to achieve that, and before that time had passed, the Master had to be slain. Otherwise he might use the child against her.

Hell of a life - Page 9 Solitude

After sitting a moment by the water she looked around, but didn’t saw anyone familiar out on the streets. She knew she could travel to Reina’s home, or to the Misty, or the Ravenswatch and search for her best friend… but she didn’t feel much for it.
Perhaps it was also because of the chance the Master picking up her trail again and knowing of her whereabouts once more. True, it was not really something she desired and frankly it gave her a huge feeling of freedom.
Yet the experience of herself residing in the Halls of the Covenant and being by herself felt painfully lonely and created a rather nourishing, meaningful solitude. In this loneliness, she felt alone and without deep connection with anyone, not even with the god she worshipped.

The white haired Vanguard stopped and turned around to look at the road behind her. Was she on the wrong path? Or rather on the right?
For a moment she felt like a child who lacked a deep attachment to a loving parent… while she knew all too well she had two loving foster parents far from here.
She felt like a small child, who was crying within her and in need of being held… while she knew all too well she could feel the arms of her friends around her if she really wanted.
However, if she somehow could turn this loneliness into a positive feeling… a positive solitude… she could become a master in patience. And she would have no problem at all with staying down -there- and reading for another month, perhaps even a year.

She clenched her fists and nodded to herself before making her way back to the Covenant.

Hells,... she might even allow those tieflings having it their way. But only if she really needed it...


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207. ... searching...

The white haired man looked left and right. Nothing. Nothing here in Cear, nothing in Ravenswatch. Where the hell was she? Sure, he had time, but not another decade. He looked over his shoulder and motioned the 'elf' to follow him.

Lilitu grumbled to herself. She had enough of this, more than enough. Two weeks they had been lurking in the shadows. Elvina hadn't come home. Her house was empty, cold... almost like it was abandoned. For a moment she wondered if maybe something happened to her. Almost she hoped for it, but the Zinna part in her pushed that extreme thought away again. Great, nothing better than feeling mixed up again over that stupid bitch.

She looked from Elvina's little cottage to the corner of the street and saw Artega's doppelgänger had already moved on. Hilarious... they were disguised as two people who were dead. Well, probably, since Elvina's brother also seemed to be missing...


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208. Emerging from the darkness

Elvina removed a part of her disguise but without slipping out of the shadows. The journey to Ravenswatch had taken her twice as long than normally just because of the fact she didn’t want to use her magic. The magic that may draw His eyes back on her. Up to now she assumed He still had lost track of her and as long as she acted like a normal human being she may stand a chance to walk the surface whilst remaining undetected. Yet the world had grown boring on her as she rather avoided contact with any of her friends, afraid they were maybe being spied on.

It sounded silly but to her it wasn’t. She wanted to make sure the plans she made, the information she gained were not at a display.
But it was so god damn boring. A wishful sigh escaped her lips as she recalled a few of the nice moments she spent with her friends. Enjoying nature with Archie and Cel at the Sacred Grove, gossiping with Shayde in one of their rooms, teasing Sam as well as having certain deeper conversations about love, conversations about tactics with Amora and Jezel… it all seemed so far away now and for a moment she wondered how they were doing.

And then her thoughts went to a man who simply made her smile. He was special to her and even though she hadn’t seen him a while… which happened often, she just knew they would see each other again. She wasn’t in a hurry either to have his child,... her child eventually as he would never claim it as a father. Yet he would be around from time to time. It itched as she recalled his touch on her skin and she had to admit she was curious for more.

Almost she felt like… a normal woman. No use of magic, capable of handling a man in bed, her wish for a child which was rather normal for a woman of her age. She had the feeling she was emerging from somewhere she didn’t really wanted to be… yet she was hiding for some monster and for most of her friends. But that would only be a matter of time. And when He was dead she would chose for that normal life. It meant she had to resign all the factions she was part of, the Vanguard,... the Covenant,... and probably the Defenders and the Ordo as well.

