Two sides of the same coin

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Two sides of the same coin Empty Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:06 am

(Author's note : this is a story I started later in 2012, which runs parallel with the 'Hell of a life' storyline and eventually links with it too. In the timeline the first events take place even before Elvina Hellcat was born. I copied these story snippets from the Dasaria forum where they have been originally posted by me, but a spell check will be done later as I felt forced to copy with haste. Another non-english writers joined me in this storyline and his name will be mentioned)

*** Left behind ***

“No Josh, we can’t keep her.” The skinny woman looked tired at her husband. “We barely can feed ourselves.” Her eyes were filling with tears. “Our child deserves a better life... and in the temple...”
“Hush woman, … i need to think...” A tall skinny but good looking man, tanned by the sun looked down at the baby... his eyes look very worried at his little angel. He whispered softly,” Angela... my child... i hope one day you understand and forgive us.”
He took the little child on his arm, her little eyes focused on him, the tiny hands resting on his slightly hairy skin... as if she was waiting for what was on the verge of coming.

However hard this proved to be, he wanted the best for his child, and this time, his wife, Amy, was right. The kid didn’t get enough food as her parents both had to work night and day to earn a little coin. And it was impossible to leave the child behind at home since there was no one to take care of her. Her grandparents were all deceased.

Josh closed the door of their house behind him... or what could pass for a house. On the other side of the wood he heard his wife crying. He hesitated, though he knew they had no choice. It was now, or never...
He took the path up the hill towards the temple. At least their child wouldn’t be too far away. Maybe they even had the chance to catch a glimpse of her during a service. And even though the child would probably never know who its parents were... it was sufficient for his heart.
Little Angela looked around as if she just started an exciting adventure... gibbering all kinds of none understandable words.
The man sighed, ...if she only knew...

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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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*** Taking care *** (by Amilcar)

Angela was not feeling well that day, she felt weak and was running a fever. Amilcar went to see her but found her deeply asleep, though it was already afternoon. He woke her up softly and prepared a cup of tea for her while she got dressed.
No sooner did Amilcar come back with the teacup than Angela started insisting on going out. Obviously, she wouldn’t stand resting for too much time, although he didn’t give her many options…

“If you have a fever, you can’t go out. Well…that’s what my father always said to me whenever I was feeling sick”. Right after he said that thousands of memories surrounded his thoughts, which Angela could easily perceive… He could almost smell burning…

The evening sky was darkening when the eight-year-old boy was reaching the small village in the woods, where his two older siblings were always found fighting for something. His mother was a beautiful long-haired elf, peaceable and sensitive. His father, though serious and straight, was a kind and a reliable man. The rest of the villagers were relatives or part of friend communities which were gathered there.

“Thank God you are here, Amil! Didn’t I tell you to come before dusk? I had feeling that something wrong was going on…” said his mother when she saw him. Right after those words, the village seemed to shake as if an earthquake was taking possession of it. Nobody expected that… Hundreds of orcs invaded the village, taking with them whatever was at hand and burning all the houses. The villagers panicked their way out of that chaotic landscape, losing track of one another. Amilcar managed to escape and remained hidden in a small chapel for some days, from which he could see the fading smoke in the village, until his mother found him and was eventually reunited with his family…but his father, who died in combat against the beast.

Even though his family could resettled in a different area, they could never overcome the loss that invasion caused. The siblings had to work from a very early age; otherwise their mother would not be able to support them. Some years later, when he was old enough, Amilcar left his home in search of an answer to what had ruined his family.
In a sensitive tone, Angela asked Amilcar if his mother were still alive, to what he answered that he thought so, but hadn’t seen her or his siblings for quite a long time.

“Why don’t we look for them? I’d like to know them” she suggested.
“Why not? It’d be nice.” was his answer.


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Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:07 am

*** Playtime ***

Angela ran outside, screaming, glad for their moment of free time. Her friends were already there, waiting for her next to the main building.
“Last one outside has to seek, you’re it Angela!!” They yelled as they ran off to hide themselves in the huge open garden of the temple.
Angela turned her face towards a massive pillar, overgrown with ivy. It was almost spring and the first blossoms were spreading a nice flavor. The grass was light green, birds singing everywhere and the sky was blue with only a few little white clouds.
As she was counting she could hear how the sounds her friends made were fading. “I’m coming!” she yelled.
Angela walked down a paved path, towards the fruit trees. She was just nine years old, though rather tall for her age. Her black hair was long, hanging loose over her shoulders. It was already possible to see the beautiful woman she would become some years later, her blue eyes focusing on every possible hideout.

Her life at the temple was pretty fun. She was learning how to read, write, make drawings, paint … and now and then they looked at the moon and the stars. It was one of her favourite moments... along with the free time. On a regular basis, they had to meditate and sing as well as they had to write down their dreams. At the end of the week they had to pick out one dream and discus it with a Sister. Angela hated this, as she considered dreams to be a personal thing...
One day she decided to just make up a dream, but the Sister immediately realised she was lying. It was only because the way Angela could talk that she avoided her punishment. Angela remembered telling the Sister she had lied because she was upset... and then she asked her a question: “Who were my parents?”
Even though the Sister took pity on the little girl, who was only seven back then, Angela never got an answer...

The sun was shining in her pretty face; a smile appeared round her lips. She was actually happy, for her friends loved her and she was never alone. Her hands touched the flowers in the trees.
While she was walking under the branches filled with budding leaves, she didn’t notice a man standing behind one of the lower stone walls that surrounded the temple.
He was watching the girl, observing every step she took and each expression on her face.
After the girl passed, he turned around with a smile on his face and walked away.
Next playtime he would be there again.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:08 am

*** The substitute ***

The bells sounded in the distance... silence fell over the graveyard. The Mother had left this existence.
Every cleric of the temple was present to bring a last homage to her corpse before earth took back what was hers. Between their ranks stood a beautiful girl, almost a young woman now.
With her thirteen years, Angela was almost as tall as the priestess next to her.

After the ceremony the girls were lead into the meditation room which was softly lit by some blue spheres hanging at the ceiling.
“Wait here apprentices. Place take a seat and bring your emotions to a lower level.”
As soon as the priestess left the room, the girls were looking at each other, frowning, but before they could say a word the door opened again.

The priestess entered the room followed by a man. He was good looking with dark hair and a nicely tanned skin.
After she gave a sign, the girls quickly got up from the floor and formed a line.
“Apprentices, we welcome the substitute for Mother until a new head for our temple is chosen.”
She turned around and bowed to the man. “Do you wish to say a few words Your Eminence?”

The man smiled and nodded to the priestess before walking down the line of girls. They all bowed their heads and looked to the floor to pay their respect... except for one...
He stopped in front of her and looked sideways before turning to her.
Angela turned red and quickly lowered her head just like the others. The man only smiled at her and whispered,” What is your name girl?”
The question was answered by a slight shiver of the girl before she said,” A... Angela... Your Eminence.”
His hand reached out for her chin and as he raised her face upwards he spoke loudly enough for the rest of the grup,” You can call me... Master.”

In Angela’s head a weird voice sounded,” And i think you will be my favorite one day.”
The man in front of her didn’t say a thing anymore before he left the room. But he did smile to her, showing beautiful white teeth that flickered in the blue-lit room...


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*** Bond ***

Angela giggled, along with Mirri, one of the other girls... actually her best friend... she was kissing boys behind the temple.
In the temple they were considered the most beautiful girls running around... and very... ‘wanted’.
It was a sunny day and Angela was in a very good mood. Not only because of the attention that this boy in front of her was paying, but also because of her life in general. She was very happy. The lessons in the temple weren’t that boring as she first expected, and soon they would also get physical training... learning how to protect themselves.

“And what do we have here?!”
The low but smooth voice from the left shook up the four teenagers. There stood the Master of the temple... as if he had appeared out of nowhere...
Angela and Mirri’s cheeks turned very red and the boys lowered their heads, rubbing a bit with their boots in the sand.
Even though the Master didn’t sound angry, Angela noticed a certain firmness which stopped them from giving any reactions.
“I want to talk to each and one of you... separately... in my quarters now”. He looked at Angela, “And you are the first, little lady.”
With an embarrassed face she followed the Master into the temple. The other students followed their entrance curiously with their eyes, probably asking themselves what she had done this time.
Angela has been, despite of her age of almost fifteen years, in all “kinds” of situations. And in some cases she got “caught” mostly by the Master. Today it was not different, and her friend Mirri was most of the time involved.

Just like at other times, the Master’s office was pretty warm. Even now, in the middle of the summer he ordered servants to bring wood for what seemed his everlasting woodfire.
He motioned her to take a seat on the other side of his desk after he took place in his dark wooden chair. His eyes were fixed on hers and for a moment Angela was feeling uncomfortable.
“So, little lady... it seems you always get in trouble. I wonder how we could fix this for once and for all”.
Angela looked confused, what the hell was he talking about? Her gaze was answered with a weak grin... as if he had read her mind.
“Now, I think I just might have an idea. It seems you have a problem with being obedient. So I’m going to make you a special offer. I have been watching you, Angela, and I have been wondering. You have certain talents and it would just be a waste to spoil them. Now, you like your friends here, don’t you?”
Angela nodded, “Yes, Master”. She had no idea where this was going...
“So, you wouldn’t be happy if I send you away from here?”
Angela shook her head, “No, Master...”

