Hell of a life

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126. A year

--- A little shocked --- (by Admin)

Two nights ago she almost threw a big book at a student’s head in the Collegium. The people there weren’t really friendly towards a warlock snooping around in their archives. But how the hell could she explain what she was looking for without revealing too much... scared as she was to pronounce ‘his’ name outside any temple...
While traveling in the direction of Cear with the purpose of visiting the library there, Elvina ran into a ghost. Not far from Two Bridges a familiar looking figure walked down the road.
She greeted the man but when he took off his hood, Elvina almost fainted. All kinds of memories and emotions ran through her...
Jeremiah Swift... Josh’s brother... stood there, looking at her with a neutral expression. She quickly walked over and embraced him, not able to stop her eyes from turning watery.
This was one of the people who had saved her from Hell seven months ago... and he had vanished shortly after. The memory of his brother... whose life was ended by Cel, jumped up again. For a short moment something stirred in her stomach as she remembered how Josh was one of her first friends when she came to Cear.
Jeremiah didn’t really recognize her, told her he had been in a ‘field’... Elvina could only but to widen her eyes and realise in horror how this person had lost his memory.
The past was the past?
No, she wouldn’t give up that easily and after talking with him a bit, she gave her address in the hope to assist him later in bringing back his memories.

Three hours later she ran into Cel... and the sight of her best friend almost stunned her. She had become taller, and her eyes were shining gold. After expressing her deep concern, Elvina had no choice but to rest the case. Cel was still Cel and whatever what was going on... Elvina had no impact on it. Which didn’t mean she wouldn’t keep an eye on her.
She told Cel about the return of Jeremiah and about her recent ‘adventures’ at the Collegium.
Cel grabbed her hand, determined to help Elvina in her search and together they returned to Ravenswatch. First they visited two temples while talking mostly about daily stuff... and...
“What do you believe in Elvina, any gods?”
The white haired warlock shrugged lightly,” I believe in more things now,” she said with a warm smile to her friend,” But... most of all... hmm, this is going to sound silly...”
Celestia smiled,” Try me...”
Elvina took a deep breath,” I like to believe in love... I mean...” She paused briefly.
Celestia looked at her, more interested.
“True love, the kind of love across lifetimes...”
They talked a bit about it while heading towards the Collegium where they waited for a chance to meet with one of the leading teachers.
Cel would stick around in town while Elvina returned to the inn to get some food. She ordered some bread and meat, packed it up and left the inn, determined to have her dinner at the Collegium... in front of all those clean and neat students.
With an evilish grin she walked up the hill and ran into Jezel...

--- Together again --- (by Arianna and Admin)

Jezel rode through the gates of Ravenswatch once more. This time though there was no sense of hurry. She was merely stopping to rest Spiri and purchase some food and drink. The road from Lendose had been dry and dusty. She made arrangements at the stable for the mares care and made her way towards the inn.
The inn stood a few paces past the next street crossing, and as Jezel came upon the cross street something made her turn from her intended path, turning to climb the hill to the upper town where most of the temples and the Collegium occupied a vast mesa. She had climbed half way up the hill when it occured to her, she had no idea why she was going this way.

Jezel was blessed with a very practical and determined mind, and her mother had often been heard to decry that her daughter could teach stubbornness to rocks, so overcoming the urge to climb the hill Jezel turned and retraced her steps, once more heading for the Inn.

She had followed the road around a small curve and literally ran into Elvina. Once the initial shock of bumping into someone unexpectedly faded, they embraced and kissed passionately. It had been another stretch of long lonely days since Jezel had seen or talked to her lover. It could be frustrating at times, but then those times they did get to spend together were more intense, and they never grew tired of each other.

Elvina had dropped her bags and was embracing her love... tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry Jez...”
The red haired woman hold her and looked at her,” About what...?”
Elvina put her chin over Jezel’s shoulder, her white hair tickling the woman’s face,” You know, about what I said... down in the temple. About Vanguard duties and my problem... Look, Vanguard have duties but they stick together, always... I realise... I’m so sorry.”
Jezel softly hugged her,” Its fine love, just... I’m not leaving you behind anymore... Just tell me if there is something I need to know next time, please?”
Elvina slowly nodded,” I promise...”

Elvina told Jezel that she had been searching the libraries looking for information on a certain thorn in both their sides. The name of this thorn they had agreed never to mention outside a temple.
Once they had greeted each other with more kisses and caresses Jezel was glad she had decided to travel in a finely crafted outfit consisting of black doeskin trousers tailored to fit comfortably, but still leave no doubt that it was a woman who wore them, a dark green shirt of the finest silk, over which she wore a red knee length linen coat. Most times when they met like this she was clad in heavy unyielding steel and could barely feel her lovers arms, she much preferred this greeting to those others.

--- Thoughts at Ravenswatch inn --- (by Arianna)

They decided to return to the inn and enjoy good food, and better company. Jezel would have gladdly skipped a meal, and wished to slack her hunger and thirst with Elvina’s warm sculpted body, but sensed that Elvina's mind was preoccupied with something else.
They walked through the entrance of the inn and were immediately assailed by the cacophony of noise of the many conversations of the patrons, clanking of pewter flagons, clinking of fine crystal glasses, and the mingling aromas of burning wood, oils, spilled alcohol, and roasting flesh of what ever beast found it's way onto the cooks spit.

They placed an order for roast venison, with carrots, turnips, and a couple of the sweet apple tarts the Ravenswatch Inn was famous for. Jezel followed Elvina into a secluded room where they could have a little privacy. The inn though always busy was not crowded this night... for which Jezel was thankful.
She had a secret, Jezel Kelandon, Daughter of Rell, Sword Mistress of the highest rank, Weapons Master Extraordinaire, who would and had stood her ground against more than one demon, a couple of devils, and mean spirited orcs, giants and lizardlings too numerous to count, without batting an eyelash...became anxious, fidgety and uncomfortable in a room crowded with people.

Jezel had another reason for wanting privacy this evening... she unconsciously fingered the object held in a small pouch next to her heart. She had had the ring made in Cear and was going to put it on Elvina’s finger the day she came home to their cozy little cottage to find nothing but a hastily scribbled note saying Elvina was on her way home to the Elven village she grew up in.
Jezel thought back to that time... she had almost ran her horse to death trying to catch up, had been so fraught with worry, anger and foreboding she couldn't think clearly, she even accosted and bullied tow of her greatest friends trying to find out where Elvina was going and how she could catch up to her.

She did catch her lover on the road and they enjoyed several days together traipsing through hill and forest, coming eventually to the strange but magnificent forest of the largest trees Jezel had ever seen.
Jezel was introduced to El's parents, friends and had been accepted as part of the village. She had even made a couple of friends, the elven Blade Master Faridor being one... they had staged a contest of skill that ended in a draw and came away with a mutual appreciation of the others abilities. She grimaced when thoughts of another new found friend who had given his life so that Jezel kept hers crossed her mind.
(Jezel and the Elves : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=11284)
She had sworn to avenge Yarik’s death at the hands of the warlock Artega. There was one small problem that needed to be overcome with achieving that vengeance. Artega was Elvina's brother and Elvina was positive that she could save her brother, and turn him to the light, as she had been turned.
Jezel wasn't so sure it could be done... when you look a person in the eyes while you're trying to kill each other, you get a good sense of the person’s soul. What she saw in Artega’s eyes, and that she would never tell Elvina, was that Artega enjoyed being who and what he was. There was no reluctant resignation that he would have to kill that night... he looked forward to it, and reveled in the prospect.

Jezel had again decided to present Elvina with the ring the night of Yarik’s death, and had told her parents of her intentions earlier that day.
But then disaster... Jezel never got the chance, Elvina had been stabbed in the back and took weeks to heal, Jezel had been hit with magical power that had bruised and battered her mind and body
They mourned the dead, and eventually returned to Cear, only to be called to a gathering of all those sworn to defend Dasaria from the evil undead Canas.

Following that meeting word came that Canite forces had over run an outpost north of Lendose. The Crown Prince having just delivered his orders on the reorganisation of the various factions fighting on the defence of Dasaria, ordered them to retake the outpost without delay and at any cost.
Jezel decided to accompany the Vanguard since Elvina was a member of that order, and she wanted to stay close to El, Jezel had no worries that Elvina could fight and defend herself, she had been present on many occasions where Elvina bested several enemies easily..the problem with Elvina was she was so passionate in everything she did, she didn't think, plan, or look to her own safety in battle, if Elvina decided a fight was necessary, it was hold on and try to keep up.

Following that particular battle Jezel had come to a decision... she asked Elvina's captain if she would consider allowing Jezel to join the Vanguard, to which Captain Fyvre agreed and later that night at the Burning troll Inn in the town of Lendose Jezel became the newest member of the Vanguard.
In the inerval between that night and this, Jezel had been dispatched back to Lendose by the Vanguard to patrol the front lines looking for indications that the enemy was planning further attacks, and she and Elvina had spent only one full day together. Elvina was busy searching every tome she could find that dealt with devils and the lower plains. Jezel away patrolling, only now being relieved and having a full week to spend with her love.

--- Just a drink --- (by Arianna)

They had just begun to eat when Elvina burst into tears, apologizing for leaving her without notice or telling her, something that Jezel didn't understand.
As far as she was concerned there was nothing El had done that needed an apology, what was past was past, and they were here together, that was what mattered.
She held Elvina in her arms, eased her mind, but did elicit a promise from the beautiful, fire hearted woman that made her complete... never to do something like that again.
Knowing though that it probably would happen again at some point, for that passion that drove Elvina to protect those she loved, usually by isolating herself, and facing what ever came alone, was what made Elvina.
Elvina... Jezel had learned long ago that when one thought the situation was life and death... no matter what you had learned, who you were came to the fore, and carried you through.

She dried El’s tears and when El had control of herself once more, the white haired witch, jumped to her feet claiming she needed something a lot stronger than the fruit imbued water she had ordered. The Flame Bearer Derek had told El that she should avoid strong drink.
So when El had ordered and downed her third drink in quick succession, Jezel decided she needed to do something. She leaped to her feet and strode purposely to the bar, grabbing El by the shoulders and spinning her around with more force than needed. "No more!"

Jezel turned to the bartender and informed him and everyone, eyeing two men at the bar, that Elvina was cut off from anything stronger than tea, and if she found anyone offering or supplying El with alcohol, Jezel would be very upset with that person.
Those who frequented the inn knew what upset meant. On her first visit to Ravenswatch Jezel had been minding her own business, when three drunks, soldiers on leave, had insulted her by telling her a beautiful woman shouldn't be wearing a sword, instead she should be offering to sheath a man's sword in her.
Jezel had tried to ignore them, but they persisted, and a minute later, there were three drunk and bleeding soldiers on leave in the Inn. The story of how easily a strange tall redheaded woman with a strong Rellian accent put to shame three battle hardened opponents was still whispered about whenever she was here, and someone remarked on their view on the things an attractive woman should be doing rather than carry a sword and think she can do a mans job.

One of the patrons, a man Jezel had never seen before, offered to help by casting a spell that would purge the alcohol from Elvina's system, Jezel thanked the man, who was obviously a knight of some order, and took Elvina by the hand and led her back to the privacy of their back room, and their now cold meal.

--- The Proposal --- (by Arianna)

Once Jezel had calmed down and subdued her anger, she felt ashamed of herself. She held Elvina and apologized for her outburst. Elvina looked abashed and ashamed also, she knelt on the floor beside Jezel’s chair with her head in Jezel’s lap. Jezel stroked El's hair with one hand and with the other reached under her shirt and pulled out the red velvet pouch that held the engagement ring, she was going to put on Elvina's finger.

The ring was made of silver etched with runes that imbues it with the power to protect the wearer from all manner of disease. The stone that focused that power was a moderate sized hexagon cut sapphire of the deepest blue Jezel had ever seen.
She had found the stone in a cave in the hills above Tristan town, and knew as soon as she saw it that it was meant to be worn by Elvina as a symbol of her love for the woman, she found a woman in Cear to craft the ring of silver and enchant it.
She then took the ring and the stone to a jeweler to have the stone set into the ring, and now it was time to put the ring where it belonged, on the ring finger of the left hand, of the most beautiful woman in all of Varana.

Jezel took El's left hand in hers and with her right lifted El so that she was sitting in her lap. Jezel kissed El softly, brushed the hair from her face, and looked deeply into her eyes. She took a deep breath to steady her wildly beating heart, and trembling hands.
"Will you Elvina Hellcat, heart of my heart, soul of my soul, accept this ring as a symbol of our love, and consent to become my life-bonded mate, through this life, the next and all lives we may live for all eternity?"