Her daydream lingered a moment longer.

Then, when her child was finally born she would probably move to Ravenswatch, IF she could afford it. Perhaps starting by renting a room, then a little house before eventually buying something small yet decent. From here and with the help of Ja-Uth, she would use the portal stone to visit her foster parents from time to time and they could visit her. She would be closer to Utu’s temple as well and to a few of her friends mostly hanging out here.
She could visit the grove with her child and teach him or her all about its past whilst enjoying the peace surrounding them, the buzzing of the local bees, the various scent of flowers, the calming waters of the creek and the majestic trees swaying in the wind.
And when her child grew older, she could work like a normal woman, perhaps selling all kinds of stuff like honey, soap and healthy products.

Boy, if she ever would tell her friends, they would think she got hit by a rock. But frankly, no one knew, neither did she herself at first, but she just wanted to be a normal girl. Never did she ask for the powers she had and it was a miracle given their nature, she never got consumed by them.

Elvina sighed, the shadow of the inn making it look as if she wasn’t there.. Her journey had already begun, but she wasn’t out of the darkness yet.

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208bis. Coming home

1. Elvina


That is how they should name this forest instead of Caelwood, a large and impressive section of an immense forest somewhere north in the Empire. Each time she entered this place, she was in awe of the size and the majesty of the trees now surrounding her, and even though she was close to her destination, these trees were already the towers of the forest. Above her the tops were dense and a green light filtered through the top branches. As she picked up the scent of the leafs and heard the orchestra of birdsongs, her heart fluttered. The spirit of the forest was refreshing to her and drove out the remnants of all her problems, the trees being like silent sentinels watching over her. Despite the fact her archenemy had managed once to break through to this inner heart of the forest, which always had been her sanctum, Elvina felt pretty safe here.


It was home to her, here she was raised by elves who considered her as one of them, and by two lovely elves who considered her as a daughter. She was aging quickly now compared to them. Being 27 years old, Elvina came close to the appearance of her parents... perhaps five... ten more years tops and she would look the same.
She smirked a bit. Her hair was already white, so...

Shuffling noises reaches her ear and as she looked back in front of her, a small group of scouts emerged from the green. She could have sneaked in, but she didn't want to. It wasn't needed to shake everybody up and who knows what defenses the loremasters had installed after the attack of the archdevil.
Then she blinked as she recognise the elf in the middle and immediately dropped her backpack to run over.

"FARIDOR!!!" Elvina rushed forward and flew around the surprised elf's neck. And she teared up. Memories of the attack in the wood, Faridor's rescue team and the death of Yarik (see 116-117) making her very emotional for a small moment.

"Elvina?? It's really you?" the elf smiled gently, patting her back and a bit uncomfortable with the typical human expressions. But that soon changed when he sensed the kiss on his cheek. She just stole his heart and he had only seen her for ten seconds in more than a year. The white-haired woman was special, her charm and touch even more magical than before.
Then Faridor noticed how his companions were smiling as by coincidence their leader had been talking about the warlock a few times in recent past.

2. Zinna / Lilitu

The demoness was nervous. Since a few days now they had returned without any luck. Elvina just had disappeared. And even though she knew the Master hadn't given up on her yet, and probably had still several spies and other eyes out for her... He had seemed depressed. For an Archdevil had He looked pretty human to her and she didn't know whether to like that or not. For instance, this was all the warlock bitch her fault. Her influence, her charm, her appearance, despite the fact she didn't seemed to want Lilitu's master at all, just kept His mind occupied. And that meant He wasn't occupied with her.

Didn't he see??!!???

Lilitu was falling for Him, just like the dozens of other bitches He had taken to His bed in the past. Only lately He didn't seem to do so anymore. Including her !!!
According to her, that was an indication He was still focussing on Elvina.

But now, He partially seemed to have given up... and He had looked beaten, sad almost. She wondered if that was whether to His bigger plans come to fail... or due an unanswered love...