He paused briefly and leaned backwards in his chair, folding his arms, but not letting his eyes off her face.
“I may have something that could increase your dedication. You see, ‘special’ students deserve a ‘special’ kind of attention. So, I have been so kind to run a few background checks on you. And I must say dear lady, some things were really interesting.”
Angela didn’t know what to say, but she got very curious.
“Dear Angela... you have been brought here by a man.”
She shivered in her chair even though it was pretty hot in the room... her … her father?
The Master nodded, “You were brought here by your father... and I even know why.”
Angela’s eyes got caught by tears, “My... my father... do you...?”
He raised his hand in the air, showing one stretched finger, “Now now, not so fast little lady. First I want something from you. Then I will tell you about your … family.”
“Yes, yes, off course!” Angela was dying to know more about her parents, even though she never knew them.

The Master got up from his chair and walked towards her. He took place behind her chair, his hands on her shoulders and squeezed them softly. “I want total obedience from you. And you will do what you’re told. Angela... I want you to be my favorite. The one who I can trust. The one who will do things just like they need to be done.” He squeezed her shoulders once more to let her know she could answer.
Angela didn’t have any second thoughts. “Yes! Yes off course Master!”
His hands felt strangely warm for a moment before he left her shoulders and walked back to his chair.
“Your parents live close next to the temple... they are very poor. That is the reason why they brought you here. Angela, they wanted the best for you... so don’t be angry at them. I also know they have seen you, many times, your father probably the most as he is … the gardener of this temple.”
Angela got up from her chair. “Joshy??? Joshy, the one who I tricked many times... is my dad??!! And YOU never told me? And HE didn’t tell...” Angela’s face got red before she dropped back in her chair. “Unbelievable!”
The Master watched how she raged, meanwhile showing his white flickering teeth during a weak grin.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:09 am

*** Training ***

Angela was crying on her bed... Amilcar didn't return yet... and she was worried.
Did something happen to him? Was he still angry? She had no idea.
And just after having such a nice night with Celestia... fitting dresses... choosing colors and models...
She put her head on the pillow and got sucked back into a memory... long long ago...


The winter was coming. Angela could feel it on her cheeks, but even more in her hands, holding the ice cold blade. The students with a talent for the sword were gathered around a small square shaped exercise terrain. It was freezing like hell, yet the weapon master didn't let them go.
"Lower your blade a bit, Miss Pretty, there is a huge gap in your defense. Remember, if you ever lose your shield, the weapon you're holding will have to become an object with two purposes. Protecting those nice clothes of yours and taking out the one who wants to rip them off."
Angela could bite off his head as she heard the others laughing. She would show them, and that damn teacher would pay her a bit more respect!

She mumbled a few words followed by lightning fast sword work. At some point Angela took one step back along with her sword arm, making her opponent think she was backing up. The other woman took one step too many forward as Angela used her opponents speed against her. She turned her sword as the gap between them became too close for the size of her blade. She took a step left and hit the woman in the face with the pommel of her sword.
The unexpected blow knocked the woman off her feet, leaving her on the ground with a broken nose.

Nobody moved, no one said anything and the weapon master just stood there with widened eyes, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.
Angela sheathed her sword slowly, the lingering sound of metal scraping over metal, as if she wanted to underline the silence that fell over the training field.
With a smug look she greeted her opponent, before turning around and walking out of the square.
Just before she reached the border, the weapon master seemed to find his voice back as she heard him shout, “I never taught you that! What the hell were you thinking?! Are you some ordinary street fighter or what?!!”

Silence fell over the terrain again as Angela stopped and slowly turned towards the weapon master. “No, I am someone who’s clothes won’t be ripped off.”
This time not even the weapon master could stop the bystanders from the hilarious laughing.
Angela left the training fields with a satisfied smile on her face.

Somewhere high upon a tower a man saw everything happen. He was looking at Angela as she walked into the temple. A grin appeared on his face. “Now that’s my favorite...” he whispered… “My Angela... Wrath.” He giggled and went inside again.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:09 am

*** Taken ***

The door of the little hovel cracked a bit as Angela slowly opened it.
“Mom, dad?” She saw immediately there was nobody in the miserable one-room place.
Mirri looked over her shoulder and grimaced at the sight. Although Angela’s mother kept the hovel as clean as she could, it still looked like one big mess. Kitchen, bedroom, 'dining room' all wrapped up together... and most of the furniture was junk. A closet with a door missing, a table with three different legs, two chairs, a bag filled with hay on the ground as their bed, a blackened fireplace... not comparable with their life in the temple...
A musty smell hit them in the face, likely the result of constantly drying laundry inside the house during these cold winter days.
Angela turned fifteen today and was allowed to visit her parents. Her father had the afternoon off, but it seemed they weren’t home yet. The wind blew black hair tresses in her eyes and just when she moved them a bit to the side, tucking a stray hair behind her ear, she saw her parents walking towards their home.

Her father, a tall handsome man dressed in his poor gardener uniform, was holding a little box. A smile appeared on his face when he saw his little angel.
Angela probably looked the most like her father, they shared the same eyes, chin and their way of looking. Angela placed her shield and sword next to the door and ran down the path, opening her arms.
“Angie!! My sweet little angel!” He was almost knocked of his feet when his little but actually tall girl flew around his neck. He was the happiest man of the world, … considering all the misery, yet he was able to see his child growing up in better circumstances than his.
“Mom...!” Angela turned to her mother and embraced carefully the skinny tiny figure. She noticed her mother was looking awful. Her face was very pale and her lips colorless. Angela was almost certain she was sick, but her dad didn’t want to talk about it.
She even suggested to bring her to the temple, but her mother was for some reason scared to enter the building.
“Happy birthday my sweet child...,” and as she gave Angela a weak smile, she coughed.

The four people entered the tiny home. Angela and Mirri took place on the ‘bed’ while her father made a fire. “You like some water, or... wine?”
Angela widened her eyes,” Wine... but but... that cost...”
Angela’s mother smiled,” Its actually something homemade. And since you are fifteen, you are allowed a glass on this very special day. How old is your friend?”
Mirri smiled,” I turned fifteen just two days ago!”
Angela’s parents congratulated the girl and a bit later it was nicely warm.
Mirri and Angela were curiously sipping their wine, followed by some little coughs.
Josh got up and placed the little box in front of Angela,” Our gift to you my sweet angel...” His eyes soft on her, giving a warm smile as his only child started with opening her present.
As soon as Angela saw the content, tears appeared in her eyecorners. “Dad? Mom?” she said while holding up a silvery bracelet. “How, how...”
Her mother looked to her father, widening her eyes a little to him... Angela frowned as she noticed it.

Josh said,” Angela, we have been saving for it a long while now. But i remember you saw it on a friends wrist and said how much you liked it... and you never stopped about it. Well, its a similar one.”
Angela’s eyes widened,” When... when you were working in the temple’s garden, you … you heard that?”
Her father smiled as his daughter embraced him again.
“Ow dad, mom... its beautiful... but but... if you sell it, you could buy...”
“No Angela,” her father said firmly,” Not this time... when we finally can give you a present for your birthday. And fifteen is a very special age. One more year and you are allowed to seek your own path. Have you already thought about what you are going to do?”
Angela smiled,” Off course, i’ll be living with you!”
Mirri giggled and whispered to her,” Silly, its to small here...”
Angela blushed as her spontanous reply was answered with laughing from the others.
“I know, i know... but, no... i have no idea yet.”
Mirri looked at her friend,” You can always come with me, Angela.”
Angela shrugged,” Maybe yes, one more year... we’ll see.”

Darkness fell over the pitiful village as Angela and Mirri said goodbye to Angela’s parents and started to head back to the temple.
Mud and water splashed up from under their boots as they sought their way over the swampy ground. Further down the road the village looked even more miserable. Drops of water leaked from the slum dwellings as the snow started to melt. Spring would soon make its arrival but not before the excess of water left it’s mark.
It was getting pretty dark but with a bit of light from the moon, the girls found their way between the puddles.

“Good evening ladies.” A low smooth voice coming from the side of the muddy path sounded.
Angela immediately recognized the voice as it belonged to the very person who talked so much with her.
“M-master...,” Angela lowered her head a bit,” A-am i too late?”
Mirri stood silent next to her, afraid for a scolding, even though she couldn’t think of a reason this time.
His white teeth, lit by the crescent moon, flickered in the darkness,” On the contrary ladies, … you are just in time. Follow me. Soon... it will all be clear.”
The Master left the road in front of them. Angela shrugged while she and Mirri followed his footsteps...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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*** Child's game *** (by Amilcar)

No matter whether it rained heavily or not… winter or summer… What was important was being the best, the most resistant, stealthy… but above all, being the most powerful of the lineage.
It was an ordinary day… one could hear children’s voices from the woods…

“Catch me!! Where are you?"
“I can see you!!”
“No cheating or spells!”
“Got you!!!”