Jezel held her breath for what seemed a lifetime, but was no more than half a second, when Elvina gave her answer.
Jezel could feel Elvina’s body quiver and warm as she gave her response.
"I, Elvina Hellcat, will be the happiest woman in the world to be yours, Jezel Kelandon. I will love you through time, and will never be parted from you again."

--- Sober, but ... --- (by Admin)

She closed her notebook and prepared for bed.
Elvina could have never guessed the surprise Jezel was holding for her. Almost automatically her hand went to an object on her other hand... her fingers softly touching it while she looked fascinated at the sapphire in the ring.
Last night Elvina had been officially asked. Their engagement was a fact now. Over less then two months they would travel to Rell... and after that... or there... it would probably all happen.
Her foster parents knew already but only partially as Jezel had informed them about her intentions the night just before they left to the Forest Church.
Afterwards Jezel had kept silent about it because Elvina and the elves had lost good friends.
But now... she finally brought it up again.

Elvina stretched her legs, Jezel was out to get her adjusted armor while she was preparing for a nap. After all, her head was still pounding from the booze, and the too sudden transition from almost drunk to sober again.
She winced. That man, Alexander, had driven out the alcohol, but not its side effects.

She looked up at the ceiling and it struck her it was a year now...


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127. How love can increase hate

"I'm sorry, miss Kitty." Sister Alina said with red eyes. "We are all in deep grief and mourning..."

Tears were running down from Elvina's cheeks. "Grief... grief?! I'll have his head for this!!"

Sister Alina looked shocked at Elvina as she saw how a fire appeared in her eyes. So far she still had no idea who this miss Kitty really was, but right now, she looked pretty dangerous.
She tried to put a hand on Elvina's arm, carefully, and was relieved as she saw how the fires faded. "Miss Kitty, please, you are not buying anything with hate. The guards..."

"Tshh, you have no idea Sister. But I have, and this time... it is very personal." Elvina turned around and started to walk towards the door.

"You don't bring the orphans back by killing yourself, miss Kitty."

Elvina stopped and turned around.

"And I'm not only meaning your physical body, but also your inner self." Sister Alina walked towards Elvina and took her hands. "You are such a lovely lady, compassionate, ..."

Alina had whispered a few more words before Elvina left the temple.

Was she really reckless and rash? ... Probably on occasions.
But with what Marrent had done this time, that touched her deeply. Her love for the orphans was shattered by this one... monster. She had no other words for it.
Deep inside herself, Elvina could sense old feelings welling up again, memories of the days she was hunting Canites, sometimes on her own.

Perhaps it was indeed a bit rash to work alone. She would write a letter to,... to Sammil, and ask him for support.
And in her search for help with the Master she had seen many people, all with their skills. Perhaps...

The Vanguard lady was still pondering over something when she entered her home near the docks, only to find it empty.
Soon she would head to Lendose as well, doing patrols with Jez. Her 'motivation' had just gone through the roof...


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128. Drunk

After their activities in the Groove, Elvina, Jezel and Amelia had a few drinks at the Two Bridges inn.
When Amelia left, Elvina pleaded to rent a room for the night as she was exhausted... well and a few drinks on top of that hadn’t improved her condition.
At some point Jezel even had to help her up the stairs, and although she didn’t say much to El, she casted a firm look at her.
Elvina gave her only a silly smile and shrugged, her mind not clear.

Jezel even had to help her undress, especially with the armor. Elvina opened her backpack and pointed at the white nightgown to Jez, giggling a bit.
With Jez’s help she got in to it and fell backwards on the bed, letting out a big sigh when hitting the pillow.
She closed her eyes immediately and barely felt how Jez crawled next to her, offering her warm body as a fortress of protection.

Someone chuckled...

Elvina opened her eyes but couldn’t spot the source of the sound. She lifted her head and looked around. Jez was sleeping next to her, her left arm over Elvina’s body.
Just before her head reached the pillow she heard it again.


“What the hell,” she mumbled and tried to sit up, gently shifting Jez’s arm to the side.

“No, no, leave it there, it’s so cute,” a smooth voice in the darkest corner of the room whispered.

Elvina shivered as she recognized the voice.

“I am glad to see you are alright, … my diamond.”

“You...,” Elvina started but the man in the dark raised his hand and suddenly Elvina couldn’t hear her own voice again. But she could hear him.
She wanted to turn to Jezel, but realised she couldn’t move either.

“Much better, my future love, we don’t want to wake people up who deserve their rest,” he chuckled softly. “There is someone I would like you to meet.”

A shadow seemed to detach itself from the wall,“ Hello Elvina...”

The new voice made Elvina’s hair stand up on the back of her neck. But it was when the person to whom it belonged stepped out of the darkness, Elvina’s heart ceased to beat for a moment.

Her lips tried to form a word, the name... her name.

An young female elf with long blond hair tied up in a ponytail stopped just in front of her.

She opened her mouth and screamed, without noticing her voice was suddenly back, and Jezel’s arms where around her. “El... El, what is it?” Jez looked around but saw nothing what could have made Elvina shiver like she was doing right now...


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129. Alina's reassuring

"Miss Kitty, its really not your fault." Sister Alina's arm brushed over the arm of the
white haired woman sitting in front of her. "Look, you already did much and..."

"I will have my revenge..."

Alina touched the woman's face and kindy forced her to look Alina in the eyes. "What is
happening to you, I mean ... you always have been such a lovely lady." Alina's voice was
soft and sounded perhaps even a bit concerned.

Just when the woman was about to give a reply, the sidedoor not far from them was
opened and someone entered.

The white haired woman saw it was a young man, and rather handsome... well, for a man.
His hair was white blond and his face was tanned. He also wore rather decent clothes,
like a royal perhaps.
She also noticed how a warm smile appeared on sister Alina's face as she got up to greet
the newcomer, as reply the man bowed and called Alina 'milady' instead of sister or just

"Hello Deph, you are here for Emma I take it. I'll call her for you, just a moment." Alina
turned briefly to the white haired woman, "This will only take a minute, I'll be right over

For a moment the eyes of the young man and the white haired woman met and she
noticed how the young man called Deph blushed a little but also how he widened his eyes
a little, just a little but she saw it.

Before she had time to get more curious a door was opened and a small girl ran to the
young man. She saw how they both smiled and how they started to chat.

A warm smile appeared on her face and for a moment she forgot the cold part of revenge
eating on her heart. She got up from her chair and walked over to the door.

"Miss Kitty, where are you... didn't you want to..." Sister Alina said behind her, standing
not far from the young man and the little girl.

She turned around and smiled to Alina, " You were right."

Alina frowned," Right? About?"

The white haired woman chuckled soft," About my name, it aint miss Kitty indeed."

Alina smiled," I bet your real name is very beautiful, miss."

The woman chuckled, but louder now," My real name? I have no idea, but I can give you
this one : Elvina, Vanguard Elvina Hellcat at your service."

Alina coughed," I have heard of the Vanguard, and also of you."

"Excuse me, m-may I?" The young man showed up behind Alina. He looked straight at
Elvina, just before he bowed. "Depheant is my name, but please call me Deph."

Elvina smiled," And you can call me El."

The young man's eyes widened, this time for sure," S-so it is you..."

Elvina raised a brow," Eh?"

"Forgive me milady, but less than two weeks ago a man in Two Bridges was looking
for you, h-he described you eh, rather well." He blushed and rubbed his hair. "I assumed
immediately he was your husband... I mean he was... ni... abo..."

Elvina chuckled," I dont have a husband but I take it he said 'nice' things about me? Now,
what was his name?"

"Apologies milady and yes, he was nice, ... sir Daniel, Daniel Bane."

Elvina closed her eyes and cursed softly," I have to find him, did he say where he was

Deph shook his head.

"Alright, thank you Deph. Later, sister Alina."

Suddenly the woman disappeared in front of them.

A minute later Elvina was outside on her way to the city. She had to find him, there
were two very good possibilities why he was looking for her and both issues were rather
Last time she saw him was at the Groove, so she would start there and see if something
was up. Next she would travel to Ravenswatch and check there before heading back to

Her talk with Jez would have to wait, personal issues needed to be set aside. She would
make it up with her later, and besides, Jez could be anywhere right now...


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130. A plan

Inclined eyes, a typical trait for elves, watched how the white haired woman passed, under them a smile appeared... but there was also something else. A feeling, or a hint?
It happened each time she saw her, and she was watching her for a while now.

The elf, covered in the shadows, moved from alley to alley, following that being that seemed to stir even her feelings, not completely incomprehensible but still...
She wasn’t Zinna Dawn, she was Lilitu, a succubus in service of the Master and in her were just the memories of that bloody elf.

She looked at the disappearing white haired woman again, and she started to get the feeling that it was more than just memories. As if the facts seemed linked or even accompanied with emotions. On the other hand it was perhaps normal, after all, a succubus was able to feel and she knew she was a special case.

She was so good in what she did, that even the Master seemed surprised, so surprised that he even rewarded her with … stuff that only normally the Left and Right Hand deserved.
Hm, perhaps she could become his new Left Hand...

Lilitu’s eyes fixated on her target. Right now she had to stay low and gather as much information as she could. Soon it was time to report, and she wanted to make sure he was pleased again.
With a grin on her face, she left the alley and started to walk, staying not too far behind her target, suddenly ‘disguised’ as an old lady going for the market.


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131. Seeing dead people

Elvina was a bit pale... she had seen many things in the past year, but what she was seeing these days defied all imagination. And just a few moments ago she saw it again... it was ‘her’.
Jezel still had no idea what was going on, but at least Elvina had told it to Celestia. And if she had the chance to tell Shayde when she arrived in Ravens, she would tell her as well. Even though Shayde wasn’t a Vanguard anymore, she still considered her as the sister she never had.

Elvina stopped walking and rubbed her temples. How could she tell Jezel that she was seeing her dead ex-wife... and not as a ghost but as … well, like she had been... an elf, tanned skin, not so tall, blond hair in a ponytail and those dark eyes. Jezel would maybe see it as a signal in her direction... perhaps even presume that Elvina missed an old love. Well, Zinna Dawn had been more than an old love to Elvina. They had been married for almost ten years and before that they had been very close friends.

Elvina sighed and took place on a bench, glancing over her shoulder and giving up her stealth. Perhaps when she appeared... Zinna would come over to her?
She quickly shook her head, NO, she was dead... like Celestia had said... Zinna was dead. Perhaps... someone was playing with her mind... or perhaps she was turning ins.... no, no that was not possible.... it was only this. She had no other troubles, well, perhaps she did,... but not something like this.

Zinna was dead, she had witnessed the blade and the fire destroying her physical appearance, she had seen Zinna’s spirit and how it was called to join the Ancestors, she had felt her when she along with Incha visited the border of their existence... a memory struck her... Forest Church. She slowly exhaled...
Yet she was feeling upset, seeing flashes of her ex-wife, stalking her... but the moment she turned and looked, or barely even glanced... the figure faded.

She could remember when this all started... that night when she got drunk at Two Bridges... and slowly she started to remember Derek’s warning... stay … sober.
The white haired woman rubbed her temples again and could feel her heartbeat accelerating. No, just some booz couldn’t have... could it?
There... there was another problem. Somewhere deep down inside her, there was a part that still was screaming out for Zinna. What has happened with them? What if the Master never existed? He was responsible for everything... he... he must die... yes... then she would find rest... and perhaps the memory of Zinna too.

But how the hell did she have to explain to Jezel she was seeing dead people?! Elvina started to walk again... towards the temple below Ravenswatch. Perhaps there she could temporarily find some peace.


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132. Inescapable

Elvina sighed, now she also had to tell Sammil. He had seen her, and not only that, … he had seen how she acted. But it was so damn hard to stay calm. Even at the temple in Ravens she couldn’t hold long...
Why the hell was she seeing Zinna... or at least catching glimpses of her?

And now another worry was thrown in her hands, like a hot potato. Her captain had addressed her about Jezel. As if she could help it! He was the bloody captain, he leads the Vanguard... the hells with it!
Well at least... that was her first reaction. She knew that the only reason she got away with it was due his brotherly concern. Vanguards always stick together, they help each other, certainly in times of need. Sammil wanted to help her and had asked her to seek him out later.
And she... she had to help Jez.

Another deep sigh escaped from the lips of the white haired warlock. Now she had no other choice but to talk to Jezel as she had promised Sammil.
Elvina was convinced that this time the fiery redhead wouldn’t let get her away with it, Jezel would ask till she knew exactly what her ‘El’s’ problem was... as she was Vanguard as well.

She entered the Vissen tavern near the docks and after looking around she decided to take a table and perhaps a room for the night. Elvina grinned, Sammil might be... busy...