Nervously Lilitu shifted between her own shape and Zinna's, and tried to do it so fast her transformations turned her into a blurry unrecognizable form. She watched herself in the mirror doing so. There were many shapes she could do, as long as she at least had a tiny piece of the person she desired to be. Better were even memories of how that person is or was, and even better where experiences with that person.

Then she suddenly stopped shifting and transformed back to her original form. She saw herself blink in the reflection of the mirror. Lilitu jumped of the bed," Why didn't I think of that before!!" She laughed to herself and started to walk around the bed... nervously...

Just the thought of His kisses and Him touching her body again were causing an urge and desire surging through out her body, starting in her toes and traveling up between her thighs. Her hand descended and she could feel how she got all excited as she grew more and more convinced her idea would work. As she quit pleasuring herself, she started to strip and got to work.

The massive granite door opened with a minimum of enthusiasm... almost as if it had been too heavy even for him. He sighed and had decided to lay down a bit. Even devils needed a break from time to time. He looked around and saw the bedroom door was open, a soft glow emmitting from it.

He walked over and peeked in... only to widen his eyes. In the middle of the bed a dream was waiting for him in a red satin gown molded around her features. Then it struck him... as he could see past the illusion quickly. But that didn't stop him from playing along.


Lilitu smiled, full lips parting slightly as she watched him approach the bed like a panther.

3. Elvina

Elvina studied her work. Her little house in the elven town was ready. New sheets were on the bed, the furniture dusted, the floor was clean and the carpet replaced. Her closets were filled with food, and she had assisted her foster father repairing her balcony. She looked at the small couch in front of the fire and with a sigh dropped herself onto it. Pushing off her boots she recalled her departure from her life in the city. Well, whatever you call it. Feeling you have to hide all the time from an Archdevil while trying to come up with a plan to defeat him wasn't exactly a life. It was being lived, being dominated almost by it. She had felt forced not to stay in touch with anyone because of it and she wondered what her friends thought,... and the Vanguard..., and the Defenders... and... and...
Had they missed her... had they come looking for her at the house where she hasn't been anymore for ages... did she missed any important developments?

Most likely...

At some point she had taken the decision to crawl back up from the underground, from the place where the Covenant resided. And, against all regulations... she had taken one of the books. The most interesting piece from the collection, written by someone who claimed to have been a wanderer of the Lower Planes, or the Hells, or whatever it is called. Here, in the open and in her airy elven home she would resume her studies, hopefully assisted by the local loremasters.

She scratched her cheek and wondered if Celestia had already found the letter behind the altar of the temple below. Elvina smirked, she probably would when -she- started to dust the place. It hadn't been more than a goodbye and that she was in good hands. And with that her friend would probably guess where she was and that she was alright. The same for a letter to Reina and Shayde, which would be delivered personally by someone who she trusted with all her heart. And finally, a letter she had left for the man who once in a while visited town and who had taken away most of her fears. They would all know where she is, that she wasn't planning on returning for a long while and that she was alright. They would also know they would be welcome here, ... and since all had been either here or knew the coordinates ...

Just when she was about to lay down and pulled a blanket over her, someone knocked at her door. For a moment her blood froze, but she immediately shook off certain thoughts. She was safe.
The white-haired woman got up and moved to the door which she opened carefully. She smiled and the door swung open for her visitor while she shyly said," Hello Faridor..."


Ja-Uth looked up from the knock on his door. The elf rose from the bed and opened it only to see the white-haired woman pulling her hood on. He frowned a bit.

"Ready?" she spoke softly.

"But... already? Are you certain?"

She nodded rapidly.

"Hm, if you say so. Let me pack my things first. Please enter."

Elvina slipped into the room quietly and closed the door.

The elf frowned more due the way how she acted and while he took his backpack he asked," And... seen some of your friends then?"

"... yes..."

He looked over his shoulder when he detected some emotion in her voice. O how he wished Faridor had come too as he had no idea how to deal with these human... vibrations. He only said," I take it went well."