The kids went to their beloved clearing… a place where the woods seemed to have forgotten to grow trees. There was only grass that made on the ground the shape of a circle, which they called “la olla”.
Before starting the game, the siblings took a considerable distance, got their backs to one another and began casting the spells that their ancestors had passed on them. Practice would pave the way to new invocations and techniques, though for the time being they had only a few innate spells.

The sun was setting slowly on the horizon, as if it wanted to watch because something was on the verge of happening. The grass was as still as a painting, since there was no wind at all. The temperature could tell spring was coming.
Before the Little girl’s anxious eyes, their sister, the two boys began casting their spells on each other, in their attempt to leave each of them weak and unable to continue. Little by little, that game was becoming pure training, through which they acquired competence and resistance… among other things. Even though they were young, as warlocks, their natural aptitudes for handling magical powers were already deeply ingrained in them…their reflexes were faster than those of any other person.

Usually, as it was growing darker, their mother was the one who finished the game… but not this time…
Had it not been for their sister, it could have been too late. Gabriel saw his brother, who was exhausted trying to cast what seemed an invocation to generate fear, and took advantage of him. He suddenly threw a rock at him, making him immediately lose his concentration. Amilcar had no chance to cast again or even evade the attack…

“I got you!!!” yelled Gabriel with a big grin.

In the blink of an eye, Gabriel was already pronouncing words that Amilcar could not decode because he had lost the notion of time and space. “Waiiiit” shouted Amilcar… but he was about to receive a last invocation, which would leave him out of the game and with some injuries.

Just in time and anticipating the danger her brother was running, Pilar casted aloud as fast a she could and was able to interfere and protect Amilcar with a shield against invocations. The game was over… Amilcar fell on his knees to the ground. Gabriel won that time, before Amilcar’s burning eyes…

“You cheated!!! I almost got you!!” said Amilcar completely sure of having been able to defeat Gabriel, though he knew it was Pilar who had saved him from a probably awful defeat and from a disappointed mother.

After calming down and resting a while, the siblings were ready to go back home, before the dark of the night became a worry to their mother


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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*** Trial ***

Droning noises, as if giants were marching in the distance with a constant rhythm, echoed in the small cave.
The floor underneath her was warm, and from time to time releasing vibrations to her body. A few narrow cracks gave through a red dim glow, flickering yet illuminating the place.
Angela blinked. She woke up some time ago, screaming, shouting, cursing and hitting with her fists on the rock-like walls before finally dropping on the ground, crying.
Walking down the path next to the temple was the last thing she remembered. It was clear she got captured somehow and wondered what happened to Mirri and the Master.

Her investigation was rounded up quickly as the cave wasn’t very big and there was no sign of any entrance. However, her sword and shield stood in a corner of what seemed to be her prison.
Now, all she could do was wait and save up her energy as food or water didn’t seem available.
She could hear rumbling in the distance. Sometimes it sounded like rocks sliding from a hill, slowly gaining speed before smashing into another heap of rocks. On those moments the floor trembled under her feet.
Now and then a rare breeze blew through the cave, spreading a nasty smell of sulfur. Inhaling it triggered, besides a lot of coughing, also a sparkling feeling on her tongue, so she caught her breath as long as she could when it became too nasty.

“Hello my sweet angel.”
Angela shook up as suddenly a voice sounded from behind her. It was the Master.
She jumped up,” How... how... you got in... are we prisoners... You too...?”
The man in front of her smiled wide,” Not at all... I brought you here. You are safe.”
Angela frowned,” Safe, but... why? Am I in danger? And where are we?”
The Master chuckled,” So many questions my lovely child. Let’s walk and i’ll explain.”
A grinding sound was audible and suddenly one of the rock walls started to slide open. The red light hurt Angela in the eyes and for a moment she was blinded. She regained her sight after rubbing a few times in her eyes. Then she saw the source of the glow, a huge fire burning on a lake of magma. In the distance dark peeks of black mountains formed sharp silhouettes against a red sky.
“Come, follow me,” he said with a soothing voice,” Don’t be afraid, everything is alright.”
Angela’s face was pale as she was clearly impressed by the unearthly view. But she trusted the Master. She followed him on a long bridge spanning the immense pool of fire.

When they reached the other side of the lake a huge building rose up against the sky. It reminded her of the Arena in Cear... but bigger.
A small corridor lit by few torches let downwards into the dungeons of the building. All other sounds ceased to exist. Now and then one of their boots hit a tiny stone, making it roll with an echo that seemed to last forever.
This place underground was huge, but so far they didn’t see anyone else.
Suddenly the Master stopped. “Here we are... now, Angela, take place on this plate.” He pointed at a big square stone plate.
“Good and now wait here. I will be right back.”
Angela looked a bit worried,” But...”
The Master disappeared around the corner of another corridor.
“Ri-ight...,” She looked around and strengthened the grip on her weapon and shield, not feeling comfortable on the plate.
The Master was right, she didn’t had to wait long as suddenly the plate started to move upwards. She looked up and saw the ceiling opening.

Angela couldn’t believe her eyes... it was an arena but at least ten times the size compared to the one in Cear she once visited with the weapon master. Huge stands and tribunes of at least twenty levels rose up around her, all made of what looked like a dark grey stone. It looked ancient, but in good condition. The ‘place’ was decorated with unknown flags hanging limp on large poles. Immense statues of bizarre creatures stood next to each of the four side entrances. And she... was standing in the middle of this what looked like an arena, not leaving the square plate. Angela didn’t spot a living soul, and except for a low howling wind no other sounds were audible in here. As if the walls kept all other noises outside...

She heard hand clapping, behind her on a big stage stood the Master. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the young and fine gladiator … Angela … WRATH!!” He shouted the last word.
Angela widened her eyes and turned pale. “But... what is this, and my surname is Ryler...” Before she could finish her sentence, one of the gates opened.
A sniffing sound preceded the entrance of a black dog with his nose up in the air... tasting... searching... He stopped sniffing and turned its eyes towards her.
Angela shivered when she looked at those eyes... burning like coal. This wasn’t a normal dog.
Deep growling became audible while the beast raised its upper lip, showing two rows filled with sharp fangs.
Slowly the beast started to move in her direction, its monstrous nails scraping in the dust of the arena floor. There was no time for questions, there was no time for a discussion... hell, there wasn’t even time to blink or even to wonder what happened to Mirri.
Right now, there was only the time to defend herself.

Suddenly, as if the beast received a command, it jumped on her. Just in time she raised her shield and made a circular move with her arm. The hound or whatever this thing was, bounced off, and fell on its back.
Angela took her chance and lashed out with her sword, hitting the beast in its stummick.
The Master chuckled loud as Angela stood perplex, staring at the monstrous hound she just killed. “My favorite, my favorite !! That is why you are my favorite!!”
He disappeared from the stage, only to appear a second later next to her.

“That was a nice move, dear Angela... not many people would have survived an attack of a Hellhound, even when its a lesser.”
Angela turned the point of her sword to him. “What, what is this... ? Where am I ???”
The Master giggled, “Easy girl, …” he said while moving the tip of the sword down with a finger. “You are in my personal service now.” He raised his arms,” And this... THIS is your new home... welcome in MY temple.” He winked.
Angela narrowed her eyes,” YOU? You abducted me?? I am your prisoner??!”
The man in front of her smiled,” No, you promised yourself to me... remember?” He giggled.
She remembered... “But...”
“No buts Angela, and besides... you parents ‘agreed’ on it....” He giggled in an uncontrolled manner now.
Angela blinked,” My parents?? How...”
He pointed at her silvery bracelet without a word.
“What?? You tricked my parents??”
The Master shook his head,” No my dear girl, I offered their daughter a great future ! I promised them you would have great training and I only needed their admission.”
Angela turned red,” They would never ….”
He snorted“... Never ‘sell’ their daughter? Indeed, your father loves you very much. So I added a few things to my offer.”
He grinned... “And they just couldn’t refuse.”
Angela got tears in her eyes,” When can I see them...?”

The Master disappeared and a second later he materialized on the stage again.
He clapped twice in his hands while saying, “After your trials my lovely favorite... and we begin TODAY!!”
Another gate opened and a bit later a small figure stepped through the entrance.
Angela shivered as she recognized... her friend Mirri...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:11 am

*** Mirri ***

“Angela, … Angela, are you awake?” Mirra was rubbing Angela’s back.
“Mmm? Wh-what?” Angela blinked. She saw Mirri’s head just above hers, eyes fixed on her.
Mirri sounded worried,“ Are you alright? I’m... I’m so sorry Angela... he... the..., the Master made me do it.... and...”
Angela tried to get up but felt a pain running through her back and mostly in the rear of her head,” Wh-what the hell...?” She rubbed her head.
Mirri pushed her gently down again, softly putting Angela’s head on a soft cushion. “Easy now, you had a big hit.”
Angela had no idea what her friend was talking about,” Hit, Master... did we...”
Mirri nodded, “We fought yes... I guess he was testing us... because as soon it got dangerous he stepped between us, you saw that, right?”