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133. Mental sting

“Well my dear ‘Zinna’, you did well... but now it is time to follow someone else, ”the Master had said. A few days ago she had reported about Elvina’s activities and whereabouts.

“She has seen glimpses of me, just as you ordered my Lord, however... one of her friends saw me.”
The Master first had grinned when he heard who... Amilcar, the husband of Angela Wrath, … before saying,” From now on you follow my Blue... however, don’t reveal yourself to her. She might be strong but will not be able to detect you if you are careful.”

It was the reason why she found herself on the road leading to Thrall’s gate, tailing the bluish-haired woman and her husband. She had no idea why the Master had ordered this, as she actually had felt good never being too far away from Elvina.
“Just... Zinna’s feelings, not mine,” she had mumbled multiple times to herself in the past two weeks.
And now with Angela it was just the same, she could feel Zinna had had feelings for Angela but they had proved being false, as this ‘Blue’ had always been a talent in charming, seducing and misleading people.

Lilitu, who kindy had become Zinna, digged in the dead elf’s memories and tried to recall what she knew about Angela.
The bluish-haired woman had been the Master’s Favorite for almost fourty years, until she betrayed him about seven or eight months ago. Before that time Zinna and Angela had been lovers, well sort of, but she could feel that Zinna had never been convinced about that relation. A part of its duration had been overlapping with the elf’s marriage. Zinna had actually been cheating on Elvina with Angela.

Lilitu rubbed her chin. Of course that all had been part of a plan... a plan to push Elvina in the ‘right’ direction. Things had turned out quite different though. Angela had broken her covenant with the Master thank to the ‘help’ of a powerful vampire... whom she had betrayed a short while after that took place. And that with the help of this mysterious warlock... Amilcar.
Meanwhile Zinna had been killed which was according to what was planned, but later on Elvina almost had died too in Forest Church... and the Master was very angry back then. He ordered the execution of all the tieflings that had escaped the counterattack of the elves.

She looked up and saw that the pair had stopped not far from her. Remaining in the shadows, Lilitu, who was the image of Zinna, walked closer.
As she peeked over the hilltop, goosebumps rose on her skin while a shiver ran over her back... and her eyes narrowed. She could feel Zinna’s memories evoking feelings and thoughts that stirred not only her mind, but also the rest of her body. This reaction fascinated her and she observed the woman who was talking with the Angela and Amilcar, the woman whom Zinna had known as … Celestia...

For a moment she tried to define the feelings evoked by this appearance... and she licked her lips as if she wanted to taste them... anger, jealousy, disappointment, revenge. There were also ‘good’ feelings, but Lilitu tried to suppress those.
She grinned... Zinna had wished for Celestia’s death many... many times.
Unfortunately it also shifted her attention to Elvina as she ‘remembered’ how Zinna had been suspecting Elvina of having an affair with that... woman down the road with whom ‘Blue’ was talking so animatedly.

Hate... Lilitu shivered... it was so immense, feeding her inner personal hunger, satisfying her needs and giving a pleasant numbing effect.
But... at the same time... love... this feeling Zinna had had over Elvina was at least as overwhelming. It... kindy blinded Lilitu and she could feel something else too, … regret... and for a moment it felt as if someone had just pierced her heart.
An unpleasant feeling started to take possession of her.

“I... am... Lilitu...,” she mumbled.


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134. Homecoming

Sha'-della looked up from her book as someone had just knocked at the door. Her husband wasn't home yet, so she wondered who needed her at this time of the night. Her breath stopped for a moment as she immediately recognised her visitor.

"Mo'om...," a white-haired woman at her door softly said.

"Elvina!! You're... ho..." she started while she stepped closer and embraced her adopted daughter, hugging her tightly.
She could feel Elvina's hands clasping on her back returning the hug and just by their touch Sha'-della could feel something was out of order.

She motioned Elvina inside, an arm still around her. No sooner had she closed the door or she found herself in an embrace again.
Elvina had always been an emotional and even sensitive person, but something was definitely wrong and Sha'-della's first thought was... Jezel.

"Elvina?" Sha'-della aked softly.

The answer came a moment later, even more soft," Yea...?"

Sha'-della pondered for a bit over what to say next. “I’m so glad to see you, girl,” she finally whispered.

It was as if she could have said anything, Elvina’s reaction would probably have been the same.
Sha’-della heard how her foster child started to cry softly. But before she could ask something Elvina said with a weak voice while sobbing,” I’m … I’m home mo’om...”.

It’s possible that they stood there for half an hour, before Sha’-della motioned Elvina over to the couch. Elvina wiped of her face and allowed herself to look around, revealing her face.
Sha’della briefly studied her and even though questions like a worried mother can have, were burning on her lips, her calm elven nature gained control and she remained silent, just holding an arm around her adopted daughter.

Elvina relaxed a bit, perhaps also an effect of her surroundings. Her former home was warm and cozy, like it always had been. It was bathing in the dim light of two candles and a low burning fire. After she took off her boots, her bare feet had touched the smooth wooden floor just before she pulled up her knees bringing her feet under her and in contact with the soft fluffy couch in which she was now leaning backwards, her arm stretched on top of its backrest.
She glanced at the small fireplace just in front of them and peeked at the dark wooden table on their left, resting on a soft dark beige carpet. She smiled a bit as she noticed her foster mom had been reading again, something they seemed to have shared all their life.

It was then that she saw her mom was giving her an inquiring gaze. Elvina took a deep breath and tried to figure where to start explaining herself showing up here in the middle of the night, without Jezel, and with a face that was probably not one of her prettiest.

“C-can I stay here tonight, … mom?”

Sha’-della smiled a bit and lifted her arm to move some tresses of white hair out of Elvina’s face,“ Off course my dear, you can stay her as long as you want...”

“No...,” Elvina’s voice was soft, yet her reaction was firm.

Sha’-della blinked before reacting,” … no... ?”

Elvina shook her head,” Tomorrow I go to my old house.”

Sha’-della nodded,” Very well, give me the time to send someone over and clean...”

“No...,” Elvina looked at her mom now, but her expression and voice softened a bit before continuing,“I... I want to do it myself.”

Sha’-della blinked again,” Eh... sure, alright.” She tilted her head as if she wanted to ask something.

Elvina could read her mom’s face,” Yes, I’m coming back home.”

Sha’-della couldn’t do anything else but to bite her lip and... to nod...


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135. Called back

Lilitu, the mirror image of Zinna, rushed through the woods after receiving an urgent message from the Master. He wanted to see her, down under that tree... the tree where Angela once brought her... no brought Zinna, after she had recovered from her trip to hell... after she broke up with Elvina.

It almost took her a day travelling and when she got there the tree almost immediately opened to her.
She descended the unnatural looking stairs and found the Master standing in front of the fireplace.

“Angela is in her home right now with her hu...” she started.

The Master raised his hand without turning to her, his eyes fixated on the flames,” It doesn’t matter right now.”

The elf behind him fell silent.

He turned around, his eyes on her. “You did well, my lovely ‘Zinna’. For now your work is done.”
The Master glanced over his shoulder at the flames,” Right now, there are other things asking my attention.” His eyes briefly turned red, like burning coal, and the fireplace opened, revealing a portal.

Lilitu could see her homeworld through it, such a clear image...

The Master looked back at her with a smile, revealing his white teeth. He offered her his hand and together they stepped in the bright surface of the portal.


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136. Cleaning up

“No mo’om... alone...,” Elvina shook her head at Sha’-della whom was now holding her hands up with the palms at her.

“Alright, alright... if you need anything...,” Sha'-della took a step back.

The white-haired woman nodded, turned around and entered her old house. She closed the door behind her, leaned against it and sighed. There were several reasons why she did what she did... but she would start here... with this.

She was home, but somehow it felt awkward. This was the house she had shared with Zinna for almost nine years. Elvina glanced through the open door at the bedroom... it was also the house she had shared with Jezel for a few nights.

A nagging feeling started to creep up on her and right now, even more than in the past weeks, she understood she needed to clear out things to herself. This feeling was forcing her to focus on that. After all, misinterpreted feelings could push one’s focus in the wrong direction.
Did she really always take the time and space to think about things? And was that always needed? She needed to face everything what was ‘going on’ and ‘judge’ again.

She looked around in her house and realised what was ‘wrong’ in here. Many things had had a connection with Zinna and bringing Jezel over here... well, it was as if Elvina had brought her here right under Zinna’s nose. She glanced outside and walked towards the balcony before looking in the direction of the village’s center, watching elves on their ways to their daily morning activities. She recognized a few of them but just kept watching silently in thought.

During her lifetime, Zinna wasn’t only loved by her, but also by her people... and Elvina wondered now how they felt when she... brought Jezel here. Well, Jezel actually had followed her here but the thing was... Elvina didn’t mind at the time... on the contrary.
She remembered seeing Zinna’s parents and not saying a lot to them, neither did they. But the elves Jezel met had been friendly and polite to her, and Elvina could swear Jez even made friends with some of them. So... she never wondered... never asked herself.

Her hand reached out for one of the boxes delivered by her foster mom and she walked over to the first shelf. Absently she started to pick up a few things and examined them before placing some of them carefully in the box, a little statue of a faerie, a small painting of a forest...
Meanwhile her mind went back to her last conversations with her friends.

Her conversation with Sammil had unlocked something,... at least it touched a spot that deserved her attention. Did she really had taken the time and the space to grieve..., she had cried a lot over Zinna … and, … she had some memories of Zinna’s spirit... but had she really given it a place?

Next thing that ‘suddenly’ came in her hand was a needlework, made by... by her. It was a birthday gift, the last one just before Elvina had traveled to Cear for the first time. Well, it hadn’t been her real birthday, but it was more to remember the day she was found by the elves at the age of approximately six. She opened the handmade tablecloth and spread it over the table just before taking a seat and running with her forefinger over the stitches.

Had she really taken the time to mourn about Zinna. Yea..., sure, she had been talking with people about Zinna’s dead but... it felt weird.
First of all, just after Zinna’s death she had traveled here to make sure the spirit-calling ceremony would be a … ‘succes’... while she was still loving... Adele... even though she had stepped back in that... ‘relation’... making sure Sammil and his wife got together again...
Elvina shrugged a bit to herself, at least she had been feeling guilty there.
After the ceremony, and that memory made her shiver, she had almost immediately traveled back to pick up her new duties as she had become a Vanguard a few days before Zinna’s death.

And what did she do, what happened? Well, people cared about her after they heard about Zinna. Even though some didn’t know she and Zinna had split up months before.
But really, what happened? People got ‘close’ to her and she... she... Elvina shook her head, a signal of self-contempt?
A few names and faces passed the eye in her mind.

Shayde... her Vanguard sister... when she listened to her and spend so much time together... well, Elvina fell silently in love with her... true, the feeling was quickly replaced with sisterly feelings and she had even told Shayde some time later... for any reason whatsoever.

Next on the list was Raxde, her teacher in fencing, and a nice friend...it was about the same as with Shayde... if the girl would still have been around... well...

She tried to avoid her thoughts about the next one, but failed as it was too strong.
Celestia... Elvina always had had feelings for her, and it was a bit more then just the sisterly stuff.
Elvina was starting to get disgusted by her own thoughts. No,... now was the time to face it, to face this all.
Zinna had been right from the start in this thing with Celestia. However, Elvina had been able to put her feelings for Celestia in a perspective... which resulted in this deep friendship she was feeling for this young magnificent woman... a friendship for which Elvina cared a lot. And she would rather die than even only to think about starting a relation with a person like Celestia. The thought of the possibility losing a friend like that was just... devastating.

By the time her thoughts came to Jezel, it was clear to Elvina that she had a problem. She fell in ‘love’ with people who cared for her... well... love?
And right now it started to feel as if... as if she had been abusing them... unconsciously considering them perhaps as... as some kind of a … ‘replacement’?
Feelings of self-disgust almost overwhelmed her.

Elvina shifted her gaze from the needlework to the immense trees outside, while her hand brushed over the tablecloth, as if in an attempt to stroke it flat.
Was Sammil right? Was she able to be with someone just to satisfy her own personal needs … and also just her fleshly desires? Just to have someone to lie down with, and to talk with perhaps? Like Sam had stated...
She felt dirty in a way... if this was true... a cold shiver ran over her back and she shook her head slowly. Thus far she had always believed it was love... that she loved the person with whom she shared such... things.

Was it... was it love she had felt for Zinna... perhaps still... was? Was that the reason why she saw Zinna’s face everywhere lately? And that she didn’t took the time to mourn, and to … forgive herself perhaps?
Her conversation with Sammil had set more things in motion than she would ever have imagined. And this was only the first step...