Again a nod.

Now elves in their community weren't generally known for expressing themselves well either when it came to trouble, as not everyone had business with ones feelings. Unless related. But here he saw Elvina who was... a mix. On one hand she eyed the same like them, on the other he just felt something was out of place.

"O... kay then." He closed his backpack. "Back to home then?"

Another nod before she opened the door and slipped out. Down the stairs she peeked around the corner but saw both had left.

Behind her the elf frowned more but he didn't comment.

She looked over her shoulder at him and gave him a reassuring nod. Deep inside her she realised paths sooner or later could part. Elvina left the Buck Inn, the elf loremaster right behind her.

Yes, but never in the heart...


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Hell of a life - Page 9 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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209. Free

The wind playfully caught the long blond hair as the girl gracefully spread out her arms like an eagle ready to take off. The afternoon sun shone on the pretty elf, the warmth seeping in her body through her tanned skin. As she closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh air, she let her mind go back in time. Her mind, and in a way Zinna’s. After all, she was more than one.

Many years ago she was found by Him when she was still rather embryonic and primitive. Only through her skill, her ability to ‘steal’ identities and even shape shift into the desired person she had managed to survive. He had taken her in, trained her, cherished her, fed her and even had sex with her. And she had returned the attention He had for her. Not only had she given herself completely to Him, but also her many identities. Whomever He desired, if she had been in contact with that person, she more or less could become that person. She could be everyone. His deceased devil wife Naamah, His mortal wife Mirri, His lovers Angela and Zinna and all the others...

A tear pooled in her eye. Well, almost… everyone.

She inhaled once more and leaned a little forward before jumping off the high cliff by pushing forward off it with her arms and legs moving into a streamline position. Like a swimmer’s dive if you will. Only… it wasn’t water that awaited her arrival... but hard, inexorable bedrock.

The demoness closed her eyes once more as the ground grew closer at a frightening speed.

Though the fall in itself wasn’t that unpleasant. Like she was in this light plane where she felt weightless and where she was surrounded with freedom, her body able to turn and twist in any direction she desired. Like she was a moment one with the universe. Lilitu smiled. In this state of total zen she finally could let go off that one thought… cause she really never could be like her. She could never be like… Elvina.

And with that she probably just had discovered the secret behind the reason why the Master craved that white-haired witch.

Too late.

The wind screamed in her ears and Lilitu squeezed her eyes shut...


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Hell of a life - Page 9 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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210. Living

Elvina leaned backwards on the couch she had placed on the small porch high up in her cosy tree house and which gave sight to the evergreen forest but which was now plunged in darkness. She inhaled the fresh air produced by the leafs, so clean and so pristine… and so far away from the city.

Granted, she had loved living in Cear but the forest was just closer to her. A few days ago she had returned there probably for the last time. She had checked her mailbox for the last time and found it empty. It was in a way weird… but then again she hadn’t been around that much. People simply moved on just like she did. Well, not really since she was hiding. Not from them but from Him. She knew it was a fantasy as she probably would have to face Him again. He would be even bold enough to come here to claim her.

She sipped from her glass of wine. What she did wonder about was if she had missed somehow a reply from the Vanguard. She had resigned but it never got confirmed, and she would hate it to find herself seen as a deserter. If she ever returned to the Province that is;
After all, she had just sold her house in Cear.

The white-haired woman shifted on the couch and pulled up her smooth, bare legs. She also wondered if she would ever see him again, if the lone wolf would ever show up here. In a way she noticed she missed him but more for the talks they had had rather than the physical things.

“El… Elvina?”

Startled she almost fell off the couch and peeked over the backrest of the couch to see who was responsible for her almost tumble. "Wooopp!!"

“I’m … I’m truly sorry, the door was open… I did knock but you didn’t answer, and I saw the light...”

Elvina got up and flattened out her silky night gown, then blushed a little,” I’m sorry, I was just caught up in some thoughts…”

“Nothing all too bad I may hope?”