Angela closed her eyes again in an attempt to recall any memories of a fight.
“I don’t...” But it didn’t took long for her to remember things... a prison, a lake of fire... an immense building, a black hound... the Master... Mirri...
She remembered how her friend entered the arena... how she looked at her, with eyes... eyes filled with hatred... determination. And a smile, almost cruel.
After what happened next made Angela not recognize her friend anymore.
The Master just clapped in his hands and Mirri responded by calling a ring of fire around her before her eyes started to glow... just like that hound.
As Mirri stepped closer to Angela, her fists ignited, first dark red flames swirled around them, but quickly the color turned yellow.
Angela remembered taking a few passes back, shocked by the sight of her friend. It was certain she was out to kill.
Suddenly she threw something that looked like a large flame to her, Angela barely had the time to raise her shield. Not that it was of much use to her afterwards as it turned too hot.

With the shield on the ground, still smoking from the blast, Angela had to trust on her sword to fight in this... what seemed like a duel. But that was her friend... she couldn’t kill Mirri... right?
They’ve been together through so many things... so close friends... they shared a big past...
No time to think about it as Mirri was gathering more energy and lashed out again.
Angela rolled to her side straight in the dust, but evading the incoming fire, however, not without burning her hand.
Mirri had the advantage of attacking from a distance so Angela made a quick decision.
She got up and dashed to Mirri, throwing herself on her friend in an attempt to 'wake' her up.
Bad idea... as she remembered taking a hit, from something, … probably from the mysterious shield surrounding Mirri. Everything turned black...

Mirri sat next to her on the bed and nodded.
"You flew with your head against one of those statues. I was about to finish you off when the Master intervened. Suddenly I saw what I did... and I couldn’t remember a damn thing... as if someone messed with my mind."
“But why did he made us fight each other... and I was so worried about you... first not knowing what happened to us and where you were...,” Angela started.
Mirri laid her hands on Angela and shook her head,” I know as much as you do girl... but I think we are stuck...”
“That is correct, my little girls... however... you will gain much more freedom than any other prisoner... in the meaning of that word.” In the opening of the door stood a man... the Master.

He walked in and gave the two girls a smile before taking place next to Angela, on the other side of the bed.
“Now, let me take care of that, my lovely angel... iI don’t want to see any of you harmed.” He placed his hand on Angela’s chest, grinning when he ‘accidentaly’ touched her breasts.
Before the girls had the time to recover from their surprise, a warm energy was flowing into Angela’s body...
Her pain disappeared and her burn marks faded. The Master smiled to Angela’s widened eyes.
“Too bad you lost the fight Angela... but it’s okay... you are young and still have a lot to learn.”
He got up from the bed and turned to Mirri. “But you my girl... you were fantastic... and you won the prize. Come... let Angela rest. I’ll ‘show’ you around.” His white teeth flickered in the shadows.
Mirri pulled her hand away,” I am not going anywhere with you!”
The Master chuckled... “Dear girl, do I have to remind you?”

Angela saw her friend shiver and without turning back she shuffled after him, leaving Angela behind.
“BUT, … HEY!” Angela jumped of the bed, and while doing that she noticed her pain was gone indeed, but the door closed... before the could reach it... or rather it appeared.
“NOOOOOO !!!!! MIRRI !!!!!! LET ME OUT !!!!!!!!!!!.................” Angela continued to scream and hitting the walls until her fists were bleeding... but she didn’t care.

Right now, she was feeling like a... a caged bird.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:11 am

*** Grudge ***

Angela was staying at the Ravenswatch inn, not in their house... she just couldn’t.
Everything there reminded of him. Everytime she entered their spacious home she just had to cry. It didn’t mean anything to her, ...the house, ...their wealth, … her future plans for opening a shop and club for falconry...
Not without him... not without her Amilcar.
He, he gave her life, he made her rediscover love, he was her support and anchor. Amilcar was everything for her.
And where was he now, now that his child was growing within her... their child, a child made of love.
It didn’t matter if she was in their house or elsewhere, … Angela slammed on the wall and cried... everytime she thought about him and their unborn child...
She knew she had to stay calm, ‘to avoid stress during pregnancy’... it was something she had learned about when she was a teenager getting lessons in a temple... so long ago now.
Angela closed her eyes and remembered a few of his last words : “I have to find Elvina, she’ll know what to do...”

For a brief moment Angela raged in her room, hitting the wall one more time, her fist hurt but she didn’t feel it, at least not yet...
Elvina, always Elvina! Last time it was also Elvina who saved Amilcar... so, now again?
Was he with her now, was he really after her, looking for her? Was he,... was he in love with her?
Angela couldn’t believe that, but then again she remembered something Elvina had told her, entrusting her with a little secret.
Elvina had kissed a man! She didn’t mention the name and it happened a long while ago. It was also the way she said it, as if she fell in love. Angela deducted it was someone Elvina knew very well.
Could... could it be?

She remembered the period in her life in which she hated the white haired witch... she also remembered how she hated Elvina’s mother... it, Mirri had to be... her mother. Was it coincidence she hated these two persons in the same way, both mother and daughter?
And for the same reason? Because she was scared they would steal something that was precious to her?
Angela shook her head, she didn’t hate Elvina... not anymore... and when she came to think of it, she never hated her mother either... not really.

Angela laid down on the bed and tried to calm herself. While rubbing over her belly in which a little half-elf was growing, she closed her eyes... bringing up a memory........ whispering to herself," I have been sooo wrong......."


“So, is it true, Mirri?” Angela crossed her arms. “Are you sleeping with him?”
Mirri imitated Angela’s posture explicitly... like a young stubborn teenager would do if their mom asked if she was seeing some guy. “And so what if so?!”
Angela narrowed her eyes as if to read Mirri’s thoughts and widened them when she saw Mirri blush,” So it IS true!”
Mirri shook her head,” What else did you expected? And soon... soon I’ll become his wife!” She tapped with her feet as if to challenge Angela to spit out some criticism.
Angela gasped for a moment,” What... what are you saying girl?”
Mirri swirled around and showed Angela her back. “You heard me!”
Angela cursed to herself,” Are you out of your mind girl? After all what he did to us?”
Mirri shrugged while still facing the wall,” He’s a powerful man and he has been sooo sweet to me ever since our duel.”

It was now very clear to Angela that the Master had been working on Mirri’s mind. She changed so much since the fight, now weeks ago... or were it months... ?
Angela also realised the Master favored Mirri, and Mirri was fully absorbed in her role as the Master’s future wife. And Mirri was forgetting who she was... who they were... friends who grew up together in the protective womb of the temple.
If they ever wanted to find a way out, it was very important Angela would become the Favorite. She would keep her mind clear, and she would free herself and Mirri... as soon as she earned the same trust Mirri earned from the Master.

She winced, … even if it meant to sleep with him...


If the hawk high up in the sky above Ravenswatch would have been really interested, he could have noticed a blue armored woman on her steed passing through the gates only to disappear at the horizon a few minutes later.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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*** Horde ***

Black immortal mountain peaks silhouetted against an everlasting reddish glowing sky. In the distance a volcano vomited a mix of black clouds and fire, now and then complemented with rumbling. The clouds of sulfur would have been deadly for any common mortal, as it would choke them just like a hand slowly squeezing their throats.
But not for the beings that stood lined up on the edge of a dark lifeless valley. For them these surroundings, this environment, this life, was their nature, this was their place of origin.
Growling noises rose up from the crowd that consisted of black bodies in different shapes. Here and there a creature exposed its long teeth, others waved with horrible serrated weapons. Some looked like beasts that showed few similarities with animals from the mortal world but most of them had one or more twisted aspects. Others wore aggressively looking black armors covered with spikes while their shields more looked like huge flat boards made out of some ancient dark blue metal.
One thing they all had in common, their red eyes were fixated on the other side of the valley where a similar spectacle took place. A few of them glanced at their commander, waiting for the signal to unleash death and destruction upon their foes. They quickly discovered that the new commander expected total obedience. The proof of that was to be found in a ditch below them, were inanimate bodies of a couple of overeager comrades covered the black rocky terrain.

The woman on the dark horse took a deep breath, knowing this was a test to prove herself. She looked briefly over her shoulder, for the last time observing her horde. They would prevail and she would personally see to that. She glanced up the hill next to her and spotted two figures.
Mumbling a few words she looked back at the other side of the valley. The Master and his ‘left hand’ were watching... well, she would show them.
The black haired woman lowered her blade as a sign for the attack, the small cavalry unit she had would only respond if she also lowered her torch.
The crawling creatures raged and stormed downwards into the valley, while her cavalry marched around it behind the rocks, out of sight.
She assumed the enemy commander knew the size of her troops but not where they would strike. Before her little army got here, she also had positioned a few Shadowguards between the rocks, setting up a some surprises.
Off course the enemy horde charged as well, running towards her troops. She raised her torch high, a sign for the shady creatures between the rocks on the enemy side of the valley.