Her thoughts moved briefly to the Master and his slain disciple Eligor. For a moment she almost wished that she never got that part of her soul back as its clear to her she has a difficulty handling it.
And now she even felt ashamed for that thought. Certainly after what Celestia had shown her... so special...
Cel... Elvina wanted to tell her... but instead she had made a little note in which she thanked her for everything and sent it to her... telling her farewell.
And Cel wasn’t the only one. Sam and the other Vanguard ‘caps’, Amilcar, … Elvina swallowed by the memory of the meeting at the Grove... Archie,... Daniel...
Enough! She tried to stop her mind... it... it was enough for today.

She got up from her chair and started to pick up other things from the shelf. A bit brash perhaps now, … there... there was still a lot of cleaning up to do... and she had only just started.
It went one for some time while her thoughts were coming and going rather chaotically... until suddenly she couldn’t anymore... she just couldn’t.
Elvina left her ‘work’ and walked towards the bed, merely to fall on it, burying her face in the pillow with her hands under it... just before she started to sob... until she fell asleep.


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137. Talk

Seeing Elvina wallowing in her sorrow for three days during a solitary confinement was enough for Sha’-della. She took the stairs up and entered the house without knocking only to find her foster daughter in bed... sleeping.
“El...,” she started softly but she quickly changed her mind. It was clear to her Elvina needed this, although she was curious about what could have happened. Silently she left the house and went to see someone.

When Elvina woke up a few hours later, it was evening again... and she realised that her daily rhythm had got pretty messed up. By the time she hit the kitchen and had started preparing some mushrooms, as she really was hungry, night had fallen.

A gentle muffled knock on her door, only one...
She quickly turned her mushrooms in the saucepan and moved through the small living room before stopping at the wooden door.

“Who is...” she started as she opened the door. She blinked before she recognised her former guide.

Incha smiled and slowly opened her arms in Elvina’s direction... Elvina couldn’t do anything else but to fall in Incha’s arms and a tight hug was her share.

“My girl... I am so glad to see you again.” Incha smiled warmly upon her and saw Elvina answering the smile with one of hers but it didn’t fully reached her eyes.
She took Elvina by the arm,” Shall we go for a walk... in a bit?” Incha said while she sniffed the air.

Elvina sighed,” Ok... you... you want some cooked mushrooms too?”

Incha patted Elvina’s arm,” I’ll join you my girl, you go ahead and eat something... you look a bit... thin to me.”

The white-haired woman only answered with a sigh and motioned her over to the kitchen.

As soon as the mushrooms were ready and the table set by Incha, they both took place. Dinner passed quietly with Incha looking around and noticing the result of Elvina’s clean up but without asking about it.

When Elvina started to clean up the table, Incha looked up at her. “So you have returned...”

Elvina’s nod passed almost unnoticed.

Incha got up and walked over to her,” How about that walk?”

An hour later the two women were walking at the border of the village, the road merely lit by the magical lights of the elven homes high up in the trees.

Elvina had told Incha about her feelings, about Jez, about her... self-disgust. Her story rolled out like as if she wanted it all to... to disappear out of her mind. Incha’s arm was hooked in Elvina’s, and she only listened while walking along, now and then reacting with a nod as confirmation.

At some point, near a huge tree Incha stopped and motioned Elvina to take place.
She briefly studied the woman in front of her before saying,” There is more...”

Elvina turned a bit pale, but nodded. “Yes...,” barely a whisper.

“Care to share it anyways?”

“I think I’ve been flirting with a few men...” the white-haired woman suddenly blurted out.

Incha’s face and reaction still neutral,” You know why?”

Elvina shrugged,” I don’t know... perhaps... it didn’t matter...”

“To face your worst fear? Elvina, I know it is. Hm...” Incha tilted her head and looked at Elvina’s eyes,” Is there any chance at all there were, or are, real feelings playing for this, or these persons?”

Elvina started to cry soft,” I … I don’t … know anymore.”

Incha moved over to Elvina, took her head in her arms, and comforted her. She had a nagging presage of what was going on. And if true, she may just got here in time to turn the tide for this young lady who was so dear to her.

Her hand moved over Elvina’s head, caressing her hair before she whispered,” El... you have been raped, and you never wanted to talk about it. Perhaps now is the time?” It sounded more as a suggestion.

Surprisingly enough Elvina stopped sobbing and fell silent for a moment before whispering,” It... hurt Incha. He hurt me... he... he stole something that was... that should have been... so special. I felt... violated, robbed, humiliated, … dirty... worthless, … angry, ... guilty.”

“Guilty, Elvina?”

The woman’s head leaning against her shoulder nodded.

“How can you feel guilty after...?”

Elvina’s answer came before the end of Incha’s sentence, in a whisper,” Perhaps I deserved it, giving rise to his actions...”

Incha squeezed Elvina’s shoulder,” You are not guilty to anything that happened that night... never ever think that.” They talked a bit more about it, but it was also clear to Incha that Elvina wasn’t completely convinced yet after hearing a sigh as reaction.

“El?” Incha pondered over what to say next. “Do your friends know you are here, does anyone know?”

Silence, no movement...

“El? Did, ... did you tell them?”

The answer came minutes later,” No... only perhaps... ehm, no...”

Incha took Elvina’s head between her fingers and turned it gently so that their eyes could meet,” El... are you giving up? On them,... on us?” She could see Elvina’s eyes turning liquid again. “What is going on girl, I want to know why. Why you are suddenly ignoring your worst fear, why you are cleaning up your house, why are you shutting yourself off from...” she sighed. “Is it... the Master?”

Elvina lowered her eyelids,” I don’t know anymore... and I’m... I’m seeing dead people and... the waiting for... I...”

“Hang on, El... dead people?” Incha the Spirit Shaman asked.


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138. Disappointed

“So, if I understand well enough, my child... you constantly see her ? Do you see Zinna here too?”

Elvina shook her head,” A few days before I started a search for a friend, it suddenly stopped... well not suddenly but after two days I realised I was still watching over my shoulder but didn’t see her anymore.”

Incha sighed,” I don’t know how to feel with this, hm. Zinna did once before leave the... ‘void’. But that was with a reason, to make contact. And I have the feeling that isn’t the case here.”
Incha looked from her folded hands up at Elvina’s face. “What really concerns me is that it also happens, or happened in your dreams.” She glanced from Elvina’s eyes to her forehead. “Which could mean... in your mind...,” she added softly.

“I’m not, … am I... crazy, or... possessed?” Elvina turned a bit pale. “Because I thought about it...”

Incha looked thoughtful before saying,” Perhaps we need your friends, El... I can assist you, and maybe one of the Loremasters can too, but...”

Elvina quickly shook her head,” No... please... they have other worries... I...”

Incha reached out to grab Elvina’s shoulder gently,” That is where you are wrong, my girl. From what I heard from you, they seem quite capable. Especially your best friends... El... ?”

Elvina didn’t answer to that but instead said,” Can... can you help me with my dreams... perhaps there is a clue...”

Incha gave Elvina a firm look and squeezed her shoulder,” Only if you promise me not to deal with whatever this is all by yourself. I’m sorry Elvina, but I have this feeling you came here on your own, all alone, with a reason... and I don’t like it at all.”

That definitely made Elvina blink... this wasn’t Incha her friend now, but Incha the guide... just like back then.

“Do you love it when your friends are worried about you? Do you love it Sha’-della is worried sick about you, and not sleeping for another night? Do you love it to shut yourself off and not to talk about your problems?” She watched Elvina’s facial expressions but didn’t soften, not yet at least,” Have you ever thought about it your parents and your friends might NEED you? I’m sorry my girl, but this is where you are wrong. And if you came here in the hope only to hide from your problems and fix them all by yourself... well... I don’t think it works that way.”

“Incha, please...”

But Incha didn’t answer and got up instead. “You think about this first my child before you ask my help.” Her hand left Elvina’s shoulder as she turned around and walked away.

The feelings, on this very moment running through Elvina’s stomach, felt the same as when …. as when Archie turned away from her, in those dark caves. She could feel it, sense it... was it... was it disappointment?

She started to cry... and this time there was no one to comfort her... she was on her own now.
Just like she... wanted?

She had no idea how long she sat there, until she suddenly blinked as she became aware it had started to rain...
Elvina slowly rose from the forest soil and chose a path leading her further away from the elven village.

Lightning ran through the sky, preceding a sharp crack of thunder, rumbling over the treetops while the dark misty woods absorbed the black-clad lady.

.......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........

"Sea of Darkness"

Staring up to the surface of the motionless waves--frozen above me,

Does my mind begin to accept the hopeless situation I am trapped within,

Slowly drifting into the abysmal sea,

While paroxysmal thoughts run freely--in and out of reach of my psyche,

Surely in time will I be gone,

All my life I have tried only to hold on,

But now it all seems so far,

Moments before my heart arrests,

Do I unearth every agonizing scar,

As I fade into the freezing depths...

- The Reaper -


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139. Test

“She’s gone for almost three days now, Incha.” Sha’-della’s voice was filled with concern.

Incha gave her a faint smile,” You didn’t think I’m letting her all alone I hope.”

Sha’-della tilted her head.

“There is someone keeping an eye on her. I have no idea where they are now but she is not alone, my dear friend.”

Elvina’s foster mother relaxed, if only a little. “Will she be alright, Incha?”

Incha stepped forward and took her friend’s hand,” I do everything that is in my power to keep her safe, although there are some things one has to face alone.”

After they talked a bit the two elves parted and Sha’-della went straight to Elvina’s home.


Wet, cold, hungry, … abandoned, more words Elvina didn’t need to describe her current mood and situation. She had left the village unprepared… , without any stocks, without any decent clothes… without… company.
She felt miserable, and wandering for more than a day in the rainy forest hadn’t exactly improved that. A few hours before dawn she entered a small open spot which seemed... familiar.

Elvina stopped and looked around, trying to recall the memory going along with the place. It didn’t came that easily but somewhere her mind did realise where she was as goosebumps started to rise all over her body, a cold shiver ran over her back and the hair covering her neck felt as if someone just had lifted it up.

FEAR… it hit her like a giant’s rock and almost knocked her of her feet. HATE… and as if she was threatened her hellfire suddenly started to surround her. PAIN… Elvina winced and her hands reached for her belly.


“Hm, Ravenswatch it is.” Sha’-della mumbled. She sat at Elvina’s desk and had just finished a letter. While rubbing with a flat hand over her cheek, she tried to decide which was the best way to send it.

She could have someone deliver it, but it would take at least another week or two before it reached her. The other option seemed more attractive but required permittance. One of the Loremasters could teleport himself there, but they would have to agree on this. It wasn’t very common that one of them traveled so far outside the community.

She glanced back at the letter and hoped Elvina wouldn’t mind what she was about to do. On the other hand, Elvina could be so stubborn. Sha’-della smiled a bit to herself as she also knew Elvina tried to spare her friends from her own problems… she meant well.

Her hand brushed over the paper, and her eyes caught the first line.

Dear Lightbringer Celestia Domina,


The eyes that had been following Elvina turned sad, as the man to who they belonged also had recognized the place and he knew exactly what was going on with the white-haired woman they all knew so well.
He pondered over what to do next. If he revealed himself it could make things worse. On the other hand he couldn’t see her like that. She was his friend and he cared for her, certainly after everything that had happened at the Forest Church. He rubbed his head and made a decision.

Elvina was crying softly. She sat against a tree trunk on the forest soil, her knees pulled up and her arms around her legs as if to protect against cold. Her head was down and her face covered under long white hair. It was as if more than just the forest had turned dark.

“El…” a soft, familiar sounding voice.

She quickly looked up and moved the hair from her face, her sight blurry by the tears she could perceive a silhouette… of a man!
“No, no, go away you! Not you!” She quickly got up and activated her hellfire powers.


A commonly dressed elf entered the Ravenswatch inn and observed the busy place. He saw all kinds of races gathered but only a few females. He looked at the bartender and assumed it was the best place to start. After all, the one he was looking for was well known around here.

“Greeting mister,” The bartender gave the newcomer a smile. “What would you like to have?”

The elf on the other side of the bar returned the smile,” Greetings good man, my name is Ja-Uth and I have a message for someone, but perhaps you can help me to find her. I have to deliver it personally.”

“Fair enough, who are you looking for?”

The elf answered with a neutral voice,” The lady Celestia Domina.”

“Ow, that’s an easy one to find, hm, although I’m not sure if she’ll be home… she’s very busy and… oh. Where are my manners.” He looked at the elf. “She has a room right here at the inn.” He saw that the elf looked relieved. “Well, its … just around the corner, take the stairs up and the first room at the right.”

