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Post by Admin on Mon May 15, 2017 8:17 pm

26. Help wanted part 1

Just as Zinna expected, Lendose was hard to reach. It was more difficult than coming from the Elven forest to Cear. So, her target was out of reach... Not that it was an immediate problem.
Zinna's terrible dreams had become more blurry. The feeling of an upcoming doomsday seemed to wear off. Something changed, but Zinna couldn't guess what it could be. She started to think what it could mean. Maybe terrible things weren't going to happen after all? Or, maybe those things weren't so terrible at all?

"Oh my love, I miss you so hard, I wish we be together again soon. This travel, this quest, without a purpose, or at least a changing purpose seems so ... useless", Zinna said to herself.
She contacted a local wizard to help her with her spells. She was determined to reach Lendose after all, but first she needed practice. Maybe when she became stronger she could handle those giants, or at least sneak by them. She also decided to find some help for her quests, she was to weak to do them alone.... and she really needed the money as her purse was becoming much thinner.
She hung a note at the Mistyvale Inn.

"Help wanted, ZD. Contact master Roggins"


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27. Help wanted part 2

The man grinned. Zinna shook her head. He just gave her a ‘sensitive’ comment.
No way she was hiring this pervert.

“Next!”, Zinna stepped into the hallway. There was no one else. She sighed deeply.
Why was it always so hard to find the right help? Perhaps she was too much demanding.

She quickly recalled the guys who showed up.
First she had Devon, a smelly little dwarf, strong as a bull but drunk as a skunk. His beard untended, his axe very rusty and eyes as wild as a Tasmanian Devil. Zinna rejected him even before he could open his, probably very reeking mouth.
Next was Trist the halfling. He seemed ok, but Zinna wanted particulary physical help. The little guy was probably good for sneaking into houses and cracking locks. Further Zinna didn’t trust him too much. Her own purse was safely under her clothes and she was very thankful she stored it there.
Then she saw Murdog, a big half orc, but a very friendly one. He seemed to have it all. He was big, strong, much... cleaner than Devon. He seemed disciplined, and carried a big staff. He seemed the perfect candidate. But when they negotiated he simply asked too much. 5000 gold for entering the bugbear caves, 1000 more to gear up and splitting all found treasure in two.
Everything has it price, but he was simply too expensive.
The last candidate was scum. An impressive fighter yes, but Zinna feared he would rape her as soon as they got out of Cear. After his ‘comments, she hoped he quickly ran into an opponent that would shop off his manhood. Zinna was a calm person, but this guy just made her angry in seconds. Men...!

She was in a hurry again. Last night her dreams became more awful, weird, just as they seemed to … ‘temper’, they got suddenly more … bloody... and realistic. Was her mind fooling her? She could take the risk. A couple of weeks, and then she really needed to get to Lendose... it was just a feeling... but an oppressive one.


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28. A dark meeting part 1

Elvina stopped. She was standing in the streets of Cear. A cold but powerful feeling took place in her heart.
Nothing to see, everything looked normal... civilians running around, the little halfling at his spot near the sewers, Falier crying out for undead (yeah, right), the market near opening... what was different?
She started to walk and looked in the streets near the fountain. A presence was near, but Elvina didn't saw anyone.
Her shoulders shivered a little, she was nervous and even got a bit anxious. This wasn't normal. Most of the times she evaded or eliminated danger even before it was coming. Not many enemies who sneaked up on her talked about it later. Her senses were razor sharp. But in this case they seemed more like a disadvantage and could be fooling her.
Suddenly she stopped near a house, but why? Then she realized, the door was open, just a little. As she got near it, it flipped open, as if someone was inviting her in. Her senses didn't fool her, something was going on. She looked around, but saw no one. It was still a couple of hours till sunrise. The temperature should be comfortable, but her inner felt cold. Still, she was drawn to the house and entered. But not before activating her magical defences... of course...

When she got in, her eyes didn't need to get used to the light, because it was dim inside. The hall looked somewhat classic, even a bit old. The room was illuminated by some candles on the ceiling. Suddenly a dark presence smacked on her sensitive senses. Red eyes appeared in the doorway, a whisper nearly hearable .... "Hello Elvina"
She fell on a knee when she saw who called her... Maladict!

Hell of a life - Page 2 999064__the-red-eye_p

The man smiled at her, showing his white teeth. Did some looked more like fangs?
"I... I... Master, ... you, I .... erh .... how did I know?"

Maladict looked upon her.
"It's normal my child, some... creatures, like ourselves, are able to feel one another long before seeing each other. But please stand up, you are here among friends. And the hallway isn't really the place to continue a nice conversation".

"Friends...?" Elvina got up and followed the man to the next room.
Last time she met him, she felt as if she needed to worship him. Now she still felt the power he was radiating, she was still .... 'attracted' in some way but not ... slavishly.
What could that mean? Was she becoming more powerful? Or was he using magic on her, but more 'gently' then last time?
She shook her head. Elvina was very curious about this man and her senses weren't telling to run off. Or was that even more magic from him, influencing her decisions. She shivered by the thought of that, as she was sure her ... being was protected from such 'attacks'.

A woman appeared from behind, Elvina saw her coming just in time and turned around quickly. Maladict told, no, ordered her to post in the corner of the room. Something was odd about her. She looked a bit pale, but also felt like... she was not really alive. Yet, she was beautiful, in some way...
They took place on some old chairs. They creaked a little. This room was also dim, a couple of torches emitting most of the weak light.

Elvina looked at Maladict. He took place on a opposing chair, gently, as if he was scared to damage it.

"Now, my child, you seek answers to some questions... i can help you with those".

Elvina suddenly remembered their meeting at the misty forest, where he also offered a halfling to help him find his cat... but he wanted loyalty in return... for years!
She decided to be cautious. She would look for every opportunity that could offer personal advantages... without the disadvantages. A tactic Elvina used when she felt overpowered, or overwhelmed like in this case. At least her mind was still clear... or wasn't it?
She chose to look confident and act by it.

"Who are you? You look very familiar to me, but I can't give your appearance a place."

The man in front of her smiled. "I am Maladict... and I am born twice. I am what you could call a vampire, an undead." He grinned and showed his fangs just little." You could see in his eyes he was amused by saying and doing this as if he wanted so see how Elvina would react.

She chose the path of bluffing, showing as if she was not afraid or even intimidated by his gesture.
"An undead? Right.... the only undead I know are brainless creatures, with some or no flesh on them at all... some even without any bones. And they sure don't talk like you." She shook her head as if she didn't believe what he said... although her inner knew he was right. She heard about vampires before, legendary creatures who walk the night, always looking for blood, moving faster than an eye could blink and capable of turning into fog and slip through any crack in a wall. This was an explanation for his look, his doings in the forest, the power he radiates...
Still Elvina didn't knew why she was attracted in some way.

"That is because I'm old, and refined. Vampires are not common undead. We were human, once. We died, yes, but we are not raised like all other undead. I'm reborn."

"It's weird, it is as if I know you from somewhere, seen you before, but without meeting you ..."

The vampire asked Elvina more about her past and life. In the end he said it could really be possible they met before, maybe as child, a faint memory perhaps.
She told him about her parents, her real parents. Maladict suddenly shocked her. "What if I have killed your parents?".
Elvina figured this could be some kind of test. She replied she knew and remembered the real cause of their death. Was he trying to defy her? And for what reason? She worked on her weak spots, one of them being fiesty. These days Elvina was less tempted to tantrums.

He also talked about death, the end of every mortal being. And how time would catch up Elvina and how she would become bored, until she finally dies.
She didn't respond to his underlying suggestion. "I will never become bored, life is just so ... fun."
The vampire only smiled, was he a bit disappointed?

Later in the conversation he even 'tried' another way. "What if drink your blood?". Now he was trying to frighten her?
Elvina tried to control every nerve to prevent her body from shivering. She took her dagger made a cut on her arm and showed it to him, as if she wanted to challenge him. Maladict also didn't took the bait. He seemed even more disciplined than Elvina ever could be.
She decided to test him aswell by throwing something in the conversation, something she picked up in the elven forest. She was not sure about the answer but the question could be enough to intimidate him just a little.
"Earlier you said you don't like Orcish blood for example. Now, what if a vampire drinks demon blood?". On her face appeared a big smile in the hope he took this gesture as if she knew the answer to that.
His eyes flickered a bit, he rose from his chair and lifted in the air, just a bit. "Yes...... what if !!!?"

Elvina was not sure about his reaction, was he angry? She decided to intimidate him even more... just a little...


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29. A dark meeting part 2

Elvina stood outside, it was almost daybreak. She turned around and looked at the house she just left. The entrance had changed. When she arrived the door was open, and looked different than the one she was looking right now.
Here was powerful magic at work, or at least a great illusion.

She walked back to Lendose, a long trip but that was okay since she had much to think about.
Did the vampire really got mad at her?

Maladict showed interest in her and Elvina decided to use that. If he really wanted her, she didn't want to become some kind of slave, or an eternal yes-nodding disciple. No... she wanted to show him she also could be dangerous. Not by force... but by knowledge. Elvina didn't fool herself. The vampire was much older than herself, more powerful and probably a lot smarter. Still... he didn't answer to her question about drinking demonblood. So... either he knew but was anxious to talk about it, or... he wasn't sure about the answer himself.
And by such knowledge Elvina had something to negotiate about her .... 'services' and the circumstances in which they could happen.

She suggested becoming a kind of 'bodyguard' but not totally in the physical way. More like she protected certain ... knowledge and preventing it would being spread. The vampire didn't react at it first. He was just hearing her out.
Another of her demands, was that she would never operate as an assassin, even though she had the skills for it. She never killed people for sport, or for business. Unless self-defence would be required or a greater cause in which she believed was served.
Now Maladict reacted. "Did you forget what you almost did at the misty forest? Hmmm? You almost attacked your friends and without doubt, you could have killed them."
Zinna turned red but kept her mouth for some moments. Then, with a soft voice she refuted his allegations. "I was ... confused, I could never kill my own friends. When I think about it, it was as if I was forced to it... as if being tested. I also recall your voice that told me to take no further steps. And I remember obeying it immediately. So... where would I got those bloodthirsty thoughts from in the first place, hmmm....?"
Elvina said it pretty firm, as she was convinced this would never happen again. One of her items was enchanted to strengthen her mind.