Invisible ropes were lifted from the dark soil, making a few creatures in the front of the enemy horde stumble. But that was just enough as soon others bumped into their fallen comrades, slowing down the charge.
Angela’s horde had almost reached their first victims and while the enemy had its hands and claws full with the frontal attack, she would surprise them from the flanks.
She looked to her side and calculated they must have reached the right position by now.
She looked down just in time to witness how the two hordes clashed into each other, ripping each others flesh. As soon as she heard the first sounds of dying demons, she dropped the torch.
Her cavalry unit appeared just where they were supposed to be and after a short charge downhill they crashed into the enemy’s flank, piercing muscled bodies and spilling their black demon blood.
She knew victoy was within grasp but still it wasn’t enough for her. Angela drew her sword and after mumbling a few mystical words, she charged... aiming her sword at the enemy commander... taunting him to face her.
She grinned under her helmet... this would also be a personal victory.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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*** To convince or to prove ***

The tall woman strode down the long dark corridor with a grim face and a clenched fist, maintaining a grasp on something between her fingers.
Her heels took the turn around the corner and she didn’t stop in front of the door which she without knocking practically slammed open.
A man, dressed in a long dark red robe, standing in front of a fireplace and sipping from a cup of wine , turned around to his ‘visitor’ with a surprised look.
Before he could open his mouth to protest, an object was nonchalantly hurled in his direction, only to land just before his feet with a sickening crunch.
His gaze shifted from the woman towards the object, looking down at a gory severed head. The visitor didn’t say a thing but he almost could taste her aura, filled with anger and determination.
Deliberately ignoring her eyes, he lifted his left foot up and placed it on the head, rolling it over with a push from the tip of his boot.
A smile appeared on his face when he identified the victim. “Soo, what do we have here? Angela? Hmm?” He looked up and fixed his eyes on hers.

He could hear how she took a deep breath just before her lips parted.
“One problem less... Master,” She replied with a flicker in her eyes and a touch of venom in her tone.
“Ahum... did you, on your own, payed Warlord Vezan a … ‘visit’?” His eyes curiously on her, yet his voice with the tone of a superior.
Angela narrowed her eyes, not even close of being intimidated. “My Master is not pleased? He wants more heads?”
The Master chuckled,” Dear, dear Angela... I am only concerned about you, especially when you go out alone to gather demon heads. You could have at least warned me.”
The black haired woman crossed her arms. “So, you don’t trust me?” Again a touch of venom.
He raised his arms with the palms towards her, and his foot left its position on the head as he walked towards her.

“My dear girl... off course I trust you, I just don’t like you get harmed.”
Her answer was still cold,” Is that why you let me do the dirty jobs, is that why you put me in charge of insignificant battles? Is that why...”
“... Why we don’t share a bed?” He rapidly filled in with a grin.
That reaction confused her and made a brick in the wall between them.
He didn’t gave her a chance to recover and took her hands in his and pulled her close to him until the distance between their faces was reduced significantly.
When he started to talk, his tone was warm and smooth,“ You, are special, Angela Wrath... and for special people I hold a special rank... a personal rank in your case.” His tone became a bit ceremonially,” I’m naming you officially as my Favorit.”
That made her blush... as it wasn’t what she expected... at least not on that moment.

He pulled softly on her arm and set direction towards a double door on the right side of his quarters. He could feel Angela hesitated and winked when he looked over his shoulder, gesturing everything was fine.
“B-but Mirri...?”
He opened the door and gently led her inside. After closing the door he looked at Angela’s back. Quietly he stepped closer and his hands slid under her arms... slowly started to open her armor while whispering next to her ear,” It comes with the ‘position’, she’ll understand.” He kissed her softly in the neck,” And now it’s time for the initiation...”
Angela closed her eyes as she could feel his fingers slipping under her clothes, gently following nonexisting paths on her skin, slowly discovering uncharted territory.
She finally pulled it off, finally got his attention... finally had proven herself... or... convinced him that she could be trusted... but,... where’s the difference in that?
She forgot her thoughts as soon as he put motioned her to the bed, leaving a trail of clothes behind....


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:12 am

*** Rivalry ***

Angela smiled, sitting on her bed, with her hands going over her belly. She had just returned from the city administration and was now officially a resident of Ravenswatch.
Their house wasn’t still finished yet, but oh well, they had all the time in the world. That thought was maybe just a bit too optimistic, but then again... as a future mother she had to be.
Her child would grow up without the worries she had.

And that reminded her about how it was... and about another woman... her former best friend and Elvina’s probable mother...


The woman slapped the other woman in the face,” I hate you Angela! And that wasn’t the first time, just admit it!”

Angela’s cheek reddened on the place where she received Mirri’s hit, her eyes looking furiously at her friend... well, friend.... hmm.

Mirri placed her hands on her hips,” He is married to me, not to you... I... Why Angela, why...!?”

Angela pondered over the fact whether to return the favor or not. “And I am the Favorite.”

“Ow... OOWWWW? I’m sorry Angela, I had NO idea!!” Obvious dripping sarcasm in her words.
Mirri’s eyes started to show tiny fires, and around her fists flames appeared.

But this time Angela was prepared and punched her former friend in the stummick, breaking Mirri’s concentration before she could use her magic.
Without giving her any time to recover, Angela jumped on Mirri and grabbed her arms.

Mirri winced but determined as she was, with a single mystical word she activated a ring of fire around her, blasting Angela backwards.

Angela tried to sit up again and was a bit dazed. Five feet from her, Mirri was recovering from the pain in her belly.
Their eyes met...

“I’ll kill you,” Angela growled as she slowly got up and drew her sword.

Mirri got up too, threatening,” He is my husband, I’ll have your head.”

“Girls...?” Suddenly a male voice sounded from the other side of the room, and as the two women turned to it, they could see him standing in the doorway, his hand resting on the door knob.

Neither of them said a word as he closed the door softly behind him and walked in.
He looked at each of them and smirked. “A fight? Over me? I feel honored my little pets,” he said cutely, showing a smile which revealed his white flickering teeth.

Mirri crossed her arms, lowering her hellfire, and looked right at him,” I am your wife, am I not?”

The Master grinned and nodded.

“Then why did you take my best friend in your bed?” Her eyes got teary.

A shameless smile was now making part of his facial expressions while he looked over to the girls. “There is a difference in how you are called my love. For yes, you are my wife and you have earned your place next to me. Angela here also earned a position and is … rewarded for her actions. I’ll never call her my wife, but she deserves my attention even though its not the same as with you.”

Angela’s cheeks reddened, but just as she was about to give an answer to that, the Master continued, speaking in a conciliating tone. “You girls were always best friends, am I correct?”

The girls looked at each other briefly and turned their faces back to him with a little nod.
“Instead of fighting each other, you can also … be … nice for each other.”

Angela frowned and Mirri looked over to her raising her brow.

The man in front of them chuckled softly,” You know, life can be quite easier that way. Come, I’ll show you.”
He walked over to Mirri and took her hand,” Wife...,” Next he turned to Angela and took her hand in his other,” Favorite...” He paused briefly. “You see, each of you has a hand and I’ll never let you fall,... you are very dear to me... both of you. Left and right, each with their role, goals, duties... but also desires. Serve me well and receive my eternal gratitude.”

He squeezed their hands looking at both of them, before walking over to the bedroom... not letting go of their hands...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:13 am

*** Second nature ***

An evil smile appeared on her face, her second nature was slowly taking over. The life as it was seen through the eyes of demoness, personal pleasure was very high on her list and even though her current mission had nothing... sexual, ... the feelings running through her veins were pretty much comparable.

Angela sat on her armored horse and glanced over her shoulder... through narrow openings of horned helmets red eyes were looking at her. Her personal horde of demonic butchers, dressed in black and red metal, armed with gigantic axes and riding monstrous beasts... stood quietly behind her, well except for their breathing... audible as they were emphatically inhaling and exhaling while waiting for her command.

In front of the horde, still covered in the mist, was the purpose for their visit … a small village. The orders were simple, as soon as the signal was given they would strike.
And they only had to spare the young women. Angela rolled her eyes as she could guess what he was up to with them. She didn't mind it, but she assumed if Mirri would ever find out...
Angela licked her lips, well, Mirri would never hear it from her.

She warmed up her sword arm by making a few slashes in the cold air, the blade so sharp it could even part wisps of mist. The armor she was wearing was made from the best materials and enchanted with powerful magic. It was so black it didn't reflect any light, making it also suitable for more covered operations. Her shield was of a different order, it was large, heavy and provided maximal defence. But she rarely needed it as her magic in most cases proved to be enough. Today the shield would hang on her horse as her future victims proved no match at all.

In her current role as the Right Hand of the Master, Angela was pretty happy even though she couldn't directly recall a reason for this feeling... well except for the tons of appreciation, personally delivered by him. She grinned, … Mirri kindy accepted it.
She shifted her focus back to the current mission and went through the few things she
knew. The villagers didn't agree on handing over some pretty girl and for some reason that girl was important to the Master. She also knew he could have just taken her, but it needed to happen voluntarily.

Angela shrugged, orders were orders, the villagers would pay the price for their refusal and she was certain she could convince the girl, changing her mind. It would look as if her change of thought would spare at least the females of villages. Angela grinned, off course she knew better.
She looked over her shoulder and while her hand ran through her blue hair, she gave her horde a playful smile.
“Alright boys, lets get them.” She spurred her horse towards the little community, with the horde right on her tail.

Villagers woke up, the earth quivered under their feet... a church bell sounded the alarm...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:13 am

*** Repentance ***

No sooner had they reached Two Bridges together, or Angela was struck by awful memories. While she rubbed her belly as if to make sure that the unborn life within her was still alright, her mind went backwards in time. A minute before these thoughts she had glanced at Amilcar and recalled their conversation with Celestia.
There was a time when she met this wonderful man... a man who helped her and who she almost had betrayed, there was a time when she lured Celestia and her friend Erica into a deadly trap... and there was a time when she did … even more horrible things. She stroked gently over her belly.