The elf smiled a bit,” Thank you very much. One more question, should it be necessary , are there any rooms left? Just in case I have to wait.”

The man behind the bar chuckled softly,” Well, lets hope she is not too far out as she indeed can be out for days. Told ya, a busy lady. Check just around the corner to see if anything is free.”


Elvina lashed out with her hellfire in the direction of the silhouette and if the man would have reacted only a second later, he surely would have been disintegrated.

But the man wasn’t human, he was an elf, and more, he was well trained. He rolled to the left behind a tree and felt the heat-ray passing right next to him.
He called out to Elvina,” El, stop that, its me! Faridor!”

“F....?” A confused reaction. “Faridor...?”

He peeked, and saw Elvina’s eyes and hands turn normal again, the circle of fire surrounding her was fading. He sighed and took a deep breath.

The captain of the guard stepped from behind the tree.
And just when he wanted to give her a faint smile, he saw how she suddenly collapsed.


Just as expected there was no one home. Ja-Uth turned around and descended the stairs again.
Turned out there were still a few rooms left and he decided to take one for a night to start with.
Afterwards he went to the barkeeper and gave him a note for Celestia Domina that he was looking for her.

He wondered if he could see the city, but decided to stay near the inn... just in case.


For an elf, Faridor was pretty strong and he had carried Elvina away from that … terrible place.
He sighed and placed her head carefully on his folded cloak. He wasn’t angry at her, or at her reaction,... which was a very understandable one.

A few hours later Faridor lowered his head as he heard her mumble a few words... only moments later he saw how her eyes cracked open, and attemped to catch his.

“I’m... sorry Faridor...” she said softly.

He shook his head,” Its okay El... I understand.”

Elvina slowly shook her head,” I could have killed you... just because I th...”

Faridor rubbed her arm,” Its okay girl... I’m not … I’m not him...” He tried to smile, but failed. This was way too serious.
The place where this incident just had happened, was the place where the white-haired woman in front of him had been raped.
It was like twelve years ago but he also knew Elvina still carried it with her, every day.

He looked down again as she suddenly started to talk, in whispers,” I... I loved him, Faridor... why did he do that.... why...”

He shook his head,” El... it was only one man...”

She squeezed her eyes shut,” And those dark elves, and that man at Lend...”

“El... look at me... not all men are like that, most of them are decent.” He pondered over what he was going to say next but did it anyways,” Ya... Yarik loved you and he would never ever have hurt you.”

Tears sprang from her eyes as he mentioned Yarik’s name, she got up to a sitting position and embraced Faridor while mumbling,” No... no he wouldn’t have...”

The elf gently caressed Elvina’s hair while holding her... for a while they whispered to each other, and talked about Yarik and his death.

A few hours later, Elvina seemed... ‘better’ and asked,” Faridor, there are a few places I need to go... do you want to join me?”

Faridor had a pensive look in his eyes before he nodded,” Alright.. if you need me.”

Elvina’s hand touch his,” I need you, my friend...”

Faridor nodded,” I have to send word within two or three days from now, is that enough?”

She gave him a faint smile.


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140. The message

The night was silent. The night light was delicately lighting up Elvina's room. The warm and silent night was like a healing all wounds after a long time, that Elvina was away from her "second home".

And then the night sky was torn by the lighting. It hit the ground somewhere far away from Elvina's home but it had shown the true. The Truth that was waiting outside the Widow. The Truth that was clear and its message was written by the true hearts of "second family".

The night was silent. The white owl was waiting outside the window. Her message and mission was simple



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141. Black Rose

Faridor glanced at Elvina while they were walking through the forest. “So,... how is Jezel, El?” He could swear her face just turned a bit pale but it was too late to withdraw his question. He only wanted a bit to talk with her, keeping her out of what seemed dark memories.
Now he had the feeling he had just summoned another one. Nevertheless, Elvina answered his question.

“Fine, … I think. She is a Vanguard too now. Hm, and she is probably busy with her duties as I haven’t seen her in a while.”

That made Faridor a bit concerned, not by what she said, but how she sounded.

As if Elvina had felt his thoughts, she stopped and turned to him. It was clear something was on her mind, but her lips didn’t seemed convinced yet to part and tell him. Instead she tilted her head a little and shook it.

Faridor blinked a bit and only said,” I’m so sorry, El...”

Elvina seemed to shrug and look as if she didn’t care, just before turning around and moving on.

Faridor followed, only four paces behind the white haired woman.


Ja-Uth looked up from his tea at the lady who had stopped at his table. She was rather tall, blond hair in a pony tail and her eyes had a mysterious light.

"Oh! Um, hello sir! I am Celestia Domina" She smiled cutely and motions to the keeper of the inn. "He mentioned you had a message for me?"

The elf placed his cup down, rose slowly from his chair and bowed short but gracefully. “A pleasure meeting you, miss Celestia. My name is Ja-Uth.” One of his hands motioned her to an empty chair.

Ja-Uth took a seat too and said,” Do you wish to drink something?”

Celestia smiled a bit,” Sure!”

After he had called a waitress, he returned his look to her and studied her briefly,” You seem to fit the description.”

“Huh?” Celestia frowned.

He smiled only and shook his head while taking something out of his backpack leaning against the table leg,“ I assume you know Elvina, miss Celestia. I have a message for you, first you have to read this letter.” He handed over a dark brown envelop, a stylish written letter inside...


They stopped for a rest and to eat something. Faridor knew Elvina since she the first day she came to their community and he had seen her grow up. Its not that they had a lot of business with each other but a few times they had shared small adventures... not to mention their latest.

He shivered by the memory... the attack at the Forest Church, where he had seen members of his people fall. He glanced at Elvina and recalled the picture when he and other reinforcements arrived at the scene... how she was sitting on her knees, blooded, smiling to no one particular as if she had received a gift, just before falling face down on the forest soil, the yellow Vanguard sign on her cloak turning red...

And yet here she was again, alive and kicking, unscratched. More lives than a cat... that was how his people talked about Elvina.
But he knew better, on the inside his friend wasn’t intact. He knew more about her than she assumed he knew.
The Loremasters of their community had involved him for quite a while now and he knew about the Master, about Elvina’s mistake eleven years ago, about Zinna, … and even about... Yarik.
He also knew that Elvina had returned to Caelwood just before Sha’-della knew.

He took some bread and gave it to her.

Elvina smiled a bit,” Thanks Faridor.”

Faridor nodded, and waited with his question until she was finished.

“So... you’re coming back to Caelwood?”

No answer from the staring woman.

He shifted his legs a bit and moved next to her. “El?”

“I don’t know.”

“Care to share it with a friend?”

She glanced at him,” I... it... there are things that got too... I’m sorry Faridor but, I can’t discuss this one with you.”

“Shouldn’t we send someone after them,” Sha’-della asked to Incha while she glanced at her husband who had just returned from a trip in the mountains.

Incha smiled warm to her friend,” It has already been arranged. Since last night a squad of rangers is searching for them.”

Sha’d-della nodded, but also noticed Incha’s smile widening a bit.

”And I’m going after them." Incha gave her friend a reassuring nod.

“Hold on, we will take our things...” Sha’della said while looking at her husband.

Incha shook her head,” No, you stay here just in case Ja-Uth returns.” She studied Elvina’s foster mother and said,” Don’t worry, we will find her.”

Aeron who had listened with widened eyes at the story of Elvina’s arrival and disappereance, joined the discussion now while looking at his wife first and then at Incha. “Sha’-della can remain home, but you can not stop me, Incha. She is my child as well.”


“El, … wake up.” Faridor touched the woman who just had been turning and mumbling in her sleep. “El?” A bit more worried as she didn’t immediately respond like she normally did.

He stepped over Elvina and tried to look at her face which was covered by her arm. Gently he grabbed her arm and shook it a bit,” El??!!”

Suddenly the woman rolled on her back, her eyes flew open wide but its white grey irises didn’t seem to spot Faridor, instead they were staring up at the tree crowns. However, Faridor could see how Elvina’s irises turn a bit... dark.
A few seconds later Elvina’s eyes squinted, and it looked as if pain contorted her face. She arched her back, showing clenched teeth just before sending an unhuman shrill shriek in the night.
For a moment her fingers looked as if they had turned into claws who wanted to scratch someone just before they opened again and her nails pierced the black soil next to her tensioned body.

Faridor made many attempts to wake her, but to no avail. The only thing he could do now was to hold her, trying to calm down the shaking body and... praying someone would find them...


“I was wrong Elvina, you are not my diamond, nor will you be my Favorite or my Dark Princess.”

The woman in front of him blinked but didn’t speak.

“You will be my... Black Rose.”

He chuckled soft and circled around the white haired woman for whom he had longed so much. “Give it up Elvina, don’t resist. And besides...” he stopped right in front of her, his face only a few inches away from hers. “You already have been mine.”

Still no response from her, but he could feel her spirit swirl within her body, ...shouting, yelling, ordering Elvina to kill him.

He grinned and showed his white teeth, flickering in the twilight. “Yes my dear, you heard me. I already had you before... but its possible you didn’t recognise me at the time.” He took her hand and squeezed it gently.
“We already have been... ‘connected’, my love,.” his grin turned wider before he continued with his hoarse voice. “And I promise you I well never abandon you again. Say yes, ... and come with me.”

The woman in front of him barely managed to shake her head, her lips shivered a little while they clearly tried to form a word, and even though she couldn’t speak for now, he could read the word of them.

“You really have no idea how much I love you, my dear. I was even afraid another man would conceive a baby... right… there” He touched her belly. “You had to stay pure...” he looked her in the eyes,” You can understand that, don’t you?”

Now he could see her giving him a surprised look just before she winced, but he could also sense her spirit raging and pounding against its internal barriers.

“Let it out Elvina, surrender to it... and be with me... be one. Just like that one night... the night of all nights.”

Disbelieve in Elvina’s eyes...

He smiled and leaned in to kiss her, his warm lips on her frozen, his breath mixing with hers as his tongue forced her lips to part, his hands sliding over her hips.

He broke the kiss and looked at her,” Don’t fight it, be mine, Elvina please... I will be yours forever, it is only love I want to give to you...”

This time her spirit managed to make a crack in its barrier, her eyes flickered for a moment before they turned soft on him.

He knew it was probably played, but still he was curious what she was about to say when he saw her lips finally part.

Her voice sounded soft and bittersweet,“ So... you... decided to rape me?”

Hell of a life - Page 6 5my1ys


Tears were running down from Faridor’s cheeks, he had the feeling when he looked at her, they had lost her. After her body finally came to rest, her skin had turned pale, and her breathing had become weak.

Without any hesitation he had picked her up and was on his way back towards the village, praying to every god he would run into someone who could help.


Black rose where are you now
White skin as cold as the snow we walked in
Your lips like midnight
That night we walked for hours
And I remember
But maybe I'm the only one who still remembers

You slipped away
Why would you come back to say
You've already moved on
You slipped away
But I've come back to say that you're not really gone

My black rose where are you now
And yes I've seen your black rose petal fall
Fall down to the ground like glass shatters
And turning into ashes
But I've seen your color and it's like a blood drop
And maybe I'm the only one
Who still remembers

You've slipped away
But why would you come back to say
You've already moved on
You slipped away
But I've come back to say that you're not really gone

So try to disappear
But my mind doesn't slip that easy
You can try to disappear
But my dear you're still standing here

You've slipped away
But why would you come back to say
You've already moved on
You slipped away
But I've come back to say that you're not really gone

- Blindside -



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142. Help

Sha'-della sat in Elvina's home and blinked as she suddenly heard the flapping wings of a bird.
She looked over at the balcony where two yellow blinking eyes were staring at her. While walking curiously over she noticed a letter hanging around the neck of what seemed to be an owl.

Carefully she took it off, and while the bird unperturbed continued watching at her, Elvina's foster mother started to read.
She turned a bit pale as she re-read it and stared out of the window, praying they would find them and soon return.
Meanwhile she wondered how Ja-Uth was doing in Ravenswatch and if he'd found miss Celestia.

She looked at the letter again and remembered Elvina had a role in this matter, an important one...


After a few more hours having waited for any news of Elvina's return, Sha'-della looked at the owl and wondered if he was waiting.

She decided quickly to answer the letter herself.

Dear sir Daniel Bane,

My name is Sha'-della and I am Elvina's foster mother. I want to let you know Elvina has returned to her family here in Caelwood, her home.
However, right now Elvina is missing somewhere in the forest here, members of our community are still searching as I write this down.
A few days ago I have also send a messenger with a letter to miss Celestia Domina. His name is Ja-Uth and he is one of our Loremasters. His destination was Ravenswatch.
Ja-Uth is able to transport you or any other friend of my stepdaughter to Caelwood and back, should that be necessary.