Suddenly the conversation seemed over. Maladict had risen from his chair, his temper palpable in the surrounding atmosphere.
"Enough! You can be that .... 'bodyguard' of mine if you like. And now I think you should go." He turned around showing Elvina his dark cape, undoubtedly magical. It rustled in the air.
She didn't know how to react so she decided not to. Her mind got disturbed. While she left the house through the hallway she could only think by herself ...
"What have I let myself into?"


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30. Study

Finally, some decent help.
Zinna met Zach earlier today and she was very pleased with his help, and she hoped he liked her help as well.
Together they cleaned the Library from a true infestation.
The creatures reminded Zinna of goblins, small, cruel... but their appearance was completely different. They looked like half fish. One day she would return to get some specimen. Zinna was a very studious Elf and she really needed to learn more about Cear, its residents, its laws and habits, but also about its creatures, enemies and threats.
It really felt good to help folks out, but her life was very ... "precious" to her, so to accomplish all these heroical deeds, she really needed backup. Zinna was also not afraid to ask for it.

After they cleaned out the library, Zinna took a seat with some old books. It was very hard to find these. The cover was very dusty and the paper of some pages almost crumbled. Zach left the building, giving her all the privacy she needed. It was dark down here but with some candles Zinna just had enough light to study them.
She sighed deeply. For the moment these books were the only thing she could undertake to learn more about her ... 'main quest'. Her target was out of range, and that was not good at all. She felt every day pushing on her system to make progress. Zinna tried to negate her inner alarm bells.

A small breeze went through the library as she flipped the cover of her first book, revealing a horrific drawing of a demon...


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31. The moving forest

Elvina wondered if the break she took was long enough. Her last event had an impact on her.
Her stomach still turned upside down by the thought of it. It happened on a nice morning. She, Celestia and Adele came back from a mission in the marshes. Not the cutest place to be, but very well, they cleaned out the swamps, freeing it from a … lizard infestation.
The sun was shining and Elvina’s pretty clothes were almost dry. Adele and Celestia seemed in pretty good mood, Celestia chatting most of the way back to Lendose.

They were just sitting in the grass next to a forest near the Fort. Elvina was staring at the clouds with a small reed in her mouth... her friends talking with each other. She almost fell asleep when they suddenly heard noises coming out the forest.
“Elvina, can you please check it out? We are near our Fort and I’m not sure what is happening over there.”, Celestia asked.
The tall white-haired woman got up. She mumbled some spell and threw her cloak around her. Celestia blinked with her eyes as she observed Elvina. It was as if she suddenly disappeared but when you concentrated on the spot you could see Elvina's contours as soon as she started walking. Soon she would master the talent of invisibility.

There were indeed noises coming out of the forest. Elvina's senses told her to run. Something was out there, but what. She stepped further into the bushes. Suddenly the dense vegetation ended and Elvina had eye on some big open spots in the forest. Behind a tree trunk she waited, her dagger in her right arm and her shield on her back. She pulled her cloak even more over her head, covering the last of her white tresses. Elvina lay absolutely silent, but her left knee was in ... contact with an anthill. The little red bugs were fierce to find a way into Elvina's clothes. Thankfully she always wore traveling clothes which gave ants less opportunities in situations like these.

Suddenly in her right eye corner Elvina saw movement. Heavily armed men stepped into sight. Canites! Elvina quickly counted. She stopped at twenty when she saw even more men walking through the forest. This wasn't a patrol, but an army! Adele and Celestia needed to be warned. The Canites were probably after the Fort. She crawled back and got up quickly, wiping off the ants. She ran back to the edge of the forest.

"Adele, Celestia, get over here, quick...". The two women were waiting for Elvina's return, their weapons drawn. Celestia was shining and her sword made a strange noise.
Together they stepped into the forest. Elvina led them a little to the left from the place where she had been observing.

"Canites? ", Celestia shook her head, "This can't be good at all, certainly not when they come in great numbers. Let's see if we can reduce that horde a little".

Adele look around. "With the three of us? We need a plan."

Elvina who listened quietly to their reactions, also did a suggestion.
"We need to disorient them, and give them the feeling as if they bumped on a small patrol. They surely will think they can take out such a little threat... so they will send only a few men. Those guys on our tail will step into an ambush. We finish them off and draw out even more. I don't think we'll defeat them but as Celestia mentioned, we can reduce their numbers."

Adele shook her head. "Nice plan Elvina and it only has two ... 'liiittle' flaws. First of all, what ambush? Do you have a magical wand that summons forty elementals or what? Second, what if we draw them all out? Perhaps not on the first time, but if I was their commander I would think there is more happening than just a woman coming out of the bush screaming."

Elvina smiled. "To answer on your first remark, you are pretty close". She winked to Celestia. "As of the second, I can't guarantee anything. I suggest we make a run towards the Fort... as a matter of fact... after each group we draw out, we shove up a little to the Fort."

The three women looked at each other. Celestia sighed. "Alright girls, this is what we are going to do".

The man in brown leather looked up. His companions paused, as soon as they also heard the noise. "Commander, is that a battle cry? Sounds to me like a pig is being pierced in its ass". The men laughed.
"Watson, is food really the only thing you can think off?" The men even laughed harder but stopped when they saw a blooded blade popping out of Watson's chest. He fell down on the ground without giving a whimper. Behind him stood a tall heavily armored and well equipped woman. Before they realized what happened the guy next to her fell down, his throat sliced, spraying blood on the nearest trees.
The commander didn't need to give orders, as soon the woman ran off he sent five man to catch her.

Adele was running back to the rendezvous point. She could hear the men behind her breathing heavily. Fine, they seemed a bit tired. Perhaps Elvina's plan would work after all.
She could take out easily three of them but she didn't took any risks.

The men saw their prey making a sudden jump. They stopped and split up into two groups, but as soon as they moved further they sensed a strange cold. Was it freezing in the forest. Some of the men saw their prey on a open spot and they charged out of the bushes, mindlessly. Beneath them out of the ground great tentacles oozed. The 'things' smashed on their bodyparts causing pain and freezing up their skin under their armor. Before they realized what happened a brightly shining angel appeared before their noses. Some guys thought for a second, help arrived. But as soon as a humming blade shopped off two heads, the intentions of that lovely 'angel' were clear. Behind her their prey showed up, a smile on her face. The three survivors had two choices ... of dying. Stepping back into the tentacles or face these two fierce women and die by the sword. Two of them were badly wounded and one guy even lost his leg due freezing.
Their fate was quickly sealed.

The commander had his men ordered to move towards the Fort. He looked back a little and shivered. Five men! And they didn't return yet. That woman he saw was up to something. He recognized the armor, and knew who he was facing. One of the Vanguard! He had a bad feeling about this. Still, he was controlling a small army and even some Vanguard couldn't stop him.
He turned around, just quickly enough to see one of his men was shopped down by the same woman. Adele was her first name. "Move out, get her and strike her down as quickly as you can!" This time he sent out some archers aswell. The trees were not standing close to each other, so if some of them was lucky to take a clean shot...
He ordered the rest of his army to stop. "Send word to our scouts, tell them to search the forest within 500 steps of our force. There must be some kind of army or ambush that took out our soldiers."

They waited long enough for the commander to realize his men would never return. He assumed they were dead. He shook his head and tried to guess how big the enemy force in the forest was. Did the Vanguard got wind of his plans? Impossible! Still, he just lost twenty men.
He needed to take a decision. Moving on wasn't an option. He needed to face this threat. As soon as his scouts returned he would decide which plan was best.
But they didn't return...

Suddenly Adele showed up for the thirth time, which was a confirmation his scouts died. Were they surrounded? That was a very couragous lady but now she needed to die.
"Everyone!! Move out!! Follow her and don't let her escape." It seemed the commander would follow Adele without thinking but suddenly he stopped and called for a messenger. "Let our battle magician join me, I don't trust this."

Adele drew out the whole army, the worst case. She cursed. Hopefully Elvina was ready. She came to an open spot. Even Adele's mouth fell open. It was as if a big wall of tentacles formed a fort, crawling and giving now and then sight to a lady in black clothes. Adele smiled. Elvina truly knew what the word 'ambush' meant. She ran through the tentacles taking a few hits but without getting hurt. It seemed she was a bit immune to them. Celestia quickly joined and together they took position in front of Elvina.
Soon they heard battle cries behind the bushes. The Canite army appeared but they paused, probably as surprised as Adele had been. The loss of their brothers however made them blind. The commander couldn't control his whole army and some of his sergeants got into a frenzy. And Adele popping in and out of the crawling wall didn't improve their feelings.
"It's just an illusion, seeeee, attack, kill them!!!"
About forty men ran forward, right through the living barricade. Their fate was quickly sealed. Most of them died frozen on the other side. Two fierce women defended the inner circle of the tentacle barricade as a third kept it up.

The commander overviewed the battleground. Only three women? He tried to study the white haired woman in the middle of the living fort. It seemed she was the one who was responsible for this horrifying barricade. One thirth of his army had been killed. "Ghar, are you able to do something about those tentacles?" The man in red battle armor nodded. "I think I can create wholes in it. If its magical, as I believe, it can be dispelled in someway. However, you need to respond quickly. I presume that the lady who is responsible would be a powerful warlock".

The commander agreed. "Make it happen and we will drink with their heads dangling on our saddles".
Ghar turned once more to his commander. "Sir, did you recognize our other opponents?"
The commander nodded. "I know one of the is Adele, member of the Vanguard. The other bitch I don't recognize from this distance".
"I figured that out sir, I don't need to see her, I can almost feel her. It's Celestia Domina, the Lightbringer..."
The commander almost swallowed his tongue. "What???!!! Bring me her head." He clapped in his hands. "My my, what a price is to be gained".

Elvina saw the red armored man stepping to her barricade. She couldn't stop summoning more tentacles. Her friends needed protection, she needed to cripple their enemies before they reached them. But her eye kept following that man. She saw his mouth moving and felt energy was building up. He released it on her 'walls', wiping out many tentacles.
Elvina cursed. Another caster! Their advantage would be gone soon. Elvina prepared for an offensive approach. The man created even two more wholes. The Canite army was only at half strength but that would be still enough to wipe out Elvina and her friends very quickly. She looked at Adele and Celestia. They were fighting so bravely. Never she had seen such a perfect deadly duet, taking blows for each other, covering each others back... She needed to drop the defense part.