A bluish-haired woman knocked on the door of a miserable looking hovel. “Mom... dad?”
Nothing, … no answer, except perhaps the cold wind whispering through the cracks and holes of the wooden hatches and plank door.

She pondered and decided to force the door which was already in a bad shape anyways. It didn’t matter as she would take care of them with the gold she had earned. She was rich now, and more importantly, allowed to return for a visit at her parents... her first ever since she... left ?

The crackling sound of a half rotten door breaking into pieces might have shaken up the villagers, but if so... no one cared or... dared to take a look.

With a single word she made a light, illuminating the place and revealing her past... which was... no more. The hovel was empty... well, besides some rumble and junk. But all the rest, the bed in the corner, the table with three different patched up chairs, the small stove in the back, the large candle, the blankets, the jug with milk in the other corner, even her simple tinkerings hanging on the wall... it was gone… all… gone.

She narrowed her eyes, how could they! They hadn't even been awaiting her return... she hadn’t been away that long! The tall woman stepped out of the hovel and glanced in the direction of her former temple. Perhaps... perhaps her father was still working there.

After pondering a bit she took the road leading to temple... towards her other past. To the place where she was actually raised, the place where her father had taken her when they couldn’t take care of her any longer. She blinked in the dark and looked up at the sky while mumbling, … daybreak over an hour or two.

After an half hour walk the building showed up, its contours silhouetted against the weakly lit sky... and it looked... abandoned. The garden was overgrown with weed and ivy had spread itself all over the walls, circling around the pillars at the entrance. The black metal gate was half open and it definitely needed maintenance as its hinches squeaked with every whisper of the wind, providing the overall picture with a daunting symphony.

And then it struck her, thus far she hadn’t seen anyone, farmers should be on their way to their work right now. She hurried back to the village and knocked on a few doors, most of them not even closed, let alone locked.
No one... there was absolutely no one... a ghost village!

A short while later after she got back at the village the first sunbeams revealed what happened with the already miserable place. War..., bloodshed, … murder... she studied her surroundings more closely, her eyes as if imbibing all the details they perceived.

With the light of dawn it wasn’t really that hard to recognize the signs now as she had led enough murderous raids herself, setting roofs on fire, destroying people’s homes... killing villagers, defenseless elders... and even... a child.
What she couldn’t deduct from the signs and traces of violence, was that it had been almost twenty years ago since she saw this place for the last time... as she hadn’t aged that much.

The bluish-haired woman fell on her knees, struck by a sudden feeling of repentance... though it didn’t last for long.
A hand suddenly touched her shoulder, a sweet soothing voice talking to her,” We’ll find them my Favorite... we’ll find them.”
The man behind her smiled, his white teeth flickering against the upcoming sun.


When Angela all of a sudden stopped walking, Amilcar turned to her. He could see how his wife had turned pale and how her expression of cheerfulness had made place for a mixture horror and disgust... and how she sank down on the side of the road...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:14 am

*** Moving ***

“Amil, what do you think? It is now that we still can... but soon I won’t be able to travel anymore.”

Her husband seemed in thought before he looked at her. “Alright love, for the baby... and if it makes you feel better.”

Angela nodded,” Thank you and yes it would. Those villagers... I... I have to see it again.”

Amilcar turned to her,” What about your friends here?”

Angela rubbed her cheek. “Well, I suppose I can leave a note, or send a letter to some.” She sighed,” And just when we invited a couple of them... but... its really important." She looked up at him," What about yours?"

Her husband walked over towards the bed and took place next to her. He rubbed her back gently, “Anything for you … Blue.”

She smirked... “I better start packing...”
Angela Wrath looked around at still unfinished house... and sighed.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:14 am

*** Resistance ***

Another memory from her past passes by in her mind... wondering about Elvina's mother...


"No I will not! Not before I have found them." Her eyes narrowing while lifting her chin, Angela faced the Master.

"Don't forget who you are, my Favorite. Your duties..."

"Can wait!!" Angela yelled. "Ask your goddamn wife!"

The Master chuckled soft, "At least you didn't insult me."

Angela threw her hands in the air, "Can't you be serious for a moment? I..."

The Master raised one hand gesturing her to stop talking. "So, you want to see me serious?" He took two steps, stopping at arms length from her, his eyes turning red like burning coal. And for a moment it looked as if he just had grown. "Are you sure, Angela Wrath?" His voice had became deeper and faded with a growl as echo.

"You know what I can, and I'm not afraid..." she started.

An arm lashed out, its hand that had just become a claw, left scars in the face of the bluish-haired woman who had ended up on the floor.

She looked up, widening her eyes while her hand touched the burning scratches on her cheek. "You will pay for that, "she grumbled while slowly getting up again.

Another hit was her share, sending her body towards the wall, her head smacking against the rocky structure. "Seriously, my lovely bird? Perhaps you have to think twice before saying that. And besides, Mirri is allowed to walk the normal world whenever she pleases... her duties...”

“Why not me? Didn’t I serve you well?! And besides, did you know she’s cheating on you?!”

This time she received a blow from his fist on her cheek, sending Angela almost to a state of knock-out on the floor.

“Please... stop...” a soft voice sounded behind them. It was Mirri’s...

Angela rubbed her eyes and shook her head, fully aware of the pain in her cheek, she winced.

The Master turned around and found his wife’s eyes looking at his. But before he could say anything, she stepped closer, taking the fist that hit Angela in her smooth hand.

“Please... don’t...,” Mirri glanced over his shoulder at Angela before her eyes locked on to the Master’s again, her look turning sad. “It... its true what she said.”

“What..?” the Master blinked.

“I love another...”

“WHAT?! ... But, I trusted you Mirri! I never had you followed ! I gave you so much freedom !”

Mirri squeezed in the fist she was holding. “Punish me, not Angela for she loves you. And please, let me go afterwards...”

“Let you GO?! Why you think I....”

Mirri gave him a sad smile, “Because my heart was never truly yours and never will be...” she said soft, but sounded very serious. Her gaze shifted to her former best friend, “While Angela her seems upset with us being together...”

Angela turned red, “ I didn’t ..., “ she started, but stopped as she saw how Mirri shook her head.

The Master looked at Mirri. “I can’t believe this...”

Angela got up slowly and watched the two. She also knew Mirri had an certain influence on him and wondered about the outcome of this ... conversation


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:14 am

*** Almost ***

Within a few hours she would finally be a mom. The pain in her belly had started an hour ago and was coming and going like the wind.

She was almost dressed up and as last piece of her clothing she swirled her blue cloak around her shoulders. A few moments later the bluish-haired woman left the Mystivale inn with a bag in her left hand and headed straight for the most nearby temple hoping it was Lilliane’s watch. She was the only priestess Angela knew working in a temple. Otherwise, anyone else would do just fine.

Her mind went back in time as she rushed herself towards Cear, the light of the moon lighting up her path.
The years after Mirri had left the lower planes, Angela had been the Master’s wife more or less, but for some reason she never got pregnant.
Well, except for that one time when she thought she was. For weeks she had been sick, dizzy, throwing up... who knows, perhaps she almost was but her body had fought off the fiendish seed?
She made an ugly face and started to feel disgusted of herself as she recalled again how disappointed she had been back in those days.
Well, she always had wanted children, back then and nowadays. A faint smile made her lips curve a little as she remembered telling Amilcar that she wanted at least ten kids...

She remembered how one day, back in the Lower Planes, the Master had entered her bedroom...

“Angela, wake up dear...”

She remembered how He had sounded, as if broken...

“Y-yes love?” she had answered while stretching her arms and fingers like a cat, her blue fingernails touching the skin of his arm.

She remembered there hadn’t been any response for at least what had seemed like an hour. She remembered how she had been sitting up with her arms around his neck from behind, how her nails had softly scratched his chest while asking him what had happened.

Almost she had given up but just on that moment, as if He had read her thoughts, He had turned his head looking at her.

“It’s Mirri... she … has just given birth to a baby girl.” He had said.

Angela’s eyes started to fill up with tears, now for all kinds of reasons at once.
First of all, today it was her turn, and somehow she wished Mirri could have been there. But that was impossible as Mirri had died six years after she had given birth to Elvina.
The tears were also present because of Amilcar being absent. Someone was looking for him right now. And if they couldn’t find him, she would soon start looking for him by herself.
And finally... the tears were also there because of happiness. Tonight she would finally behold the little wonder that had been growing in her belly for almost nine months, and she would finally know if she had a son or daughter.

Almost... but alone... she hurried over the road in the direction of the temple.


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:15 am

*** A special moment ***

(by Lynx and Admin)

More contractions, Angela practically had to bend over from the pain, but she knew she couldn’t do that as she might fall over.

That's how Erica found her whilst leaning against the facade of a house, the young girl suddenly seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. And it was really quickly clear to both women it was close to happen.

With the help of Erica supporting her, she made it to the temple just before another short wave of contractions started.

“Erica...”, Angela gasped for air,” B-bed...”