She waved with her hand,” Nah, nothing to worry about… Euhm…. would you like to join me for a glass of wine and perhaps a little chatting?”

Faridor smiled and nodded as he lifted up a bottle from behind his back.

Elvina chuckled.


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Hell of a life - Page 9 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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211. A creep

A gentle hand caressed the blooded face, the thumb smoothing a blond tress. The world around the pensive looking man kneeling next to the twisted and blooded female body seemed to stop for a moment. There was nothing that could be done anymore.

More and more of the things that happened seemed inevitable and irreversible. He always craved control over events, something in which he often had succeeded and excelled. But when it came to his concubines and likewise women, things simply always seemed to get out of hand. Though in the past years there was only one woman he really wanted. And this... he closed the eyes of the body... was one of the consequences he had to face. The price he had to pay for his desire, this fascination for an amazing woman, a non-stop hunger, an irrestible itching within his being, lust, greed, passion. It were merely a few of the things he wished to experience with this woman.

"Elvina... my diamond. Where are you hiding? I can feel you are still alive, and of course I understand why you remain concealed,” he whispered in front of him.

He shook his head,” But my Empire, my Horde, all my treasure and even my great plan shrink into insignificance compared to what I had in mind for you… with you. Everything else just seems to have lost its value. You come forth from a line of blood I craved for so long, so many generations and too many centuries. I am convinced it would have finally worked out with you.”

Large black wings were unfolded...

He leaned over and picked up the bloody heap that was a body. He looked up at the moon and the stars and sighed softly, something he hadn’t done in a long long time.

“I see though what I am, and I will miss you… Gwyneth Cavalier…” Elvina's true name whispering softly...


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Hell of a life - Page 9 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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212. Never stop dreaming...

Tempest,... frightening, raging, dangerous,… and when the next lightning bolt came down it was like the violet sky was split in two. The sonic boom instantly succeeding the blinding light made the earth under her feet tremble.

Close one…

A soul-sucking wind blowing from the north and carrying a heavy curtain of rain washed over her face, resulting in a pair of red, burning cheeks. She glanced up. For a moment the speed at which these swirling clouds crackling with even more electric potential had reappeared... astonished her.

As if miles above the surface gods and devils were fighting a remorseless battle while angels and demons cried in pain and agony over their masters’ injuries and discontent... just before resuming and increasing their efforts with an emphasized anger, determined to finish one another off.

A bitter smile appeared as she watched back at the scene unfolding in front of her. She ignored her saddening heart and suppressed her tears. Feelings were simply something she couldn’t afford at this point. What was happening was necessary, it was her job -and- it was something she had chosen to do... to be.
And people seem to believe in her… more or less.

Another gash of radiant light broke through the cauldron-black sky. For a moment this lightning seemed able to illuminate even the deepest darkness. Here, revealing relentless Kor pounding and pummeling the Vanguard’s defences in an attempt to cleave themselves over the rain-soaked terrain towards what seemed to be the reason for their frenzied attack.

Then, everything turn black again. Except to those who had dared to glance at the phenomenon, its light burning their brains like wildfire and leaving them in a temporary blindness with frozen green and purple shapes imprinted on their retina. Those who felt grandiose and superior for one moment, could be choking on their blood and feeling their lives slip away during the next.

It was a game of light and shadow... and of life and death.

She blinked her eyes once and witnessed how to several the battlefield below the small hill from where she overlooked the fight turned into a greasy, slippery deathbed filled with cold iron and warm blood.

The alarm had been raised only a few minutes ago, and the sky had been filled with buzzing and fizzing sounds produced by the arrow storm unleashed at the incoming enemy. But that didn’t stop their advance, it merely had slown them down for a moment.

The Kor simply ignored the blubbering and choking sounds of their dying brothers and had stepped over their bodies to take their place. Moments later Kor axes were clattering and clanking into raised Vanguard shields, and in return the orcs found gelid blades gripped by cold hands lunged at their various unprotected body parts.