Ghar suddenly saw the white haired witch building up a ring of fire around her. Her hands started to glow and her eyes turned red, like burning coals. They looked at him, capturing his gaze for a moment. He shivered. Then, within an eyeblink, she disappeared. He started to panic. This wasn't a normal witch! Where did she go? He looked at the two other women. They were covered in blood and would be soon chopped down. He turned back to the place where the witch disappeared. Suddenly he fell a breeze and looked around. Behind him appeared a woman covered in fire. She released a bolt of fire just before he could duck...

The commander saw what happened to his friend. He raged. "Finish of those two women and take down that witch!"
Before he realized what happened Elvina disappeared again and popped up seconds later behind the attackers of Adele and Celestia. He cursed and couldn't do anything as she was out of his grasp. He watched helpless how his men were fried from behind. It was a miracle those two blade wielding ladies were still standing, although blood was coming out of many wounds. Then, as if they read his mind Adele fell, moments later to be followed by Celestia.
"Good, now bring me that witch!" The men, not so many anymore, looked around. Here and there the forest caught fire as a result of Elvina's actions.

The witch popped out a few more times wounding some of the soldiers but not killing them. The commander smiled. It was only a matter of time. Suddenly she appeared close to him. Her eyes looking at him, burning and filled with hate. He shivered. Up close she looked even more frightening. His bodyguard attacked the woman, but they got smacked to the ground, their faces heavily burned. The witch walked smoothly to him. Thankfully one of his assassins survived and planted a knife in her back. He got fried aswell and the 'burning witch' didn't seem to care.
"Your turn", was the last thing he heard.

Suddenly a horn sounded to be followed by a voice :"Who is out there?!! Show yourself!!"
The Canite army, or what was left of it, fled into the forest. Except Elvina.
She fell on her knees, her fires ceased quickly. Her friends, she couldn't believe it, gone! Or not? She saw a small movement on Celestia's chest. "Please Celest, live! ," She started to cry, "It's my fault, all the way! But please, don't die on us, we need you!"

Two in green covered humans stepped in sight, scouts so it seemed. They didn't look hostile. "Who are you, and what in the name..." they looked at the bloody corpses and the fires "... happened here?".
Elvina looked up. "I'm Elvina Hellcat and these are my friends. This here is Celestia and next to her is Adele."
The scouts looked shocked. "You mean The Lightbringer?! Dear god!"
Elvina couldn't stop her tears. Somehow she felt the two people down on the ground couldn't be missed by world.

Not now...


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32. A warning ?

It was hot. The air tasted like coal gasses. Zinna had just woken up.
What happened? She looked up and didn't saw any sky. The air was just red and black. Was it night? Did the fires around her just lit up the night sky?
Her skin seemed protected by her leather armor, but her face felt hot. Where was she? How did she got here?
She sat up on the small rock where she had been laying. It felt warm as well. The stone looked dark, almost black but not as shiny as stone coal. Her environment seemed to look like the rock underneath her.

She tried to peer in the distance. Mountain peaks? And very sharp ones by the looks of it. Then it struck her. She didn't hear a thing. Fires burning everywhere, but without the normal crackling. Did she became deaf maybe? When she tried to speak to herself, she noticed her lips were sealed, literally. As if she couldn't open her mouth. So far for casting spells...
Walking around didn't seem to be a problem, but where to? Suddenly she felt a presence behind her. When she looked over her shoulder, two yellow eyes appeared from behind a fire. Maybe some rocks proved to be cover.
Too late.

A human shaped figure walked right to her. Apart from its tail and tiny little horns, it looked human but Zinna guessed this could be one of the infamous Tieflings. Although, she met one at the Two Bridges Inn, this one seemed bigger. Its skin was different as well. It was brownish, with a red hue. As it came closer, Zinna could see it was a man.
His face had a beautiful smile, maybe he was friendly. At least he could tell Zinna where she was and how to get home.

"Now now my little Eldar, don't be afraid. Why don't you give uncle Eligor a big hug? I presume you slept well ?" His smile split his mouth so she could see his flawless white teeth, a big contrast with the rest of the environment.
Zinna shook her head. She noticed she could talk suddenly. "I'm sorry sir, I think you confuse me with someone else. I don't know you."
"But my little butterfly, aren't you Zinna Dawn? Oh come on, you must recognize me. I'm a friend of your parents since ages".
Zinna tried to remember her childhood, but she couldn't remember she met a Tiefling before the one at Two Bridges.
"No, I'm sorry if I can't remember. Listen, I just want to get home, so if you can please show me the way. I'm able to pay you for your effort".
The Tiefling laughed softly. "My dearest girl. You really have no idea where you are?" He shook when he laughed again.
"Well, soon you can leave but first we have a little conversation".

The demon took place on the rock where Zinna had been laying.
His narrow yellow eyes looked up at her. "I know who you are looking for and I am prepared to assist you".
Zinna felt a cold in her stomach. "I don't need your help. I already know where to find her".

"Ow, yes you do my sweet little girl. And when you find her you will need all the help you can get".

Zinna shook her head. "I am perfect capable of defending myself and in this case it won't be needed".

The Tiefling sizzled. "Yes, i know that as well, I am ... aware of your situation, yours... and the woman's you are looking for. I can assure you ... it won't be enough!" His voice got a rumbling tone. "You know, she belongs to us. And we really want her to ... come home". His smile was back.

"And why would that be? I never heard she has friends ... " ,Zinna looked around, "... here. And she never talked about a place like this".

"Enough woman! Her deeds make her she belongs to us. She has to pay the price for our ... partnership. Did she really think our help would be for free? If you find her, and i am sure you will...", he grinned, "... tell her Eligor is looking for her and it's time to pay off the debt".

"But..." Zinna tried.

The Tiefling waved with his arm, a red light touched her body. She felt warm and her eyes closed.

"Noooooooooo !!!!!!" Zinna raised her head and looked around, disorientated. Some people in the Library were staring at her. Underneath her elbows she noticed a book, and a little bit of saliva on the drawing of a demon...


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33. Decisions

Her conversation with 'Sammy' of the Vanguard opened her eyes, unexpectedly...
She realized she was ... "lingering", roaming without a cause. Yes, surely she had a cause, but one that seemed impossible. But she couldn't face that... until now. Without knowing it, forces of good and evil have been pulling on her arms. She thought she was "researching"... but somewhere it went all wrong. Hoping it wasn't too late, Elvina took a big decision.

She would return home, far from Lendose, far from Cear, so that those ... external influences couldn't affect her anymore. Back to the quiet and sealed elven forest. There was another reason for returning. And emotionally bigger than the forces of good and evil... love.

One of the reasons she came to Cear, was the hope of finding a guide. Someone who could explain and help her with her powers. Instead she found three people who could be considered as guides, at least that's what she first believed. At this point, one of them disappeared mysteriously. The Archdruid was lost, but all kinds of tales about him remained. She needed to accept never seeing him again.
The other two ... people, were special. Elvina grew strong feelings for them. The only thing that kept her from revealing them was her love. Despite her impulsive character, Elvina did a promise of faith.
She also realized now it were the powers of good and evil those persons represent that attracted her. They were pleasing and beautiful people, yes, but still, Elvina seemed even more ... "caught" by their ... "auras". She needed to disregard this attraction.

Elvina packed her things. Soon she would leave, back to the Elven Forest... back to her love who was waiting for her.
But there was still one thing that needed being taken care off.
Elvina was ... preparing a "meeting" with her pursuer ... and she couldn't suppress the big grin on her face.


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34. The message

This was weird. Zinna received a message, from a captain she met at the docks.
It wasn't the message that bothered her, but the time, the place and from who she got it.
She remembered drinking with some folks, sailors mostly. One of them was a captain who saw a lot in his life. Zinna was always interested in people with knowledge so she heard him out. In return he seemed interested in magical stuff. Zinna showed him some tricks and gave him some magical wands everytime he had something useful, like work or leads to her 'target'.

And now she received a message from him... at the Two Bridges Inn, ... while he should be out at sea searching for a new life... Did he return? What could have happened?

Zinna read the message that seemed less important than the writer of it :
"Cear, storage house B1, sunset over two days".

She wondered if the message was meant for her, as it doesn't address anyone in particular. But since she knew the name of the captain,... this couldn't be coincidence. The innkeeper didn't remember who brought it, since he got drunk, again.
Only one way to find out...


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35. Coming to senses

Elvina cursed (again). She had an... "appointment" in two days at Cear.
It wasn't sure she could make it in time. After all the happened at the pillars near the "Maw"... things started to look nasty.

Adrian lived, he survived her attack. She would see him again, and talk about what happened. And what about Adele and their friendship? Are good things really coming to an end? No, things can be set right... always. At least, that is what Elvina started to believe after meeting Celestia. But yes, it would come with a price. Good, evil... natural forces that seemed to keep each other in balance. Thinking about Celestia... Elvina hasn't seen her lately. She wondered what she was doing right now. Last time she couldn't find her in Ravenswatch. Perhaps she needed to try again, ask around. No! At least not now. Elvina had other troubles to worry about.
First she needed to find Kasandra, ... and then, her meeting at Cear with her unknown pursuer.

Elvina stepped out of a portal...


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36. Confessing

The search for Kasandra turned out nothing.
But... she met Celestia, Adrian and Adele ... all three really unexpected, on different places.

First she discovered Celestia was still alive, after hearing troublesome rumors, the girl seemed alive and kicking... a bit weak still but she was at her room in Ravenswatch.
Elvina confessed what happened between her and Adrian, and Adele... for a moment, after realizing what she did, she made a death wish. She asked Celestia to kill her. Elvina started to believe she was a threat for the world... and thus for her friends. It was the first time in her life, Elvina cared so much about other people. She really changed a lot since she left the elven woods. Celestia tried to talk it out of her head, she wished Elvina to find the will to withstand Kasandra. Celestia surely had some influence on Elvina. This was the good force working on Elvina's thoughts. But was that a bad thing?