Erica nodded,” Yes, yes,” the girl looked around when they entered the temple,” Perhaps the pillows there...” she glanced at Angela,” Ehm, no, a bed... come!”

Erica helped Angela descending the stairs.

Neither of them seemed to know the way around, but thanks to Erica and a Nuarari priestess motioning them, they ended up in a hall filled with beds.

The bluish-haired woman glanced around, funny... the temple in which she grew up served the same god. Angela bit her lip, not much privacy around here, but a bed was a bed and she never had been really shy.

“Okay...” still gasping, she tried to take off her boots while looking at Erica but not able to say anything yet as the pain was coming and going.

Meanwhile Erica helped Angela with removing her pants just before taking off her cloak.

Angela went straight lying on the bed and rolled over to her side a bit, just before pulling up her knees and closing her eyes.

“You okay, Angela?”

Angela bit her lip and nodded,” Just gimme a min...”

A few minutes later Angela was on her back again and Erica came back with towels, warm water and clothes.

“Anything else we need Erica? I never … before saw...”

Erica took a seat next to Angela. “Hm?”

Angela took a deep breath,” I’ve been a commander, never witnessed any babies delivered or such...”

Suddenly tears appeared, making her sight blurry once more.

Erica took her hand,” What is it?”

Angela was obviously sounding emotional,” Its just... this baby... it will be my family. I never had any family for a long time. And now Amil...” she sighed, her sight still a bit blurry.

Angela noticed Erica being a bit quiet and realised how long it had been since they last saw each other... just like her other friends.

She wiped of her tears and looked more closely, noticing the girl being more thin, tired and perhaps even a bit pale as usual. She reached out for Erica’s hand.

“Erica, how are you?”

“Oh, I’m okay I guess. Just things that has happened.”

Angela pulled on Erica’s hand bringing her closer,” Let me look at you. What.. what happened to you, dear child?”

She noticed the young girl’s eyes turning liquid. "I guess I can tell..."

Erica started to tell Angela about her family...


During and right after Erica’s horrible and sad tale they had cried together and hugged each other. A moment of silence fell.

Angela’s thoughts briefly went to her past before glancing at Erica who was still next to her,“ I hope those herbs will work on time,” Angela grimaced.

Erica smiled,” It tastes bad but it works. It is close to the birth though...”

“Erica?” Angela squeezed the little hand gently.


“I’m still sorry about that trap. When I almost had you killed...”

Erica smiled soft,” That is in the past now, ..okay?”

Angela bit her lip and nodded weak.

“Let us focus on you having a baby now...”

A moment of silence fell...

Suddenly Angela reached for her belly and gasped, but not like the first times. “Erica... its … I feel...”

Erica’s estimation for the time of birth had been reasonably accurate. The girl got up and nodded,” It is time... let me see.”

Angela pulled up her knees and got a pillow or three in her back and head.

“Oh! Its close!” Erica smiled.

Angela blinked,” Those herbs worked, I mean I can feel it but it doesn’t hurt... yet...”

Erica looked over at her face,” Angela, you now have to start pushing.”

“Pushing? H-how...?” suddenly she gasped for air... the pain wasn’t completely gone.

Erica explained her how to push and quickly showed her a breathing technique. To Angela everything had to go so fast suddenly. A few times she pushed but failed with the breathing... experimenting with timing and amounts of air sucking in before letting escaping again.

Erica smiled softly,” You’re doing well Angela, just a few more times... the head is there...”

This is where things really start to get painful again. Angela’s face was turning even more red with every last push. She squeezed her eyes shut and her fingers were like claws grasping the sheets.

She couldn’t anymore and fell on her back, gasping for air.

“Just a sec...”

A few moments later she tried again and suddenly she could hear Erica.

“The head is out, Angela, you’re doing great! One more time... PUSH!!”

With tears in her eyes, Angela took a big breath, and pushed as hard as she could... her pain limits had already been breached today, so … one last time was all what was in her mind for this moment, a shout, more a cry escaping from her lips, probably sounding the same like thousands of mothers had done before her.

“You're doing great!! ,” she could hear Erica from a distance, the pain was still there but leaving her body. She fell back on the pillows with her eyes closed.

No idea for how long everything had been dark, perhaps only a few seconds, until suddenly... she heard a baby cry...

She opened up her eyes, tears jumping right into them and making her sight a bit blurry again. A girl with a package in her arms moved towards her and took place on the bed. She recognised Erica and she recognised the towel she was holding against her chest. Only this time there was a tiny life hidden within...

Erica whispered while handing over the package, placing it in Angela’s arms,” Its a girl...”

Angela widened her eyes a bit, smiled warm at Erica and then looked for the first time at the little miracle that had been hidden for so long, yet was so close to her... now even more than ever.

She whispered at the tiny face with its closed eyes,” Arae...” , her hand moving under the towel and touching the slightly pointy ears before letting out another whisper,” Beautiful...,” she continued murmuring for a few moments... “Perfect... my little girl...”

A bit later Angela looked up at Erica who was smiling and watching at them. Tears again... “Erica... you... you are special to me,” she started. “I almost had you killed... and yet you have been there for me on very special moments, helping out Amilcar, my marriage, and now this.”

Angela paused for a moment, her eyes looking at the girl’s face. “I would like to ask you something.”

“Yes?” Erica softly asked.

Angela’s hand reached out for Erica’s and squeezed it gently,” Would you like to be her aunt? I... don’t have any other family and...” she stopped and waited for Erica’s reaction.

"Oh.. An aunt?" Erica looks surprised," But but... should not aunts be old??" It takes a few moments for the thought to sink in and then Erica nods with a smile" Of course I want to be her aunt!"

Angela smiled and whispered,” Thank you. Would... would you like to hold her?”

"Are.. you sure??" Erica looks a bit scared now when everything have calmed down but she carefully takes the child from Angela's hands as she nods that it is ok. Now she's holding the child close to her chest and looks curious on the little one.

Angela turned a bit to her side and her hand reached out for side of her bed,” My pants... ,” she mumbled just before wincing. “I guess... that’s not for today.”

“You need to rest here for a few days, Angela,” Erica said smiling while holding the baby.

Angela looked back at Erica and watched her baby in the girl’s arms.

This was a special moment for sure... and she needed to enjoy it... if only Amil...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:16 am

*** Shelter ***

Angela gently rocked the swaddled baby and glanced around. She nodded to a passing priest of temple in which she had found shelter. It was Elvina who had brought her to Ravens, but it was Angela who quickly afterwards decided to come to this safe and peaceful place.
The last time they had seen each other was a while ago and Elvina had told her a few things. Angela was a bit concerned now after her story, but there was nothing she could do, at least not yet as the infant in her arms was still depending on her.

Angela casted a warm smile at Arae and was really curious when she would see her eyes again... so lovely emerald green. Her hair color seemed to be black, but that was also too early to tell. Her finger ran softly over Arae's cheek, the baby exhibiting an adorable heartwarming face with each touch... a half smile,... one eye more squeezed than the other.
She got so lucky with such a little miracle... and not only that... Arae slept well at night, although not so many hours at once... sleeping and feeding times were rather regular.

She looked up again, now in the direction of the altar, her eyes focusing for a moment on the flame of a candle before turning glassy.
This whole situation, it reminded her of a past not so long ago. A past in which she also had looked for shelter, albeit temporary.

A memory struck her, seven more weeks and then it would be a year ago...


No where to go, except for Morell. There she was, on the beach in the rain, waiting for the one who had set her free. And not only from jail, but also from a what could have been a horrible life. The succubus part in her was almost gone now, the bond with the Master had been broken thanks to Marrent, and the connection with the Vampire was broken thanks to the succubus part in her, desire... passion... love... three things she needed and received. But not from them, no,... from an elf whose love had been unconditional... an elf who even had given her a fourth thing... freedom... a man who listened to the name Amilcar.
The circle was closed. Never would she fly away from him, no, she would give him everything she had and could offer. Love, marriage, children... anything...

But first she would have to improve her situation, she was known as an ex-Canite and she had killed several fleeties a few weeks ago. And even though she was free now... there would be a long way to go.
Just before she got captured, no she had immediately given her self up to Kadmiel Greywolf when he arrested her, she had visited Celestia. Even though she had this woman and her young friend Erica almost killed, Celestia seemed willing to give her another chance.

For the first time in almost fourty years Angela felt scared. Not scared to be captured by the Canites or the fleet should they have made their mind up by now, not scared to die. No, she was scared for missing the chance to a beautiful life... a life she never had thus far.
Freedom was only the first step, but before she could fully grab and embrace it, she needed to seek shelter.
She got up from the wet soil, as the one who could help her with that, had just arrived. The dark cloaked warlock walked over the wooden jetty in her direction, … with a grim face.

“Hello … Blue,” he said and he didn't sound happy.
Her heart skipped a beat...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:17 am

*** Getting in shape ***

The visits at Cear’s arena would do her good, not only for the practice or for her condition, but also for some social contacts.
The duel with Morgen had been nice, although she afterwards had needed too long to catch her breath. But he had been gentle with her, given her the time to enchant herself, so that she had an edge for her first fight since long. She hoped he would return soon as it hadn’t been their first duel and he was someone who she completely trusted as spar partner.