Sha-'della and Aeron Mirinar.

After attaching the small letter to the owl it took off, leaving Sha'-della, who was staring at the balcony of Elvina's home, behind in the twilight.


Somewhere deep in the forest...

"Captain Faridor? Is that you sir, have you...." the voice of the elven ranger who stepped out of the bush faded as he saw the woman in the arms of the captain.

Faridor caught himself not haven't been paying attention for his surroundings, otherwise he definitely would have spotted the ranger who had just shook him up out of his thoughts while carrying Elvina.
He decided that that wasn't important right now and looked at the elf ranger, "Jaron, how far?"

The elven ranger looked over his shoulder and back at the captain just after glancing at the lifeless woman in his arms. "Is she... ? Apologies sir, a day perhaps, the rest of the squad is bit further down the forest. We can take turns caring her or make a stretcher..."

Faridor quickly interrupted, "Let us quickly move on and just carry her."

Jaron nodded and offered Faridor to take Elvina from him so that his muscles could recover.


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143. Friends

(by Lollegag, Domina, Admin)

Daniels gaze was serious and the look upon his face was thoughtful as they entered Caelwood, Ja-Uth had apperently taken them all the way to Caelwood. And still, Daniel had no idea what was truly going on, the only thing there seemed to cross his mind was the Grove along with Elvinas safety. If they did'nt return soon, Daniel was sure many people would die since the Grove had proven to be a much more important piece in this puzzle...

- They got slowly closer to little lighted opening, the first thing he saw was these almost impossibly huge trees.
And half-way up they had huts, and brigdes of wood, everything was connected with robe and planks. Even the
animals were everywhere to see. It was truly a marvelous sight, sadly he could'nt enjoy the sight for more than
merely moment. His attention stroke towards Ja-Uth

"Ja-tuh, I need to know where I can find Elvina, or Shad-'della.. Along with that, I need somekind of explanation, what's going on?"

Caelwood meeting, … a few hours before Daniel’s arrival


Celestia's eyes turn light again, and as she opens them further she sees she is in a forest with enormous trees. Ja-Uth escorts her through the woods and after a few minutes she can see the elven city, build high against the trunks.

Cel looks around at the curious elven city, never having seen on before. It is night so her arrival is rather anonymous, only few guards are seen, and they all nod to Celestia, eyes maybe a bit curious. Lights throw shadows but also show contours of half open and closed buildings, connected with ropes and bridges. Cel gives a light smile as she passes by, her aura presenting an odd comfort to those who get close enough to feel it.

The few elves they pass don't seem aggressive, some nod even.

They go up a platform and with a lift they are tilted high up in the air, giving a view of the few nightly activities at the forest soil. There aren't many, just some patrols, few people talking near some fires, a bit of soft elvish music... and the rest are sounds of nocturnal creatures.

Cel runs a hand through her hair and seems curious but keeps near her. The platform stops at what seems a bridge and together they cross it, it seems to hang a bit but solid, without moving too much under their and only producing few sounds as they pass it.

They pass three houses on narrows paths attached to the trees, and stop at the fourth. Ja-Uth knocked at the door while Cel tightens the tie on her hairband and takes a calm breath.

An elf male opens and smiles a bit, listening to Ja-Uth who introduces Celestia to him. The man nods and turns to Celestia, stepping out of the house.

Elvina’s foster parents

-“Miss Celestia, welcome, my name is Aeron Mirinar, Elvina's foster father.”

-Cel blinks a bit but then smiles and extends a hand, “Celestia Domina at your service.”

-The elf smiles a bit, “My wife is at Elvina's home for the moment. I'll take it from here, Ja-Uth.”

-The local loremaster bows to Celestia and wishes them luck.

-Cel returns the respects to the loremaster and looks back at Aeron, "Lead the way sir."

He closes the door and escorts her over paths in the sky and bridges towards the other side of the village. They pass a few again curiously looking elves, while Celestia has the seem view as when she arrived, a peaceful community enjoying its night rest, soft lights and music filling the atmosphere.

Cel relaxes her tension slightly with the atmosphere. and keeps close. They stop at a somewhat smaller house, more apart from the other houses, and Aeron opens the door for her, without knocking.

An elven woman sits at a small table and widens her eyes as she spots the visitor. Quickly she gets up and walks over as she also has seen her husband and can guess who is standing in front of her. The elven female has long flat dark hair and if she were human she would look about 40 years of age. She wears a simple brown dress with some green accents on the edges.

-Her hand touched Celestia’s, “Miss Celestia Domina?”

-Cel bows lightly, “Hello miss.”

-“My name is Sha'-della Mirinar, Elvina's... fosther mother. Please, please come in.”

Cel could spot tears in Sha’-della’s eyes just before she turned away. She motions her to the couch near the table, just in front of a small fire. Cel follows along and sits close to the elven woman.

-“How may I help you milady?”

-“Was your trip alright miss Celestia?” Sha’-della takes two cups with drinks and takes place next to her again.

-“As well as teleportation can be.”, she smiles to the drink, but keeps focused on her.

-Sha’-della offers the drink and studies Celestia briefly before giving her a faint smile, “You look exactly like she described you.”

-“Hum? I guess i'm not exactly hard to miss if one looks hard.”

-“Miss Celestia, you know my... daughter well I take it?”

-Cel considers for a second, ”I believe so. Is there something relating to her?”

-“Well to start, my daughter came suddenly home. She told me she was going to stay here again, with us. I couldn't believe it.... Did, did something happen with her? Something you know off?”

-Cel answered immediately, “She hasn't mentioned anything to me to be honest. She has been sort of isolated and quiet.”

-Sha’-della nods, “She does that when there is a problem... The thing is, Elvina isn't always aware what her problem is, or the source,” she sighs, “She has been cleaning up in this house for three days, throwing away all kinds of stuff that was related to Zinna. I heard from Incha, our spirit shaman that El told her she was seeing her... Zinna, walking around! Incha seemed concerned but left my daughter behind , teaching her a lesson in asking help. However...” she released another sigh, “It didn't work out that well as Elvina left the village... she is gone for 5 days now.”

-Cel runs a hand in her hair and frowns slightly, “I would think she's moving on if she's throwing Zinna's things out.” She looks at her drink, and sips a bit.

-“Yes... I agree in that. But I don't know why so suddenly. And Incha thinks her mind is ... open for influences from the outside.” She gives Cel a meaningful look, “... if you know what I am talking about…”

-I guess it would depend on her own will power.” Cel raises a brow slightly.

-Things have happened with our Elvina, miss Celestia, we assume even morethen we thought we knew. I am talking about her past.” She looks at Celestia, “You have been a big influence I think, in a good meaning of the word. But I am right now desperate. I have the feeling I’m losing contact with her somehow and I was wondering if that was the case with her friends too?”

-No one has really heard from her. Do you know where she may have gone or any idea what she was doing?” Cel wonders.

-”Incha didn't really left her alone, Faridor, the captain of our guard is normally with her. But I'm worried... he didn't report in yet. Two days ago a squad of rangers left and yesterday Incha and my husband.”

-”Any clue where Incha went?”

-”Well, before she left she said she would check the Forest Church too,” Sha’-della shivered a moment.

-”There's a church? Where is it located?”

-” And my husband came back today, he had no... ow,” Sha’-della frowns a bit, ”Its deep in the forest, well hidden, but Ja-Uth... can bring you there. However, if Incha is traveling between this and that location, you'll miss her.”

-Cel nods lightly, “I'll have a look at least. Who knows what I might find. If Incha gets back here, some can hold her here anyways.”

-”Very well, I'll stay here but Aeron, “she looks at her husband near the door, ”Can call him for you.”

-Aeron who has been very silent and clearly is upset, nodded, “I'll be right back miss Celestia. -Sha'-della looks at Celestia, “I am , as a mother, really worried. I don't know why, but…


-Suddenly her man comes in shouting things just before he entered, “She ... she is back... they have her but…,” He runs out again, looking over the railing of the path, to something what is happening down at the bottom of the forest.

-“What?” Cel tilts her head slightly.

Sha'-della jumps up and follows her husband, passing Celestia. Cel follows Sha out. Aeron calls to a group down at the tree to bring 'her' up.

Moments later they can see elves dressed in woodsmen outfits walking up the platform towards the bridge that is connected with the house, torches in their hands, faces grim, one of them, a bit taller carries a woman in his arms, his face pale...

Sha'-della doesn't hold it anymore and runs down the bridge. Cel follows along behind her. As they approach they can see the woman in the tall elf's arms is Elvina.

-Sha'-della looks up at the elf. "Faridor..." she starts, “but he shakes his head and didn't spot Celestia yet.

-Cel frowns deeply and looks on as they carry Elvina. “Oh…my!” Cel says when she notices Elvina with no movement.

-Sha'-della examines her daughter and touches her cheek while the elf holds her, “Bring her in, quickly! ”She glances at Celestia and bites her lip nervously. “She's cold .... she is so cold... Where is Incha?”

-Faridor answered that she was on her way with some herbs.

-“Celestia?” Sha’-della looks at her, “Can... you assist us? Please?”

Cel nods and moves over to the body and examines Elvina's cold body which was placed on the bed in El's home. Cel touches her forehead and checks her vitals.

Sha'-della meanwhile gives some instructions to get blankets , water and anything that might be needed.

Elvina's skin is almost white, her temperature feels pretty low, and Cel can sense she's still breathing, though there is no movement at all. Cel wonders what could have done so...

-Cel looks at Faridor, “She's pretty cold, she must have been out in the wild for some time.”

-Faridor shook his head, “Miss, we traveled together, but when I woke up she was already like this. It happened in a few hours. Her eyes... “ The man shivered a bit, “They changed...”

Cel raises a brow and opens one of her eye lids. Now Celestia can see that Elvina is in some kind of sleep, the eyes turning a bit... but what immediately draws attention is the dark circle around her white grey iris. Celestia concluded that it was a sort of possession.

Incha arrives and looks at the woman next to Elvina, while Cel curiously turned her head to the newcomer.

-”Hello eh....I am Incha, miss ... Celestia? Anything?”

-Cel looks over to Elvina. “She might have an outside influence through her… I can remove curses and such...but i don't know about possession to be honest.”

-The elves look worried, Sha’-della in the first place, “How can someone …” She starts

-Incha widens her eyes, “By dreams perhaps...”

-Faridor nods, “She was sleeping before this... this happened.”

-”Was there any thing around that was left near her body or any trails near her while you found her as such?” Cel asks.

-Faridor shakes his head, “Only she was putting her nails in the soil. It was as if she had a seizure.”

-“Nails in the soil...?”

-Incha looks at Celestia while Faridor nodded.

-He says, “She was scraping, digging...As if she was fighting something off...”

-”Digging...at what? Just the ground?! “Cel asks.

-”She was just laying on her back and her hands formed like... claws.”

-Cel blinks, “I..dont know what to make of that.”

-”Her fingers stayed in the soil during this... seizure... the moment she fell silent I tried to wake her up... but...”

-”Miss, “Incha comes closer, “We need to wake her up? Right?”

-”I...actually dont know... If she's posessed, we have to break the spell. If its something else, then I have no leads.”

Silence falls for a moment over the group surrounding the lifeless body.

-”Perhaps I can be of assistance,” Incha says, “Elvina and I shared many dream walks.”

-”Maybe you can find something?”

-Incha nods, “I am able to bring people along in it, in case serious will power is needed.

-”I will come if you can have me. My mind can't be affected by outside influences.”

-Incha nods again, “I have heard of you miss and I feel honored to have you along. My full name is Incha Serven, Spirit Shaman of this community.”

-”A pleasure, Incha.” Cel bows lightly.

-Faridor steps forward, ”I like to come too. I am Faridor , Captain of the local guard and El's friend.”

-Cel smiles a bit, “Celestia Domina. A pleasure Faridor. Hopefully we can do something about this issue.”

Sha'-della gets up from the bed, “Me too...

-But Incha shakes her head, “I can only take two people... we have to make choices.”

-Sha'-della looks desperately at Faridor, then at Cel. Her husband stepped forward, “What if I go...?”

-”I think more that goes will be harder, no?” Cel looks on them as they shut and look on her. “If Incha has the ability to take more, I'm for it. But who knows what's in there...”


Incha thinks for a moment, then shakes her head, “I use 'energy' to bring you in and out, I never did more... its ... If I collapse, people might get stuck... only two, I'm sorry.” Incha looks from face to face. “I don't want to make this choice but I feel Celestia has to be in this. Now who will be the second?”