Suddenly, during their conversation, Elvina heard battle sounds. Shouldn't the inn at Ravenswatch be a safe place?
Just on the moment Elvina warned Celestia, the door smacked open. A big ghost looking creature rushed into Celestia's room!
It gave Celestia two hits, leaving her down on the ground. The creature, Elvina recognized as a Harbringer, turned to her. Elvina's defences were still down as she presumed to be on safe ground, a big mistake. The creature gave her a few hits with its unholy limbs, almost crushing her body. A small reflex saved her, but she hit her head on the table, knocking her unconscious...
When Elvina opened her eyes, she realized she was still alive. By some miracle Celestia was back on her feet. Her sword was humming very badly. The Harbringer seemed weaker than just before. Elvina tried to stand up, but her attacks didn't had much effect. Celestia managed to bring the creature down. It disintegrated after she killed it.

Later that day she met Adrian, together with Darion. They talked about what happened. It seemed Adrian was already informed about Elvina's situation. He also believed that Elvina was ... under influence of Kasandra.
Still, Elvina tried to prove she didn't had any ... 'problems' with him. Together with Darion they cleaned out a tower full of weird creatures.

One day later Elvina was on her way to Cear, and she met Adele at Two Bridges. Elvina had a long chat with her friend. Bit by bit she started to feel better about herself. Her self-confidence was still a bit weak, but maybe... things will turn out ok eventually. One of the reasons why Elvina was thinking this : Adele and Elvina seemed to share some ... "similarities" from their past. And maybe, she could learn a thing or two from Adele.

With her smile returning on her face she continued her journey to Cear.
By this time tomorrow she will have captured her pursuer. And after that, the elven forest waited... and her love...
Elvina's smile grew bigger, revealing her white teeth.

The guards at Thrall's Gate didn't know what they saw when a tall leggy beautiful woman with long white hair walked through their small outpost. She sure did radiate some sensuality...


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37. Meeting at the storage house part 1

A cloaked woman stood before the door of a big storage house. She looked left and right before she entered.
Zinna shivered...
Was she too early? It was still pretty dark inside. The sun just went down and the moon was sending her first light beams through the roof boards. At least Zinna could see a bit as her elven sight was more developed than that of humans.

The storage house was loaded with all kinds of boxes forming a little maze, a small stairs at the right side led to the second floor and fishing gear hung everywhere. In the middle of the storageroom Zinna found a small boat, probably fisherman's. It seemed beyond repair and it looked as if the owner agreed with Zinna's view. The deck was very dusty, the keel showed a very big hole and the mast seemed broken.
Did the captain own this place?

Zinna looked around but just as she decided to check the second floor she heard a sound. It was the same sound the door made from where she entered the storage house. She cursed in silence when she didn't saw any light from a torch or candle on the ceiling.
The one who entered didn't knew anyone was here... or more likely, he did, but tried to sneak on Zinna. Her heart was bouncing heavily in her chest. Elves were known for their calmness, and thought her some. But now, for the first time in her life, she felt cornered.

The feeling was comparable with a feeling in her dreams... when demons were hunting down her people before coming after her. And at that point she couldn't move or run fast enough to evade them. The feeling was the same, but this was real. Her life could end in a matter of minutes.
Not everything was lost. Zinna had pretty good stealth skills, and although far from perfected, she was pretty good in staying out of sight in times of need. She thanked the owner in silence for making such a mess in the storage house. Zinna perceived many corners and other hiding places.

She looked at the stairs behind and decided to hide underneath it, behind a pile of boxes. As softly as she could she sneaked towards the stairs, keeping her flexible body low. Zinna has always been sensitive to people who radiated power. Just as she was in position, she shivered... as if it was a blanket, Zinna felt a power on her. Whoever was in here, he was definitely powerful. If he used magic to find her, it was clear she would be discovered.

Zinna peered in the darkness through the mazes of a drag-net covering the boxes behind she was hiding. She couldn't see any movement. Her superb hearing couldn't trace any sounds.
Did the wind hit the door softly? She immediately rejected that assumption as she remembered it was a calm evening.
Suddenly the stairs above her creaked...


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38. Meeting at the storage house part 2

What was that?
Zinna was trying to control every nerve in her body. She could barely hear her own breathing. It was very quiet.
She looked around but didn't saw anyone. So, he must be on the stairs as the sound presumed. But how did he got passed her view?
Or... Zinna was shocked... maybe... there was someone in the house already, and a second person entered after her.
How could she be so stupid? Now she was surrounded, great!

And just when she was realizing all this, a cold feeling creeped on her. Between the wooden planks of the stairs two red eyes looked at her. A second later a claw smashed through one of the boards and grabbed Zinna by the throat.
Then, with an unbelievable demonstration of force, her opponent dragged her through the planks, hitting her head with a heavy blow. She flew through the air and smacked in the corner of the house, the air blown from her lungs.

This was it, her final day, destiny had found her and was about to strike... she looked up at her attacker. It seemed like a shade of a nightmare. Covered in a black cloak, a face well hidden under a hood with two red fiery eyes peering at her.
She noticed the creature's hands, they were pale and very slim, probably feminine.
The shade stopped and looked at her. It began to talk with a dark voice and some kind of aqueous echo was hearable, it was definitely a female. It didn't sounded very loud but was reaching her deeper soul.
"You, who are you? You are not her! Who sent you? Speak!"

Zinna tried to lift her head and her body just a bit. The shade took off its hood. It was a very pale looking lady. She was very beautiful but also with an unnatural expression. Zinna remained silent. What was she talking about? Her head was bouncing and she felt woodsplinters in her right ear. Her nose was bleeding heavily and her throat felt like someone threw a rock on it.

Faster than her eyes could blink the woman ran to her and grabbed her by her clothes. "So you don't want to talk?" The woman tossed her over on a pile of sacks, a couple of meters further. Zinna felt one of her legs snapping.
She realized what she was fighting... a warlock, and not just any... it was a vampire.
Her suspicion was confirmed quickly as she saw the woman grin, showing two large fangs in each corner of her mouth.
With her leg broken and her head shaken, a physical or magical "answer" was impossible.

The vampire walked calmly towards her, as if she had suddenly all the time in the world. "So my little puppet, let me help you with your tongue. Perhaps if I cut it off, place a spell on it, it will talk. Hmmm? Or shall I take your blood and read your soul? What will it be, make your choice." An unhuman laughter was hearable.

Zinna lay helplessly on the floor. The vampire took her broken leg and lifted Zinna from the ground. The only thing she could do was scream from the pain. She looked down and saw they were hovering above the ground, Zinna's cloak covered her head. However she could see enough and saw the vampire brought her right above the boat.
She couldn't believe it, one minute ago she was still safely under the stairs and now she was about to be finished off by a vampire... for no reason.

The vampire laughed. "Ow my dear, you are so heavy... , you are slipping away... oh my, I can't hold it any longer... oops!" And by that she let go Zinna. She hit the deck with a big smack. Her arms broke most of the fall, but she felt her shoulder was dislocated. Her cry from the pain sounded inhuman.
She tried to look up and saw the vampire was still hovering in the air, right above her. And it seemed amused.
Next the vampire came down like a Sparrow Hawk who saw a mouse. She landed with a hard blow on the deck, her legs spread over Zinna. "I think i'll drink your blood then, since talking seems pointless".

Just when the vampire was about to bow, it got hit by a purple blast, knocking her right of the boat. She could hear the vampire cursing. And she started to talk to someone else. "Ah, I see you made it. Right in t...". Zinna heard a nauseating sound just before the vampire finished it's sentence.
Everything became quiet... were they circling around each other, or hiding in an attempt to perform a surprise attack?
Suddenly she heard someone climbing on the boat, very quietly but nevertheless hearable.
The figure of a woman became visible... 'not again', Zinna thought. But the moonlight quickly revealed it was someone else... someone... familiar.
It ... it ... was...

"Elvina?" Zinna moaned in pain in the attempt of talking.
The woman who was Elvina quickly ran to her. "Zinna... my wife! What are you doing her, what... how...".
Elvina checked Zinna's wounds. "My love, you are heavily injured, what...".
Zinna looked Elvina in the eyes, forgetting all the pain for a moment. Finally after months and months of searching and trying she found her love. "It... it's good to see you... my darling. I...". Tears welled up, not from the pain, but just by this little moment of happiness. As if she was whole again, mentally...
Elvina could not restrain her own tears. She has sworn an oath of love to only one person in whole her life, and that person was lying down in her arms, broken like a little puppet.

Zinna reached with her good arm to Elvina, laying her hand around her neck.
Elvina lowered her head until their lips found each other.
A warmth spread through Zinna's body, as if it was an attempt to remind her of her feelings for this beautiful white-haired woman... the pain in her body seemed forgotten as she felt Elvina's lips and tongue searching hers...


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39. Hatred

Elvina couldn’t believe it. They were together again. She looked at Zinna who was sleeping in her bed. She admired her elegant facial features that were typical to the Elven race. Even for her race, Zinna was an astonishing beauty. This picture was a bit obstructed by the wounds on her forehead, somewhat covered with magnificent blonde hair. The healer, a good acquaintance of Elvina, said she’d be ok. He used powerful divine magic to heal the fractures. The rest would heal with staying in bed.

Elvina stood up from the bed. How was this possible? Zinna didn’t talk much after their kiss. A couple of words... before she lost consciousness. Elvina shivered... her first thought was that her love was dying, but a quick check on Zinna’s breathing seemed positive.
At the storage house she found a pushcart. Softly she lifted Zinna on it, laying her down on a pile of hay. Before she left she made sure no one else was in or around the storage house.
She looked for a scroll in her backpack that would make her and the cart invisible. After reading it, they started to look transparent and only seconds later Elvina couldn’t even see the pushcart she was pushing.

But where to? Elvina pushed the cart through the streets of Cear, the wheels rattling over the cobblestones, making a patrolling guard wondering if he was nuts.
Was this attack planned? And how did they know about Zinna? Or was it a coincidence? Elvina didn’t need to ask herself who was responsible. She raged... there could be only one person responsible... Kasandra! The name itself worked like a red rag to a bull. How dare she! Next time she sees her or one of her disciples it will be fighting before talking. Sure, she wasn’t thinking clearly right now, but for the moment her hatred ran rampant.