She was proud. Her men fought well and managed to fend off wave after wave. She overheard how bones were fractured and ruptured and already could pick up the nauseating scent of guts and entrails.

Hell of a life - Page 9 346ks3b

“Elvina, I mean… Commander… the men won’t be able to hold them off much longer and…” the female voice next to her paused for a brief moment before continuing with a confidence probably meant to persuade the white-haired Vanguard,” … if we don’t concentrate our units again, as in -right now-, you will probably gonna lose those wagons.”

A geyser of dark blood showered into the air as the head of a Kor came off after a very accurate strike of a Vanguard she knew as Skurge. Yes, ‘El’s Ninth’ was doing well, but it was time indeed.

“Alright, get back to your cavalry unit and lead them behind the Kor. I want a small distraction that’ll help our footsoldiers to retreat up the hill with as less casualties as possible.”

“Up the hill? But… are you giving up the wagons then??”

Elvina’s eyes flicked from the battlescene to the wagons with supplies for Dasar and then nodded,” Aye, and after they take them I want you to chase them down…. for a while.”

“Chase them down, got it. Wait… what!? What do you mean for a while? What about the supplies??”

Elvina turned her head to her former lover. ”Let them go,” she calmly said.

“Let them go?!!” Jezel reacted a bit imperiously, her eyes dilated and her nosetrils quivering with anger. “And what about Dasar?! What are we going to…?!?”

“Jezel! I take full responsibility. You pursue them long enough to make it look real, then, after an hour or so fall back. Now go and carry out my orders!”

Jezel Kelandon blinked a moment but then a bit furious saluted, jumped on her horse and rode off in the direction of her waiting men on the other side of the hill.

Elvina shook her head and turned her attention back on the scene where weapons and shields flickered cold with each lightning strike. She knew Jezel was just committed and determined to get the maximum out of this operation, not willing to give in when it didn’t seem necessary. But there came a time one didn’t had to raise questions and just do as was told.

The sounds from below were so loud and chaotic that she couldn’t pick out the officers’ voices shouting their orders. So she waited a moment longer while the enemy kept banging at her Vanguard lines.

“Going well…?” a soft voice whispered behind her.

Elvina glanced over her shoulder and offered the one who got her by surprise a weak smile. There weren’t many who could, but this one always did.

“Hello, Amora. I see you succeeded in drawing their attention. And yes,...” Elvina looked back at the fight,” So far all is going according to plan. Part two is about to start.”

She sensed how the tiefling took position close to her, her appearance shady and wispy.

A droning sound on the earth beautiful to Elvina’s ears preceded Jezel’s riders, their armours chiming as the horses galloped in a circle around the Kor. Before the swarm of opponents attacking her footsoldiers was able to react, the riders surged forward. A tempest of spears and lances keened through the air only a few seconds before they without discriminating pierced unprotected as well as protected dark bodies. Only few Kor managed to wail in pain since they simply got overrun and crushed by the hooves that followed. It was a carnage, … but it wouldn’t be enough and Elvina hoped Jezel would stick to the plan.

Hell of a life - Page 9 Vw37n

She exhaled slowly and relaxed the moment she witnessed how her footsoldiers slowly started to retreat up the hill and away from the wagons which they first had to protect against the fierce enemy forces.

Despite their losses the Kor cheered as they saw their objective was still within reach. And as suspected... Jezel’s unit came to a halt in the middle of the swarming mass. Just in time they turned their horses and retreated to the hill flank. The Kor were now however preparing for another incoming charge as one of their units turned around and lowered their spears glittering and glowing dangerously under the lightning sky.They literally teased and taunted the Vanguard riders to try again.

Crossing her arms Elvina arched a brow when she perceived how the Kor were standing on their brothers who had just fallen prey to the riders, pushing their bodies further in the mud.
She whispered in front of her,” If death becomes this cheap, it’s the watcher and not the dying who’s poisoned...”