She looks from Faridor to Sha’-della to Aeron. Silence again.

-Incha turned to Cel, “Miss Celestia? Do you have any experience with possessions, should this be the case... who would we need? Someone who... can do what?”

-Cel looks to Faridor, “You are her friend, no? Close?”

-He nods, “We are not so close anymore since she left last year to Cear , but that counts for us all... however, I am the last person she has seen before this.” He looks at the body.

-Cel now looks to Sha’-della, “Have you had much contact with her before left or after?”

-Sha’-della sighs, “We always had good contact, but not when she came home... she didn't want to have me around to help her. But I practically raised her , I am her mom.... even though I am not biological mother.”

-Cel looks to Aeron, “What is your influence with Elvina?”

-He clears his troat, “Well, together with my wife I raised her, I took her on trips, learned her about the forest before she was educated further by ... Yarik.”

The other elves reacted a bit nervous.

-”...and I can predict certain reactions of her.”

-Incha also listens carefully and eventually turns to Celestia, “What do you think miss Celestia?”

Cel blows a piece of hair from her face and considers...

Sha'-della takes place on the bed again and caresses El's hair a bit, while bringing the blanket a bit higher to her chin.

-“If Aeron can predict some reactions...he may be the best choice for now.”

-Sha’s husband gets closer and squeezes his wive's shoulder, “Then I will go.”

-Incha nodded, “It is settled then... we can start immediately.”

-Faridor blinked a bit but didn't say anything and bowed his head to Incha and Cel.

-Sha'-della looked up, “You need anything?” She looks from Incha to Cel.

-”Keep her comfortable and make sure she doesn't move too much.” Cel states.

-Incha nodded, “More you can't do... Alright, we only have to make contact with her, with my powers I am able to bring you to sleep and connect you with her mind. Well, more or less her mind.”

Sha'-della moves a bit and her husband takes place next to her, both sitting on one side of the bed.

Incha motions Cel over to the other side along with her.

Cel takes a calm breath.

Incha takes place and touches El's head, Aeron takes El's right hand.

Faridor looks over, a bit feeling useless but looking eager to do something.

-Cel notices and smiles a bit. “Faridor...if she mutters anything, keep note of it and keep note of her eyes, ya?”

-He nods, looks a bit grateful.

-Incha looks to them, “Alright, one warning perhaps, Everything we see, isn't real. At least, it shouldn't be real.” She glances at Cel.

-Cel looks on Elvina and whispers, “The mind makes things real in there...”

-Incha looks at Cel, “A warning?”

-”I don't think we can get any messages outside if were in trouble inside...never had to before.”

They all looked at each other briefly.

-”Are we ready? Aeron, miss Celestia?”

-“Im all set...”

-”Please relax and set your mind open for my words, within a few moments we enter sleep and it can be dark until I connected us with her.”

-Aeron gets a quick kiss from his wife on the cheek

-He looks at his wife and says, “Don't worry, we'll help her.”

Cel relaxes from their will to save her and looks on Elvina.

Incha starts to mumble, it sounds something like between divine words and a song.

Very soon Celestia and the others feel her eyelids turn heavy.

Their body doesn't immediately fall on the bed though.

Everything turns black, just like... Incha........ predict…..ed……..

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144. Daniel's arrival

Ja-Uth quickly led Daniel to Elvina’s house. On the way he didn’t say a lot as even he as wizard had no idea what was going on. But he was glad with any help they could get.

His elven nature kept him relative calm, but he also realised something needed to be done and quick. The other local Loremasters might be probably already there.

And yes, indeed, when he opened the door of Elvina’s house he could see the small place was crowded. He motioned Daniel to come in and introduced him to his fellow wizards, before walking over to the bedroom, bringing Daniel along. The four other wizards remained in the living room, continuing there soft discussion.

They could see Elvina’s lifeless body on the bed, with three people in a trance or sleep next to her. One of them Daniel can recognize as Celestia.

Sha’-della looked up from a chair on the side, an tall elf standing next to her. She offered the newcomer a faint smile, straightened her dress and got up to meet him. “Greetings, you must be mister Daniel Bane. My name is Sha’-della.”

Ja-Uth looked over to the bed, “They are in dream state?”

Sha’-della nodded, “Yes, they are since, well, not so long yet, so this might take a while.” She turned to Daniel, “Can I bring you something to drink? And we can talk while we wait for....” she glanced at the bed as her voice faded, a tear in her eye.


Dark, you feel as if you are floating in an undefined space, without distance, without any references. There is nothing to touch, and no hint of time, no past nor present. You feel alone as nothing around you stirs and it is even hard to say if you feel warm or cold.

How long have I been here? Was it only just, or years? Where am I going? Am I alive...

Suddenly it feels like these thoughts are not your own... and at that moment you realise that your eyes crack open, a dark red light spraying over your retina. Then you hear a voice, and it sounded as if someone is in need.

“I can’t... I can’t do this !!!” It didn’t sound like a voice however, but more like a thought.

You receive another thought, “Focus, concentrate, and stay calm.” It almost felt warm.

“No, I am sorry... this is... too much.”

The thought fades...


Sha’della and Daniel are softly talking with each other on a bench in Elvina’s bedroom until they suddenly hear Faridor who’s standing next to them with his eyes on the bed.

“Look, they move... are they...?” He didn’t finish his sentence.

“I CAN’T !!!!!” Sha’-della’s husband Aeron yelled before his eyes cracked open and twitched a bit.

Sha’-della quickly moved over and noticed the others woke up too.

Incha sighed, “His mind can’t take this, and frankly... I don’t blame him. But time is of the essence and we need someone else...” she stopped talking as she suddenly noticed Daniel.

She glanced at Celestia as she saw that she recognized the newcomer.


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145. Good news, bad news

A moment of silence, a moment to look back. Two weeks now, two weeks had passed since her return to Cear. Elvina took a seat at the desk and looked around in her bedroom. Soon she would change this place a bit... that is if she had any money for it.

Her hand reached out for her dairy in which she recently had been writing about her experiences in the elven forest,... the memories, they all seemed so clear. The cleaning up of her house there, the conversation with Incha, her flight from everything, the short reexperience of being raped, Faridor... the dream... Cel and Daniel showing up...
A shiver ran through her... but she quickly shrugged it off.

Staring at her diary for a moment, she decided to reread those earlier notes later. Opening a blank page, almost as if symbolic, and the quill pen meeting its ink, Elvina started to write for the rest of the evening, her only companionship the crackling sound of a smoldering fire and the light of candles on her desk.

By the time those candles met their end, Elvina had moved to her bed and exchanged her dress for her favorit nightgown, a long white model made of silk with splits on the sides.
With her back and head sank into a pillow against the wall, her knees pulled up which had made her gown slip down a bit, exposing the light tanned and smooth skin of her legs, she glanced at the open dairy resting on them.

... and that day I suddenly found her lips on mine, and we kissed as if we needed to catch up. I know her for a long while now, but with her return to her family, we lost sight of each other. Coincidence or not, we both returned more or less at the same time. And it was amazing to see how we sticked together ever since our reunion. Friend, neighbour and now... girlfriend, lover...

Elvina closed her eyes, ... an amazing elf who had stepped into her life again, or she into hers. Whatever, it didn’t matter.
She couldn’t believe her eyes when she recognized the girl who was fighting those faeries. Only by the sight of the weapon, a falchion which was handled as if it was a kitchen knife, swift and fast with great accuracy but at the same time with the lethality and range of a much bigger greatsword. The weapon itself was almost as big as the girl, yet there was only one person Elvina knew who could pull this off... Gene Starlight.

She smiled, staring at the notes in her dairy again. Well, that was the good news. Her gaze shifted to the right page, her face becoming more dark and even sad.

... Talon, the mighty elven warrior was no more. He had taken his own life, or at least that is how it looked like. Poor Shayde was totally messed up, and frankly, I feel bad too. I remember how I met him for the first time. It was also the day I met Shayde for the first time which was at the Burning Troll inn where she was part of a small group, Shayde, Ael and Talon himself. They seemed so close at the time being. And only a week before I left to my foster parents we even worked together along with Click, to free Shayde from a bunch of thugs. I tried to comfort Shayde, she surely must feel much worse than I... he was like a brother... and more I assume. As soon as she gets home I give her a visit. And it also seems we have a lot to talk about.

The white-haired woman glanced at the black cloak hanging against the wall right next to her bed. She sighed and looked back at her diary.

... next week. Then I will look for one of the Vanguard captains. I want to tell them personally.

Her eyes moved quickly to another part, the memory bringing the smile back on her face.

... and this last visit at the temple filled me with warmth,... now the thought alone I will be heading there is even enough to cause that effect....

... I was so glad Celestia was at my side, and now I can only think of doing my best.

She ran her hand through her hair, stroking it a bit to the side and thought back about what happened at home... back in the forest.
There was something she had lost and she didn’t figure out yet if that was either a good, or a bad thing.

Most likely... a good thing... but by the time that thought passed, Elvina’s eyes had closed.


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146. Left and Right Hand

The phenomenal warrior rose up from his knee, his head only inclined a little towards the man on the throne in front of him, a hint of resistance and perhaps even unwillingness in his expression.
The Master grinned at this form of arrogance, which was clearly a display of superiority.
And if the expression of this warrior wasn’t intimidating enough , the sight of his armour surely completed the picture.

The warrior dressed in black and red armour, plates covering each part of his body with the rare material, stood tall before him. The shoulder pieces, almost as elegant as on elven armours, were extended with curved triangular blades ending in thin sharp points and matched with the man’s helmet which had likewise triangular extensions, but longer and pointing more backwards. Right now the visor was opened and the man’s eyes were on the Master.

“Artega, as from now you are officially known as my Right Hand and gain all the...,” the devil lord glanced at the woman standing next to his side before facing the warrior again,”... benefits.” He grinned and winked.

The warrior’s eyes never left the Master’s head,” I only want bluehair.”

A chuckle was his answer, “While you have all these fine ladies at your disposal?” The Master’s hand slapped the butt of the elven girl standing next to him.

“Bluehair, “the warrior repeated.

The Master grinned, “Well, in that case, more for me. Now, don’t worry. After Angela gave birth to that baby, you will have her. And the child will be mine.”

The warrior shrugged to that and seemed to think of something. “And what about my sister?”

A hand of the man reached out for the arm of the woman standing next to his throne, and he gently pulled her towards him, motioning her to take a seat on his lap.
He kissed the barely covered skin of her back before turning to Artega again. “Taken care off, and will be further taken care off.” He smirked and glanced at the lady on his lap. “And our ‘Zinna’ here just officially became my Left Hand, “he said while playing with a ring on the finger of the girl’s right hand.

The girl, or rather the demoness Lilitu, who looked exactly like Zinna Dawn, blushed a bit. She turned her face towards the Master and kissed him on the cheek, her gaze something between adoration and worshipping.

The Master smiled upon the girl, “Soon our Elvina and Angela will both be... alone. Those Vanguard friends will be soon out of the picture and Angie's husband is gone already. I only want something to be done about these two friends who interfered. And after that we get those two girls.”

The warrior didn’t sound pleased with the answer, but said, “Right, want me to kill them?”

“Don’t always use your strength my dear Artega, we can accomplish so much more with... intrigues.” He smiled at the warrior, but there was no warmth in it. “What happened to your sister, our beloved... ‘Elvina’ may look most ... unfortunate, but, if you take a better look at it , you could see its genius.” He almost giggled like a girl.

Zinna, or rather Lilitu, tilted her head a bit and smiled, but not fully. “But... I am your Left Hand now, right?”

The Master chuckled, “See! Just became my wife and already jealous!” He kissed her on the lips, “Don’t you worry my lovely girl. I have other plans with Elvina.”

The girl on his lap sighed a bit, “Okay...”

The warrior was clearly losing his patience as he snorted, “When?”

The Master looked back at Artega and held up one finger. “One more month my Right Hand, and I promise you, you can... move in with her!”
He chuckled.


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147. Guardian Angel

Elvina looked pleased. The workers who had just left her home finished the job today. She sighed as they also left a mess. In her hand was already a bucket filled with water and the plan was to clean her desk first.

Her bedroom looked quite different now and the most significant change here was probably the addition of simple fireplace connetect with a bathtub through pipes, keeping the water warm. She had to sacrifice some furniture in order to create room for it, but since she lived alone now, she didn’t need so many wardrobes anymore.