The cart stopped at the Mistyvale Inn. Elvina quickly went inside. “Master Roggins, I need your help”. The dwarf jumped up in the air by hearing a voice in the dusk.
“Sorry, it’s me, Elvina”. She quickly revealed herself. Together they took the unconsious elf from the cart and brought her upstairs to Elvina’s old room. The dwarf recognized Zinna and told Elvina she also rented a room. Elvina refused to use that room... precautions...
Master Roggings shrugged, knewing this … ‘visit’ had to be kept secret.

It was almost two days ago and Zinna was still sleeping. She had not eaten anything in all that time. Her inner wounds needed more time to heal than Elvina expected. She started to worry.
Two possiblities presented themselves. Calling back the healer … or … her friends.
How could she be so stupid? Elvina quickly took a quill pen and paper.
A couple of minutes later a bird left the inn, on its way to Ravenswatch. After writing a lettre for help to her friend Celestia, Elvina started with lettres to some of her other friends : Adele, Adrian, … hmm, perhaps Darion... he seemed pretty angry last time they talked about catching the vampire. Still, her plan, although dangerous, made a good impression. Only few people knew about it : Adrian, Zach, Celestia, some lady of the light and ow... probably Darion.

Elvina was walking nervously in her room. From the moment her plan with Kasandra would be in progress, other plans needed to be ready and executed... depending on the outcomes of her plan. At least just because she probably wouldn’t be … ‘able” to undertake further actions.
And it was about time those vampires learned a lesson. Why not kill them all, drive them out? Elvina was raging again. The city guards, her friends, would it be sufficient? Those creatures seemed to evade every death... how ironic that may sound...
Maybe … maybe there was a way to pull it off... she thought back to the day she accidently summoned a demon prince...

“El... Elvina?”, a weak voice whispered. Elvina quickly turned around and ran to the bed... hatred making way for love...


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40. Strange behavior

"Elvina Hellcat!... please, my love, ... come sit here with me on the bed." Zinna sighed.
She came back last night and something happened. She could read it on Elvina's face.
Zinna started to get nervous, she felt it had to be something really important.

Repeatedly she asked Elvina to tell her everything, but she remained silent. At some point Elvina started to cry, and walked to the corner of the room. It also had something to do with the attack in the storage house... must be...

Elvina seemed to listen now, she turned around and walked over to the bed, her eyes looking at a none-existing point down on the floor.
When she sat on the bed she looked Zinna in the eyes... whom shivered by that look.

"Please Elvina, tell me what happened today." Zinna felt her heart beating in her neck.


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41. Stories, feelings and questions

Elvina left the inn with a good feeling. She told Zinna everything what happened, even more.
How the demon called for her, how she got under some kind of influence, how she got dragged away from her friends. She also told about Adrian and Celestia how they stood by her side, how they, together with Maximillius and Xander fought off an Undead horde coming through some kind of portal. And how Elvina tried to build up her will against the creature, but also about her doubts...
She thought back to their conversation and the unanswered questions.

Zinna was at the time sitting at her bed, she was mending well. “So, it seems our dreams have similarities. Do you think that demon really was send by Kasandra? That it actually was working for her?”
Elvina didn’t knew the answer for sure. “Maybe, but I always thought undead and demons didn’t like to work together... a demon doesn’t like to be commanded... unless Kasandra is commanded by a demon... or... Kasandra summoned it like i do and send it to me to play it’s slavish role... There is one thing that still remains to me... it’s cry when i felt it was killed by it’s master. I... pitied for it and i don’t know why.”
Zinna smiled. “My love, that’s your nature... some people like animals, others like trees and you... like demons. Which doesn’t mean i approve it. Certainly not with all the dreams i had. That reminds me … does the name Eligor ring a bell?”

Elvina, who was cleaning her dagger, looked up. “Vague, I know it’s a demonic name but I can’t recall him. Why?”

“In one of my dreams the creature talked to me and said it was time to pay off the debt. My love, have you made a pact with a demon? Please think carefully, since I assume it was a warning.”
Elvina shook her head. “I assume it means a price for being summoned, some demons like to negotiate, but as long as they are in my power that is not necessary. I have, however killed a few that turned against me... so that could be meant as well.”

An unanswered question...

Zinna shifted from place. “Tell me something more about Celestia. She seems a very good friend of yours.”

Did Elvina heard a little bit of jealousy in that question? She looked Zinna straight in the eyes. “Yes, Zinna, i think she is. She got me through the temptations of that demon last time... and she has saved my life many times. I returned the favor a few times. Personally I think she’s becoming some kind of symbol for ‘Goodness’. Still young, but already praised for big deeds. I’ll think we’ll be hearing more from her in the future.” Elvina kept looking into Zinna’s eyes. “For me she is that symbol as well, maybe even one of the guides I was looking for in the first place. The second guide was the Archdruid, but he disappeared before I realized that. My thirth guide could be Maladict.”

Zinna frowned. “That vampire noble you mentioned? Another vampire, ...Elvina... you can’t be serious. How can you match that? You have Kasandra for whom you cherish a bitter hate and on the other hand you think Maladict could be one of your guides.”

Elvina quickly shook her head again. “Not anymore my dear, I was rejecting those idea’s and I was planning to return to our home in the Elven forest... but as you know, I didn’t make it.”

Zinna smiled mysteriously. “So are you rejecting Celestia as your... ‘guide’ as well? Hmm?”

Elvina cursed. “Can we please stop talking about Celestia?”

An unanswered question...

Zinna stood up and walked over to the chair Elvina was sitting on. She put her graceful and slender hands on Elvina’s head. “I was only fooling. You know that i can sense your feelings about me.”

Elvina looked up as Zinna’s hands were going through her white hair. “Then you know how much I love you. And those feelings have never changed since... well you know since when.”

Zinna stood before Elvina and let herself down on her lap. Elvina sheathed her dagger and put her arms around Zinna’s hips. They kissed softly.
“I know Elvina, but i also sense something else. Not necessarily bad but...”.

Elvina frowned. “What is it Zinna?”

“Well, you have changed... in a good way I presume. You were so cautious in combat situations, you were fiesty and easily set on fire when someone told you something you didn’t …’like’. And now... it’s harder to provoke you. And when your friends or their friends are in trouble, you seem quicker to aid them. As far as I can tell, you’re not abandoning anyone.”

Elvina smiled a bit. “Now you sound a bit like Celest. Are you trying to cheer me up?”

Zinna faked an angry look. “I thought we wouldn’t be talking about her again?”

Elvina grinned.

Suddenly Zinna showed a sad face. “Elvina, did you really ask Celestia to kill you after you confessed your … ‘attack’ on Adrian and Adele? And if you were convinced you formed a big threat to this world, would you really have committed suicide?”

Elvina slowly nodded. “If Celestia took my head that day, as I asked her to do, I think I wouldn’t have resisted.”

Zinna’s eyes spilled some tears. “It’s just so... beautiful and foolish at the same time... your self-sacrifice, caring about your friends, concerned about their safety and all that... but on the other hand ... I would have lost you without knowing if it was really necessary to the world. I think I like Celestia already, just for sparing you that day and talking some sense into you. Same for Adele, who, as I recall in your stories, did the same.”
Zinna took Elvina’s chin in her soft hands. She sounded like she worried. “Elvina, if something likewise happens in the future, would you consider it again?”

It took a while before Elvina answered but the look of more tears in Zinna’s eyes accelerated her reply. “I’m not sure, I don’t think I would, but that’s how I’m feeling on this moment.”

She smiled at Zinna and softly wiped off the tears in her eyes.

An unanswered question...

A bit later they were lying on the bed, Elvina with her shoulders against the wall and with Zinna in her arms. She still seemed so weak. True, a lot of things happened since Elvina left the elven forest and she learned much, grew powerful... Looking at Zinna gives her the feeling to protect her, especially after the attack in which Zinna almost got killed. And that vampire lady wasn’t even the worst...
Things got a bit complicated now... Kasandra still needed to be defeated, on the other hand Zinna needed to be defended. A part of the solution is sending Zinna to the right people, so she can learn and defend herself... but only if she wants to.
On the other hand, they could leave Cear, turn their back against all the troubles. But for how long... she feared Kasandra would find them eventually, even in the well protected elven forest.
Answering this question was easy, but the answer was not coming from them...
They would have to fight off Kasandra anyhow. And she had friends to think off...

She... stopped worrying as Zinna slowly turned around. “My love, you think too much... let me give you something nice to think about.” Zinna opened Elvina’s armor on her chest, doing it button by button. Elvina felt a hand under her clothes. She shivered in expectation and ‘answered’ by taking off Zinna’s dress.
Soon the two girls were under the sheets, enjoying each other.

Elvina walked towards the town of Cear with a big smile on her face. What happened that night would be, even for her friends... an unanswered question.


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42. Lovers forever

Her pain was almost gone. Zinna was glad she and Elvina caught up. She understood her love had seen a lot of ... things since she left the forest. Good thing she made friends as well, so she wasn't always standing alone.
Their relation was strong, they have been married for almost 10 years but they were together like... it felt like forever.

Zinna smiled when she remembered meeting Elvina for the first time.......

The human girl had been adopted and raised by her neighbours. Their houses were built high up in the trees and Elvina's place was in the same tree as hers.
The day Elvina was found she was brought to Sha-'della, an admirable elven woman. You could talk to her if you had a problem and she was always listening. By the time you left her, you had the feeling your problem seemed less worse or fresh courage was running to your veins to deal with it.

The little girl seemed ablaze. Zinna was peering through the branches of her room. The girl was dirty, her dress covered in mud... or wait... was that blood? It drew her attention and interest for the little girl immediately. There was another thing about this girl... she looked at her face... she was human!
Later, whenever she had the chance, she visited her neighbour Sha-'della just to chat, talking about the weather and the animals. Secretly she observed the little girl that seemed to adapt quickly.

From time to time they played games, or read stories for each other. However, there were also times Elvina wasn't present. Sha-'della explained her about Elvina's magical powers. Zinna followed lessons with the Loremaster, but never saw Elvina there. It didn't matter eventually, Elvina was different and that all made it very exciting.
Together they ran off maybe a thousand times, exploring the forest, hunting rabbits and birds for food, creating fantasic and epic stories about things that never happened... but just imagining them was enough for two unconstrained young females. And when their (foster) parents were angry again about them being untraceable, they took the blame for each other.