Amora’s arm slipped around Elvina’s waist,” Canites, Kor… no respect for life at all. So… you want me to do anything else?”

Elvina turned her head to the tiefling,” No, you did enough. Stay alert for another hour and then go get some rest.” She glanced back at battlefield,” This will be over in no time.”

Amora pressed her lips on Elvina’s shoulder,” Alright,... shall I wait for you later or... “ Amora glanced in the direction of the tent where Adele was working on the wounded,” … or have I been replaced?”

Elvina gasped,” Amora… not now…”

But the tiefling smiled up at her,” I know and… you know what we have agreed upon.”

Before Elvina could answer to that the tiefling was gone. She quickly banished all kinds of personal thoughts out of her mind and focussed back on the fight. As expected and probably also due their considerable greed for gold and other rewards, the Kor didn’t pursue her footsoldiers. She saw several Vanguard faces glancing in her direction, some of them familiar. Skurge, Gormok, Calken and his misfits, Maliker, Gisela, some of her executive and even her own XO Harovan. But there wasn’t any time to explain. At least not now. She simply nodded to confirm the orders that had been given earlier.

They all looked at the Kor swarming around the wagons and stealing the ones that had been added to the convoy the day before their departure from the Bastion. Now Elvina knew for sure there had been spies in her company,... and perhaps still were. But it didn’t matter now.
On the moment the wagons disappeared around the corner of the next hill within this small valley, Elvina raised her arm and lowered it. Jezel now had permission to pursue the Kor and harass them from behind. The remainder of her company would turn back to the camp and have their wounds checked.

By the time Rel had reached it’s Zenith, Elvina knew they lost twenty four Vanguards, almost a fourth of her company. The names had already been added to the Book of the Fallen which she carried everywhere,... one of Sam’s orders, no… requests.
It was a dark day for the Vanguards, and it should be a more darker one for the Canites as they had lost more than hundred of their kin during their assault. And even more casualties were about to come.
But again, and as she had seen earlier she highly doubted Kor mourned over the death of their brothers. More likely they looked forward once they got back they could lay hold on the widows, and steal the properties of their fallen ‘comrades’. That was at least one reason for their warmongering behavior.


Elvina turned around and greeted her scout leader Erenil. “And… report?”

The beautiful half-elf corporal nodded,” It is done. The trap worked quite well. I have to say, miss Amora did a hell of a job.”

“So did you, and I think we and her came together with a hell of a plan. Now… numbers.”

“Aside from the casualties here and during their flight, about two hundred more Canites and Kor died up there in the hills. Among them were two highly ranked officers and one of them was known to us as the ‘Black Butcher’.”

“Aha, so we finally got that one then. Anything else?”

Erenil shook her head,” Not much, all I know is that one poison wagon has been carried further up in the hills and may cause a few more casualties there. We didn’t go there to check however…”

“And you shouldn’t. You did well, Corporal. Thank you.”

The scout leader saluted and was about to walk away but then turned back over to her commander who was already leaning over the map again. “Commander…?”

“Mmm… yes?” Elvina glanced up.

Erenil’s hand gripped around a pole, stroking it a bit,” If you like to have drink or something later, … I’ll be in my tent.”

Elvina blushed…


Suddenly she shot up in bed only to look around confused. She was home, home as in her little place in the elven forest. Dreams,... reality mixed with fantasy.

She pulled up her knees, holding a blanket over her. A feeling of loneliness descended upon her, only brief yet it was there. The Vanguard had been her family, and a lil more. Among them she had met a lot of people she liked, friends and… oh well, people who even liked more.

The white-haired woman leaned her chin on her knees and closed her eyes. Seen from a small distance she appeared to be fretting over things, and actually she was. She was missing someone. Someone who had the ability to cause a big change in her life, a change she craved. And it was not killing the Master, as that actually now seemed a ridiculous idea. All she needed to say to him, IF she ever saw him again,... was no.