True, she was seeing someone again, but since Gene lived next door those wardrobes weren’t really necessary.
Suddenly she giggled as a naughty thought occurred to her. Perhaps she could call those workers back... and order them to make a doorway connecting Gene’s house with hers.
A smile appeared on her face as she pictured her lover. Rather short and cute... and coincidence or not, Gene was an elf, with the typical marvellous skin of the Sun elf race.
Elvina always had had some predilections for elves, which was not so surprising since she had grown up among elves.

In the past week she also got to know Gene’s sister a little better... Fenia. Seeing Fenia for the first time had made Elvina blink... there weren’t just only similarities between them, they were like two drops of water and it was hard to tell them apart. Gene and Fenia were twin sisters with Fenia only being six minutes older than Gene. Thus far she hadn’t seen them together very often and the only difference could be found in their voice, if ... you listened carefully. Elvina blushed a bit, well, and of course there was also a difference in the way they dressed.

Even their personalities were too close to really rely on. And according to Fenia, she and Gene seemed to know each other very well, and its not hard to tell for them what the other is feeling, thinking or even about to say. Not only that, the sisters seemed to share the same interests and preferences, both seemed familiar with arcane stuff.

The white haired woman turned around in an attempt to focus on her work again, then her eyes got caught by her diary on the desk. She placed the bucket next to her desk, slipped into her chair and gently slid down, just before opening the book and rereading a piece of her latest entry.

... more lives like a cat. I heard that more than often... a sickness, the plague, Forest Church, the dream, and not to mention a few precarious moments on the battlefields in the past.
Sometimes I wonder if an angel is watching over me, since I realise I've escaped death many times by now. Time perhaps to get more cautious...

She shivered as she was suddenly struck another thought struck.

What if not an angel but a devil was watching over her? What if He had watched ‘over’ her all that time? What if He sometimes even had prevented certain things to happen to her, things that might have led to her death?
On the other hand, he had done horrible things to her, not to mention what he did to her first and immidiately also last boyfriend, now almost thirteen years ago, ... and what he had made her do to him. And all those years He had made her think men could never be trusted...

And that... rose another question, an alarming one, and it was begging to be answered. Thus far Elvina always had believed that the Master had entered hers and Zinna’s life about ten years ago, on the day she opened that portal to get an anniversary gift for their first year of marriage.
But now it seemed He had shown up in her life actually years before she did that, as he was the one who had made her boyfriend rape her.
Another shiver ran over her back, tears forming in her eyes.

Elvina leaned back in her chair and sighed, wiping of her tears.
At which point had the Master entered her life? There was perhaps only one answer to that. This former friend of Angela, Mirri, had been Elvina's real mother... and the Master had been in her life from the day Mirri had given birth to her.
With everything she knew now about this devil lord, and from Angela... she came to the conclusion that the Master indeed had been regretting his decision of letting go Mirri in favor of Angela.
And He saw her, Elvina Hellcat, the daughter of Mirri as some kind of substitute. And from the day she was born he had been busy, trying to make sure He got her as ‘pure’ as He could get her, in every possible meaning of that word. But now it looked like He was waiting... waiting for what? For the right time to... to what? To take her?
But... when? And what is the right time?
He had tried several times now, each time without succes... right?

She flipped over to the pages where she had been writing about the weeks in the forest, and about Cel and Daniel rescuing her. Another shiver... she quickly closed the diary again.

Elvina got up from her chair and continued cleaning her bedroom, meanwhile musing. Next month she would visit her foster parents again. After all she had promised them. And she would ask Gene to come along.
Her lips curved into a little smile as she suddenly remembered something. Gene was able to transport herself to certain locations. Perhaps once she has been in Caelwood they could try use the portal stone in the area to bring them back to Cear. And that could mean she and Elvina were able to visit Elvina’s home in the forest more often.

Suddenly the white haired woman quit cleaning and attempted to interrupt her stream of thoughts. One step at a time. First ask Gene, see if she likes the idea of the trip and see if she likes Caelwood and her foster parents.
She glanced with longing in the direction of the front door. Tomorrow Gene would be back. And she wondered if Fenia did talk to her by now.

Her eyes shifted to the Vanguard cloak hanging on the wall next to the door. Another unfinished matter, thus far she hadn’t received an answer yet. Elvina shrugged, it could wait as it wasn’t urgent.
She looked at the cloak right beside it, her own black cloak and next to it a mask. She sighed, as she also this night would go out, watching the streets as a murderer was out there. Well, there were more wicked people in Cear, but this one seemed able to do his or her thing without drawing the 'real' attention of any authority.
Elvina now assumed this murderer also might be working for some of them. And he, or she, wasn’t working alone but seemed to have an entire organisation at his disposal. And money of course.
She sighed again, as she realised she missed Soap. The intelligent little lady could be a real value in this, and knowing her a bit she already may have some information.

Elvina studied the result of her clean up. This Artist better watch out, for she would try whatever she could to help and protect the people, starting with Cear.


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148. Firing up

A busy evening at the inn where many soldiers were staying after the Canite attacks on the keep...

“Quite a night yesterday, ey?” The man looked up from his cup to the innkeeper of the Burning Troll inn.

Angus winced, “ Yea, lot of folks have been afraid, but thanks to the Knights, the Vanguard and some volunteers, “he smiled and nodded at a few other men at the bar, “... it seems all safe again.”

“Speaking of which, I saw that the white-haired Vanguard was back.”

Angus nodded, “Ah, that must be ‘our’ Elvina. I wonder how she is doing, it sure has been a while.”

The man grinned, “A pretty lady I must say. Hey, is she... available?”

Angus smiled, “She is pretty yes, but don’t get anything in your head about that.”

The man kept grinning, “Ow, she already seeing someone?”

Angus continued with cleaning glasses, “Well, I could let you find out yourself, but is commonly known Elvina is for the female gender.”

The man in front of him shifted a bit on his stool, and pretended disappointment, “Oh? No male’s huh?”

A woman at the other end of the bar, her head covered by a hood all that time and who had been silent thus far, suddenly spoke, “Elvina Hellcat? I heard she had a fling a month ago with that tall handsome Vanguard Captain.” Three heads parting the woman from the bartender, turned in her direction simultanously.

Angus turned to her with a frown, “I think you might heard wrongfully miss.”

“I think I saw it...,” the unknown woman insisted.

Angus shook his head, “You think. Lady, I think it is time for you to leave.”

She woman shrugged and left the inn.

The man in front of Angus finished his glass, wiped of his mouth, and said loud enough, “I think I’m gonna have my... shot at her.”

The three other men at the bar chuckled, and there was also a lot of grinning in the back.


When the man stepped outside and glanced to his left, he saw the unknown woman casting an unnoticed smile into his direction. He gave her a smirk and turned to the right, walking down the path.



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149. Sick

Two days after the battle near Lendose she finally had thrown up. And now, days later, just after Morgen and Vanadiel had left it was there again... that feeling.
Not much later she sat on the bed with a bucket in her hands, Elvina sighed. She placed it on the floor and quickly filled a cup with some water and drank a little, just to get this horrible taste out of her mouth.
This was getting very annoying, especially since she wanted to talk to some people.

Hm, perhaps she should first see a priest or something to get some herbs. That reminded her of Erica and she wondered how the girl was doing on her quest. Elvina was hoping her friend would return soon.
Wrapping her arms around her belly she bent over again. Anyone, as long as I get cured fast, she thought.

Perhaps she needed to push the problems she had been working on aside, only temporarily... until she was feeling better again.
For starters there was this mysterious Artist she’d like to catch, and perhaps with Vanadiel’s and Morgen’s help, it could work. She also realised she needed someone else for this task and there was only one name she could think off... and that person was immediately reason for another concern.

They still hadn’t talked yet, ...yet so much seemed to have happened. And now this whole thing with Sammil and Amelia... Elvina shivered a bit... she didn’t approve it at all. And she really wanted to protect Shayde even though she realised the girl was able to stand up for herself. Shayde sure has changed a lot since that first time they had met. She was no longer that shy girl, and for a moment Elvina wondered what else might have changed... hopefully not their friendship. She still loved the girl like a sister. Vanguard or not.

At least that was behind her. She had seen Sammil and talked about leaving the Vanguard. Seems she would stay after all, but in a different role. Sammil seemed to have no objection at all for Elvina staying around Cear and supporting the people there.
Of course it wouldn’t only be Cear. Future... future... not now, she thought.
Elvina had to bend over again, this was really starting to get annoying.

Perhaps this was a sign... too much concerning. Perhaps she needed to be more concerned about herself, at least right now.
After all, she heard Jezel was back in town...
Elvina threw up, again... falling from the bed on her knees.

“Man !” she said while trying not to think off Gene who she hadn’t seen for more than a week.

Yourself Elvina, think about yourself... a tiny voice in her head whispered.


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150. Old friends

Elvina slipped into her bedroom, very silently, glancing at the woman laying in her bed and who was still asleep. She smiled faintly as she saw how Selene’s long hair covered a part of her face and how a tress moved with every breath.
The white haired warlock quickly turned away and moved towards the fireplace next to the bath tub.
Carefully she threw a few small logs on top of the smoldering chunks and peeked over her shoulder to make sure she hadn’t woke her up.
She slipped out as silently as she had entered, and almost closed the door, leaving it ajar. Elvina walked towards the stove and checked if the butter had melted while putting on her apron.

With fast short movements she cut the mushrooms into thick slices and threw them in the pan, spreading them a bit with a large flat wooden spoon.
Selene was very tired last night and after their small but... special conversation, Elvina had offered Selene to stay over. They both were tired and perhaps today or later on they could continue their talk.
She sighed, it sure had been a while since the last time they saw each other, and so much seemed to have changed in that time.
This city... its people... friends... Elvina shook her head but quickly remembered how glad she was seeing Selene again.

Absently she stirred in the pan, just before breaking a few eggs, dropping the yolks in a small bowl and adding a little milk and some herbs.
She smiled to herself, now this was fun, cooking for a guest. She had never had guests before, well except for...
Elvina glanced to the wall on her right... Gene.
She pursed her lips and with short somewhat vigorous circular movements she scrambled the eggs, mixing them with the milk. Meanwhile the aroma of the mushrooms was starting to spread through her house.

Her house, well she could now rest assured about that. A week ago, during a small investigation, she ran into Jezel.
It was the first time in months they saw each other again. And let Two Bridges ironically be the place where they met for the first time ever.
As if it was meant to be to make a new start Jezel said. Well, that made Elvina blink... and it wasn’t the first in the past week.
Well, of course it meant a new start as friends... and it wouldn’t be easy but at least they would try.

With a fork she flipped the mushrooms, picked up the bowl, and added the substance to the pan causing some hissing sounds, the solution spreading itself around the mushrooms.
A minute later the eggs were simmering.

The day after her conversation with Jezel she met Sammil and Amelia, not far from the Two Bridges inn. Well, first Sam and later on Amelia joined, just before Sam had to leave again.
Elvina felt weird seeing them like that next to each other. There was no quarrel, no hate, not even a hint of blame between them, at least nothing very noticable.
It... was their business ya, ...yet, she had felt concerned... funny... for both of them.
She and Sam talked a bit about the Master and Elvina now remembered how her thoughts had went briefly to something in the past. The ritual she and Cel had performed in which Sam’s demoness had appeared. Even now Elvina wondered if Sam had been left alone by her.
And on the other side was Amelia... with who she right now, odly enough shared a few tiny similarities.

Elvina stirred the eggs a bit. Amelia loved to cook too and … it sounded as if she could use some company as well, having someone over to talk. Hm, and she seemed to like books. Elvina glanced over her shoulder at her personal library, considering...
Shifting her gaze back to her work, she decided. Next week she would travel to Lendose and stay there for a little while. With a bit of luck her favorite room at the inn was available and she could go to the keep and spend some time with Amelia.
Any possible visitors here would stand before a closed door, at least for a week, and maybe a bit longer.

She turned her head a bit and listened. Selene still seemed to sleep.
Speaking of old acquaintances... Morgen... he and one of these elves seemed to have contact. And with what he told her last time about seeing someone, she suddenly wondered.
Elvina made a face. Those two elves Tahl and Yvie needed lessons in politeness, or at least a bit of self control. True, they were pissed off because of that demon who destroyed their house... but they didn’t need to be rude towards her.
Not after what she had done for them in the past by helping them to get a better room at the inn, and certainly not after she and some others had risked their lives hunting down that devil... which partially also had been for 'their benefit'.
She also recalled how one of those two had the guts to do the same to Amelia.

“Starting all over if you could?” Elvina mumbled to herself, recalling something of an earlier conversation.

She tapped her spoon on the edge of the pan,... soon her special recipe would be ready. Elvina briefly stared at the eggs before preparing the table for two, meanwhile wondering what her old friend would make out of all this.


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