And they were pretty good at sneaking and disappearing... they loved messing around with the Elite Scouts... and some other people as well. One day they got in the wood again... this time pretty far from their village. Almost near the mountains...
They followed one of the young Elite Scouts, just to fool him. But he kept going and going to a place where they never got before. Soon it became clear to them something was wrong, but what.
The answer to that question followed pretty quickly. The Scout was seeing someone, but not just a mistress. They caught him on an open place with a beautiful woman, with a very dark skin... she was an elf but One that looked weird, different from them. Zinna knew what she was, her lips forming the word silently... drow.
She turned around to tell Elvina... but she was gone. Zinna cursed when she saw the bushes move in front of her. Elvina was getting closer... damn girl, always too curious. She didn't think twice and slowly followed her. Suddenly she stopped... the drow was close enough for Zinna to see its tattoos. Slave hunters! She and Elvina were in danger!

Too late, the moment Zinna realized what the drow stood for, she saw two dark shadows catching Elvina, hitting her on the head with a small mace. Zinna saw how they brought her to a cave on the other side of the open spot. She took off, just knowing that the drow sounded a silent alarm. They would be scanning the area in a matter of minutes.
An hour later Zinna tried again, she sneaked to the cave and almost bumped into the Elite Scout. She would deal with him after this was over. The open spot was empty, but she used the cover of some bushes to reach the entrance of the cave. Night was falling, an advantage for the drow. Their nightvision was superior to hers.

It seemed she got there just in time... she heard shouting and cursing, probably male voices. She took a risk and ran inside. First thing she saw was a red yellow light, and when she went around the corner she saw Elvina instantly. Zinna shivered...
Elvina was surrounded by a mystical circle of fire, her hands seemed like torches and her eyes glowed like the eyes of a demon. Four or five drow lay like burning campfires around the white-haired girl. Five more tried to attack her, convinced that they could take her down. Zinna cast a spell and fired some magical purple arrows, killing one of them. Before they realized they were also attacked from behind, Zinna killed another one with her bow... a lucky shot.
She heard Elvina forming dark words followed by some kind of fire wave. The final two drow caught fire and screamed like hell.

Zinna dragged Elvina outside. She was shocked seeing her in broad daylight. Her clothes were ripped apart, her body showing many scratches.

"El? Are you allright?" Zinna lifted Elvina's chin gently with her hand.

"They ... were about ... to hurt me, Zinna. You... you were just in time... I ... didn't had ... much strength ... left."

Elvina didn't look so good. "You know I wouldn't let happen anything like that." Zinna tried to smile... strange feelings traversed through her body. She was ... attracted to her.
Elvina looked Zinna in the eyes, realizing there was much more then just friendship between them.
Before they knew it, their lips were touching each other, soon followed by intensly kissing.

"Hmmm, perhaps we better first leave this place and tend your wounds." Zinna smiled warmly. "And then we can ... 'talk' further about this". She giggled.

Elvina got up slowly. She grinned. "Talk Zinna? Not much to say further, except... lovers forever?"

Zinna put Elvina's arm around her. She nodded. "Lovers forever." She giggled again. "And I can't wait to see till you feel better."


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43. Losing someone

Zinna opened the door of their room. It was dark and Elvina was still sleeping, probably exhausted from her trip back to Cear.
They day before Zinna sent her a bird, about helping Adele. There was something strange going on with her but Zinna didn’t knew Adele well enough to realize what really happened. It took a while when Elvina’s reply arrived, the bird carrying it sure flew a long way. Elvina was in Lendose.
Zinna wondered if Elvina found Adele. She saw Adele today but in respect didn’t ask if there was a conversation or not.

She looked at Elvina and smiled a bit, sadly. Elvina was on the bed, her back covered with a small sheet, leaving her long soft looking legs and shoulders uncovered. Her head was down between the pillows and her long white hair draped over her face.
Normally Zinna would have crawled next to her, stroking Elvina’s legs all the way up, scratching with her fine fingernails over her back... softly waking her up for more.

But Zinna had some news, and if she listened well to Elvina’s stories, it could be very bad news. She sat in the chair next to the bed, waiting for Elvina to wake up... it... wouldn’t take to long... Zinna rubbed her eyes... she was tired as well.

Suddenly she opened her eyes... something was in the room. It seemed even darker then before. A shadow detached itself from the wall... it was a man. Zinna tried to focus on him and remembered his face... his name was Eligor, the Tiefling from her dreams.

“I see you slept well”, he looked at Elvina who was still on the bed. “Hmmmm, shall I take a look under that sheet?” He smiled as if he just found the greatest treasure ever.

Zinna tried to stand up and protest... but she noticed she couldn’t move. Her hands seemed tied up.
The Tiefling looked back at her. “Just a precaution. You are strong you know. You should work with us and become someone real.” He looked back at Elvina. “Now, where was I?” He walked over to the bed.

Zinna tried to scream but noticed she couldn’t yell. What kind of magic was this?
The Tiefling put a hand on Elvina’s leg while looking at Zinna. “Was this what you wanted to do with her,... mmmmmm, yes it is, isn’t it?”

Zinna raged. Who did he dare to touch Elvina? And how did he got them by surprise?
“Now now, my little Eldar, listen carefully what uncle Eligor has to say.” The Tiefling licked his lips as his hand was going up. The pervert!
“We still want her. We know you have found her. Now, only thing you have to do is bring her to us. Bring her home... bring her down to the Ninth Hell. She has a great future you know. It would be a shame to throw it away.”. His hand was almost under the sheet.
Zinna couldn’t think clear for the moment. Her love was being touched by a foul creature.
Using her mental speech she formed a spell... it was some kind of dismissal. But instead...

Zinna's eyes flew open. Sunlight touched the window sill of their room. Elvina was still on the bed, but this time the sheet didn’t cover much. She sighed... it had been just a nightmare. But she also knew the message was real... it just felt real.
More news to report. She sighed...

“Zinna, are you here?” Elvina looked at her with a warm smile. “Please, don’t tell me you have been sitting there all night. Come here my love.”

“Elvina... I... there is some news I have to tell you... it may be of importance.”

Elvina widened her eyes as she observed Zinna's look. She got up and sat on the bed, the sheet fell off completely. “Hmmm, what is it. You look... worried?”

“The name Josh Swift, you mentioned him two or three times, correct?”

Elvina looked up. “What about him?”

Zinna shook her head slowly. “He is … no longer.”

Elvina shivered. “What?! Are you sure... who... who told you that?”

“A couple of people told me in town, and his brother Jeremiah confirmed his death.”

Elvina stood up. “Josh has a brother... is he … how... did Josh die?”

Zinna waited a bit longer to answer that question. Elvina shivered again.
“It was Celestia, the Lightbringer, she...”

“What?!!" Elvina started to look for her clothes.

Zinna stared at her. “What... are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna talk to her.” Elvina seemed a bit stressed.

“My love, you haven’t heard the whole story yet.”

Elvina stopped and looked to Zinna. “Why, what... allright.” She took a seat on the bed. “Tell me what happened to him.”

Zinna had tears in her eyes. “They say he became some kind of dark abomination. He killed several innocent people and let himself into with Undead. Some say he walked the path of darkness to far.” Zinna looked up at Elvina. Her eyes filled with even more tears.

Elvina saw it, and she knew why Zinna was crying... she was scared. “My love, … I... I’m done with researching the paths of good and evil. I... there is only one thing I wanna try in our war against Kasandra... I...” She looked up at Zinna as she heard her crying... “I... what... is there anything else Zinna. Did something happen to you?” She got up and put her hands on Zinna.

“Ye... yes, do you remember I told you about Eligor?”


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44. Missing Elvina

Zinna searched the room. Her eyes were red from crying. Elvina was gone and she didn’t had any clue where to find her. While she shuffled some notes she tried to remember their last conversation. They didn’t squabble, but she just tried to recall anything that might help to determine a destination.
She also told Celestia everything she knew... and it wasn’t much to start with.
Elvina told her there was still only one thing Elvina wanted to try... but at the time Zinna forgot to ask about it. After their conversation, and Zinna re-telling her dreams about Eligor, they went to bed... together. Last thing she remembered was Elvina sleeping in her arms.
The next morning Elvina was gone. But when she didn’t came back two days later, Zinna started to worry. It happened more, but Elvina always sends a message when she's unable to return in a day.
Not a single bird arrived.

It was as if she was going through hell... and she was getting really scared something ugly might have happened.
Zinna sat on the bed and tried to remember all of Elvina’s stories. In the meantime she visited some places that could be important for Elvina. This morning she visited, rather broke in, the house of Maladict. Not so long ago Elvina pointed out the house when they were walking in the streets of Cear.
The lock was easy... but a quick look in the rooms showed there was no one around.
She cursed herself for being so curious.
Normally this was a trait of Elvina... but in the last years the two girls seemed to have “exchanged” some. Elvina was more cautious and less curious then before. On the other hand Zinna seemed to get more curious, especially about people. In the last years she developed some kind of ability to sense people. Although her feeling was not always right, most times she had it right. Few people were even able to hide their... “aura”.

One of them was a man she just met at Cear. His name was Shorn. And even though he couldn’t for see himself stepping into some dog poop, Zinna felt a remarkable force in him.
It made her shiver. Those wizards at the elven academy couldn’t perform that. She also felt something else... like he knew her.
His name seemed familiar, but she couldn’t remember the story about him. Elvina only mentioned him superficial.
Anyways, if he would be an enemy of Elvina, she surely would have remembered. So, now there was a good chance he would learn her a thing or two about magic.
Any help was welcome. If Kasandra or one of her disciples strikes again, she would be even more prepared.
And maybe, one day, Kasandra might be the one to defend herself. Zinna grinned by the thought of that.

Hmmm, love was a strong power.
That brought her immediately back to Elvina... where, in the Nine Hells, was she?


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45. Hell of a day - part 1

She was definitely in hell. Her body felt broken, blood ran from her mouth and ears.
This didn't exactly go the way she planned it. Actually, none of this was part of her plan.
Elvina coughed and looked up, holding up her left arm as for protecting her head.
A horned silhouette appeared out of the red fog, a demonic laughter sounded.