But no… that wasn’t it. Although, this was something she couldn’t do alone and she didn’t want anyone else for it. Not that elf Vanguard, not one of her other friends… or former friends…, not Faridor even though he seemed nice. No...

She sighed and buried her face into her knees before she softly and perhaps for the first time uttered his name.
”... Oh Morgen …”

THE END (???)


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213. Epilogue

Years later…

“Mo’oom…!!”, a little girl ran to the woman near the tree house. White, flyaway hair streamed out behind her tender form. She stopped in front of a bench and looked up at the woman who was knitting little travel clothes. Then, she shook her head rather vigorously after which the long, silky hair cascaded along her shoulders again.

She sulked,” Mo’oom, please say something. Saryia is doing it again. She asked me to play hide and seek, but she uses her magic tricks and it’s not fun! I can’t find her and now this game is so stupid!”

The woman looked up from her work and placed it next to her on the bench as an overwhelming sense of familiarity hit her. Perhaps due a reconnection with one of her own infant memories?

(links with the first stories ever)

She looked down at the little girl with the pouting lips and who had crossed her arms. The child’s entire demeanour clearly demanded action. An amused smile appeared on the woman’s face and without breaking eye contact with the little but ladylike wonder she rose up from the bench.

“Saryia? Saryia?! I know you can hear me. This has taken long enough,... now show yourself to your little stepsister. Can’t you see how much she loves to play with you?”

The woman smirked a bit as she witnessed how meanwhile the child’s eyes slitted and a little chin was lifted.

“But… I was right here… -all- the time…”

The sudden voice behind the woman had her startled. Elvina turned around and saw the elder elf girl who appraised them both with twinkling eyes. The former Vanguard shook her head and sighed,” Didn’t you promise me and your parents not to use your powers except when in class, or in times of need?”

As she said that, Elvina detected a hint of superiority in the expressions of the elf girl… which was quickly replaced with some form of obedience when she offered Saryia a stern look.

Saryia nodded,” Of course, aunt ‘Vina.” She peeked at the girl behind Elvina and reached out her hand,” Shall we play another game then?”

The white-haired child still somewhat mocking nodded in return and moved from behind her mother to accept the hand.

Elvina smiled softly at them,” Now go and have some fun… and remember…”

“Yeye... ‘Don’t go too far. Don’t talk with strangers, and don’t make any agreements with people you don’t know well.’... We got it!” Saryia giggled and dashed to the treeline with the child on her heels.

And suddenly everything turned quiet again. Elvina stared a moment in the direction in which they had taken off. Just the leafs gently rustling in the wind... and...

“Doing alright I see…”

For the second time within a few minutes someone had her startled. What was it with these sneaky people today?? But she smiled as she recognised the voice immediately and swirled around like a young girl to face him. Elvina brushed some tresses away from her forehead, her alabaster hair glinting in the sun.
A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she laughed softly and with her arms wide she stepped over and hugged him. “Hello Morgen!”

Morgen offered her a smile and hugged her back.

“It’s been a while again… but you look good...," Elvina held him at arms length as she turned her head a little,” Hey you, girls! Come and see who is here!”

It only took less than a minute for a white-haired little hurricane to leap out of the green and to jump on Morgen’s back.

“Uncle Morgen!!! And… gotcha!”

A pair of gleaming gold-like irises looked at him triumphantly as he turned his head to face the grinning ‘fearsome’ forest devil hanging around his neck.

“Kitty…,” He looked a bit awkward over the fondness the child showed. “Playing with the old wolf now again?” He peeked back at her with his remaining yellow wolfish eye.

Elvina watched them both and smiled softly...

((Author's note : There's more written about Elvina and Zinna, but the side stories would make it even more confusing as all the above posts not exactly always follow like book. Something I did try and still try to achieve in later stories. One day, based on all these experiences I may try a book. By the time I ended this Elvina storyline it was september 2014. 'Two sides of the same coin' (soon on this forum), are story snippets parallel written with these, and is dedicated to my 3rd main character, the bluish haired woman Angela Wrath.))


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