For almost four months she had been feeling locked up. True, once in a while she had been out, but only very brief as there hadn’t been much she could do.
A grin appeared on her face, she loved her baby, even more now that she was born. Freedom, it was such an important word and it was relevant in just more than one case. She sighed, well, she was still very limited as her little treasure was very VERY hungry every four or five hours... and not giving her much rest at night.

Between some of those moments a ‘nanny’ watched over the baby. And not just any nanny, but someone with certain skills, someone she knew back from the days when she lived at Two Bridges and who she had bumped into a week ago.
Her name was Sandrina and she called herself a Warder of the Weak. She didn’t demand any payment, as it had felt more like a sense of duty to her, but also an act of friendship after she heard Angela’s husband was away for a while. Though she would only stay for a month.

Angela took a right and walked towards the main street, her blue-yellow armor and shield reflecting the sunlight, throwing darting light spots on the facades as she passed.
A mischievous smile appeared on her face, … ‘Blue’ ..., it sure has been a while since the last time someone called her like that.

Hanging her blade on the wall? No way!
She would be in shape again, … very soon!

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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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*** Poker games ***

Angela muttered and put on her helmet just before stepping through the gate and into the Arena, prepared to train to the 'death' after her defeat in the last tournament.

She had gotten weak and sloppy... she wasn’t the same anymore like she used to be when serving the Master. Her powers had been so great, so big... of course she knew she lost some the moment the bond was broken, well, and her pregnancy didn’t help much either, certainly not to her body.

Not so long before the tournament, she had spoken with Celestia and would soon propose to help her with that case. Where was it again... near Tristan?

She gritted her teeth, but first...

Angela blinked when she stepped into the light... a reddish light. She blinked,” What the...”

Something was terribly wrong, she felt it immediately. The sky was rather dark and along with torches in a circle against the arena walls, spreading a red dim light.

The people she saw stood still and no one seemed to move or speak. As a matter of fact, it almost looked like they were dead, still standing up.

… clapping …

Angela turned around towards the seats of honor, right above the gate she had just left. She narrowed her eyes.

“So? Are we reading to get in shape again?” The man chuckled softy,” Don’t be so suprised, my dear. You knew this was coming sooner or later, no?”

Angela muttered as she didn’t had one spell active, a painful memory hitting her as she recalled her defeat against Firin. Without her divine magic she was doomed... certainly against a mighty opponent like who was watching down at her from his throne, his pose very casual and relaxed.

She decided to bluff... and she knew she was good at it.

Angela flashed a charming smile to the man, while taking off her helmet again and putting the sword tip-down in the sand, right in front of her. The shield remained in her left hand while she started to ‘adjust’ her hair a little with her right.
“Coming to watch me now, are you,” she said cutely.

The man chuckled and then smirked,” Maybe... you look good darling. Giving birth to a child didn’t seem to have changed you much. You are astonishing as always.”

She giggled,” You do know I am already taken, flatterer.”

Suddenly he was gone... only to appear behind her a few seconds later.

“You know he is not the right one, … Blue.”

Angela turned around, fighting to keep a straight face,” Oh?”

He took a step closer,” Or have you forgotten?”

Angela stared at him, recalling a moment in her life she previously had wished to forget... her mind went back in time...



Angela turned around to look at the newcomer, a handsome and rather tall man with long white hair.

“Hi...” she said a bit shy, but clearly faking it, as she was absolutely not shy.

The man chuckled soft,” I’m... new around and I was hoping to get some distraction here.”

Given the fact they were standing in a huge arena somewhere in the Lower Planes, and this man, who seemed to be human, appearing here, Angela almost instantly drew the conclusion this was some kind of new trainee, send by Him.

She giggled. ” What kind of ‘distraction’,” she said, instantly dropping her ‘shyness’, her lips curving into a playful smile.

The man snickered,” What can you show me?”

Angela chuckled softly, a hand in front of her mouth, her eyes playful on this new guy. She liked him instantly, no way around that. This time He had send someone really really nice.
Not... that she needed another one... but euh.... damn, he was cute.
Her arm reached out to him,” I’m Angela, but you can call me … Blue.”

The man took her hand, turned it a bit and bowed to kissed it before standing up again,” The name’s Artega... Blue” He gave her a charming smile.

Well, that moment, ... ‘training’ didn’t really stop there...


Angela swallowed, her eyes nevertheless on the Master’s on whom’s face had appeared a devilish smile.

“No, I see you haven’t. Well, I have good news for you. He’s still around and... baby or not, he still wants you.”

“Oh? Why isn’t he here to speak for himself?” A playful smile on her face,” Or do you have to put in a good word for him?”

The Master chuckled,” Unfortunately our guy had some... ‘accident’... and I was hoping if you could help me out.”

Angela raised a brow,” Heh?”

The Master grinned,” He’s close now... the next step I will take his soul completely, that is if I want to save him.”

“Close, what do you mean?”

“Artega is dying, dear Blue. And if you do not want him to … well, completely disappear... you have the power to heal him...” He left the sentence unfinished.

She crossed her arms,” Who says I care? And besides...” she smirked,” Go visit a temple, they’ll 'gladly' help you out.”

The Master chuckled loudly,” You are so funny, my dear!” He clapped in his hands,” You still have it in you, you know.” He sighed,” You have been always such a sweetheart, all those memories...” He truly gave her a warm smile.

Angela blinked for a moment, listening how he continued.

“Artega asked for you, my girl. You can also decide to let him...’go’... but I think you should at least give him the chance to see you one last time.”

Angela slowly started to shake her head, but the Master continued.

“He really still loves you... and soon... well...” He turned around and started to walk towards the main gate. Without looking back he said,” I only wanted to ask.” He clapped once, the gate automatically opening for him. “... and don’t worry, this spell will end over a few minutes.”

Angela bit her lip as she saw how He started to disappear... cursing every hell there possibly could be she shouted,” Hey, wait !!”


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:18 am

*** The path *** (by Amilcar)

The forest is deep, magical and a dangerous place for a young elf who want to find answers in darkness times. He traveled on the path with daylight and tryed to be unseen when moonlight was the only "burning candle"

Amílcar nodded to himself because he knew that he must stay hidden during night, something his father teached him when he was a child....that day something made him believe even more on this.

The night fell fast over him without any kind of "protection" and he was worried...

"I need to keep me noiseless" - he said to himself

In a blink of an eye he was uncovered and exposed to his doom. He could feel many creatures eyes on him while he tried to go forward, the only thing he could see was fog...... and shadows.


"If I cast magic on me here, I will be dead in seconds" - He thought.

The casting noise could alert more than big wolves or boars, it could alert vampires, night elfs and orcs in the worse case, and he saw once how fast, how cheater and how deadly this creatures can be if you give them a try.
He looked around, smelled the air and decided to find a place to keep himself away from the path, at least that night.

When he was about to stop his steps, something pulled him back making him fell to the ground. As fast as he could, he jumped and recovered his composture, put his back over a tree and made a defence circle in the air with his right hand toward where he thought "that beast" should be.

- Someone was there and it was trying to put him..... nervous?

His heart was about to explode, his breath was so fast, his eyes were wide opened and his gaze covered almost 360 degrees, so that he could slay anything near him in a single move...and now....he was ready to do it....if he has the chance.

*Tries to recover his gaze*

He was "walking" between fear and desperate by that time,

"what was that?, where is it? why it didnt kill me when it had the oportunity?"

Amílcar was asking to himself while he was scouting around looking for a sign...
He was alone in the forest.... in the middle of the night.

There were two shiny yellow eyes to 20 feet from him...waiting...


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

Post by Admin on Wed May 17, 2017 8:18 am

*** Between Daris and Korgov´s Valley *** (by Amilcar)

When night comes in the forest, another world wakes up...a world full of magic...

magic brings energy,
energy brings movements,
movements brings risks,
risks brings dangers,
dangers brings fears...

fears betrays minds.

can anyone of you imagine what is the real feeling to be "alone" deep inside the forest? Can you imagine all the
different reactions who starts inside of you?

For instance, your eyes....your pupils dilate,
perception increases,
your skin feels more the surrounding environment,
your smell is heightens,
your ears are enhanced,
your animal instincts are activated so you can detect any danger and react faster...
your body merges with the environment,

Amilcar was recalling his father's words. he also recalled when he told him a story about a woman.... "the matron of the lake"..... who sometimes leaves that lake and takes a long walk deep inside the forest because she loves woods.....but Amílcar´s father also knew and said to him she was doomed to live in a lake since she tried to kill a great mage who wanted to take her with him. He always warned to Amilcar about this woman....people calls her "Dryade", Amílcar´s father told him something intreresting.....her true name....... "Rusalka".

Story became legend.....legend became myth....
but there are many who said have seen this woman.....calling them from the lake....or even...from the forest.

Amílcar was about to meet least it seemed.

He felt a presence, something strange in the air, a kind of magic who tried to modify the environment.....

...Was there someone who wanted something from me?....
...Was I sneaked till this area to get what it wanted in that precisely moment?...

He asked to himself without answers...

Suddenly a whisper appears....

"...Go on young elf, is not your time....yet....I will use you later..."


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Two sides of the same coin Empty Re: Two sides of the same coin

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