How could it come to this? The answer was simple, she got stupid. A big part of her life she was cautious, assessing every risk before doing anything, thinking twice before taking action... and her only weaknesses was vanity and being feisty.
But then... she got friends... and people she started to care about. And as if that wasn’t enough, her love showed up. It must have made her weak... she started to help people, to care about their feelings, she felt a need to protect them... and now... look what it has brought to her.

In an attempt to solve a couple of things in a single solution, she made things even worse. She didn’t care about her own life, but what would happen after she died to the ones she was trying to help.
And there you had it... that weakness manifesting again.

--- A couple of days earlier ---

Elvina sneaked out of their room taking a small backpack with her. She traveled to Lendose.
Time enough to think about the other preparations.
She slept last night in Zinna’s arms but was mostly awake, busy considering a few things. In the early morning she took a decision.
It was possible by doing this one thing, to help a lot of people at the same time. The war with Kasandra, the dreams of Zinna, things Adele told about herself, the attacks on Cear, and who knows what other things, hell... maybe even what happened to Josh before he got slain by Celestia.
Celest... maybe she should see her before executing her plan.
Alas, when she stopped at Ravenswatch there was no one there. The shrine was clean so she didn’t left long ago. But Elvina had not time to await her return. A part of her plan was already in progress.

She reached Lendose by sunset and immediately went to her room at the inn. Elvina was very nervous. She picked up a couple of things and put them in her backpack.
After a quick rest she left the inn. It was almost midnight and the air felt warm. It had been a nice sunny day. She set course to the forest in the hope of not being disturbed in what she was about to do.
Elvina did it once, so she could do it twice. But this time she was much stronger.
She chose an open spot between the trees, not too far from the road but far enough.
She drew a circle and some lines on the ground, creating a huge mystical symbol. It had to be perfect. She was done with it in the afternoon... her stomach rumbled.
Before making it all happen she decided to have good meal, in an attempt to relax as well.

By the time it was evening she took a look on the road. No one... good, and... just as planned.
She went back to the big symbol on the ground and took a seat in the middle of it. The forest around her fell silent, as if it knew what was coming.
A purple fire appeared surrounding Elvina, but it didn’t made the sound of a usual wood fire.
Her voice started low, nearly hearable for anyone but went up in tone and volume.
The air got warmer and warmer, until the atmosphere was a bit stifling.
A red disc twinkled in the air, first very vague sending out a diffuse light, later it became sharper and sharper. The disc got larger and larger and the light it was emitting turned scarlet to darkred. Elvina shivered, she was done and only had to wait.

Some moments later a tiny yellow circle appeared in the middle of the disc. It grew bigger and bigger until it surrounded the edges of the disc which was hovering just above the ground.
Elvina got up and spoke the last spells to protect herself. Suddenly the disc flashed, the moment to be ready had come. The disc now showed a slowing moving spiral cloud.
Right, this was it, the moment of truth...
...but... nothing happened. How was this possible? The damn devil didn’t show up. And she was pretty sure she had done everything right.
Now what?

After a couple hours of waiting, Elvina took a big decision. She checked her backpack to see if her supplies were ok for what she was about to do.
She checked the road again, no one... and, just as planned, yes... it felt strange doing something like this without... immediate backup.
She took one deep breath and stepped into the portal.
The smell of fire ashes and hot air struck her in the face. She stumbled and fell on the ground which was dark as coal.

“Lady Hellcat, how kind of you to pay us a visit. You are very welcome.”

Elvina looked up. A Tiefling was looking down at her. His face looked familiar. Next to him stood the biggest devil Elvina ever saw... and she recognized him. He almost overwhelmed Elvina the last time she was experimenting with large portals.
The Tiefling reached out his hand, to help Elvina get up. She ignored this gesture and got up herself.

“Suit yourself.” The Tiefling smiled showing very white teeth. “My name is Eligor and this big fellow here is Duke Astagor.” He pointed to the big devil next to him. “Since we are now introduced, may I ask you to follow us to our city,... Princess.” He grinned when he spoke that last word.

Elvina looked at the portal behind her.

As if the Tiefling read her mind. “Impossible, I made the portal one-way. Otherwise my troops would have … stumbled into it. And I really wanted to talk to you.”
Around Elvina other demons appeared out of nowhere.
“How do you like my Shadow Troops? Although you could teach them a thing or two... they are my best guardians.”
Elvina had no choice but to follow them. She took one last glance behind her. The only good thing was that they left the portal open. But for the first time in her life she was very very scared. How could she be so stupid?

She took precautions before she started at this adventure, but she had no idea if they would come in time.
Just before she left the Mistyvale Inn, she wrote a couple of letters. They were put behind the bar of Master Roggins between his other correspondence and letters of guests.
On the envelop Master Roggins would find the name of the receiver, but also a date with a text : “Do not send before...”
Master Roggins would have no idea from who these letters came but she was sure he would have them delivered. Soon a couple of her friends would receive a small message explaining what she was about to do. Problem was... she talked about a possible failed summon attempt in the forest if she didn't return after a certain date, not that she was literally going to hell, or whatever this place was called.
The letter ended with : “ps: please do not tell this to Zinna.”
Elvina didn’t sent a letter to Celestia. Instead she left a little note under a statuette near her shrine.
If she would come to rescue Elvina, it would be probably just to kill her. She grinned, in her imagination she could allready see the celestial woman standing in front of her with her head shaking.

Eligor looked behind. “You will love it here, my Princess. Perhaps you meet some … ‘acquaintances’.” He saw her looking at the portal. And as if he read her mind again, “Or some might even join us later."
His laughter was unbearable...


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46. Hell of a day - part 2

There was nothing else she could do but to follow Eligor, his company of Shadowdemons tailing her.
They descended the little hill where the portal found its opening. Then they climbed an adjacent big hill. Elvina looked around and up. The atmosphere had a red tint, mixed with black clouds. As far as she could see were hills and mountains, all made out of something that looked like coal, glossy but not so shiny.
The air was barely breathable and smelled like sulfur, but Elvina’s resilience protected her.

On top of the hill stood two thrones. Eligor walked towards the biggest of the two, and turned to Elvina. He widened his arms and pointed them to the throne.
“Please be seated, my Dark Princess. For you to sit here is only logical.”
Elvine felt uncomfortable. She looked around but if he wanted to chat with her, ...there were no other chairs in sight. Elvina didn’t say one word since she stepped out of the portal until now. “Why?” She threw a distrustful glance in his direction.
The Tiefling laughed. “Why? Why she askes?” He looked around. His troops grinned at each other. “My dear Elvina, because you truly are a Princess. It’s your birth right!”
“I prefer to stand up,” she replied.

The Tiefling seemed a bit disappointed. But he took a seat on the other throne. “As you wish.” He smiled and looked around. Elvina followed his look. She had a good view on the flickering portal on the other hill.
“Now, I adjusted your … portal... although I would call it more a crack between our worlds. I made it a one way gate but it will remain open now. How, I don’t need to explain. Now, time travels here faster than on your … side. This means we can chat here for days, while maybe only a couple of hours passed on the other side. So... we have all the time in hell to get to know eachother better. You age a bit faster, but since your warlock abilities extend your lifespan a bit... you won’t mind too much I presume?”

As feisty as she was in her past, as calm did she tried to be, all this new info racing in her head. “What do you want from me? And how did you know I was coming?”
The tiefling looked back at her. “I was hoping you would take a look if no devil appeared out of your portal. You are just too curious Elvina. What i want from you? More what you want from me. I know what you are doing here and that raised the chance you would step into that portal.” He grinned as if he was pleased with his own cunning.

He made himself comfortable. His tail lay just near his leg.
“First of all, allow me to tell you something about your own life. I know you, Elvina Hellcat and I know Zinna Dawn too. You girls only forgot I exist. It’s been since your childhood we saw each other. You were the one always experimenting by bringing devils in your world... and one day, you summoned me. I disguised myself as an elf, but I got caught and Zinna’s parents cut the link between the lower planes and your world. You girls may saw this as harmless devilment but your community was pretty angry. Good thing for you they worked it out on me, you wouldn’t have survived what the Loremasters did to me.” He observed her face. “It seems you do not recall this event, so I suspect they … erased it somehow from your memories. Too bad...”

Elvina just listened and didn’t gave any comment on that. Not that she remembered any.
Eligor smiled at her. “And the price for summoning me is pretty cheap.” He got up and walked towards her. He stood before her and took her hand. “If you marry me Elvina, you pay your debt. And all of this will be yours.” He stretched his other hand.

Elvina quickly pulled her hand back. “Never! First of all, i am married. And second, I don’t like men, or …”

The Tiefling grinned. “Say it, Elvina... say it. Or? Or... devils, hmmm? You hate them so much that you keep summoning them? Don’t judge too quickly. I know of your needs, I know why you came down here. Becoming my Dark Princess will stop Zinna’s dreams...,” he smiled mysteriously, “maybe it’ll make them a tiny bit more realistic. Your war with Kasandra? She’s nothing compared to a Dark Princess. Maladict wants you too you know, become his Daughter of Darkness... Yeah right, as if you want to spend your daytime in a coffin wether or not with a cold body next to yours. It’s a foul way to immortality you know. And I can give you answers to certain questions. What if vampires drink the blood of devils and demons? Join me and you will learn.”

The Tiefling pauzed to observe Elvina’s expressions again. He had to admire her. The girl learned fast... It was not so easy anymore to make her angry or react thoughtlessly on sensitive issues.
“You know, there are many Devil Lords down here who will be willing to … see you. But I am the prettiest.”

His smile was almost irresistable, he was good looking yes. But there wasn’t a single hair on her head that would consider any proposal he just did.
It made Elvina suddenly think of Celestia. She helped her last time to resist the call of some demon, controlled by Kasandra. It wasn’t easy, but Celestia, together with some other friends, pulled Elvina through.
She wondered what they were doing right now.

The Tiefling spoke again, "Ow, and may I say you have very beautiful and sexy legs?"
She trembled, it was hard to keep herself under control.


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47. Suspicions

Zinna decided to stay in her room a while, to think.
Yesterday she had a small conversation with Adele concerning Elvina. It was unbelievable, no one, even Adele has heard anything about her. Adele seemed willing to help, but she didn't had a clue where to look.
Until Zinna remembered something Elvina said... and that once sentence made Zinna really really scared.
She mentioned it to Adele who ask about what it was...

Zinna turned to Adele. "That last night she said something that makes me nervous, ... I have a suspicion..."

"What is it Zinna, tell me," Adele lay her hand on Zinna's shoulder.

She could sense the power Adele was emitting, she had to tell her. "Well, she said she stopped with her research about good and evil. But she also said there was still one thing she needed to try. I didn't ask about it, but i think i know what it is."

Adele frowned, tilted her head, suggesting Zinna to tell everything.

Zinna took a deep breath. "Elvina is going to bond a demon, more like a Prince, or something..."

"WHAT?!" Adele shook her head, "How very foolish of her. She is powerful, but not that ..."

Zinna shivered, "I know i know, we talked it through before. I tought I had talked it out of her beautiful head... but now, I'm not so sure anymore.... Adele, do you know what this possibility would mean?"

Adele could only stare at her, she probably knew it too.

"It means that she pro.. probably ... is , is ..." Zinna couldn't stop her tears," ... dead. Eaten or worse by some powerful devil."

"No, no Zinna, c'mon girl, remember, Elvina is strong. She can take care of herself."

"You, you are right you know, I know...I....," Zinna shook her head, "Normally I would "know", ... feel, she is dead. As long as I don't have that feeling, it should mean she is still out there." Zinna walked towards the gates.

"Zinna, don't go out there alone. We will find her. But don't start doing this all by yourself. If you are right, and Elvina really did something like this... it could be really dangerous for you."

Ever since that talk Zinna was scared everytime she visited a place. It was as if she expected to see Elvina's dead body any moment, everywhere she came.
So she decided to lock herself up... she needed time to think. She wondered if Adele would tell Elvina's other friends. But if the suspicion was right, they still hadn't any clue where to look.


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48. Hell of a day - part 3

How long has she been here? It felt like weeks now, but she couldn’t guess. There seemed no day and night cycle.
After she got captured, Eligor keeps calling it his ‘invitation’, they traveled to the city. Behind the hills was a big stairs from which they entered the keep of Eligor.
She was braught to the so called guest chambers. This was a really weird looking place. They even had water and food for her, probably gathered in her world as a preperation for her arrival.

Every now and then Eligor passed by, most of the time trying to seduce her. And sometimes even in an attempt to make a conversation. He tried to make her feel at ease. She just knew it. And the Tiefling seemed stubborn at it.
Good, let him think he was doing well. Elvina needed more time to think how she could escape.
But there came a moment her time was up.

Eligor entered her room, unasked, and as always, uninvited. That does not bode well...
He seemed a bit nervous, not very common to him. He was pacing restlessly around the room. Suddenly he stopt and looked at her, as if he saw her for the first time.
Then, slowly a big but forced smile appeared.
“My my, Elvina Hellcat... so, having a nice day? Enjoying my accommodations? I fear however if have to disturb you.”
Elvina smiled back. As often as he could, she thought.

“Now, I will ask this one more time. Stay here and become my wife. Together we will rise in prestige and power. After that, you can return to your world and grab whatever you need.”

Elvina was tired of this. She smiled at him. “You know I will never do that. I have friends there, people who count on me. I don’t need anything else.”

The Tiefling smiled at her. “Oh, my dear, but you do. Friends? Did you say friends?” He laughed. “And where are your friends? Do you see them around? Did they come out looking for you? No!”

Elvina got a bit angry. “Just you wait...”

“Enough! You don’t have any friends anymore Elvina. Thing is, they are glad you are gone. What have you brought to them? War, ravaging demons in there cities? All because of you...”

Elvina’s eyes widened, “Now wait a minute, what did you just say?”

“You heard me, as we speak a group of demons is preparing themselves for a raid on one of your biggest cities.”

Elvina seemed shocked, “But, but... the portal?”

Eligor laughed meanly “Open, my Dark Princess, and working perfectly normal in both directions. It never was different.”

Elvina didn’t believe her ears, “But, you, YOU lied !!! You were keeping me here with your soft words to comfort me. You bastard!”

“Careful now, soon I will be your only friend. You see? Do you think your friends will still like you after they hear how the demon attacks could take place? You Elvina are the one who is responsible for everything. You are the one that made the portal, you are the one that keeps returning to demons and devils. You adore us, so much, that you even didn’t care about your friends. And they will die sooner or later, of course. Some might even join my ranks,” He paused for a brief moment to inspect her from leg to head , “Just as you... you see, you truly are a Dark Princess, and you came to the right place. Join us, marry me, command my armies and we will rule together.”

Elvina was overwhelmed, she couldn’t think clear anymore. All what he said was true. Her friends probably already knew what she did. This could be the reason why they didn’t show up. No,no, they probably didn’t even knew she was in the lower planes. Unless Eligor told them. She felt so guilty. Or was he bluffing? But it did make sence.
Her friends, her love... did they already killed some of them? Elvina couldn’t believe that.
She turned to Eligor. One thing was certain. She would make him pain as much as she could. Her life just became worthless. She didn’t see herself as a Dark Princess.
Eligor had nothing to offer... the demon she so much wanted to control? It meant nothing anymore.

Eligor approached her from behind. “Princess? What is your answer? Remember, to your friends you are nothing more then an ordinary … witch.”

Witch, … did he say … witch to her? That’s what broke the camel’s back! She called for her Hellfire, stronger and mightier then ever before.

Eligor who was close by took a big hit, and even his resistance to the fires of Hell couldn’t prevent him taken burning wounds. He ‘discovered’ the meaning of acid.

Elvina turned around to him, her eyes where burning like hot coals. But before her burning hands could strike Eligor, his personal Shadow Guard materialized. They took big hits from her hellfires, but they were with too many. Moments later Elvina was taken by Duke Astagor.
She heard Lord Eligor shouting behind her. “You could have had it all, you witch. Helping Zinna and Adele, your own disturbing dreams, the war against Canites, your vendetta with Kasandra, the Shadow Lord... and now I will give you to the very demon you tried to summon. Have fun! My presence is required... elsewhere.” Elvina was furiously trying to free herself.

While Elvina was taken by the Duke through the large hallways of Eligor's keep, she noticed a certain activity. Demons were running everywhere. It was as if they were preparing for battle. What could be going on?
The Duke didn’t gave her much time to think about it. His enormous hand kept Elvina tight. Her hellfire used up in the short fight with Eligor and his bodyguards.

A small tear appeared in her eye.
“My love, my friends, I am so sorry...” she whispered to herself.


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Hell of a life - Page 2 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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49. Word

The Tiefling Eligor smiled. His appearance was blurry.
"You can stop searching now Zinna, I got her. And I ... killed her."
The Tiefling showed an image of Elvina Hellcat, her body broken, a pool of blood surrounding her.
"She died because she loved you. And you are the one to blame."
He laughed...

Zinna opened her eyes at the Mistyvale Inn.
She has always been a sensitive girl. The feeling about Elvina was so strong, it had to be true.
It explained why she didn't hear anything of her. She would never do that on purpose.

She looked outside. Cear... no point in staying here. Elvina had alot of friends, but Zinna only knew Adele and Jeremiah.
A note was delivered by Master Roggins, adressed to Adele and Jeremiah.
It said : "Thank you for everything" signed Zinna.

Later on, a young elven girl was spotted, traveling in the direction of Two Bridges...


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Hell of a life - Page 2 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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50. Alive

She sat on her knees in the Temple of Peralia, place of the dead.

"Are you certain you want to do this?"
Zinna didn't look up. She was praying, silently.
Why was she here? Because Elvina was dead, and her life became pointless?
She always knew this time would come. Even if they lived peacefully, Elvina would have died long before her. True, her Warlock powers extended her lifespan a bit. But elves just lived much longer.
Still... she wished they had more time together. Zinna tried to bring the image of Elvina Hellcat once more in her mind.

A tall and beautiful lady, with long white hair in big contrast with her black clothes. Her soft hands that could make Zinna shiver when they touched her back. Her nice warm lips, that brought up deeper inner feelings when touching Zinna's.
Their complementary characters... everything, ...everything was lost...
She heard a blade going up in the air and a voice "Are you sure, milady?"

Suddenly she had some kind of vision. It always seemed to happen in times of stress, strong feelings, or 'intensive praying'.
She felt her body falling on the floor of the temple. Was she gone, ...was this it?
The image of a red-colored place appeared in her mind. She saw a figure standing over someone on the ground. Eligor! And he didn't seem to spot her this time. But who was he talking to?
Zinna tried to 'move' the image. She finally managed to bring the image a bit to the left. It was Elvina, lying on the ground in a pool of blood. But why? Why did she had to go through all of this again? And why was Eligor talking to a dead body?

Her eye caught a slight movement in Elvina's body, she was ... alive!! Barely, but alive!!
She tried to bring the vision closer to them in an attempt to hear what Eligor had to say.
"Give it up Elvina, marry me. Your friends now believe you are dead." He grinned ,"Even Zinna, who is probably now on her way to make her eternal journey."
Zinna saw Elvina's hand cramping and she tried to yell at her ,"Please Elvina, don't listen to him. I'm alive and we will save you. And your friends haven't forgotten you!" But Zinna couldn't hear her own voice.
She heard Eligor continue his conversation. " 'Upstairs', Elvina, all your friends are having fun. A big festival is going on, and all the people are forgetting their troubles... including your ... 'absence'. No one is coming for you Elvina. I am, however one of your few but true real friends. You can make your so-called friends pay."

The image of them became blurry, and suddenly she heard a voice. "Are you alright, milady?"
Zinna realized she was on the floor in the Temple of Peralia.
"Shall ... we continue the ritual?"
Zinna got up on her feet, a bit dizzy but felt better then ever.
She looked at the priestess. "Not today I'm afraid."

Zinna walked to the door, zigzagging as if she were drunk,... but just before leaving she looked around and mumbled to herself.
"I almost had them cut my head off..."


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Hell of a life - Page 2 Empty Re: Hell of a life

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